Baba Revived My Hopes

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram! I am from Chennai. I studied in a college where Baba is considered the foremost God. I got Baba’s blessings to become His devotee only in 2012 when He blessed our family with a miracle which was crucial at that moment. We got to know about the miraculous powers of Baba through our family friend at that time. Now I’ll relate the incredible experience I had. After the experience the family had, we started worshipping Baba as we worship any other God. I used to go to Baba temples often and offer worship there. I get great peace of mind and calmness whenever I visit Baba’s temple.

In the final year (2013) of my engineering, I got placed in the first company that had visited the campus by God’s grace. But I was aspiring for higher studies for which I was earnest to get into a very good college. I couldn’t get the colleges I aspired for since my scores weren’t as expected in the entrance examinations. I got disheartened yet I kept trying the ways in which I could start studying the subsequent year after the completion of my bachelor’s. This is when I started praying Baba so earnestly and started doing Sri Sai Satcharitra Saptaha’s (weekly reading course). I not only did this for getting a good college but also for reviving my lost spirit after back to back disappointments. And, surprisingly, Baba introduced me to people who actually guided me in my career prospects, who in turn guided me to the variety of options available and told that it’s actually better that I didn’t opt for studying this year. Baba gave me clarity in this regard, but I again got a little upset with another thing. The company in which I got placed in my final year usually posted the trainees at Pune. I hadn’t thought about this before since I had plans for higher studies and so I started feeling restless. I didn’t want to get posted at Pune since it would disrupt some of the personal plans and aspirations I have, which would be possibly achieved only if I am in Chennai.

Incidentally, almost everyone in my batch who got placed in the same company got posted in Pune. I became mentally so turbulent that my mind wasn’t able to be calm even for a second. The following Thursday, while I was travelling I felt so disturbed and I was feeling like venting my anger on something or someone. But then, every time I got a bad thought, Baba appeared before me in the form of pictures or wordings in the cars, vehicles and the places I travelled through. My mental agility dropped and I felt like going to a Baba temple the same day and fortunately it was Baba day. Even while returning, I got mental visions of Baba everywhere and I started to a Baba temple the same evening. I prayed to Baba that at least this wish of mine should be satisfied which would give me solace after the back to back disappointments I had. I had a great Darshan and I became so confident that I would get posted at Chennai. I also determined to post the experience once I got confirmed officially that I belong to Chennai trainees’ batch. I read Satcharitra regularly, and eventually the official call letter came. Now I have started working at Chennai. I am posting this experience a little late, please forgive me Baba! It’s all Baba’s sweet Leelas. He’s always there to help us with the best plans. We will only know that His plans are the best once we get what we need (what Baba gave us) and not we wanted (what we desired for). So, faith and patience in our God Baba will save us and guide us at all times. All we need is strong Love and Devotion for our Baba. Jai Sai Ram! Baba bless all

Baba Showed Me Missing Toe Ring/Mettalu

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I am a devotee of Baba from the last 7 years. I live in USA and married. I am a housewife. I came through the page from Facebook and started reading all the miracles done by Baba. It was Thursday and I had my Pooja and offerings to Baba. My Husband and I were getting ready to visit Baba’s Temple and suddenly i noticed that my toe ring/mettelu of left leg finger were missing. I got very tensed and thought it was a bad sign as i missed them. We searched everywhere but no sign. Finally I prayed Baba a lot to please show me or remind me where i could have missed the ring. I even searched under sofa but it was not there. I prayed Baba that if i found the toe ring i would share my experience in this page. Before coming to a conclusion that i lost it completely, may be washed off in the restroom, i prayed again and searched under sofa as if somebody told me to look again and i found them under it. It was a miracle done by Baba. My eyes were filled with tears when i found them. I thank Baba for reminding or helped me in search. I offered Prasadam at the temple to Baba and came home. I owe my prayers completely to Baba. He has been guiding me and saving me from all the obstacles i face. Thanks a lot Baba. Without You we are nothing Baba. Shree Sachidanand Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. Om Sai Ram

Sai Baba’s Love

Sai Sister Bhavna from India says: Om Sai Ram. My name is Bhavna and I am from Chandigarh. I work in Himachal Pradesh and live there with my colleague. I don’t remember when I started praying Baa (I call Sai Baba as Baa) but Baa has always been there with me and my family and friends from the very beginning in one or the other form. I Love You Baa more than anything. If You would not have been there then our life would be meaningless. Thank You for everything Baa and please forgive us for our mistakes Baa. Thank you Hetal Ji for giving us this opportunity and making us feel close to Baa. I have many experiences where Baa has showered His love on me, my family and my friends but today I will share a very recent miracle. On 1st July’14 I was standing at my bus stop to get office bus and all of a sudden a dog came and bite me on both my legs. First Baa helped me to get rid of that dog, when I went to a nearby known chemist shop to get checked, i was shocked and scared to see that the bite was very big but still Baa saved me as the dog could have taken my skin out. At that moment I applied Udi and went to hospital as told by uncle (owner of chemist shop). My roommate was with me all the time thanks to Baa and thanks to her. Baa please forgive me and bless her with what she wants.

When we reached hospital, we did not see anyone there i was very scared and kept on taking Baa’s name. Then we got to know that the nurse was on third floor. We went and she treated me. All the injections, pain and suffering was nothing as i held Baa’s photo close to my heart and kept on chanting Om Sai Ram. Then i took a taxi and came back to Chandigarh. Baa was always there with me and now i am quiet fine. Baa also saved my dad from a very big miss-happening. If Baa would not have been there then anything could have happened and I would never ever forgive myself because Baa told me through question answer website that not to travel in morning and i did. I am sorry Baa and thank You that You still saved my dad. The same day as Baa saved my dad, he was diagnosed with herpes. I was in Himachal and felt scared but Why Fear When Baba Is There. Baa told me through question answer website that a sick person will recover and the next day my mom told me that doctor has said that it has started turning back. Thanks to Sai Baa. Love You Baa. All this was not possible without You Baa. How do I thank You? Baa I Love You. Thank You a lot Baa. Thank You. Bless all Baa please. Om Sai Ram

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  1. om sai sri sai jai jai sai plz god help me and my family,u knw our situation ,plz bless us baba in dis tough phase of our life.plzzz..

  2. Om sai ram,
    Dear devotees im worshipping sai since last year june.i sincerely worshiped him and begging to solve the problems in my marriage life.(my husband didn't talk with me for nearly 8months)
    I read Sai satsaritham and completed it with in 7days twice.but i didn't observe any good things happen.
    Please guide me worrying so much and i dont know why baba didn't listened to my prayer yet.
    Om sai om sai om sai om sai om sai


    Blessed Experiences all of them- faith Boosters:)

    I am just Concerned If Meera Auntie from USA is doing Okay- Have not seen her comment for a while now and no experience from her- she used to send experiences quite frequently.

    Love to ALL, Peace to ALL


  5. Wonderful experiences.

    O Sai, Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for fulfilling all our wishes and desires like a Mother 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  6. tears flew when i read these experiences..

    Please Baba You know my wish … take care of it Sai Ma…. I completely depend and believe You… Have faith….. and patience also.. I am suffering this problem from 3 months… Please i still have faith that you will fulfill my wish.. ;( ;( please baba i love you… Please make my wish to come ;( (p)

  7. love u saimaa help ur bitiya,,,bless all,,,,maa i m really scared of whatever is happening,,,not be able to decide again i cried….i dnt want to cry as i promised u maa,,,,,but m really sorry for loosing my mind in tough sitiuations..i am alive coz of ur love …

  8. I have a very small experience to share with you; my wife had to catch a flight this early morning….last night her mobile went dead and the landline also was not in order…………there was no way I could reach her as I am abroad these days………..she had asked me to Skype in morning to ensure she wakes up in time and doesn't get delayed for airport. I prayed to Baba and the thought of contacting the porter in the building came…………I called him up to go up and knock on the door to ensure she wakes up………………..but even before that happened she woke up and came online much to my relief…………….I can't thank you enough Baba for being there at each and every step…..just keep blessing your children and forgive our mistakes.

    Bolo Sai Nath Maharaj ki Jai………….

    Anant Koti Brahamaand Nayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Sri SatChit Anand Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!!

  9. saibaba please help me…i want to marry to my love…i cant marry any other person baba…please save me…i surrender my relationship to you baba…please help me baba….Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

  10. Jai Sai Ram
    So nice experiences. Our Baba is there for everyone to help in each and evry step. Please Baba be with us always. We bow down to your lotus feet.
    Jai Sai Ram

  11. you.give good health to my father,brother,to the sick people.bless my brother with job and also people who are in search of a job.2morrow my mamma daughter marriage is the're kindly give your blessings to her.forgive my sins.

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