Sai Sister Aiswarya from India says: Dear Hetal ji, Om Sai Ram. Accept my Pranam. Through your blog only I got to know more about our Baba. Baba will be with you always. I am Aiswarya, working as a software professional with an MNC at Trivandrum, Kerala. I would like to share my experience with Baba, how I become His child. Baba be with all of us always. Ananta Koti Pranam Baba Om Sai Ram. Baba please help me to narrate how You came to my life. I was not a devotee till last December 1st week. I was in Chennai before and seen Baba ji temple many times but never visited, forgive me Baba. I was on bed rest from November last week due to severe back pain and I was not able to sit properly or walk. I was so down that why always I am suffering like this. So to divert my thoughts I checked Facebook and suddenly found Sai blessings post on my time line.

Some time back a girl at my office has started a discussion about forming a Sai devotee group and visiting Shirdi. In between I have liked the Sai blessings page and that post was from that page but that day only I cared about it. Then suddenly I felt that I want to know more about our Baba. I googled and found more about Him, as I am getting more and more information, my mind was filling up with peace. I found this website and become a regular reader. Every day I read the experiences and that make my faith more strong. But I didn’t have a Sai Baba picture with me, neither Udi. So I was so much worried. And I prayed to Him I want to see You Baba, I had many chances to see You before but I never used. Forgive me Baba please Baba please. And I was telling Him there is less chance to find a devotee at my native and it will be difficult for me to see You Baba. My stupidity. Now I know Baba is omnipresent and I know that we can see Him only when He wishes.

It was in first week of December, afternoon some 3 pm and a sunny day but I felt very cold and feverish all of a sudden. I was under treatment for back-pain and if I am getting fever my treatment will be stopped until I’m fine. I used a shawl as I was shivering and suddenly my inner voice told me to get medicine from my cousin who is an Ayurvedic doctor. I used to take medicine from my uncle only. But that day I went to my cousin’s clinic and he checked and told me I have slight temperature and fever and he said I need to stop my other treatment. I was worried. He went inside to take medicine and kept the prescription register on the table. Suddenly I have seen a part of a picture, a foot covered by the register. I just slid that register and to my great surprise it was Baba. I have been to that clinic many times but never seen this Picture before. I did not even know that he likes Baba. That was not the end. Suddenly I started to sweat and all my fever gone and I was perfectly fine in a second. All this happened within seconds, cousin came back with medicine and I said I’m alright and he told me I could continue my treatment for back pain. I have seen Baba, it was Baba’s Leela to make me happy by seeing His picture. Om Sai ram, how happy I was how I felt that moment, He showed me He listen to me too, I’m also His child. Baba bless everyone.

After that my father fell ill, he got swelling on his knee and was unable to walk even a step. As I don’t have Udi I took some Vibhuti and prayed to Baba to make it Udi and mixed it with water and gave him. I have never seen him praying to any deity but he immediately drank that without any hesitation. The biggest surprise was on next day!!! My father’s knee swelling has reduced completely and my mom started believing the power of Udi. I am also taking Udi (Vibhuti with Baba’s prayer) and I am sure I will be cured soon as Baba told me. I checked the Sai Baba site and prayed to Baba to cure me. Baba answered me “Your disease will be cured”. I was literally crying loud after seeing this answer and I have full faith in Baba that He will cure me soon. Baba, be with us always. Sai brothers and sisters please pray for me too. I am still under treatment.

I have read the Sai Satcharitra and to my surprise I could find a Baba temple at my work location and visited Baba. I was advised to avoid travel but without any pain I have visited the temple. While travelling i was praying to Baba, that when I am going to meet our Baba i want to see You in orange colour dress. Oh Baba, You always listen to us. I reached the temple and Baba Jaan was in saffron shawl. Two idols are there, small one completely in saffron and bigger one in white shawl but on top of that a saffron shawl was too there. I was so happy. I got Prasadam after Aarti and i had wished if i could get a little more, i can give to my hostel mates too. To my surprise, the uncle who served Prasadam asked me, can you take it home if i give a little more, i said yes, it’s my pleasure. Baba always listen His children. Baba forgive me for all mistakes I have done so far. Please be with us always Sorry it’s been a little long, I just written what all comes to my mind. I believe Baba made me write this as I am sure I can’t write all these. Om Sai Namo Namah Sri Sai Namo Namah Jai Jai Sai Namo Namah Sadguru Sai Namo Namah. Till this, I have written in December itself and tried to post in the blog. But I am not sure whether I could share it due to network issues.

None in my family believed in Baba when i started following Him. My mom told me if you believe Sai, you can worship Him we don’t have any issues. But later Hetal ji, I have requested a Sai Satcharitra book and received it from you. Many Thanks for the wonderful gift. My mom started reading it and she finds peaceful mind day by day. My delayed marriage is a big issue in family and she was sleepless and in much pain due to that. But Satcharitra gave her peace. Later one day when she suffered from an illness, she remembered how Baba used to cure illness with Udi. She prayed to Him and mixed some Udi with water and took it, she become perfectly alright after that and her belief in Baba ji becomes strong and now she is a true devotee of Sai ma. Also one evening when i reached home from work, I suddenly had severe body pain and felt feverish. It was due to girl’s monthly problem but till that day i haven’t had any sickness due to that. I was unable to get up from bed and I was much worried as next day I had planned a trip to Mysore with a group of teammates and if i couldn’t make it, all of them have to cancel the trip. My mom called me and asked to have Udi mixed with water and i even put a little in the water for bathing and after the bath, I was perfectly fine. Tears were rolling over my cheeks on the thought that how much Baba care for us.

I know many of you may think i should not use Udi at that day but Baba helped me to get well within minutes so i believe it was not a mistake. Baba and all Sai brothers and sisters please forgive me if anything hurt your feelings. I am much relieved from back pain with Baba’s grace but I am going through a worse phase of my life. Facing so many difficulties in my career and my personal life is also not so good. I am the elder in the home and my parents trying to find a match for me for many years and still it did not happen. And my dad and mom are in great agony. My dad is not so capable and mom has suffered a lot in her life to bring her children up and her only wish in life is my marriage and she wants to see my family. But i am helpless to make her only wish come true as it’s not within our hands. I too wish to settle in my life like all of my friends and that too not happening and issues at work place is also bothering me. We sincerely pray our Baba to help us to overcome this. From my childhood onwards I have not been happy and content constantly for many days. I always wonder why I have to suffer like this. But when i read some other brother’s/sister’s experience I do feel like mine is not big and surely Baba will help me too.

In between I tried to move away from our Sai Maa too as I felt like He is also not helping me to find a peaceful mind. But with His blessings, i could regain my faith. I was able to complete my education and got a job. In that way I am blessed but living my life alone makes me sad always and i feel my life has no meaning. Baba please help me t overcome this. Please help me to be calm. Without Your support i am unable to do anything. I humbly request all of you to keep me also in your prayers. Baba be with us. I don’t know what all i have written. Please forgive me for any mistakes Bless all of us. Om Sai Ram

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  1. Dear sister,in what a great way Baba has pulled you to him. Even mine is the same story. I'll be 28 soon. I'm leading a life of loneliness while all my friends are married & busy with their family. I have no company to go out with & am restricted to the four walls of office & home. I pray that may Baba very soon grant the wishes of girls like us and bless us with what we deserve.

    • Same here.
      I will be also 28 soon. Always at home. I dont work.
      My marriage is not happening, life is painful.
      All friends are married.

  2. Sister your experience is so touching. Just keep faith in baba… Trust.. delayed in your marriage is for your own good only which is best known to our Baba . Just have faith and go on !! Aum Sai Ram…

  3. Dear Sister Aishwarya, You have narrated your experience so beautifully and so innocently. We could take a peek at your wonderful soul that thinks much for others.How could Baba ignore you.
    Do not worry.Keep chanting Baba's name constantly. He is very very kind. He knows when to give and what to give. Have faith in Him. Stop thinking about what would happen, how things will happen. just surrender at His feet. He will take care of you .I too shall pray for you. Om Sai Ram.

  4. om sai ram!!!!!!!!,

    I am also in same situation,Iam 36 yrs unmarried i am in love with a guy but my family is not accepted him what to do ?and i am leading lonly life,

    pls baba pls bless me to get married

    Om sai Ram!!!!!!!!!

    • Sairam devotee,
      Please do not worry. I prayed to His Holyn the Guru at Shirdi that you get married soon with the person you love.

  5. Sai devotees who are trying to get marry or to have a child, please don't feel bad. Don't loose hope and get frustrated. Believe in Sai and offer food to poor people and animals. Baba will sure listen. If he delays, it's that you have to complete suffering your past karma. But at the end, Baba will bless you with better things. I have cousins who are not married and those who are married desperately want a child. All I tell them is to pray to Sai, but they don't listen. Even my husband who suffers from lots of debt doesn't listen to me if I tell him to surrender to Baba. How can Baba help anyone who is not patient? Baba himself has told he wants only 2 things: FAITH and PATIENCE.

  6. sister i can understand your pain as i am also not married and i am 31….i know the pain of parents and i know how lonely we feel….no girl should go through this….Baba plz understand our pains and plz bless us all with good life partners

  7. Dear devotee ji…
    very nice experience..please do satcharitham parayan for one week with full faith by telling ur wish to baba frm heart and surely u will get married soon dear by babas grace..
    babas blessings are with u..allah acha karega
    om sai raam

  8. baba please help me baba…i dont want to be here where i am currently working…i want to be in my hometown with my parents…please bless me with a job in my hometown baba…this job is really stressing me out…my sister should get job this month baba…please bless her…bless my mom with good health baba…please forgive me for my mistakes baba…Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

  9. Om Sai Ram.

    Nice experience. Whatever the circumstances, have strong faith in our Baba Sai and he will never disappoint us.

    Have Shraddha and Saburi.

    Ananta Koti Brahmanand Nayak. Rajadhi Raj Yogiraj, Parabrahma.

    Sri Sachidanand Satguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

  10. Sai Deva Please accept me as Your devotee. I am not able to concentrate on You. Some unwanted thinking come in mind. Please Sai Deva. Please bless me….

  11. Sai ma will help you, don't worry.

    Sai ma my husband is spending unnesscerly. Even big loan is there. I think her sister using him & taking advantage in him. He is not understanding tat.
    He is not giving much importance for me.
    Pls take care him sai ma & help us ma.

    Om sai namo namaha
    Sri sai namo namaha
    Jaya jaya namo namaha Sadguru sai namo namaha.

  12. Om SaiRam,

    Dear Sister, I am sure you will meet your soulmate by Baba's blessings. Every life has its own purpose. Once Baba pulls us to Him, our paths gets channelized towards Him , we become more focused in our mind and in our lives. Rest all, will fall in place by His grace. He is the real giver. May your life filled with success, love and peace. (h)

  13. Wonderful experience and I pray that our merciful lord has already answered your prayers or is setting it up 🙂

    O Sai, bless us with love, peace and happiness every time we utter Your name, please 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  14. Sai Ram to dear fellow devotees,

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences here.

    Read SatCharitra online@:

    Dear sister,

    I'd only point to what is depicted in SatCharitra Chapter 20 already –


    Happiness depends on our outlook to life; we get happy only if things happen in a certain way to our liking (or generally conforming to social norms etc at the very least) – that is not to say one should not be concerned about the challenges in life – in fact one should put in more efforts to solve them BUT in right direction. My view is that happiness attracts happiness.

    Yes, getting married within a certain age would be good; BUT our KARMAS also have a role to play – so for some it might happen very early for others it might take some more time. Who knows by the time you are reading this post, you already have a good news or for all you know it happens in next couple of months – would it be alright by then? or there would be a different issue (I hope not, but just for argument sake)……..and until this new issue resolves, one can't be happy…..and the life goes on……you are intelligent and you can guess what life would be like? every single day all of us face different challenges throughout our life……

    The point I am trying to make here is what about the time LOST before the issue resolves – can't we be happy when it's not going right – (marriage will happen when it is destined to happen)……Baba has said through Namya's sister – that we should happy all the time – in the most adverse circumstances; how? Faith and Patience – Faith in Baba that whatever it is, He is looking after me and Patience – He will definitely bless me one day, when it's right.

    Until then be happy, be in the right mood, spread happiness; if you are strong and in positive state of mind, you can be a good support to your parents, alleviate their concerns; who knows you might find someone in the process, who is looking for some positive person in their life. If you keep lying low with all these burdens, you may not be able to see that solution to your problem is (or has been) always around you.

    Forgive me if it feels like preaching, I know it is difficult but you already seem to be in Baba's care –

    May Sri Sai bless you soon.

    Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai!!

    • totally correct! I am 32 years old and was depressed about marriage, I just decided to surpass this barrier and foung meaning within myself and my own life. I feel i am more ready for marraige now. It will happen when its meant to happen, who know it will be more beautiful than we have ever imagined.
      A popular saying is, "some of the greatest gifts in the world are unanswered prayers".

  15. Sai sister..i'm happy that you felt baba's presence around you in every moment..baba's blessings is always with you..but i'm begging for baba's blessings..i'm also prayed like to show his presence around me..but in my case baba didn't accept my prayer and also praying him every moment to solve my personal problems…i have full faith in baba and surely one day baba will bless me till that i'l wait…
    Sai sister if u can pray for me in your prayers to shower his blessings on me and to recover me from these personal problems..
    Sai sister don't worry sai baba surely bless you with a good groom soon…my prayers for you..
    Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai…

  16. Sai baba,

    Please help my family and parents in all aspects..thanks baba for every thing…

    love you baba
    om sai namo namah

  17. Thank you all for the prayers.
    Sisters/brothers : I do remember you too in my prayers. I am at more ease now. And I strongly believe whatever happens its for good. Still I could feel his presence most of the days. I am blessed. Baba pls give peace to all. Whatever mistakes we have done pls forgive us. Kodi kodi pranam

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