Sai Baba Saved My Dad

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi all Sai devotees. I am going to tell my experience happened 5 days back (19-Jun-2014). My dad is having Parkinson disease and he is also having memory loss problem, He cannot talk properly, walk properly, most important thing is he can’t survive even for single without eating tablets for Parkinson disease. Last week Tuesday my mom and uncle took him to Kerala for treatment in train. I repeatedly alarmed them to take care of my dad as he should be treated like a kid. I had written our house address, phone numbers and along with them kept Rs.500 and his mobile in his packet.

On the way to return to Chennai from Kerala my mom and uncle were looking at him whether he sleeps properly and being with them. At 2 am in the night, when my mom looked at him, he was sleeping. At 2.30 am the train stopped in Salem station it seems, but my mom slept. She woke up only when the train moved. She noticed that my dad was not in the berth where he was sleeping. Unfortunately by mistake he had given his mobile, money and the paper with our address/phone numbers to my mom while sleeping. My mom and uncle got shocked and they did know that he had got down in Salem station in his sleep. They searched him all over the train and filed a complaint in the train police. They immediately called me and informed.

It was Thursday morning 4.30am. I was shocked and cried in front of Sai Baba to bring my dad back to my home. We all were worrying that he should be saved in max 8 hrs, because if he does not eat the tablets, then he can’t survive and his life will be at risk. Hence i prayed Sai Baba like anything. We all went to Chennai central station and searched him again all over the train till 7 AM. I gave complaint in railway police station. We worried that my dad’s mobile is also with us and he has very poor memory due to Parkinson disease. I prayed Sai Baba to make my dad to remember at least one of our phone numbers and to bring him to home safely. We also decided to go to Salem station to search him as he was missed at 2.30 AM. That time the train would have stopped at Salem station only. I prayed Sai Baba that if He brings my dad back safely, i will keep 9 Thursday Vrat and will take my dad to Shirdi immediately. Next moment at 10 AM i got a call from one number and a guy spoke to me and he gave the mobile to my dad. I also spoke to my dad. Then we explained that guy about my dad’s condition and asked him to buy him tablets and keep my dad with him till we reach Salem in 4 hrs. That guy took great care of my dad. We reached Salem at 3.30 PM and saved my dad. It is really a miracle. A person who has memory loss, can’t talk properly, can’t walk properly could be saved, only because of Sai Baba’s Grace. Till the end of my life, i will be thankful to Sai Baba. I have one more wish for which i am praying Him. Let Sai give me that too. I will post that also.

Baba Has Been Very Kind To Me

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Thank you for posting my letter. I want to thank Baba with all my heart for being with me in each and every step of my life. There are so many stories that I could write. But I will limit to just one today. Last year I was going through a lot of stress. My husband was suffering in his job and I couldn’t stand to see him depressed. I started doing the nine-Thursday Vrat. I prayed to Baba and He heard our prayers, by the 5th Thursday, my husband got another job in the same company, he wasn’t even interviewed (we thought this was a Miracle). He was just allowed to switch teams without any major effects and while all this was happening he got another offer from a company. His old manager was a very vengeful (bitter) person she reached out to the new manager and gave very bad reviews. But before anything happened he was able to switch over to this new company and he is thriving there now (by Baba’s grace). Please protect everybody with Your loving kindness. He will always give you what you deserve, be it good or bad. Bow to Shri Sai, peace be to all

Got My Salary Cheque Back

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Sai Ram. I am ardent devotee of Sai Ram from 2002. My family members want me for money only. I am working as a professor. Initially I was not earning much as they desired, so they all left me. I was like orphan, so i consider Baba my everything in my life. Once I got one month summer vacation, I was not sure where to go. I was praying to Baba wholeheartedly. When I opened my eyes with tears I saw a story book opened before me. I opened it, in that all details of stay in Puttparthy Sathya Sai Baba temple was there. I took it as a signal from Baba and searched the details in net and booked the tickets and blindly started my journey. When I reached there I was surprised as they welcomed me and helped in getting accommodation for 20 RPS per day for one month. I enjoyed my stay and came back happily. Last month I lost my salary cheque. I prayed to Baba and I got it in an unusual place. I used to get solutions from Baba’s question and answer site, it increased my faith multiple times. Even now I am waiting for a better job with patience and faith. I am sure Baba will help me. He never let His devotes down. Thank You Sai Ram. Please be with me and guide me all times. Jai Sri Sai Ram. Samastha Loka Sukino Bavanthu

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  1. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  2. BABA he is talking please make him tell that they extended the project and even my husband should take it. Please help us BABA

  3. Wonderful experiences.

    O Sai, bless us so we spread joy and cheer to the people who cross our paths 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  4. Nice experiences. Baba give us all peace of mind and remove the wrong thoughts.
    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all.

  5. I have been suffering from throat infection from almost 20years and with sinus from 6-7 years. HE made machines in home work with HIS udi but unfortunately Udi is not working on me. BABA only YOU know how much im suffering with this and how my family is getting affected with my health problem. BABA i am begging YOU please forgive all my mistakes and sins and please remove my bad karma. BABA please take this sinus out of my body and u should never get throat infection again in my life. Please bless me with good health. Love YOU BABA. BABA im unable to take this pain

  6. Dear first devotee wat a experience. Just tears rolled down being fatherless kid know the value of missing dad. Dont worry soon ur dad disease wil cure coz of our sai ma give him udi:-)

  7. saibaba please bless all baba…bless my mom with good health baba…please help me to choose my career baba…i am so confused…help me to get a stable job baba…please help me baba… ;(

  8. Dear baba ji please help all your child whosever in need.we just eant you to be our side all the time .
    protect us and forgive us for all our

  9. Om sai ram,
    As u know about my situation in my job-its worrying me.U know how important is my job for me and my family.Even though i did every thing correct still there are complaints on me.baba u know everthing in detiail i dont have to tell u……Pls baba help me to overcome this situation.Make my New yr to be happy.From this point i will be more and more concentrated(even now also am concentrated) but i will be more particular on the work which i do and record it appropraitely.

    Baba pls bless and guide me,give strength to overcome this situation.Only i believe in You sai ma…….I am waiting for ur reply……

  10. Om Sai Ram , I am from Bangalore .Sai has done many miracles in my life , it is because of Sai grace I am alive today .I Came to know about sai in 2006 . I came to Bangalore in the year 2005 in search of job . I had fightings with my freinds and I was out of the hostel in early morning , that is the time when one of my previous hostelmate she took me to her PG . I was given with Sai Sachirtha .I am very sensitive girl and very emotional person.I was cring all the day by remembering the fights which happend with me.Sai is the one who helped me to come out of those difficult situation by reading Sai Sacharith which started giving peice to my mind.In 2007 Dec I got a job I had many problems at offcie and I was about to be terminated from the job .It is only beacause of BABA's Grace I was moved to some other project without terminating from job and I almost completed 7 years in the same company. In 2009 I got married I was still reading , In 2012 I gave birth to baby Boy that time because of lack of sleep and family problems I entered into Postmeternity depression . Upto 2014 March I was suffering with this depression during this tiime I never prayed to any God with intrest I was suffering very badly (I had no believe in God), Then somehow my mood changed and I started thinking to which God(my appologies to Baba for forgetting him) I need to belive who can answer to my question after few months one of my Friend gave me a link to this website ,slowly I stared getting my faith on Baba back.

    One Day I openend a question and answer site I asked about my health I got a answer saying "You will be saved from Death. Donate.Remember Sai .Everything will be alright" , after reading answer I stared Nav Guruwar Vrat I started dontaing each and evry Thursay.Now I am very much better in health .

    I was travelling to my parents house after 2 years , I was very much exited to go . I checked in Question and answer site I got a response saying "There are chances of getting injuriy to hands" I neglected that and I went to parents house . The day before I return back to my house my SOn got fever , when I came back to Bangalore Doctor gave some 5 types of syrup which increased Gastric in his stomach and Doctor admitted my Son to Hospital.In one hand drips and another hand they have taken so much of blood and did all types of test.And kept him on observation for operation.IT IS ONLY BABA"S grace My Son came out of the hospital without any operation .Those days were very horrible to survive. After hopitalization the hospital bill also become one more issue it was not getting processed by insurance team.Prayed to Baba .He said "You have done little mistake in law .Remember Sai everything will alright .Donate".Baba's Miracle happened bill got processed.

    My Husband has a Gastric problem from many years and he is very choosy at eating.He was down with Acidity , stomoch upset and Gastric and He was feeling very dam tiered after food immedeately.So he was suspecting to having Diabetic.He went for Sugar test.I was praying baba that everything should be normal and he should recover at the earliest.By baba's grace reports came normal and he is feeling well now.

    If I keep on writing these miracles these are never going to end.Thanks for reading.Have faith in Baby he helps always.

  11. Sai Baba Thank you for your help and guidance. I pray to you for healthy and normal child/. Sai Baba Please be with us. I pray for healthy and normal pregnancy and healthy and normal delivery. Sai Baba you always hlp your devotees and with your leeloas show tehm the right path guide them and also take care of them when they are lost and need you. Thank you Thank you.

  12. shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

  13. Om SaI ram…Sai sai sai sai sai sai sai..please forgive me sai if I have done any mistake… Never wanted to hurt any one so I was quite sai..expected a miracle to happen..but it didn't happen sai…my life is in miserable condition sai…I m in hell lot off pain sai mana..please forgive me n save me sai…now even I m eagerly waiting for miracles sai…please sai…I m soo sorry..if I m expecting much sai maa…forgive me n take me to ur lotus feet…love you sai maa…Om sai ram…sai sai sai sai sai..

  14. you Saibaba.take care of my father and brother.forgive my sins.Saibaba send me a suitable match of my choice.Saibaba I have Faith you will fulfill my entire life is under your feet.

  15. Sai maa
    Hold my hand make me steady shower u r blessings on me for I am your daughter
    make me happy and cheerful
    luv u
    falling at tour lotus feet

  16. Hello I'm married with 2 kids happily. I wanted to have some property by grace of god. For our safe future . my Hubby's salary is not sufficient. N I want my parents to have good health n long life. May baba bless us.. BT I'm always scared of this .. I don't know wat to do..plz help me

  17. Jai Sai Ram.
    Yesterday when I was just searching ti find an answer in Sai Baba answers all your questions I came across this answer:
    Baba says…
    "Man proposes God disposes. If you do not want such thing to happen. Do not give up remembering Sri SaiBaba whatsoever may be calamity".
    please can anybody explain me what does this mean and does Baba telling in general about the calamity that if anyone faces calamity we should not forget Baba or He telling me that I am going to face some calamity. Please reply.

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