Baba Sailed Me Across Tedious Admission Process

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram Sai Ram Krishna Hari. With our beloved Baba’s love, blessings and grace and at His inspiration- I would like to share one of Baba’s Leela’s with all brothers and sisters. Apologies in advance in-case there occur many a mistake and if the post seems lengthy. To begin with-I have mentioned various vicissitudes of my life in earlier post and how Baba has been my sole support providing courage and strength in those excruciating circumstances. I had to quit engineering mid-way and so this year I had thought of joining some other course so that I can at least complete my graduation. The admission procedure was online-and now-a -days sometimes when i get bit emotional- I tend to stay disconnected with this world. I mean I hardly speak to anyone and prefer staying alone; my mother gets worried about all this. The whole day I stay lost- thinking of my problems and praying to Baba to save me from this miserable unbearable pain.

The online process for admission had begun, but I was as usual lost and not interested types. When my mom forced me time and again so I applied in few college- now the difficulty that cropped up was- most colleges didn’t offer the subject combinations which I preferred. There were very few in-fact just 1 college which offered the subject combination of my choice and with that mental chaotic condition- I did apply but only in 2 colleges. The deadline to apply for other college was over. My dad was very disappointed that I applied only in few colleges- in fact I had applied in only 2 colleges. The application form in one college got submitted without any problem but the other college’s form got rejected due to some technical errors encountered during form filling process. My entire family was very tensed. My dad was hurt that I left engineering and now joining arts- and now to add up to the problem we faced many problems in one of the colleges during form submission process. So this meant that if I could get admission this year it would only in that 1 particular college where my form got submitted. So we all were kind of tensed but I was not as I had immense faith in Baba that He will take care of everything.

The 1st list was out on 19 June 2014 which was an auspicious holy blessed day! Yes, it was a Thursday! And I knew the miracle will take place and with Baba’s blessing everything will be ok. While I had been to submit the application form in this particular college where I got admission with Baba’s blessing and grace-1 wonderful miracle took place. The college was located in west and we got down at east and guess what there was a temple of Baba right near the station. My joy knew no bounds when I saw Baba’s Temple. I and my mom took Baba’s Darshan and then we went and submitted the form. That very moment when I saw Baba’s Temple my heart was saying that” this is the college I will get admitted into with Baba’s blessing and grace. I was so happy that just cannot be described in words. I always use to pray to Baba that “Baba please get me admitted in such a college that has Your Temple located nearby so that I can daily take Your Darshan 1st before proceeding to college” Our Sai Maa is so merciful-full of love. Baba fulfils even small of our wishes. The only reason for me to opt for arts was so that during this graduation time with Baba’s blessings and grace I can simultaneously prepare for civil services exam.

I belong to a lower middle class family-my father has been facing miserable financial crisis since years and being the eldest child I know it’s my responsibility to help them get out of this! Please friends please pray for me that with Baba’s blessings love and grace now onwards, I improve in my academics and do well in my career! Please friends pray for me. Thank you all for reading the post and devoting your valuable time. May Baba bless each one of you and your families with health, wealth, good education, peaceful, faithful and loving relationships and care! And my special thanks to the admin of this page! You all are doing a great job! Kudos to you guys! Last but not the least my very very special thanks to Sai Maa- our heartthrob! Thanks a million ton my Sai Maa! Love You a lot. And I apologise from the bottom and core of my heart to Baba- Baba please forgive me if there’s any mistake in the narration. Sorry Baba-Thank You Baba- Love You Baba! Om Sai Ram Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Ananta Koti Brahmand Nayak Raajadhiraj Yogiraj Para-Brahma Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Shri Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!! Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu- Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Sai Baba Helped Me To Reach The Exam Centre On Time

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a Sai Devotee from Chennai Om Sai ram. I came to know about the greatness of Baba from my aunty who is a staunch worshipper of Baba. From that time I have started worshipping Baba and believed Him no matter what. Baba had helped me in a lot of things like a father does to his child. He has always been on my side through my difficult and happy times. Right now I am pursuing my post graduation in a reputed college. This May I had my Semester exams. I live in the Suburbs of the city and it takes at least an hour to reach my college. My exam was scheduled to start at 10 AM and I got my train at 8:30 AM so that i could reach my college at 9 30 AM. I started to revise for my exams in train and I thought I would reach my college at 9:30. The train was moving fast and unexpectedly the train slowed after reaching a particular station and it was 9:15 AM. My station was the next and the train stopped in between. All passengers wondered what could be the problem. I thought the signal wasn’t clear and the train had stopped and it would move in a few minutes. But, the train wasn’t moving till 9:30 AM and i started to panic as the exam will start at sharp 10 AM and students will not be allowed inside the hall after 10:15 AM.

I started to pray Baba that the train should start moving so that i can reach the place at 9:45 and take an auto from that place to my college to reach the hall at 10 AM. But the train did not move even at 9 45 AM and I kept praying Baba continuously and the train started to move at 9:55 AM. I reached my station at 10 AM and my friend had called me to say that the exam will start in a few minutes. I checked my purse to find only 40 Rupees and usually the autos ask 60 Rupees during peak hours. I was continuously praying Baba that i should get a bus as i cannot afford an auto. As soon as I came out of the railway station i was looking for the bus which goes to my college. It was already 10:05 AM and if i do not reach in another 10 minutes, I will not be allowed to write the exam and the miracle happened. An auto suddenly came from midst of the traffic and stopped in front of me. It had a big Baba Picture stuck in front. The auto driver asked me where I wanted to go and I told the place and asked how much it is he said give me 40 rupees and I was awestruck. I got into the auto and reached there by 10:15 AM and i was allowed to write the exam. I closed my eyes and prayed Baba when the question paper was given to me that I should remember all I had studied. When I opened my eyes to see out of the window I suddenly saw a figure standing clad in orange dress and saw closely it was an orange cloth hanged on the window of an apartment that was situated opposite to my college and it created an illusion like Baba standing in front of me. I strongly believe that it was all Baba’s miracles and Baba was with me all through when i wrote the exam. Thank You Baba for being there with me. Currently I am going through a difficult phase in my relationship. Please bless me to come out of this difficulty. Om Sai Ram

Baba-The Protector

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hello Hetal, I am from Bangalore married in Hyderabad. I have been waiting to submit this post since from a very long time. Mine is love cum arrange marriage. For me the expectation from this marriage was more because it is a love marriage. But things did not work out as expected. After marriage my husband has completely changed. In my dream also i did not expect him to be like this. I conceived immediately after marriage, it was a C-Section. There was no one to help and support me from both my parents and In-laws side. I was working in night shifts. For everything my husband used to say as women it’s my responsibility to take care of my in-laws, Kid, office work and household work. I was physically getting exhausted. There was not a day i never cried which made me mentally weak as well. I felt all left me alone, don’t know what i am doing.

One night i started shivering and was becoming breath less as if i am going to die. I didn’t know what was happening to me it continued. I myself did some browsing and got to know its panic attack and i am suffering from anxiety and depression. Days were going like hell. I could not eat, drink and was very scared to even close my eyes to sleep. I was worried about my kid. I consulted my doctors, took Ayurvedic, Homeopathy, Allopathic medicines, went to astrologers, Rekhi and Pranic healing nothing worked. One summer my sister in law came for vacation. Looking at me she started telling me about Baba and His miracles. Immediately I started Parayan and Nav Guruvar Vrat. Miracle did not happen overnight for me. Still i had a strong feeling that Baba is beside me and looking in to my issues. It’s been one and half years since i started praying Baba. Now i have no Panic attacks. Small health issues are there but I feel strong enough to face them. Now my husband and In-laws has changed a lot. They consider me as an important person in their family. It’s all because of Baba. As said please have Patience Miracle will not happen overnight. Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai

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  1. true..miracle will not happen overnight..have firm faith in baba and patience..nice experiences..bless all baba !! love you 🙂

    • Dear devotee , sai maa will surely help u .. But i would suggest please try homeopathy or ayurvedic medicines thy are sometimes realy helpful for skin
      Rest baba will take care of everything jai sai ram Ameen

  2. Om sai ram
    All the experiences are so touching and made me cry.wish baba bless us all and be with us all the time.
    i become restless when baba dont response…..dont ever leave me baba…you are the only hope in my life.
    love u so much
    om sai ram

  3. Miracles will not happen overnight I agree. But it's been years I am waiting. I am not asking you too much. I till now considered you my father. I never knew you would let me down like this. How can you see me cry like this and still face me with a smile? I thought you are mercy incarnated. But you disappointed me coldly. You don't have mercy on me. May be you will show me mercy if I offer you material things. Is it so? I lost trust in you. I am sorry. But the truth is you failed me miserably. You don't exist at all. You are just an illusion.

    • All experiences are nice.I want to request devotee gave last comment please have faith.every night have morning so pls dont blame baba.He is almighty and his love is unconditional.we should not think as if its business.what can we give to creater of this universe?our life is our past karmas.Have faith he will help u dont worry.

  4. Many told me praying you and keeping your idol in their house brought them troubles and bad luck. I was not listening. But nowadays you are proving me they are right. You can't even fulfill my honest prayers. You make my family suffer. You are fake.


  5. Wonderful experiences and my prayers to Baba to help all the devotees in need.

    O Sai, Blessed are we that we have sought Your feet. Thank You for a wonderful set of family and friends O Sadguru. Thank You for all the love and happiness O Deva 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  6. Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

  7. Nice experiences. Baba please bless all of us. Thank you for everything Baba. Love you Baba.
    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all

  8. Dear Hetalji! I am puzzled by the attitude of this blog……when you came up with the comments policy, I thought you mean to enforce it and it is not just a formality to be flouted with impunity by the commentators. I am also wondering whether this blog is moderated at all…..there are routinely grammar and spelling mistakes galore but today you have published the comments of two Anonymous one at 10:41 and 10:49 respectively. These two comments are directly in violation of your stated policy and also deeply hurt the devotees' sentiments….pl do not reduce your policy to a farse…hope you print this.

    • It's me who wrote those comments in my bad temper. Please don't blame Hetal sister. I apologize to all Sai devotees for hurting your feelings. I also apologize to Sai. I am such a mean creature to get angry on God just because my future is doubtful. I will try to have faith Sai.


  9. I am sorry. I know I am rude. I will not disturb you. At least please bless and save others. Don't let anyone else down.

  10. Sai maa
    I fall at your feet to apologise as I have not kept up my word. Please don't punish me or hate me for it. U r my maa and so pardonpardon this silly daughter of yours
    maa hold my hand and make me feel steady happy and confident.
    Please give me health and happiness and make me help others
    love u a lot my maa
    falling at your lotus feet

    • Please help me Sai Baba…. ;( ;( I can't live without my partner.. he is angry on me for no reason and rude to me .. please hel me to get back him… ;-( I use to take care of him well and in future too I'll take care of him like his mother… please bring my love back … please (p) ;( ;-(

    • Don't worry dear sister. Give him some time to realize your importance and your love. In the mean time, Sai will make things straight and will unite you both. I was also in your condition. Mine is a love marriage. I have written my experience in this site. Sai made me and my husband unite after more than three years of separation. He will help you too. You just need two simple things. Patience and faith.

  11. saibaba please help me to decide baba…i need a stable career i dont know what to choose…please give what is good for me in long run…help me baba…please bless my mom with good health baba…Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

  12. OM SAIRAM. Such a wonderful mesmerizing experiences.Blessed to be part of this blog. My Saibaba thank you for everything and thank you for being there besides me always . Need your blessings to follow the righteous path. Give me courage and wisdom to live this beautiful gift of life given by you. LOve you always.

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