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Anonymous Devotee from Singapore says: Om Sai Ram. Dear Hetal ji, I am a regular reader of this blog. Many thanks to Hetal ji for this platform. I have been thinking of writing it in this blog for some time now and today I took Sai Baba’s blessing and began writing about my experiences with Baba. Though there are many divine experiences, let me share this story of Sai Baba’s grace on our family. In 2010, I have been going through lot of personal and family problems. I was a PhD student in Singapore that time and with lot of hardships, I submitted my thesis by middle of that year. While my wife has had a job, I was searching for a suitable job – though searching was not easy. With one person’s income, it became very difficult for us to keep going on in an expensive foreign country. My father was also not keeping well and the doctor suggested him to go for an expensive surgery which was very much required. Though our savings were less and personally I was struggling for jobs, we decided to go for my father’s surgery as soon as possible.

During September 2010, I flew back to New Delhi and met with my father. Before flying off to New Delhi, my wife advised me to go to the nearest Shirdi Sai Baba Temple in New Delhi. While we are pious and regular visitor to temples, we have had not been to Sai Baba temple for quite some time. Therefore, when my wife advised me, I was puzzled but felt good as well. And Baba’s miracles started pouring when I reached New Delhi. I have had an appointment with a senior doctor in the hospital for my father. However, on reaching the hospital, we met one acquaintance and as we informed him about my father’s condition. He informed us about the best specialist doctor in the hospital advised us to shift the appointment to this specialist. Moreover, the doctor is from the same state and therefore, language wise, we thought it will be very good to communicate. Even though it was very hard to get appointment right away, with Baba’s grace we did manage to get. The doctor, as it turned out, was the senior-most surgeon of the hospital, humble and talked at length with my father. He examined earlier reports and suggested that my father should do the surgery. While I myself was a little worried, I found that my father had an enormous confident on the doctor and readily agreed to do the surgery. Incidentally, later I remembered that we met the doctor on a Thursday. Getting an appointment with the specialist was nothing more than a miracle.

Accordingly, the surgery was done the very next day. With Sai Baba’s grace, the surgery went well. I was very much thankful to Sai Baba for this. By evening, I decided to visit the nearest Sai Baba temple. One of our family member, who himself is a devotee of Sai Baba, took me to the temple. I had a very good and quiet Darshan of Sai Baba in the temple. I thanked Sai Baba profusely for managing everything, showing us the right path and blessing us all the time. I bought a photo of Sai Baba and brought it back to hospital with Prasad. I kept Sai Baba’s photo near my father and prayed every day. My father took two weeks to slowly recover from his surgery. It was very difficult for him but with grace of Sai Baba, it went all okay. After the second week, the doctor checked my father again and said that he was okay to go back. We felt very happy and prayed to Sai Baba for His love and benevolence to His devotees. Once, I came back to my country of study/work, I began searching for jobs again. Sai Baba did take care of it as well. Nearly after a month, I have received an offer for a job for which I have applied earlier. I was very happy as the job scope matched with my research interests. Baba not only took care of my father’s surgery, not only He managed to send the best doctor, not only managed all the financial issues, but also managed to provide me the best possible job that I needed urgently at that time. Sai Baba, thank You so much for Your blessings and love towards Your children. Om Sai Ram

Sai’s Assurance, Presence, Love & Lessons

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Om Sai Ram! I currently reside in the USA, working for one of the biggest MNC. Om Sai Ram As always, I want to thank you from my bottom of my heart for the great work and service that you are doing. Dear Sai devotees! I am Sai Maa’s son and I currently reside in Columbus, USA. Om Sai Ram! First of all, I sincerely apologise to our Lord Sai for the delay in posting. Please forgive me if this post is long. I will genuinely try to share it in a crisp and shorter way possible.

My birthday was in April on a foreign land for first time, I was sincerely praying and telling to Sai that, ‘I need Your Darshan on my birthday’. To my surprise my mother in Chennai had been to Sai Baba temple at Mylapore on the same day evening IST (7: 27 pm) time which I did not know until she sent two short clips of Sai’s Dhoop Aarti at 9:57am EST (9 & half hours behind IST) This made me shocked and I dropped my jaw when I saw His Darshan through this means. He had listened to me and had shown His unconditional love. This was never the case happened wherein my mom shot a video until this year as she has been visiting the same temple for many years. I truly believe that, it was He who made my mom to do that for me. I’m almost living out of home on my work for 6 years. I had another wish too, of asking Baba to send me Udi by some means even when I have some packets from Shirdi. You know what, I generally have a habit of praying to Sai Baba before I head to work and other times too in a day. I always, seek His blessings and keep Udi. On that day, once I got dressed up, to my surprise, I saw a small amount of Udi came out of the packet even it was stapled. The quantity was exactly sufficient to apply on the forehead.

I failed in online Ohio driving test due to lack of preparation and over confidence. I had slotted it again. The day when I was appearing with some good preparation, I had said to Baba to be with me while I write. This is what happened, whatever I studied, the same questions came and to my surprise, because of whichever question I failed in my last test had got displayed as last question this time and I chose the right answer and had passed the test with 7 more questions to spare. We need to get 30 questions right out of 40 to pass. So, that being said, Sai was there with me and taught me a lesson and ensured that He is always there for me and everyone who look onto Him and Love Him. At Your lotus feet, please forgive for all mistakes and be with us & bless us always! Love You so much Sai. You are my breath. Raajadhiraj, Yogi Raja, Parabrahma, Sri Satchidhanandha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Baba Helped Us To Make Our Dream Come True

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I am a strong devotee of Baba. We had a dream of going to USA. To make our dream come true I started doing Sai 7 days Parayanam and Sai Guruvar Vrat. Many obstacles came but by Baba’s grace we overcome all and finally I am at my dream place. I have experienced so many miracles through the process and posting here few heart touching ones.

The day my husband went for visa interview to Chennai, he had a big hole in his back side of shirt and we didn’t notice. I was praying whole night to Baba to help my husband and finally he shared the good news. But later when he saw the shirt we thanked Baba for help. Sometimes people will come in suits to impress the VO. But see my husband’s case. Isn’t it a miracle? I promised Baba once my husband’s ticket will be booked we will come to Shirdi. I prepared Rawa-Ladoo for Baba. When we were buying Chadder for Baba, i selected a pink one but my husband was looking for yellow. But I took the pink one. And to my surprise Baba was wearing same Chadder in Samadhi and by seeing this, tears rolled out of my eyes. The priest took my Rawa-Ladoo Box and kept on Baba’s Samadhi. I was so happy. When I used to read Sai Satcharitra I wish if I could be at Baba‘s time to do Madhayana Aarti. But that day in Shirdi when I stepped into Dwarkamai the Madhayana Aarti started and I did the Aarti. I promised Baba to write my experience once I will reach USA. Thank You Baba for being with me and please shower Your blessings always. Few people are trying to spoil my family life. Baba please stop them and give me a happy family life.

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  1. Sai has let me down. All I got in my life is failure and disappointments. For years, I have been waiting, expecting, trusting, and begging. I got enough positive signals. But everything is just nothing but coincidence and not blessing. Finally, I got nothing but tears and a broken heart. I can understand you have left me Sai. And see, I am still talking to you after all what you have done to me.

    Sai deva today is my sister's birdhday.please bless her with good health,lots ofhappiness in her life.deva help her in career so that she can develop her skills.hope you will bless her with good salary and promotion which i have had asked for.
    love you so much

  3. Wonderful experiences all.

    O Sai, we surrender our body, mind and ego at Your feet. Take away our anger and replace it with joy and happiness O Deva. Bless us O Sadguru so we may only speak words of love.

    Jai Sairam

  4. I fought with u today sai bcz u broke my trust.I knw u dont even care bcz u r god nobody can question u.u lied to me all these years.waited nearly 9 years with saburi and shardha and wat u did is just chopped my trust ,me ,my confidence,my hopes,my courage into pieces.ur dreams which i had all turned into a frndz told me that m insane trusting ur dreams,ur signs,..but still i was looking at u with i hv nothing but i hv decided one thing that m gonna end my life just waiting for my sisters to get married next year bcz i dont wanna spoil their life.u knw wat..u teach other to not to return anyone empty handed who come to their house but u urself returned me empty handed.u said come to me and i will look after u.came to ur shirdi thrice but everytime u lied and didnt fullfill ur promises.tum pather ho gaye ho jispe mere ansoou ka koi asar nahi hota..dont knw where to go..what to go bcz if god himself left me who is going to be with me.i came to u bcz i hv no one but u also turned back on me.ok i hv accepted that u r not going to listen me u said u exist but where…dont say that i dont hv shardha and saburi..u knw better than anybody that i hv spoiled my life waiting for 9 years for ur decision that it will be in my favour but as usual u didnt care for me.for u other ppl r more lovable even if they hv done so much bad to others.i follow ur teaching not 100% but try to follow as much as i can.still u didnt even look at me.if u r really my father u cud hv never see like this but r quite from last 35 years and keep watching me suffering.waiting that might one day u will bless me.i dont knw if u r a truth?if sai satchritra is a truth?if stories in their r truth ?if ur dream in those stories r truth?dont knw wat to do to make u listen my prayers,to make u see my tears,to make u feel my pain………dont knw baba.u said i respond every sincere call baba u r liar.i hv been calling u sincerely from so long..plz take my breath away…

  5. Thank you Sai maa for your abundance love and care. Nothing can harm us if you are there with us. Need your blessings to confidently live this life. Om sai words to describe your you mere saibaba.

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