Baba Helps Me Find The Bag With Important Documents On Way Back To USA

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I am on the verge of completion of my masters Degree in computer science. I was a great devotee of Baba which in course of time changed. I became more lethargic in offering prayers that could be because of the things that are happening in my life. I couldn’t find peace of mind anywhere, so I am turning back to my Guru again, hoping He forgives me. 10 years, is the time that can make a world of a difference in one’s life. Yes, I was a great devotee (on my standards) of Baba back, and then I had lot more faith, hope, love towards Baba. But slowly it changed with the turn of events that happened in my life.

Few being, my most loving friend, inspirer, guide best human ever met, my Dad was diagnosed with lymphoma a type of cancer. This didn’t shatter my belief in my beloved God, in fact I used to read Satcharitra on daily basis during the treatment and used to narrate all the stories of it to my dad. Thus my bond with Baba grew exponentially during that ‘phase’. My dad had beaten the hell out of cancer and Baba walked my dad safe out of it. I proceeded to USA for my masters thinking there is nothing worse that could happen. Now about 3 years later when it relapsed I didn’t know what I should do, whom I should talk to? I still gathered all my confidence in consoling my dad who is now shattered (he’s a very sensitive person) and told him that Baba will take care, but only difference between is, I really didn’t have trust and confidence in my words in later instance, I just said it!! Time passed situations are still the same so I decided to visit my dad who is recovering (but still a long way to go) in India.

After the trip to home I started back to US. My flight was from Hyderabad to Chicago via Mumbai. I had boarded the flight at Hyderabad with a carry on and a laptop back pack which also contains all the documents that are needed to let me back into USA. I got out of Hyderabad flight and took a shuttle to reach an international terminal. I was physically present there with my thoughts still hovering back with my hero, my dad! I was multi tasking by talking to a fellow passenger who was destined to take a similar flight plan. (I believe Baba has given me this ability to talk and appear normal even in my deepest pains) Any other person with a similar situation (God forbid) would have kept things to himself, on the contrary I was comforting my fellow passenger with my past funny experiences at Mumbai.

Our conversation was interrupted as we reached international terminal at Shiva ji airport. We got out of the shuttle and I with my multi thread processor in my head grabbed the carry on and started walking along with him praising the architecture and time flew by its about an hour. I realized that I had only carry on with me and I forgot the bag in the bus, my face turn into a red ball that’s ready to explode, assessing my condition an officer tried to comfort me saying ‘we’ll find it, don’t worry.’ Then he asked me 2 questions 1) how long was it after you got out of the shuttle? (He assumed it wouldn’t be long enough for any stupid to realize that he left his bag in the shuttle, but my answer far exceeded his expectations) I said ‘ About an hour’ 2) Do you know the bus number that you rode? He realized my answer even without me answering this. Then the officer who assured me before made an expression of which I inferred that it’s not easy to find this one.

Then the Universal Officer my Baba came to rescue, I just prayed Him and the same officer called me back and said ‘go and search near the place you got out of the shuttle’. To my surprise that was the same shuttle I took about an hour back, believe it or not, shuttle drive took the responsibility of handing out the bag to airport manager and they were trying to call me to my mobile number which they found in one of the receipt by the time I reached them. Is this possible? Maybe it’s a routine check for them to check shuttle before leaving for making sure people like me don’t leave their stuff, maybe I would have thought like this before not now. It’s just my Sai Who came in that form to show that He’s still looking at me even when I was ignoring Him. Yes, He always does that because He’s Sai Maa. I wish to follow Him having inherited His name at least as of now. I am sure that this first post of mine will be a beginning Bow to Shree Sai. Peace be to all

Sai Miracle Far From Home

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am done with my education and seeking a job for myself. I am sure my Sai would help me get the desire job which I want. This is an awesome job you are doing as it gives us strength to face the scenario that comes up. I really don’t remember the first time I visited Sai. I was too small and it happened that I use to go with my dad to Temple with full faith. I have seen many miracles what my Sai has shown in each and every part of my life with every step. I took He acted as a Guide to me. This is an experience of somewhere in 2010. I was in Delhi and it so happened that It was a Thursday and I had to go to Sai Darbar, but I had no one to take me till there and the place where I was staying in the ashram there was Sai Dhun going on and I use to love to hear it whenever I needed His guidance and feel His presence at every stage in my life. He is there with me. If He was not able to be with me at any time He uses to send someone to guide me.

I was eager to go to Sai Darbar and but i was not knowing the ways and i was not having transport facility. I was helpless and didn’t know what to do. I just step outbid the ashram and a auto fellow also came out of the ashram at the same time. I asked him whether he would take me to any of the Sai Temple. He said he wasn’t aware of any and if there were any they were far off. Suddenly a lady came and she said I know about one Sai Darbar nearby. She accompanied us till the Sai Darbar and she said she would like us to drop her after the Darshan. We agreed to it and as we reached Sai Darbar it was so awesome it felt as if I was in Shirdi Itself. I still remember that day clearly. After done with my Darshan I was waiting out with my mom for that lady to come back but even after waiting for some time, she didn’t turn up.

The auto fellow was in a hurry so he requested us to leave with him so we had to go but I still can’t remember as we entered the temple, did she entered into the temple or not. I’m not sure as we reached the temple and from that movement she was not to be seen. I was hit keen to know about her at that time as I was more keen in getting inside the temple and having my Sai Darshan done as I was felling I’m in Shirdi. I think it was Sai who had accompanied me to His Darbar so that I can see Him and fell Him close to me And now I’m waiting for a miracle to happen in my life as I’m in such a mess which is really a big mess and yet I’m calm there is not fear nor I’m scared. I don’t know why but I fell that He is there behind me in some or the other way and which I know my Sai will do it for me. He just wants me to be patient and not to hassle with things as He has His plans ready for me and He has also implemented it. The time for executing it will be when He gives me the command and bill have to just run on it everything will be pre-planned by Him and His grace. Yes I can say my Sai exists and His existence can be felt not only by me but by all His children. His game is wired but when you understand it you come to know why He did it and what was His motive behind it. Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai Sai Sai Om Sai Ram

Feeling Blessed

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Earlier I don’t have any idea about Baba and had faith as same as other God. Once after my college completion I was struggling to get job. During that time Orkut was very famous and I received one Baba’s blessing scrap from my close friend saying “Why fear when I am here”. I was that much happy after seeing and shared with my mom. Then also I did not get proper job and at last i decided to work in night shift. That time my aunty came and told me about 9 week’s Vrat. I started the Vrat with faith and that time I don’t know that we should learn stories and complete our Vrat. I was continuously doing that Vrat. I left that night shift job offer and waited for day shift jobs. One fine day I got selected in one MNC company with Baba’s blessings.

In 2012, I got married and we came to USA. I did not get pregnant for one year. I was praying Baba to give me baby at least before my first anniversary. I started 9 weeks Vrat and at the 4th week of my Vrat I got pregnant. I was very happy. But unfortunately we lost that baby in 7th week. I was very upset and crying before Him and asked lots of questions. After one month again, I got pregnant and again I lost my baby in 4 weeks itself. I felt like I was dying and gave all my worries to Baba and still asked Him to give me a healthy baby. My mother-in-law is very supportive and she never said anything about baby to us. This time I was continuously doing Sai Baba Vrat for 4 months and Baba answered all my praying. Again now I’m pregnant with His grace. I was facing issues in this pregnancy too. I had little bit of spoofing and I cried in front of Baba and asked to save this baby. I got some spark and sent a message to Sai Baba miracles page by telling all my worries. You don’t believe I got a reply message saying that “Apply Vibhuti in belly and eat Vibhuti with faith” I was very happy and followed the same. We heard baby’s heart beat and everything is fine now. Baba is great and I believe it was Baba Who message me. Have faith and surely He will not leave us in any situation. If something wrong happens then also accept it and submit it to Baba. He will take care. Sai Baba Ki Jai

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  1. Baba, pleas help me..I am lacking in some of the skills in my current company. Please be with me and help me to develop and get expertise in these skills.

    Love you baba!!
    Om Sai Ram!!

  2. OM SAI RAM..BABA PLEASE HELP US. We are trying to book train tickets for shirdi and we wish ki sarri confirm ho jaye as we desire and baba please is bar bulla lo Sai. Don't disappoint us sai nath.


  3. Om sai ram. I feel I always try so hard but whenever I face trouble I cannot find an answer from baba. I cannot seem to surrender as I am always looking for a solution. I then get depressed and anxious. What can I do ?

  4. Shree Sachinanand sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

  5. dear devotees,
    I am facing problems in my career for the past 6 years, and now I am lost to the point that I do not want to live anymore.. Baba kindly help me to come out of this situation,

    Om sai Ram

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