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Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hello Hetal Ji, Om Sai Ram. I am Sai Devotee. Firstly I Bow to Sai Baba. I am going through from very critical situation for last 4 years. I believe in Shri Shirdi Sai Baba and sure that He will make me well very soon. I am not very fluent in English so please Baba forgive me if i would done something wrong. Sai Baba is always with me. I believe in Sai Baba. I worship to Sai Baba. But for last four years my life had been changed so much. It is going worst day by day that sometimes i just want to end it all. But something or i can say my internal soul in which Sai Baba live forced me to not do this. I was totally fine four years before.

I have done my 12th and preparing for medical examination. In between my preparation on winter days i felt sudden back pain which i never felt ever in my childhood. It was going unbearable day by day. On 5th of January i went to nearby hospital where doctors gave me some painkillers and i felt comfortable then. But i felt senseless throughout my legs. I can’t sleep whole night because i felt something wrong was happening with me.

At morning i wake up and going to washroom but i was not able to stand on my legs and i fell down. I was totally shocked what is happening with me. After whole day MRI procedure doctors diagnose that my spinal main nerve was compressed due to sudden pus clotting. Doctors remove that clotting but due to that compression the blood circulation below abdomen (waist) was stop due to which i was not able to sense anything below my abdomen and legs. I can’t move my legs. Doctors Said i will be fine but it all depends on my will power and exercise. I never cried in front of anyone. I never shared my pain. This is my first time ever when i am sharing my sorrow here. I started Sai Baba Vrat (Fast) from 8th May and i just only want to get my legs back. So i can go to Sai Baba Temple on my own through my feet. I just want to run because i have so many dreams which can fulfill only when i will get well soon. Please Baba make me well and stand me on my foot so that i can come to Shirdi very soon by running. It’s been four years Baba, my family and friends all got hopeless that now i will never get my legs back and i can’t walk and run like before. But i believe in You Baba, that You will make me fine very soon. Love You Baba. Om Sai Ram

Baba Saved My Life

Anonymous Devotee from US says: I am residing in US for the past 4 years. I have been Sai Ram’s devotee since my child hood. I have experienced so many miracles and today I am posting one of them. I was cleaning my house the day before Pongal, at that time the marble Statue of Baba placed on computer table which had wheels moved and the statue fell down. It was damaged on the bottom corners. I felt so bad as I was also doing Baba Parayanam during the time. On the same day I went to pick up Chudidar which I gave for stitching, the place was a mall where the construction work was going on the top floor. As I entered the mall and passing by suddenly a big slab of marble came and fell right at the back of me. I missed by inches. At that I realised that Baba took it and saved me from a big incident which could have turned fatal. Om Sai Ram

Sai Baba Fulfilled My Wish

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I am a Sai Baba devotee since 2013. I really liked this blog. Every day I read at least one devotee’s experience which gives me strength and faith. Om Sai Ram. I have already posted few of my experiences. Sai is everywhere. He will come for whosoever in need. Let me share this miraculous experience. Last year I prayed Sai Baba to bless me with a baby. I underwent lot of stress because my in laws were pressurizing me. One day I was crying in front of Sai Baba’s Idol and asked Him to prove that i don’t have any problem in getting pregnant. Believe me, next month I got pregnant by Sai’s blessings. I whole heartedly thank Baba for blessing me. Now I am in my second trimester. Sai Baba please showers Your blessings on us. Please help me during labour Baba. Om Sai Ram

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  1. Nice experience. First devotee don't worry. Baba will cure you and you are going to be on your legs. Keeping you in my prayers. Doctor of doctors our God Sairam will help you.

  2. Dear first devotee.I just prayed for u.plz sai satcharitra as many time as u can.may baba bless u.Om sai naathaye namah.

  3. Merry Christmas To all:)

    Dear First devotee

    Have a strong faith in Baba, Be strong, you will recover very soon, its my belief:)

    Love to ALL, Peace to ALL

  4. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  5. Dear sister who wrote the first experience, plz do not loose hope my dear, you will find some life changing miracles, heart pounding experiences in this site of some blessed children of baba who held on to baba feet in their very worst hopeless situations. Plz have faith that baba will give you best life, he will not leave you in middle, he is sadguru/god our life's owner, you will surely get cured from this aliment., trust him fully,just cling to his feet no matter what. You will again post in this site how baba cured you, we all will read that heart pounding experience of yours for sure. Be brave, have blind darling.

  6. Dear first devotee apply udi to your legs n drink udi with water daily read sai sacharitha baba will help you never lose hope

  7. Heart wrenching experience and my prayers to Baba to help the first devotee back onto her legs. Please have complete and unshakeable faith, be positive and just visualize yourself running towards our Dear Lord and I am sure you will be back on your feet again in no time. Just faith and positivity.

    O Sai, Thank You for coming into our lives and saving our souls 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  8. Dear first devotee i feel sad for you…but baba is there and he would def cure onwards u will be including in all my prayers.
    sai deva pls bless ur child …bless us all.hope soon will goto shirdi by baba's grace.
    Om sai Ram….peace to be all.

  9. Sai Ram to fellow devotees,

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences here.

    May Sai keep blessing us all.

    Devotee1 – well done! for keeping faith and patience for 4 long years; that's all Baba needs from you. It won't be long before you will be on your legs. Have someone rub Udi along your spine especially in the area that was affected 4 years back. Rest leave it to Baba's feet.

    I am not an expert on anything actually, but I know human mind is very powerful and all these problems are nervous system related; you need to train your mind sometimes to think in a certain way. The best you could do is to keep yourself happy; may be by planning as to what you'd do when you stand up, make long an elaborated plans, start playing some board games – may be chess – the whole idea would be to digress your mind from thinking negative which does not help anyone at all. It would be difficult initially as your mind has had 4 years of training but quite possibly in the negative direction of despair and dejection. But you can change it all.

    I am sure Baba will bless you soon.

    Read SatCharitra online@:

    Sri SatChit Anand Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!!

  10. don't worry 1 devotee u'll start running your legs again..just have faith..baba'll cure you. happy baba's day to sai ram

  11. hi sai devoties I want to share one of my experience .two months before when I applied for passport for me and my daughter one the day of appointment the people who there said some documents r incorrect u can fix another date after getting those docs but I had less time to get my passport because with in one iwant to fly with my husband .idnt undersatand wat to do and called my agent .he immediately told me to come to hyd so that he can do it for baba grace next day igot the appointment and went there.iwas chanting babas name and entered the room and the person who was checkng dnt ask any questions and immediately send to next counter and successfully I got the passport with in time .I belive all this happnd due to babas grace only and iwas doing nav guru var at that time .thank u baba and forgive me for posting this experice very late

  12. Dear Sai devotee ….one day you will be walking to see our Baba …..very soon a miracle will happen ..

    Om Sai Ram !!!!

  13. Sai plz help devotee 1. Just keep faith apply udi nd drink it. Leave ur favourite thing till u become alright . Miracle is waiting for u.

  14. To 1st devotee: Baba will listen ur prayer .have faith and love sai everytime,he is going to make u stand.he will give u more than what u never expected in those suffering 4 years.put some udi on your legs .om sai ram

  15. Omsairam…had tears in my eyes reading about the first experience…..Baba please bless your child and solve the problem……

  16. I am going to shirdi this 29 dec I will pray for all of the devotees who are regular visitors of this site especially 1 devotee don't worry allof us are with u Your experience is published today Thursday that is baba day so this is a positive sign from our baba Jai sai ram

  17. Thank you for sharing wonderful experiences. May Baba bless you all. To the first experiences, I had tears reading your experience, Baba please bless this child of yours and make her walk again. Baba will surely make you walk to Shirdi…Om Sai Ram.

    Also wishing everyone a Merry Christmas…Hope you enjoy it with Santa Sai, here are some beautiful Baba Christmas pics-

    Jai Sai Ram

  18. Omsairam.Sababa kindly bless the first devotee.she should recover soon and walk on her own legs. Saibaba I love you.take care of my father and one guy had come to see me.he is ok but bit shorter than me,it's ok Saibaba if he takes care of me nicely that is sufficient.Saibaba I feel that you have given me everything but I make myself. Sad by thinking what I don't have.I want change myself.

  19. 1st devotee its great that you are having so much of patience ie 4 long yrs and having strong belief in Him..Please continue to have this patience and faith coz he expects that..Soon u ll recover n visit Shirdi..Peace be to all

  20. Baba please help the 1st devotee. I can understand your pain; I'm a patient of vertigo for 18 years now. Now days, I can't walk by myself, and I have two kids. I stay in U.S.A. There is no one to help me other then my husband, and my kids. They take care of me, and I keep faith on Baba, and I know one day he will definitely cure me. My daughter is still small, but she is always telling me to think positively. I am sure that you just have to keep faith on Baba, and he will cure you. Sai ram.

  21. Hi first devotee
    Please don't loose hope,very soon baba will make you visit shirdi with your legs.We are all praying for you dear sister.

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    outl0strokewidth0 strokec2 Om sai ram to all
    I want to ask all the devotees who share or read experiences on this blog that when their own experience is publishing then why they never come to take wishes from all of us and seek advice sorry to say but I always try to find reply from the same devotee whose experience is published but never find anyone … Sorry if said something wrong but I am giving my views on this matter. You know because sometimes we really wanted to know that how is that devotee after 3 or 4 months because we all know that it took around 4 months to publish our experience other baba devotees please give your views too
    Om sai ram
    And first devotee believe me I was really in bas condition same like you nd was not able to walk due to some reasons but somehow baba called me to shirdi and you won't believe I was running there like a rabbit my pain disappeared from that and I know it is only baba's miracle because doctors were failed to solve my decease but what I am doing is aalying baba'a sacred udi three times on lower abdomen area, taking it three times a day as my medicine ( because I don't have any other medicine to take in this crucial stage) and applying it too on my forehead… Daily I lit diyas in front of sai maa feel like one day he will also fill light in my life like diyas and whole time praying to sai except crying or worrying for my health issues so I ill advice you to o to do the same …. And please sai baba I want her to read my this message where there is she because I know baba only you want her to smile same like me that's why u encouraged mee too convey this message to her
    Dear sai's daughter sai baba will bless you too…
    On sai ram }

  23. Dear 1st devotee new year is waiting for some miracle to happen in your life. Just forget that u cannot walk. Make a target that in so n so date u will walk n jus forget. Concentrate on some other work n see one day miracle will happen n Baba will make u walk. So wish you Happy New Year cheerup sister. Have faith n patience in Sai.

  24. Sai ram, first devotee, keep faith in baba. He can cure anything but he takes his time, However if you have any question please post ur email. I am a neurologist, if I can be of any help, I will email you. Keep thinking of baba all the time.

  25. Dear First devotee m sure that our sai maa will definitely cure you,Very soon you will be blessed and you will post your divine experience.

  26. OM SAI RAM

    Thank u soooo much DEVA for the first salary (f)

    Its the beautiful gift that I have received from you n thats the NEW YEAR gift for me DEVA (f)

    Once again thak u sooo much DEVA (f)


  27. Thanks a ton all of u for all ur humble support 🙂 I am so very happy that my post was published on Baba's Day and Christmas i love this festival though i am hindu coz i love Santa, Church , Jesus n Marry 🙂 I believe in All God . As Sabka Maalik Ek 🙂 And i love so very much to my Sai Santa 🙂
    I promise you all that i will definitely publish my post when i will go to Shirdi like a running rabbit just like one of my well wisher friend 🙂 And then reply you all individually 🙂
    Thank you all 🙂 Really need all your blessings this time 🙂 (h) (h) (h) (h)

    • Om sai ram
      Thanks a lot for for your reply because one of my wish come true after this of seeing same person's reply whose experience is on wall… Baba will definitely bless you with good health so that you can visit him in shirdi…
      Just look into baba's eyes and
      Smile and say baba why you are tolerating that much pain for me
      And say three times a day that ( baba is working on me)
      He will definiatly work on you in a very short while
      Keep smiling
      Baba bless you
      Sai ram

    • Dear first devotee,
      I can only imagine your agony but please don't lose hope. Continue to apply udi to your lower abdomin and legs and also add a pinch in water and drink it daily. You will definitely run to Samadhi mandir one day.
      Also if you can, after bath every morning turn towards East offer water and namaskarams to Sun god. Sun is the god of health and very merciful, many people with sicknesses have benefitted by just offering him namaskarams.

      Also if you can, listen/read Sundarakanda. My cousin's father in law was a great devotee of hanuman. When their son was a small kid, he was inflicted with serious case of polio and lost his ability to walk. He was in hospital and doctors told him that they were able to save the kid's life but he wouldn't able to walk to again ever.
      His father prayed to hanuman with complete devotion and within few days the child was able to walk again. Even doctors were surprised at this miracle.
      So please have complete faith in god and try to walk. God is very merciful, we all have to pay our debts from past life but he can burn those bad karmas without us having to repay for all of it.
      Last but not least, our subconcious mind is also very powerful. Get rid of all your negative thoughts and believe in god, believe in yourself. Very soon you will post an experience on how you are able to walk again by baba's grace 🙂

      Put your right hand on each of your legs and repeat-
      "Kreem Achyuta Anantha Govinda" as many times as you can in your mind.
      This is Arorgya mantra, devotees with any health problems can do this and benefit.
      May God bless All.

  28. Thanks a ton to all of you for all your humble support. I am so very happy today that my post was published on Baba's Day and Christmas too 🙂
    I Promise you all that i will publish my post soon when i will go to Shirdi with running like a rabbit just like my well wisher friend (f)
    Thank you so much again 🙂
    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  29. Nice experiences! No matter what situation we are in Baba will always be with us and guide us through difficult times. Om Sai Ram!

  30. Dear 1st Sai Devotee,
    Baba Udi is the best and the only one medicine to cure you ,thats what i believe . drink udi mixed with water every morning and night . i also have one suggestion for you . read the book 'sai baba is still alive' by jaya wahi . you will read a story similar to yours – the life changing story of rishi what happened to him after he completed 12th std. And she also explained the powers and miracles of udi , how a devotees son got cured from rickets ( could not walk ) by baba's love and blessings.
    Dear Saipa please bless this devotee yo have a cheerfull life as before 4 years. Please make him/her to walk run to you oh deva sainatha ..
    Love you sai love you alll….

  31. Dear 1st sai devotee,
    Our merciful baba would have cured by Now.sometimes, it's our past karma but our sai data is so powerful just clings to baba and never leave.continue reading sai charitra and nav guruvar vrat which is so powerful it will cure all of my friend was suffering with health issues she used to read sai satcharitra every week she recovered completely.have faith in baba you will go to baba temple to walk daily biggest gift from god.

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