Baba Miracles In My Life

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I am a simple girl who always remembers Baba all the times. I know Baba for very long time. Instead of treating Baba as God, I always felt as if he is my father / mother everything. At each and every step of my life, I got His blessings. This is my first time here to share my recent experience.

I was working and had to quit my job because of some issues. I was so worried and frustrated. I was crying in front of Baba and requesting Him to solve my issue as early as possible. Earlier I was praying Baba only at home but suddenly I don’t know how but I felt like going to Temple. I also started Nav Guruvar Vrat. Before starting the Vrat I went to temple, while I was driving I was thinking that I will be very lucky and my issues will be resolved if Baba is wearing some green cloth. When I entered I was pretty upset because I didn’t see any green colour on Baba. I was standing in front of Baba’s Idol and was thinking that maybe, I have done some bad but suddenly Pujari ji came and kept green shawl around Baba, literally I was getting tears in my eyes. I was very happy.

Before leaving I thought I will see if I find any Nav Guruvar Vrat book in temple closet otherwise I will download it from my computer, but when i opened, the first book I saw is Nav Guruvar Book. 1st week of Vrat, I went to temple and was wishing to see Him in Yellow dress (I might be silly but that’s how I keep on asking Baba to show His presence with me) but He was not wearing yellow dress. I thought I am asking too much but in the later evening I opened Shirdi live Darshan, I saw Baba wearing full out and out yellow colour. I was very happy and requested to give me a job. 2nd week this is an awesome day for me. Again I went to temple and as usual asking Baba to wear orange dress and He was wearing dark orange dress. What else I want that is the proof that He is listening to my silly requests also. I attended afternoon Aarti, I was having some positive sense because whatever good thing is, it always happened on Thursdays. I was waiting in the line and asked one last time to give me the proof by dropping a flower that I will get job and it is miracle, i have seen the flower dropping from Baba’s Idol. I was very very happy. In next one hour i got confirmation about Job. Still there are some issues but I know Baba is there for me. Thanks for everything. Please keep me with good thoughts. Thanks again and again. Sorry for long post. Baba bless all

Sai Baba’s Miracle In My Life

Anonymous Devotee from Australia says: Sai Ram to all the devotees and the members of this blog. I am a devotee of Shri Sai Baba and I would like to share my experience with all the other devotees through this medium. I live in Sydney, Australia and it’s been 2 years and 21 days since I landed here after getting married to my husband who lives here. As soon as I came here I started to look for a job in Corporate Communication/ Marketing Communication as my education qualification and previous work experience lies in that. It’s very difficult to get a job in different country and I was also facing problem in getting one for almost 2 years. Here I got advice by everyone, don’t be stubborn and be flexible in taking any job you get as here it’s very difficult to start a career. Going with everyone’s advice I tried jobs in every possible field still no success. I use to feel bad but at the same time use to feel ok as deep inside I always wanted a job in my field. I am a regular reader of this blog and always read various experiences of all the devotee and miracles of Baba in their life and use to feel good after going through various stories and use to pray Baba that please fulfil my wish too of getting a job as I have always been independent since 11th standard because I lived away from my family for my studies and job and after coming to Sydney I became a full time housewife.

Through this blog I came to know about Sai Nav Guru Vrat and decided to start Vrat with full devotion, after I started this Vrat my husband in few weeks’ time also started doing this Vrat for me as he is also a devotee of Baba. I was trying for a job since I came to Sydney and every time I got disappointment. But this time had a full faith in Baba and was applying for jobs. Baba gave me Darshan so many times in my dreams, giving me an indication that He is there with me. Once even I saw in my dream that I got a job and I am very happy. As Baba never disappoints His devotees and is always there for them He was there for me too and blessed me with a desired job that I wanted. I started my Nav Guruvar Vrat by finishing my reading of Sai Satcharitra in seven days and completed my Vrat too by finishing Sai Satcharitra in seven days. I attended my job interview on the day of my Nav Guruvar Vrat Udyapan and joined my job the next Thursday. I took this job as Baba’s blessing and thank Him from bottom of my heart. I have completed 1 month and a week in my job and enjoying every bit of it. I would like to tell all the devotees who feel that they are going through bad phase of their life please believe in Baba. He will give you the best at the right time, just have patience. Om Shri Sainath Namah

Baba Kept His Promise

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram to all Sai devotees. Like everyone I am also always asking one thing or another from my Sai Pa and until now He has given me whatever I wished for. I have asked Baba to cure my baby who is suffering from difficult birth. What I have asked for is nearly impossible to get. I read posts every day from a year now, but found no one wishing for such a thing. So, this is a big test for my Shradha and Saburi and for Him also as He is known for fulfilling even the smallest wish. Being mother at times I get scared and impatient as I cannot see my baby suffering. Then I feel how He can give me what I have asked for, when it is impossible. But then, this belief that one day may be He will listen to my prayers, keeps me alive.

Here I will post my recent experience, which may seem small, but for me is really big as it shows He is keeping an eye on me. Few days back our car’s back view mirror broke. When we went to the showroom they said it will cost around 35000-40000 rupees, which was too much for us. I prayed to Sai if You are listening and if You take care of us, make everything happen within 10000 rupees. Initially, it seemed impossible, but, then we came to know that we need to change only mirror and not the whole part. So, we ordered it online and took it to a workshop where it was fixed in reasonable amount. The total expense was of only 8000 rupees. For me it was not the money that mattered, but, I took it as an assurance that He is there keeping an eye. I had promised Him that if He fulfils my wish, I will post it (bargaining with Him). I know He listens and takes care but with each passing day my patience is going down with the feeling that may be He is just ignoring my baby. May be He does not want to get him out of his bad karmas and will leave him suffer for his whole life. But this faith keeps me alive and i have no other choice to just wait and pray and pray.

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  1. Dear third devotee, don't have negative thoughts. One day, miracle will take place. Apply udi for your son morning and evening. Have faith and say Sai Sai always.

  2. Nice experiences . To third devotee. Don't worry Baba will take care of your baby. He will never leave our hands.
    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all.

  3. Dont worry dear Sai sister….your baby will be just fine and sure Baba will cure the little one completely……….Om Sai Ram !!!!!!

  4. Dear third devotee, keep baba's udi to your child and keep chanting baba's name without any negative thoughts. Your kid will be fine within no time.

  5. Wonderful experiences and to the 3rd devotee, continue with the faith, I am sure He will smile upon you and your child 🙂

    O Deva, bless us with a sense, humility and compassion.

    Jai Sairam

  6. Om Sai Ram…. Baba please protect my husband and children. Baba please shower your choicest blessings on my little family and take care of them protecting them from all dangers and evils, blessing them with wellness, goodness, happiness, peace and prosperity. Baba i request you to take care of hubby and children, they are going through a challenge and we request your help to streamline things for us, reduce our costs and become profitable. Help us refurbish the entity making it more and more prosperous with a cause of fulfillment of purpose. Baba please hold our hands like a parent, guide, mentor and Guru. Baba my younger is traveling tomorrow please take care of him. My elder is losing hair and having some digestion issues, please resolve. Hubby has cholesterol please guide him to be stress free and lead him to have a healthy living. Baba please take care of their trip to visit and protect them always. Baba I wholeheartedly surrender to your divine feet to protect and preseve my family to the fullest ability to serve the Lord. Om Sai Rakshsak sharanam deva 🙏 Om sai arogya kshemadaya namah🙏 Om siddhivinayak namo namaha 🙏

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