Sai Helped Me Get A Job Twice In My Life

Anonymous Devotee from India says: First of all I would like to say thanks to the administrator who started this site. Sai definitely will help you and stay with you. I want to share my experience in getting job twice in my life with just Baba’s blessings. I was not good at my engineering. I have many backlogs and took 8 years to complete it. But, still I didn’t concentrate more at Baba though I was Baba’s devotees. I have gone through the very rough phase in my life. I can’t even express how bad it was. That made me mad and I was shouting on parents and all others. My mental state was not stable. I was in to depression. I cried a lot in alone with Baba Idol in my hands. My eyes were filling with tears whenever I went Baba temples. All my problems made me crazy. I was in dilemma to end my life. But still was having a hope, that Baba would help me one day.

That day came into my life almost 2 years back. I have started Sai Satcharitra. In that Baba was suggesting a few people to read Guru Charitra too. Then I have read both Sai Satcharitra and Guru Charitra. I was not satisfied with it. Again I have started Sai Satcharitra on daily wise. (Still I am continuing the same by reading one chapter daily. It has been 2 years almost) I prayed Baba that, I would leave one thing (It is personal I can’t tell) until I get job and started Sai Satcharitra. There miracle happened. I got job within two months. As I promised Baba, I left that thing in my life. Trust me, just have patience. Baba surely will bless you. I know the power of Baba. In this job, I have worked almost 2 years. I have faced many rough times. But, still Baba helped a lot in my job and it is wonder how I have survived in this job for 2 years. It was all just Sai blessings. Since 3 months I was preparing hard to get another job. Many interviews were scheduling. All were missing either in first round or middle or at final. Again I was depressed. I was thinking that Baba was not with me. He was not taking care of me. I have cried a lot and can’t say how my mental situation was. I was asking Baba, Baba why You are not taking care of me. Please help me Baba, like that I prayed a lot. I lost hope that, I would get a job.

Again another miracle happened in my life. Actually I was staying far from my home town for the job purpose. I was always dreaming that, If I get job in home town with the same salary. I can be a king in my life. One fine day, at early morning I woke up 4 am and watched Kakad Aarti live in this site. This is first time in my life for Aarti Darshan. That day I went for an Interview. Miracle happened there. I was not presented well there. But i got job and location given in my home town. Oh my God. I was shocked and surprised. Then I have realized why Baba was not allowing me to get jobs for the previous Interviews. So Baba had already decided this new job for me at my home town. Just Imagine, how much I was happy. So I want to say all devotees that please have patience Baba will take care of that. But in order to get Baba’s blessing, we must have eligibility. The eligibility is nothing but, pray Baba, love Baba, love people, be nice human being, control anger. Just say Sai Sai Sai Sai in heart. Moreover, treat your mother and father as Sai. That’s it. Baba will take care of rest. Baba please be with me. Bless all people who are in trouble and need of You. Please Baba stay with me in this new company and new job too. I can’t stay away from You. I love You so much. Om Sai Ram

An Enlightening Experience

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hello all, i am working in Delhi. I have been a devotee of Sai Baba since few years and Baba has helped me in some way or the other. By Baba’s grace, i had the chance of visiting Shirdi twice, once with a friend and the second all by myself. I have been reading Sai Satcharitra that has drawn me to Sainath like a bee to a flower. I have been in love with a guy for almost two years, but we being from different religions, are facing lot of issues. The guy’s family is totally against the marriage. Another problem is that I am a year elder to him. I have decided not to give up on him and fight all what it takes, however he has surrendered to sacrifice his own happiness for his parent’s wishes. We both have been fighting since last 6 months and have not been able to find any solution. Sainath is the only one who loved Hindus and Muslims equally and highly encouraged the union of the two, which is why i have been asking for His help. I know He is not going to just appear and tell me the solution, He is only going to send signs through mediums, and i will have to understand those signs and build the solution myself. I experienced one of these signs when i was travelling from Mumbai to Delhi in a chair car train. I saw an aged uncle who was a Muslim standing at the end of the coach and i thought to myself it would be so nice if i could interact with him and ask him about my problem. I still don’t know whether it was sheer luck or Sainath’s grace that he came and occupied exactly the seat adjacent to me.

Then later, I was wondering whether it would feel awkward to talk to a stranger. And then, suddenly he broke the ice and reassured me to sit comfortably as I was like just his daughter. I felt so relieved and thanked Sai for giving the opportunity. I then started conversing with him. He was very kind. He explained me all the things that happen in their culture, about Namaz, Roza, Haj and lot more things. When I asked him about the acceptance of a Hindu-Muslim marriage in their community, he himself explained that love knows no religion and explained it first with the example of nargis and sunil dutt contemporary to his time and then with an example from his own family. He explained that initially they also had problems in adjusting, but now their family is very happy with the Hindu bride. He also said that acceptance is not just from the society’s perspective but depends a lot from the family’s perspective and the couple has to be very tough to survive such a sensitive time. I was relieved with his assurance that things are possible and thought that Sainath Himself had come in his form to help me and reassure me. However, after that incident, it’s been almost a month since I have got any sign or help. I have been crying and praying for help but I have not been able to feel anything. I prayed to Sai Baba to appear in my dream once and assure me not to give up on Him, but that too in vain. I don’t want to give up hope, as Sainath has only asked His devotees to keep Shraddha and Saburi; however at the same time, I have been thinking whether i am asking for something which is impractical or just living in the illusion that it will happen and then keep hurting myself. Through this site, I want to ask fellow devotees who are close to God and have felt Sai many times, about the doubt that is plaguing my mind, to help me as to what should I do. I would consider their answers as Baba’s hints himself.

Baba Helped Me To Get My Money Back And Job

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I know Sai Baba from my sixth standard i.e., for the first time when I went to Shirdi with my family. But I am a strong devotee of Sai Maa from last year. When I started believing Him i used to see Baba daily in any of the form like Photo of Baba. I want to share two of my experiences. My first experience is Baba helped me to get back my money which i lost during my ATM transaction. One day when I went to ATM to withdraw the money of five thousand rupees. Unfortunately the ATM has some technical problem which i did not notice and inserted card in to ATM and started the transaction but it stated out of service. So i left from there and later i got a message from bank that five thousand rupees is debited from my account. After some time I got the message that money is credited back but I am not able to see the money in my account. Then i approached the bank officials and they said that i have to write an official letter to bank and they said it takes time and also said that sometimes we can’t do anything. Then I prayed to Baba that I should get my money back. After 10 days I got a message from bank that my money is credited back that too on Thursday. I know this is all because of Baba, He is there to see each and every particular thing of His devotees.

My another recent experience is regarding my job. When Tech Mahindra visited our campus i wished i would get a job but unfortunately i was out of it in 1st round itself. I was doing Nav Guruvar Vrat at that time and waited for some days that i would get any opportunity, but i did not get any. Last Saturday i attended off campus drive. First day i cleared two rounds i.e., written and group discussion. Second day i.e., on Sunday i asked Baba to show some proof that He is there with me and i will get a job. While travelling from home to drive i was tensed and started worrying and thought of Baba. Immediately i saw a Photo of Baba which gave me strength. Because of Baba only i got a job on that day. Baba will complete each and every wish of His devotees, but we should have patience and belief on Him.

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  1. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
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    Jai Sai Ram
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    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram


    Blessed Experiences:)

    Second devotee, It is very tough to be in inter-faith marriage.

    You love has to be really really strong, otherwise it is very hard.

    Practicality takes over Love after marriage, you will see lots of relatives taunting to you or your parents or your husband.
    Once ego of your husband comes in front instead of lOve, you are the once to suffer.

    I have suffered mistakes of my parents through my husband. We had at least 2 years of our marriage spoilt. It was not Hindu-muslim but Hindu-sikh marraige, & yours will be more sensitive being hindu-muslim,

    Love to ALL

  3. An Enlightening Experience:
    Dear Sai Sister; I understand what pain you are going through. Only advice I want to give you is "Leave everything on Sai"
    If this path is good for you, you will definitely be successful and if Sai sees that its not going to be good for you he wont let you go on that path.
    Just have faith and keep trying; things will fall at place automatically. Accept the outcome as blessing of our beloved Baba.

    He is omnipresent; he will do only and only best for you no matter you like that best or not. He just thinks about welfare of his children.

    More power to you. Aum Sai Ram !!!

  4. First and third devotees experiences are wonderful.
    Second Devotee don't lose heart our Baba will definitely help you. Praying to our Sainath that you should have a blessed married life with the guy whom you like.

  5. Dear sai devotee 2
    I understand ur feelings bcoz I am also going thru something similar to ur situation… I am in love with a guy frm India for 5 years now.. I am frm Malaysia. we r both hindu. love just happened.. he ia a nice guy n I love him alot.. problem arise in the form of horoscope matching.. both our horoscope didnt match… I didnt mind bcoz I felt matching of the heart was more important for me.. he had doubts..I did try to convience him a bit… the 2nd prob came in the form of kaaliamma… bf mom went to temple to check if we both can get married.. kaaliamma in the form of priest said no..

    • Please dont be adamant, and leave everything on Sai! I am kali devotee and Sai baba and Kali Maa are one and same. You never know what is good for you, please leave everything on them.

  6. Sorry its continuity of my story no space

    I was dumb struck.. I nearly went mental.. crying n screaming.. the situation now is he gave up hope.. I am the only one having hope n faith that baba will help us… everyday is a struggle… I dont know wat to do…baba is not giving me any signal… I finish sai satcharitra n now on my 2nd week of sai vrat.. I dont know wat to do.. even yesterday I was crying thinking y baba is not helping me… 🙁

  7. Wonderful experiences. To the 2nd devotee: Surrender to Him, tell Him that the problem is not yours but His and let Him show you whatever is the right way and accept it. Trust Him.

    O Sai, forgive us our sins and help us walk in the righteous path.

    Jai Sairam

  8. Dear devotees , please pray Sai nath for world peace and end terrorism I think that this is the right place to convey my request
    Live but

  9. Dear Anonymous devotee,

    I read your Enlightening experience. My advice is that most of the inter-religious marriages are failed utterly.No religion have any dearth of brides or bridegrooms, so there is no strict rule to marry a person from a different religion..Today's youth are merely carried away by mere looks and are stung by the infatuation and modernity.Though,the youth are well educated still they lack the quality of ingenuity. This is life, it is not a game to play, hence my sincere advice is to marry a good person from your own religion. Do not take a chance with life which might lead to regret.

    Wishing you a good luck.

  10. Dear devotee 2:

    It's difficult; if you think from heart, the obvious choice would be to go for it, come what may; if you think from head – the easier path and probably to other's relief also, would be to drop the whole affair……LOVE can happen after marriage as well…….that being said why don't you set a time limit for yourself, let say 3 months or 6 months…….pray to Baba, follow His teachings and ask Him to do something in this time if He approves of this relation……….if it happens then well and good, check with your guy about conversion etc, if you are not comfortable doing that, ask him that you will carry on practising your religion….see what he comes up with…….to make this relation success he needs to participate equally if not more; if it doesn't work out then also well and good……move on in your life…………………

    May Sai bless you soon……

  11. Baba, I miss my father and grandma. I feel guilty that I didn't spend much time with them or took care of them well when they were alive. This guilt feeling is killing me often. I want to apologize, but it's too late. Please forgive my sins Baba. Please make their souls get peace Baba. And please make me understand the love of the people around me and make me be caring towards them. Forgive me and bless my family Baba.

  12. Wonderful experience. Dear sister, as said continue to have firm faith on our beloved Baba and leave on him, he will definitely do the best for you. On Sairam.

  13. second devotee…i am shocked to see you say Sri Sainath "highly encouraged the union of the two" regarding Hindus and Muslims!! Baba said that all religions lead to The One God but the paths (religions) to reach Him are very much different. He in fact, actively encouraged each one to sincerely practice the tenets and traditions of their own religion and never initiated any inter-religious marriages. In fact, in his condemnation He went so far as to say changing religion is like changing one's own father….in all probability, the first thing that will happen even before your wedding will be your formal conversion and you will be subsumed into Islamic religion and culture (shariah). Of course, no one can help if you have already made up your mind one way or the other but please do NOT be under the illusion that Sri Sainath endorses and encourages this.

  14. Omsairam.I love Saibaba.forgive my sins.sorry Saibaba I was very angry with my father and brother please forgive me.take care of them nicely as they are my only support after love me more then I do, guide me baba.:-)

  15. Sai baba,

    Please help my family and parents in all aspects..thanks baba for every thing…
    Baba,my daughter is having oral spelling bee..please be with her always…and please support her to answer good..please give her moral support…

    love you baba
    om sai namo namah

    • devotee 2
      OM SAI RAM
      I can very well understand your situation. I m suffering from the same situation as well.i am hindu n my partner is muslim.infact we are 2gether since10 years. and still we are struggling for the same situation. may sai help you n me as well. just have faith in him. he does not like changing religion. but at the same time he does not like his children to suffer whole life like this.

  16. Sai Baba,

    OM SAI RAM…Baba thank you so much for everything you have given me and I promise you I will daily light lamp in front of you from now. I know from many days I am not worshipping you properly but my devotion will always remain the same. My trust on you will never shak and I know you are with me always. OM SAI RAM !!

    Baba please help me and mom is going to apply for loan and baba i love my moma alot and we need money at this point and my sweet mom is trying hard to get the amount for my marriage.
    She is feeling nervous that Bank Manager will say NO. But baba if you are with us then everythng is possible. I am relaxed because I know you are with me sai nath. Sai Baba please do something that bank manager doesn’t say anything and mom ka kam ban jae.

    Sai we are planning to visit Shirdi. Please help us to get LTC for Shirdi on time as we don’t have enough cash to visit Shirdi.

    Sai please hlep us please help mom. Jaise aajtak har impossible cheez ko apne possible kiya please ye bhi possible kardo please sai nath please we need 2.5lakh and please arrange the same some how. please sai we need you time is very very very short sai nath.

    Please baba help us. OM SAI RAM…!!

  17. om sai ram. thank you sai for being with me through out my brother's marriage you helped me alot . Bless us and guide us like this sai ram

  18. OM SAI RAM..

    Sai Thank you very much. Mom went to apply for loan and the manager said that he will do the loan. But the problem is that we need 1.30 lakh to deposite in bank and then he will show that we have cleared our earlier loan and will give us the new loan. Baba please help us in this and i wish that bank corporate with us and help us to manage this situation. Please sai help us please please please. Baba please guide us the right path. OM SAI NATH.

    Baba please help Anshu as he is facing problem in his job and he wanna earn extra money then his job. please help him to crack one new deal where he gets good profit. Baba my Anshu is very innocent please support him and always protect him from evil people around him. Guide him how to move forward and what is right what is wrong..whom to trust whom not to TRUST.





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