Vision Of Viraat Roop

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram to all Sai brothers and sisters. With Baba’s Blessings and grace and at Baba’s Inspiration- I wish to share a vision with all fellow devotees. As its mentioned in ‘Shri Sai Satcharitra’ that we should drink the nectar of Baba’s Leelas to our heart’s content and then also share with others-this will not only remove our ignorance and destroy our sins but it also goes to show how unconditionally, boundlessly Baba Loves us all. So the vision was to this effect: I watch Mahabharata daily on star plus-on 12 June the episode aired showed the Viraat Roop of Lord Shri Krishna. It was just simply so amazing-that it had kind of sent a thrill throughout my mind and soul. I was thinking- if by watching it in series-we could feel the divinity- imagine what inscrutable inexplicable bliss and joy Arjun must have felt who was blessed to get the Darshan of Viraat Roop [Vast/Grand Infinite].

So next day-i was having my afternoon nap-where I saw in vision the similar Viraat Roop of Lord Shri Krishna and then friends wonder of wonder suddenly I saw our beloved Sai Baba in the similar Viraat Roop-I saw that Baba assuming the Viraat Roop and said-in this Kalyug I will take care of all my devotees, all their pains problems miseries will be taken care of and I shall grant them salvation I know friends-there should be no surprise in this as all this has already been mentioned authoritatively and authentically in Shri Sai Satcharitra-but the reason I wanted to share this with all because in this today’s fast and speedy life we are kind of getting deviated from the true goal of our life-which is God Vision. I know-i am just an ordinary person and perhaps I am not worthy to talk of such blissful divine principles but deep in heart i got a feeling of sharing it with all fellow devotees so with Baba’s blessing and grace and at His inspiration I thought of posting it. Just remember friends- Faith Can Move Mountains- and Patience not only increases our endurance power but it also destroys our sins and carry’s us safely against the various calamities in life [as mentioned in chapter 10-Shri Sai Satcharitra]

Last but not the least-all I want say is Baba Loves us so very much that it is beyond our imagination-as Baba has Himself mentioned if we take 1 step towards Him-He will take 10 steps closer to us. Just love and love and love Him and serve and serve and serve and serve Him- then see there will be no darkness whatsoever. I am thankful to my Beloved Sai Maa- I just cannot thank Sai Maa enough-for I know Thank You is just not enough, in fact even if I place my heart at His Lotus Feet even that won’t be enough; because this heart should already belongs to Sai Maa- how can I Speak of giving something to Baba which already belongs to Him. Love You a lot my dear beloved Sai Maa. Thanks a million million ton Sai Maa! Friends I always think do I deserve so much love which Baba has been showering on me-the fact that Baba has showered so much unconditional love goes to show how full of love and mercy He is! If a person like me [i doubt if i deserve so much of love].

I have disappointed my parents a lot in context to my academics and career- I belong to a lower middle class- my parents have high hopes from me but unfortunately i fell into bad company and ruined my career. I know irrespective of how many mistakes we commit parents always love their children- but I know back in my junior college time when I was in 11th. I had bad equation with my mother. I use to fight and misbehave with my mother that too for a useless waste cheap guy-who I later realized was such a waste. I know perhaps my mistakes cannot be forgiven so easily- but am really very sorry as whatever had happened was on account of my immaturity and falling prey to bad company. From the bottom and core of my heart I apologize and beg Baba’s Pardon and my mother’s pardon. Baba please forgive and always protect me guide and guard us all. Friends all I want to say is- Baba Loves us all unconditionally-just surrender yourself completely with all your body mind and soul to Baba and then Baba will take care of all. May Sai Baba Shower His blessings on each one of us and all His devotees and their families. ‘Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu- Om Shanti Shanti Shanti’ Om Sai Ram Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Ananta Koti Brahmand Nayak Raajadhiraj Yogiraj Para-Brahma Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Shri Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

Baba Is Really Unfathomable

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am an ardent devotee of Sai Baba. I had done PG recently and i am going to work in reputed institution. I became a Baba’s devotee recently and I read this blog every day and really feel very happy and my faith on Sai is day by day increasing. You are doing such a wonderful work sister. I want to share few experiences.

One night before sleeping I pray to Sai to give any number to put in Sai question and answer and I got number. The answer was you will get Sai Baba Photo. Next day morning I went for shopping and in that shop after purchasing the Sarees they give me small size Baba Photo. Really I got shocked and I felt very happy. It is unbelievable too. I read many experiences in this blog. Many of them got Baba’s dreams. I was also eagerly waiting when I’ll get those dreams. Many nights I prayed to Sai please today give Your Darshan in my dreams like that. One fine day I got angry and said to Sai You are not listening to me Baba, felt sad and went to sleep. On that day surprisingly I got Darshan of Baba wearing blue dress suddenly I got up so He didn’t speak anything to me. I don’t know what the meaning for that is but you know my happiness has no bound.

I prayed to Baba if I went out for shopping or anywhere I want to see You in any form like Photo or Your name. One day I went to take print out for projects so I was watching everything on both the side of roads for Sai name or photo. I didn’t see anything then I went to print shop and nearby print out shop, there was tiles shop. When I was crossing i saw Baba’s Photo in one of the tiles with happy face. Tears rolled out from my eyes I also got blessed from Baba. No words for my happiness. Sai Baba fulfil our small wishes too. Really Baba is so great. Another one is I went to Sanibhagwan temple that day also I prayed Baba that want to see Your photo or name but it was not practical because in Sanibhagwan temple, there was no chance of having Baba Photo. So i was consoling myself and finished off praying and went nearby Iyyapan temple (it is like a small room) within that Sanibhagwan aalayam. When I was entering that room I saw Sai Baba photo on top of the entering door. Oh my Sai Deva my face was full of that much happiness. Sai Baba till today I didn’t see You in temple Baba I have no other ways. In my native there is no Baba’s temple I feel very bad. Sai I am eagerly waiting to see You Baba please arrange for me please Baba. Every Thursday in Sankara channel they show Sai Baba Darshan with Aarti song. I am seeing You in TV only Baba please forgive all my mistakes and I want to see You Baba and want to visit Your Temple Baba please. Dear Sai devotees please pray for me to Sai for visiting Baba’s temple. Baba blesses me to get a good life. I am so much afraid for that. Please Baba purify me and forgive me for all my mistakes Sai

Baba Is Every Thing For Me

Sai Sister Jaya from India says: Sai Baba, this name i heard when i was 12 years old. At that time i thought that how a human will become a God and how these people are worshipping Him. I went to Baba Temple so many times normally. In 2009 my neighbours have kept Baba’s Akhanda Jyothi, it will be for 49 days means 7 weeks. In all these people can come and read the Parayan Books of Sai Baba. She asked me to do Parayan for 1 time. I told i am not interested. At night in my dream someone told me to do Parayan for 1 time. The next day i went there and i started Parayan for 1 time. I don’t know what happened that all those days, i felt my mind was very peaceful and wanted to continue Parayan for 7 weeks. I have studied for 5 weeks. My husband got promotion in his job. I became automatically Baba’s devotee.

In 2012 suddenly my health got changes. I was hospitalised, doctors find that HB% was low and they transfused 8 packets of blood for me. As they did not find what the problem was. Within 2 days the virus spread all over my body and HB% was 2. They discharged me from the hospital and they told no hopes. As Baba called us, and they told by last chance we have to take to Hyderabad. As their wish we have gone to Hyderabad. Someone came and told to my mother nothing will happen she will come back and do Parayan. My mom was surprised. I surely tell that Baba only came and saved me. This way Baba became everything for me. From that day daily i use to pray for Baba songs. Daily i use to keep 3 rupees for Baba and when i go there i will keep in Hundi. After my recovery i went to Shirdi and have done Parayan for 1 week. Now in my near places where Baba’s Jyothi has kept i use to go there and do Parayan. I am very thankful to share my experience with Baba. I am thankful to Baba and this opportunity is also given by Him only to share. This life for me is with Baba’s Bhiksha.

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  1. Wonderful experiences. Thanks for sharing. Dear second devotee, Baba will surely arrange for his darshan just continue to have firm faith on him . om Sairam.

  2. Such nice experiences,i read devotees experiences daily,and today while opening the page i wanted to read some miracles regarding shradha and saburi and the hoping that my dpubts will gey cleared.all the three experiences gave answers to my questions

  3. Baba kindly bless our family.Kindly give my positive indication.I am worried with all this negative vibes.Baba my whole family will be destroyed…you know that then why are u not showing any concern.I wish baba you will help.I am keeping my faith and Patience…waiting for your blessings deva.

    Beautiful experiences. Grateful to all of you for sharing them. I know Baba is with me and He is my guiding force in my life, yet I too long for his darshan in my dreams, many answers to my queries. Some sign that He is listening to us. Love you Baba always.

  5. Om Sai Ram, Our Lord Sai ma saved me today from a big accident in front of my house itself though my mom was standing in front of me and she use to stop the big lorry coming forward towards me that lorry driver has not seeing my mothers signal. Just in one second i was escaped by crushed my right hand fingers, i did'nt get annoyed instead of that i thanked our Lord Baba and started to office, i knew our lord baba only saved me from his accident.. other wise i will been plastic surgey for my righ hand ……through this site im thanking my heartful to our baba for this life and saved his daughter from this big incident. My mom still could not come out from this incident.. and said to be me your prayer and ur baba only saved you…today.

  6. Om Sai Ram…please bless my sister with job baba…this month she got interview…she should get that job baba…bless my mom with good health baba…if i have done any mistakes please forgive me baba…soon i should get job in my hometown baba…please bless me baba…please bless all baba…Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

  7. Baba blesses everyone..Dear second devotee baba will definitely get his temple build near your house…just pray with full heart…i am live example baba has fulfilled this wish of mine as well…i am in malaysia…there was no sai temple near my house…i just prayed baba with full heart and the miracle happened within 2 months temple was build…Baba bless everyone

  8. Baba it's my birthday and I am stressed. I wake up praying that I hope I die this year atleast. This is what has happened to my life. I have no will to live. Do something. Please turn my life around or kill me so that my parents aren't hurt.

  9. Om sai ram
    Really very touching experience of all the three devotees… Please baba bless us all in same way
    I am also desperately waiting for baba to meet him in my dream but I think time has not come yet but definitely I ll keep on waiting … Love u mere bhole baba

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