Baba Saved Life Of My Mother

Sai Sister Uma from Malaysia says: Om Sai Ram. I really don’t know how to start if there is mistakes please amend on behalf of me. I get to know about Baba by my close friend. I start to visit Baba Temple in Singapore. That time i really don’t know Baba’s Grace. I went because i like to see Him and not as a sincere devotee. In year 2009 my life became upside down. Actually i was working in Singapore with well paid salary and residence in my cousin house. Because of my bad time i resign and was back to Malaysia to stay with my mother. Same time my brother in law quarreled with my sister and snatched the children from her. Because of this incident my mother become very sick and admitted to ICU.

Early morning 2 am the doctor told me and my sister that my mother is having very less chances to survive. Me and my sister started to chant Baba’s mantra and prayed to Baba to help and return my mother life. I promised Baba that i won’t eat until my mother gets well. The next day my sister told there is Baba centre at town area. Without wasting a single second we went to Baba’s centre. The first thing i saw in centre is there is Baba picture and written “why fear when I am here”. This word means a lot to me. I felt all my tension, sorrowes, fear come to end. I just looked at Baba’s eyes. I sense He was there for us. My sister told to Pandit ji and He gave Udi and mentioned within four days your mother will speak to you all. With Baba’s grace my mother opens the eyes and starts to talk but doctor said that there is still no hope. I cried to Baba and i mentioned to Baba if my mother does not deserve to survive i will end my life too.

After two day it’s Thursday and i put ghee lamp to Baba and cry and cry. Suddenly i remember the words mentioned on Baba Vrat book which states that don’t be empty stomach while doing Vrat and my inner voice said that i should not go against Baba words. As mentioned earlier i never eat anything for seven days because my mother was in critical condition. I promised to Baba i will eat but i need to hear good news from doctor. Before visiting my mother i consume food and went to hospital. What a miracle the doctor said my mother can be transferred to normal ward because her health condition is getting better. That moment cannot be described how i was blessed by Baba and His love. Sai Baba never let down His devotee. He always love us like parents, guide like teacher, and reminds us like friend. He is everything for me. Baba please forgive me for the mistake i done and thanks to guide me to share Your miracle in my life. Many thanks to the team whom formed the page.

Safe And Healthy Trip Of Srinagar With Sai’s Blessings

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am one of Deva’s daughter. Om Sai Ram Deva Thank You for everything, Your unfathomable love, care, support and blessings. Hetal ji thank you for providing all Sai Lovers a platform to thank our Deva. This blog is like Oxygen Supply System for Deva’s family. You are free to edit. It is very difficult to explain Deva’s each and every blessing in word. All I can say is Deva is oxygen of our life. Deva help me in describing Your Leela. My husband planned and booked tickets for Srinagar from 5th to 9th March 2014. He told that the weather will be pleasant in March. We all family members have problem of cough and cold specially my Son and Bua ji (paternal aunty). But in February end when the weather fluctuation was on full swing I was scared about the trip of Srinagar. I told my husband to cancel the tickets or postponed it by a week. He talked to airline officials about cancellation or postponed and they informed that they will deduct approx Rs 20,000. I asked Deva to guide and take care of health and safety of my family for this trip.

With confused mind I started the preparation like purchasing of heavy woollens and medicines. Anyone who is aware of Srinagar valley used to tell, why we planned trip this time and every time I tell Deva You have to take care of us. Deva really Love You for Your care. Every day I receive Sai Baba’s Quote on mail which gives me a lot strength and answers of my confusion. On 4th i read weather forecast of Srinagar, Phalgam and Gulmarg, very low temperature was expected with heavy snow fall. After that I opened my mail and the quote was “Remember the name of God always, always read the sacred texts. Do not give up food or pleasure trips, but always be fixed in Him (God).” I felt this as assurance from Sai and left all my worries but in one corner of my mind i was thinking that our trip should be next week with other friends. On 5th my husband read Sai Prerna and with blessings of Sai we started our trip. On the way to airport I was constantly praying Deva to give me Darshan but for testing my Saburi He did not give Darshan on the way. When I was about to enter the airport, a taxi crossed us with Deva in blessing pose. Thank You Deva for Your support.

Our flight reached Srinagar on time and we took our pre booked taxi for Phalgam. After crossing Anantnag the snowfall started and in Phalgam the temperature was about -8ºC and there was continuous heavy snowfall but with Deva’s blessing we enjoyed our first snowfall experience, horse ride and sightseeing without any health problem. Next morning we were worried for the blocked road to Srinagar but were cleared by snow removal vehicle by 11 am till then we enjoyed the awesome view from hotel window. We enjoyed our safe and sunny Srinagar stay and snow in Gulmarg with kind blessings of Sai. On 9th the rain started in Srinagar and our flight delayed by 2 hours. Srinagar airport is small with very few eateries. Delay in two- three flights created lots of hustle bustle. One of our friend with family were on Srinagar trip from 8th to 12th informed us that there was no water supply, no electricity and many roads were blocked on 10th, 11th and 12th. All flights of 10th and 11th were cancelled and flight on 12th delayed by 10 hrs. They walked 2 Kms to reach airport. After this news I was unable to imagine the situation they faced and I thanked Deva for saving my kids from this situation.

My faith on Deva again increased many times that if we leave everything or situation on Him that will become the best for us. Deva never leave our hand. Always show us the right path. One more small experience- Once we were searching one address in Noida. We moved to one side and called the person all of a sudden a traffic police came and told that we have to pay Rs 1500 for Challan without any reason. We showed him all documents but he wants money. My husband told him that he will pay for challan but not going to give any money to him. He started arguing and took him out from the car. I was continuously calling Deva for help and suddenly he allowed us to go. Thank You Deva for helping us. This experience was typed at least two month prior but Deva planned for sharing it today. 10 minutes before Deva shown me one more miracle which will shared soon when Deva will permit. Om Ananta Koti Brahmand Nayak Raajadhiraj Yogiraj Par Brahma Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai

Sai Baba Sent Kichadi

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I am a very staunch devotee of Sai Baba ji since 7 years. I am settled in the U.S. I have many experiences of Sai Baba’s blessings in my life but I would like to share the most recent one. My son is 1 year old, I had to make Kichadi for him since few days but somehow my finger got a deep cut so I couldn’t. My friend sometimes brings her son over and I take care of him too. One day after I finished reading Sai Chalisa (on Thursday), my friend brought a container filled with Kichadi for my son. My joy knew no bounds. I had never mentioned to her about what I had to make or so. I know for some people this may not be a big deal but as Sai Baba’s daughter, I know that He understood what was going on in my mind. My son loved the Kichadi. To all Sai devotees I request to have Faith and Patience and Baba will do miracles. Sorry if there’s any error in the post. Om Sai Ram

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  1. A very brief experience to share with you all. Last night I woke up around 3 am and felt lot of pain in left part of my temple – I remembered Baba for help and within 5 minutes I could go back to sleep only to find no traces of pain in morning. Baba bade Dayaloo hain!! Bolo Sainath ki Jai!

  2. Om sai ram ….please baba….bless every married couple with children….please show ur miracle fpr every woman waiting for child….ur prasad….surrendering everything at ur lotus feet….

    • please baba i for eva.she is in your know every thing baba.please baba keep her healthy as you know about her health .please all the sai brothers and sisters pray for her.i beg you baba please hold her ,she is your's.thank you all and to my DEAR LOVING BABA. THANK YOU BABA.

  3. Sai Raamji… thanks a lot ofr such a profound platform to share Shirdi Sai Baba devotee's experiences. We are blessed to read the post in you blog. Sathguru Sai Baba will bless you a lot.

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