Thanks To My Baba Ji

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am IT Professional living in Mumbai from last two and half years. I do not know how to write. There are so many experiences i have come across because of Baba Ji.

Today I was playing TT match in office, it was first round and we were playing I wanted to win and the game reach to game point. I just prayed please Baba Ji I want to win and the game turn and I won. Lately I lost semi final match. But I felt so happy when i just prayed and Baba Ji listened. I was in a relationship with a guy from around 8 years and last 8-9 months I suffered a lot with his coming and going. I was madly in love with him that I was ready to accept anything. But there is always limit for everything.

Finally I have decided and came out of this relationship and it’s been around 1 and half month. I still miss him sometimes. During all this 1 and half month Baba Ji gave me lots of strength to face. There was a point came in life where i was not able to breathe but today I am better and doing good. My mom and dad looking for a good guy for me for marriage and I am supporting them and I am happy to see them happy as they were never ever agreed for the boy even when things were ok between us. I have full faith in Baba Ji He brought me till here so definitely there is something good for me. So I am keeping patience and helping my parents to find a guy. Please Baba Ji helps them and fix all these so I can see them really happy. Thanks a lot Baba Ji. Please hold my hand like this always and show me right path. Your daughter

Baba’s Love

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: With Baba’s grace i got a baby and luckily delivered baby without going to C-section. I have made mistakes, please excuse me. I couldn’t get pregnant for past 4 years. I know Baba from my college days. But I never worshiped Him. After coming to USA through my friend I came to know about Baba and His Miracles. I started Sai Nava Guruvar Vrat in 2012 but I did just like that nothing worked for me. Again in 2013, I started Vrat again, but this time very seriously and with help and blessing of Sri Sai Baba, by third week of fasting i got pregnant and i also prayed Baba baby should not have any health issues and no problem in my delivery. With the help of Baba everything went smoothly. I got admitted on Thursday and i got my baby girl on Friday with Sai love and affection only. I trusted Him seriously this time, got benefited. Please never lose your hope on Baba He knows when things should happen and He decides everything for us. Please be with me and family forever.

Baba Is Always There For Me

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am from India. I have been a devotee of Baba from last 6 months. Baba is my everything. I used to go Sai Temple nearby my home every Thursday. I go there from my office directly. I used to go with metro as this is only a single conveyance to go easily. Last Thursday i was very upset due to my some personal problems and wanted to go Sai Temple before 6.30 to attend the Kirtan. But as i reached metro station there was a huge rush in the girl’s line because the checking machine was not working. It would take a lot of time to check the bags of every person and i was in the last row. I got very upset and prayed to Baba to do something. Within 2 minutes miracle happened and the checking machine started working. I was very happy as Baba is always there to help me and as per my wish i reached Temple exactly at 6.30pm. Thank You Baba for everything. I can’t even have words to explain my love for You. Baba You know i am suffering from the toughest face of my life. Baba i just want justice or nothing else rest it’s all up to You. I know You will do best for me. Jai Sai Ram. Baba bless you all.

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  1. BABA he went to office angrily. If anything happens while driving or at work he will surely blame me only me. YOU know him very well. BABA how can i talk to the person who said such a big bad thing. BABA how can he saw to his wife go and sleep with the men whom you want. BABA im not feeling to talk to him at the same time i dont have courage to fight with him. BABA my father sat at his feet with tears and begged him not to send me out from his house last year. How unfortunate we are BABA. BABA YOU gave me hints not to marry him but i couldnt understand at that time. Now suffering like this from 13 years. BABA please be with him if anything happens to him i cant forgive myself and he and his family blames me. I didnt do anything i just just im not feeling to talk to him. He went angrily. BABA please dont worsen my condition. BABA please help me and make me strong

  2. Om sairam.I love you so much.your always there with me this gives me lot of happiness take care of my father and you so much.

  3. Baba please be with us always and save my job. Please forgive all the mistakes if any we have done in our life. We should always worship you baba, please dont leave our hands, please save us from all the troubles, make us strong, protect us always.. Jai Sai Ram.

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