Baba Blessed Me With A Job

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I am Baba’s daughter residing in the US. Om Sai Ram. Thanks for maintaining such a beautiful blog where devotees get to share their experiences and reading them everyday makes our love for Baba grow stronger and fonder. Baba drew me toward His feet a year back and ever since life’s troubles seem to have dissipated.

I am past 40 years and having never done a job, so i was hence without any experience. But now with eligibility in Visa stature to work, i applied to a few places but most of them came back with no response. I prayed to Baba and asked Him to find something for me as He knows of my capabilities. I completely relied on Him and said whatever You give me Deva, I will know it’s for my best. I prayed Baba thus I waited patiently. Then one night before going to bed, I asked Baba of any updates in the question answer site. I often go to generally chit chat and seek His blessings and counselling. He answered the following “you will get a job for your survival. Remember Sai”. And believe me next morning I get an email for an interview from a place just across the street from my home.

I went and sailed through it and got selected on a part time post, which is more than convenient for me. As this will help me both stand on my feet as well as manage the home duties. I love You very much Baba. I have completely surrendered myself to Him. His ever blessing and helping hands have stretched out toward me innumerable times. He always rescues us. I would like to mention the efficacy of Baba’s Udi in a few short lines. I was diagnosed with tennis elbow on my left hand. It was extremely painful making my hand almost redundant. Since there is no remedy except pain killers and few exercises, which were really of not much help at all. I applied Baba’s Udi as medicine on my hand and asked Baba to heal it. By doing so and keeping faith in His words. I was completely healed with no traces of pain whatsoever. Udi from Baba’s feet has immense power. Along with it a dose of faith is all that is needed to ward off many calamities. I surrender to You my Sai with my heart and soul. Remove my faults and guide me toward You Deva. Let me be the dust under Your feet forever.

Miracle Of Life

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I got into medical school by Lord Balaji’s grace, finished medical school with no back logs, finished usmle step1, i didn’t score great but descent, while doing step 2, I had not much confidence because I was waiting to get married to come to USA but had few rejections because I am a middle class slightly dark skin girl, living together with brother’s family. Then Baba came into my life, I and my mom visited Shirdi. I passed step2, got us visitor’s visa, came to USA and forgot Baba. I struggled so hard until 2008 for two years, failed step 2 CS, passed second time, failed step3, fell in materialistic love, failed there, failed my step3 again, spend money on h1 job, didn’t take it because its aside tracking from my career, then found some research job, scared to live alone in Bronx, prayed God to get MW out of these hassles, left job, got married, changed to h4, cleared step3, got a baby, got green card. Finally in 2012 march, after I prayed to Baba after a long time that I will read Satcharitra if I get residency. Next few days, director emailed and my husband read it out to me as I was in India, and it says he offered me a position. So never forget Daivam who came in human form to save us from evils. Being a lone in us with no support system, definitely Baba was there with me though I didn’t recognise Him.

Sai Is With Me In Every Step Of My Life

Anonymous Devotee from India says: We are from India. I have many experiences to say how Baba showered His blessings on me. I don’t know how to narrate my experiences. I am a Sai devotee from my childhood. I used to visit His temple daily. When i was doing my graduation i completely ignored Him for no reason (i never prayed to Him). But Sai will never leave His children when they are in trouble. As He say He cross all the 7 seas and come for us when we are in trouble. Sai is there with me in every step of my life. As Sai says He will drag His children towards Him. He did the same to me. My husband lost his contract after our marriage. There is no mental peace for us. I used to ask Sai why this all happened to me as soon as my marriage. And i started doing Nava Guruvar Vrat. During the Vrat He helped us finding a new job with a good salary. Thank You very much Sai for helping us. All i can say is Believe in Baba, He will never let His children suffer. Have faith and patience. Thank You very much Baba for everything. Sorry if there are any mistakes in this. Please forgive me and make any changes if necessary. Ananta Koti Brahmand Nayak, Raajadhiraj Yogiraj, Sri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. Om Sai Ram

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  1. Dear Sai devotees, I am a Sai daughter and seek our merciful Sai's blessings for a few things. I wish I have Baba's udi from Shirdi. Please Sai brothers and sisters, tell me how to get Baba's udi from Shirdi.

    Baba, today they are going to perform a c-section on my sister. Please bless her and her baby. She wishes for a girl baby. If your mercy is so, bless them both with good health. I am your daughter. Hence you are her father too. Please take care of them.

  2. Thank you Sai Baba. You have blessed my sister with a girl baby as she wished today. Thank you so much. Please bless both my sister and the baby good health.

  3. Saibaba please make my mind calm…please relieve me from my current job baba…please help me baba…Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

  4. Baba, please help me to come out of this situation. I did big mistakes and because of that I am suffering a lot. I am away from my family. Please help me. I should be loyal to my family and should live for them only. Help me baba!! I am praying you from long time for this. Please shower your blessings.

    Om sai ram!!

  5. BABA why in this country wives has to suffer like this. BABA only YOU know how bad language he uses. BABA people say we are made for each other and even i feel so. When ever that feeling comes problems starts. BABA he cheated on me and when i caught him he was mad on me. Now again he did and blaming me for spying on him. BABA until now i used to think his sister is the culprit but now i feel like he himself he doing this and he doesnt want me to know what he is talking to his sister. BABA i know talking to sister is nothing wrong but YOU her very well. BABA im not even bothered about her. When my husband knows that i dont like her why is he talking and that too they remembered their relation after all these years? What happened for their love all these years. All of the sudden they became so close again. BABA one thing is sure he doesnt want me to know what he is talking. BABA is this how a husband and wife relation should be? I am broken BABA. I lost trust on him. What to do now BABA. He became so mad last night he broke the chair as i scolded her. He always say leave me i hate you when he is mad. But BABA last night when i asked him where should i go he said go and sleep with the men whom you want. BABA thats how a husband talks about his wife. BABA from day 1 i asked gods only not to break my relationship with him. How many fasting how many pujas BABA. But what is the end result. Where am i lacking BABA.BABA he knows i cant leave him thats why he is taking advantage of me. BABA i dont have a single penny with me.BABA kids will get affected. BABA why did you bring her in my life again. I have faced enough with her and was happy when she stopped talking. But BABA again why did you bring her back. BABA i didnt have a sip of water today. I am not feeling to eat or drink. YOU know i am ill. But you deosnt care and he doesnt care. He had his breakfast and left. BABA i have started 9gurvar vrat. BABA i dont know if i was bale to concentarte or not with health and these problems. BABA please solve my problem. I always wanted a beautiful relationship with him. But now i lost trust on him.BABA please save me

    • Dear Sister,

      Bad times make people uncomfortable – but that is its nature of being bad, otherwise why it would be called bad – your bit is to keep faith in Baba as in He is watching over you in tough times; the moment you distrust him, you lose patience – but haven't our Baba asked for two paise? i.e. faith and patience…..bad time lasts until we pay for our bad karmas – but the strength to get through these times is provided by Baba only………
      Surrender completely to Baba i.e. it should be like Baba I have complete faith in you, only you have to take care – whatever be the situation, I will not leave your feet and see what happens………………..
      Also follow Baba's words – Guruvar Vrat is fine, but what is the need for not eating or drinking…..if your senses are not fed properly, how you can concentrate on Baba……..there is a need of complete devotion and then you will see within no time Baba will completely turn around things for you……..May Baba bless you soon…………Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai!!

    • Dear devotee..ur story is exactly like mine except that in my case i did not ever protest to my hubby's sudden affection towards my inlaws where earlier he used to hate them for all thay had done n warned me against talking to is my karma that things went totally wrong while i watched haplessly trusting Baba.i still trust Him that whatever has haPpened , however bad n painful, it is His wish n it could not have happened any other way..I would advice u as my younger sister that pls stop protesting against your hubby talking to his sister.don bother that he doesnt tell u what he talks to her.just leave it..engage urself with ur kids and sum hobbies…pls..pls for Gods sake , pls think of what they must be feeling at this tender age..dunno how old they r. Just pray to Baba to give u happy life.dont pray that she should go..hubby shld not talk to her , is short.pls don waste it in petty fights.if you trying to stop ur hubby frm doing su mthing is making things worse..just leave it.when he sees ur not bothered abt it realpy n r happy doing ur things ..belive me..he will be is like u r digging into a wound when it is fresh..i don know how u feel abt what i wrote..but i could sense a lot of turmoil in u which i felt should not be..for the sake of ur kids n ur sai

  6. Om sairam.I am doing nav GuruvarVrat .but today by mistake I had biscuits in the afternoon kindly forgive me Saibaba.take care of my father and you so much.


    DEVA, Thank you soooo much for the job offer that i recieved today (f) . It was possible only because of you BABA. (f)

    Help and bless all those who are in need of job. 🙂

  8. Om Sai Ram.

    Feels nice to start my day reading this experiences.

    Ananta Koti Brahmand Nayak Rajadhi Raj Yogiraj Parabrahma,
    Sri Sachidanand Satguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

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