It’s Like Another Birth After Sai Baba Coming Into My Life – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. Hi to all. I would like to share some of my experiences with our beloved Sai Baba. I got introduced to Baba when i was a kid. I did not give much importance to Baba before. It’s been 4 months now that i became a Sai daughter.

  • Experience 1-Baba The Pain Killer: It was my worst phase of life. The guy whom I trusted, loved and cared left me for no reason. He loved me a lot and used to die to see me for seconds. Do not know what changed him at last he started abusing me that i am not a good Character girl and he left me. Later on i came to know that he is talking with some other girl. Life was like hell that i could not eat or sleep properly. I was highly depressed and used to cry day and night. It was the time i came across this blog and came to know about Sai Satcharitra. It is there in my home gifted by my aunt. I started reading it and felt so much of peace. I could slowly come of the depression and could eat and sleep. Now I am 90% recovered from it. When i turn back, my aunt gifted me this Sai Satcharitra in the same month in which my problems were started. Baba knows it before that I am going to suffer so He came to me in the same month but it was my mistake to recognize its importance after a long time. I am very much fine with my Baba now. I am 20+ and new to this kind of hardships. So my question to elder Sai devotees is that, will they be punished for bluffing innocent girls and making them suffer like this?
  • Experience 2- Baba My Best Friend: I have completed my graduation recently. It was the time i should collect my memos and documents from my college. So i was very scared to go to college alone as i have many memories with him in my college days. I felt i could not bear the pain seeing the places that i had spent with him. So i asked Baba to accompany me to my college and carried Sai Satcharitra in my bag. I went to the college office room chanting Baba’s name. I asked the office staff for my documents. He told me to wait for some time and was searching for my documents. When i turned to the wall to my surprise there was a big Baba Picture. I studied in that college for 4 yrs and been to this office room before many times but I never saw this Picture before. I asked Baba only once to come with me and He came. Even my best friends refused to come but my Baba came. Such a sweet friend He is. This does not end here. I collected my documents and returned back to my home. My college is in a small village and there will be a bus for every half an hour. When i was near to the bus stop i saw a bus leaving the stop and now i have to wait for another half an hour. It was a sunny day, even my health condition was not good to stand for a long time. I kept chanting Baba’s name so that i can forget the time and my weakness. Suddenly i saw a bus coming to the stop as soon as i started chanting Baba’s name. I saw a small sticker pasted on the front glass of the bus. It was Sathya Sai Baba’s Photo. Though i don’t believe in him, i could feel the presence of my Shirdi Sai Baba as even the person has the same name Sai Baba.
  • Experience 3-Baba Listens To Us: I am having a beautiful Statue of my dear Sai Baba. When i took it in hands while applying Kumkum i noticed that the eye of the statue was not designed properly. Whenever i look into my Baba’s eyes I feel sad because it looks as if my Baba is blind. I thought of changing the idol but it was so closing to me so i could not do this. One night i got a dream. I was walking on a road and there was a blind man walking behind me. He was dressed in a long orange kurtha. Another man who was coming opposite to me came to the old blind man saying Baba and fell on His feet for blessing. Then i recognised that it was Sai Baba and took out some money for Dakshina and fell on His feet. Baba blessed me keeping His hand on my head. He said many things to me but when i woke up i could only remember Him saying” this is not my body I am present in all forms”. When i gave Him Dakshina He refused to take it from me, i did not understand why. But I understood the meaning His saying and now i am not at all worried about my Baba eyes. One day I read some devotees experience, she said that she got blessings from Baba and Baba touched his head and blessed her. After reading it I asked Baba to bless me also in the same manner. My wish got fulfilled by this dream as I could feel the gentle touch on my head even the next day.
  • Experience 4-Baba Is Our Care Taker: It was night time and my dad was getting ready to go out for some work. Me and my mom were asking him to do the work next day as it was already night and he was drunken too. Me and my mom were asking him not to go at this time but he was scolding us saying that he will complete the work today. I prayed Baba to stop him somehow as he was drunken. He got ready and went out. Within a minute he came inside and said he will do the work tomorrow morning. Baba is so caring.
  • Experience 5-Baba Is A Great Doctor: Every summer i get heat boils. I used to apply ointments and it takes at least 1 week to recover. This time i applied Udi chanting Baba’s name. My dot disappeared in 3 days. There are many other miracles which are uncountable. Now i am waiting for another miracle to happen. I am waiting for a job since many months but could not get till now. I think Baba is washing my bad karma by this. Once i got a dream Baba saying “you will get a job on Navami”. Don’t know which Navami but i am sure He will bless me with a nice job soon. Om Sai Ram

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  1. You are so innocent and so nice! I am 100% sure baba will fulfill all your wishes. I hope you have a job by now.
    Jai Mata Di! Jai Sai Nath! Jai Sad Guru!

  2. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  3. Baba i want to post my experince here ..but due to server problem i couldnt post..
    Forgive me baba m do late..
    Om sai ram !!

    • Om sai ram
      while reading this stories I feel like all the stories is related to me too.just now I came from baba's temple and this is the 1st story I read ,I think baba want me to read this to say something.I love u alot sai always be with me holding my hand and show me right path.

  4. Om Sai Ram. All are very nice experiences. You are so lucky that you have so rememorable experiences with baba.
    Thank you so much baba for all your miracels you have done for me.I can never forget your blessings and mercy. Please be with your children always and never leave their hand ever.

    Only one more miracle is expected from you for which i am waiting eagerly and i know you will surely do for me. Love you Baba.


  5. dear Sai sister,u r very lucky to b a blessed soul.don't worrry Baba will take care of u for rest of ur life.i always wished to see Baba in dreams,but so far ve not seen.but i love Baba all the same.He is my only lifeline.

  6. Yes , baba takes many forms … Even our sai would have taken sathya sai's from to protect you from waiting in the hot sun… May baba bless you Sister with lots of peace , happiness and let all your desires get fullfilled.



    The learned wife of a doctor had been ailing from a disease which doctors were unable to diagnose and cure. The lady would lock her teeth tight and remain unconscious for hours together.
    As a last recourse, the doctor’s father asked him to take his wife to Shirdi. “Just take a trial”, he said. To satisfy the father, both of them went to Shirdi; but the wife would not go to Baba’s Samadhi Mandir. So, with the help of a friend, she was dragged to the Samadhi and made to prostrate herself before the Samadhi. Baba’s udi and Samadhi abhishek water (teertha) were thrust into her mouth.
    The next evening, after bowing before the Samadhi, she fell on the ground and the spirit within started speaking, “I had pounced on this lady and possessed her while she was returning from her parental house and standing under a tree. I am a female bhil ghost. The teertha and udi sprinkled over me have vanquished me. So I am leaving this body and going away for ever.” Thus ended the lady’s sickness and she returned home safe and sound.

    Three months after Shri Babusaheb Sakharam Bable’s marriage, his wife used to fall unconscious, clenching her teeth. He and his family were very learned and hence did not pay heed to other people’s advice that this occurence may be due to the action of some evil spirits. They spent a large amount of money on various treatments; but in vain.
    She used to remain unconscious for 18 hours daily and that increased to 23-24 hours in October, 1952. She was brought to Shirdi on 25th October, 1952. She was made to attend arati on 25th and 26th October by force. She was given udi and abhishek teertha to drink and made to prostrate before Baba’s Samadhi. In the evening, she fell down unconscious after the arati at the Samadhi Mandir. One of Baba’s devotees, Shri Y. B. Pradhan, told them to sprinkle Baba’s teertha on her always. They did so accordingly.
    Later, the evil spirit in her began to talk and said that it had caught her whilst she was returning from her mother’s house to her father-in-law’s house, near a tree at the Belgaum bus stand. When asked if the spirit was prepared to leave the body, it replied that Baba was beating it often and it would leave the body for good. So saying, she collapsed.
    Later, Sushiladevi woke up as usual and made pradakshina of Baba’s Samadhi. She went home happily and everyone thanked Baba.

    • Wonderful narration. I am a victim of black magic. I have been under this bad effect for more than 35 years and I am nearing 50 now. My entire life has been a failure except for 1 or 2 things. I have read somewhere that visiting Shirdi would definitely help. I visited Shirdi recently. Hopefully I will come out of this evil effect before I die. Only our dear Guru knows what will happen.

  8. Dear Sai sister, heartbreaks are very common among youngsters these days. It's for your own good that the guy left you. Baba was with you all through your difficult time, that's why you came out safely. Enjoy this life what Baba gave you and be happy always. He will bless you with the right things in life.

  9. Omsairam.forgive my sins.thanks for whatever you have given.I don't have a peace of mind kindly help me.take care of my father and brother.Saibaba I always run behind people who have no importance in my life and dont realise the importance of people who are with me and who love me and care for me,and inturn I try to get love from people who don't want to show it to me and upset myself.And later return to people who want me.this is really bad about me Baba.I want to change myself but how? Kindly put some brain into me.

  10. Baba bless my son..i am doing nav guruvar vrath and reading sai satcharitra for him.bless him.
    Om sairam
    Om sairam
    Om sairam

  11. Dear Devotee,

    I dont want to dissapoint anyone but would like to convey true words based on my experience regarding dreams.
    I am married for 8 years but still issueless(I am 35).Believing blindly saibaba I didnot go for any treatment till 5.6 years inspite of everyone,s advice.We came to USA during 2013 & in 2014 I went for IVF.I never wanted to get medical help but just because of my hubby,s sake wanted to try.I kept "nav guruvar fasting" atleast for 4 times only to get child.
    Till date I prayed to saibaba only for 2 things,for job & child. Due to some unknown reasons always struggled to get job and sticking to one company& even now I am jobless.People use to question my faith "If really saibaba is a god than cant he get u a good job".I did my engineering from one of the top 10 college in india but still no use.Everyone mocks at me including my family but I always ignored others comment thinking that may be something better is planned by saibaba for me :-).

    As many might know IVF treatment is a very painful & costly treatment.Before going for final stage "Embroyo transfer" I got dream during morning hrs (I have mentioned this dream in my diary).I saw that saibaba is asking me to pick any no of coconuts around him,I picked 2 than he blessed me placing his hands on my head.After this dream,I was sure of becoming mom but after 8 weeks baby got aborted.Even 2nd cycle was failed.Now a very famous astrologer said that I have hardly 2 years
    to conceive.So dear devotees not everytime our dreams get fulfilled.One of my friend (who got converted to christanity) got conceived naturally after 5 years of marriage & she is asking me to become chistian to get baby & job soon :-).Still people comment that "what is the use of praying so much".I know many might say that my faith is not strong but try to keep urself in my shoes and than u might feel my pain.Please dont think I am complaining about saibaba or asking anyone to pray for me.The only advice is not to jump into conclusions based on your dreams,things might be different.
    Only issueless people like me can undertsand the pain to survive in this world that too especially in indian society.Earlier people use to find fault with me & now they are finding fault with my hubby.Dont childless couple deserve to leave in peace.please dont ask rubbish questions to such people(They may be your best friend,relative etc).
    Just because we are deprived of such blessings due to some karmic account,people think low of us.One of my cousin sister hide her pregnancy news thinking breaking the news to me might harm her child.Due to such social pressure many ladies take drastic step in life. Next time before bombarding people with such questions imagine in mind asking same question to your loved/near ones, I am sure you will get clear response from mind regarding validity of question.
    Sorry If this mail has caused any nuisance.


    • Dear Devotee

      First of Lots of Love to you, You deserve it:)

      Now GOD is ONE, even if you convert to Christianity, Your Karmic account wont be washed away.

      People's comments are teasing you, because you are feeling not complete without having a child- you have inferiority complex that you do not have a child.

      I am childless too, for last 6 years, But NO COMPLAINTS. Its all Baba's Blessings.

      If I am not feeling incomplete, people might say anything, it does not hurt me.

      For some reason Baba is not even letting me pray for having a child, NEVER asked for it:)

      If you really think Baba lives with you, how can one pester Baba for little things.

      Loads love to you, Do meditation, Sit in HIS love, Sing in HIS LOVE:)

      Love to ALL, Peace to ALL.

    • you r not low in any way.may baba bless condition is worse than urs.i loved a guy…came to overseas after him.waited for him nearly 9 years for marriage.he said his parents r not agreed bcoz m too old to give birth to a child,his parents rejected me and said our son was never in love with u its one sided love etc..etc..m 35 years old both younger sis r getting married to their boy friends.i feel like m carrying my dead body on my shoulders..m feel like m trapped in a dark empty room with high walls and m alone here.i prayed these 9 years to God to send him back.visited shirdi twice,did 9 guruwaar sai satcharitra,donated food and so many other things..didnt get baba 's blessings.somehow got to knw that he is going to india for his marriage.m in so much pain bcoz never think anything other than him.I had baba's dream few months my dream i saw m walking on uphill and crying very mom and sis r with me.when i reah on the top.there is white boundary like in samadhi mandir around baba's samadhi.baba just come on a white horse down from the horse into that boudary wall.I m crying and looking at him.he gave me udi not in the form of powder but small little ball of udi to may hand and said " ja ja ho jayega"(go go it will happen).i stopped crying.baba didnt smile but he was bit angry i felt.then i stopped crying but was sad why baba didnt look at me with love and didnt smile.I was still bit satisfied that atleast I got baba's blessing.Then after few days i again had a dream that there is some talks going on about my marriage with thta boy and my mum is not happy about it.and she does not want this to happen.I puased for a second(in my dream) and then think no baba gave me blessing it will happen.
      its been so many months,that boy left me and broke all his contacts with me.i feel like dying.atleast ur husband is with u..u r not alone.i wish if baba can end my life and give that to ur child.i dont want to live anymore.

    • Pls don't believe any astrologer, I am telling you with my own experience. My life is at stake because of them.Have faith Baba will surely bless you with a child.Om Sai Ram

    • thanks everyone for your lovely suggestion. Dear 1st devotee I think you are right, may be its because of me people mock at him. Henceforth I will take care. Thanks a lot.

    • dear devotee,don't take it otherwise ,but i suggest u can adopt an adorable child who can fulfill ur many couples nowadays go for our close relatives also 2 girls were adopted by 2 families.they were at infant stage when brought home.we all ve loved them so both ve completed studies ,luking for jobs,taking admissions in higher studies etc.

  12. sai natha,

    Please take care of my family and parents always in all aspects..thanks baba for everything..

    love you baba

  13. Baba deva please be with all of us help us swami.bhagawan Sai please show mercy on us.sarvasyasaranagathi vasudeva.

  14. wow iam so glad to see my experience here!!!!! thanks for all your blessings.. …i still dont belive it!! i didnt get my desired job but trying still…the same day that is on 13 when my experience is posted i got a part tym job to look after my daily needs.thanks baba nd thanks for all

  15. thanks for reading my experience..and iam the one posting short biography of akkalkota swamy…just because of baba and swamiji iam happy today..may sai bless you all

  16. thanks for your blessings 🙂 i didnt get the job iam waiting for but got into a parttime job on the very same day i.e 13 nov 🙂

  17. I have posted this experience………wanted to thank baba a lot alot and a lottttt………i got a job ina a mnc company 🙂 🙂 🙂 i never thought that i will get a job in such a big company ………thanks a lot baba

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