Sai Pa – The Reason For Me Living Now

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a normal person who just sees God and prays God as instructed by my mom. I came to know about our dearest Baba ji and His miracles in 2010. But i became His devotee only in 2013. My life was never easy for me. Even silly things reached me only after great struggle. I was cheated by few, criticized by many yet understood by none. When i felt that my life was just like hell and when i decided to end my life, it’s at that time when i got my dearest Baba’s presence. Even though i was the only child to my parents and was born in upper middle class, because of a business loss my family went down financially to the worst extent and we faced hard times like struggling even for proper food. I did my engineering and my pg only by studying in street lights. Even though I had so many relations around me who were financially strong, no one came forward to help us either financially or support us mentally. Days passed on with loads of struggle.

One fine day in 2009, my mom decided to visit Shirdi and she compelled me to join her. Initially I was not interested to accompany her as I hardly had trust on God at that time. But because she compelled I went with her to Shirdi on January 24th 2010. I felt an unknown positive vibration at the moment I landed there. No words to explain that wonderful feeling. My heart felt so light. We had a good Darshan of our Baba ji and we attended Chavadi possession that night. It’s at that time I was totally astonished to see everyone there who were talking about the miracles of Baba ji. I silently prayed within me that “Baba either wipe away my problems, if not give me the strength to face it. Otherwise end my life”. This was my first prayer I kept before Him. From that particular day till now, I have never gone down mentally for anything.

I still have problems regarding my marriage, my work and so on. But still a thought about my Baba ji is enough for me to regain all my lost energy. Whatever happens, Baba is there. I keep telling this every time when I go down physically and mentally. He has been so kind to me in many issues and I understood that only in 2013 after becoming His adherent devotee. Now each and every second irrespective of the time or place I am, I just keep saying His name within me and I get a feel that He is sitting next to me and listening to me. My dear Baba, even my parents didn’t understand me, but You did. My marriage is under a big confusion right now. Everyone are so worried about it. But I trust You completely. I know Baba ji, You will take care of me. You will bless me with a wonderful life at the correct time. I am surrendering my life to You. Whatever happens in my life I owe everything to You. You are my world. I hope You will finalise my marriage at the earliest Baba. I am waiting to post about that in this blog soon. Sri Sachidanand Sadguru Sai Ram Maharaj Ki Jai

Sai Baba Is Everything

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a devotee of Baba for the past 3 years. I came to know Baba from one of my close friend at college. She believes in Baba so much, that I got attracted to Baba. Baba has always stood by me in all my tough times. I was placed in an MNC and got the offer letter to join the company at my home place itself. I was very happy with the thought that i did not want to separate from my house. After the 4 months training we were to be placed into projects. In my batch out of 30 everybody got placed expect some 4-5 of us. I prayed to Baba that i wanted to get into a project in the home place city itself and I was not ready for shifting. As per my friend’s advise I started the Sai Vrat and I could not believe when i got call from the project in the same city on the 9th Thursday. I did not know how to thank Baba for His splendid action.

From then I am a constant believer of Baba and would do the Vrat whenever possible and also would visit the Baba temple often. Then in 2 years time I got married and moved to a foreign land. I started searching for a job as it was necessary to support my family back in India. But unfortunately all my attempts to get a job failed and I was very much depressed with the things that were happening around me. Then I started the Sai Vrat for 9 Thursdays and also read Sai Satcharitra. Finally I got an opportunity through one of our friend and I joined the job successfully through Baba’s grace. So if a person believes in Baba with full faith, Baba will never let them down. These are only very few instances I have mentioned, but there are many instances in my life where I have felt Baba’s presence with me. Om Sai Ram

Sai – The Giver, The Creator Of My Destiny

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am from India. This is the first time I am writing here. In 2011, I was going through a bad phase. I ended relationship with my 4 yrs old friend who had lately turned into my love. He came across as the most selfless and loving person but circumstances were such that we stopped communicating. I was so filled with anger that I did not reply to his mails for 2 long years. All this while when i felt weak Baba was my support, my Healer. I Visit Sai Temple on Thursdays with my best friend and one particular Thursday I saw him at the temple. Again, I was so furious to see him that i requested my sister to ask him not to visit that particular Sai Temple. During those two years he wrote several mails asking me to get back in his life and visited my mother too. My mother was very fond of him and wanted me to give him a chance. But I was so hurt that I wasn’t ready to forgive him for what he had done to our relation. Each time I prayed, I asked Baba to make me meet my destiny, the one who was written for me. I was afraid of getting heartbroken again. I left on Baba, how my love life had to be.

In February 2013, I decided to meet him one last time. I wanted him to stop sending me mails. He met my parents too and confronted that he wanted to marry me. At that point of time, I said ‘No’ to his proposal and asked him to move on. Thereafter, he stopped contacting me. But that was not the end. Few months later, things took a turn. I contacted him in June 2013 and i don’t know why, it was as though Baba was making me meet my destiny. I thought of giving him a chance for the sake of the bonding we shared earlier. We started talking and developments happened very fast. Our relationship and bonding revived and we got married in February 2014. My parents are happy as he is the ideal man who keeps everybody happy. I couldn’t have been happier and content in this life and I can’t thank Baba enough. He has placed my life in safe hands. My husband too is a strong believer of Baba and we both are grateful to Him. In every little thing, we never forget to thank Baba. With Baba’s grace we are very happy and are now starting a venture together. Hopefully we shall visit Shirdi soon. If you leave your life on Baba, He takes the best decisions for you. I married the guy whose face I never wanted to see. Trust in Him and your prayers shall be answered. Om Sai Ram

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  1. please baba bless my daughter today is her marriage day please bless them with health and long life om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram

  2. om sai sri sai jai jai sai . om sai sri sai jai jai sai .. please baba , be with me, all i wanted is to keep my parents happy and proud. i love you baba

  3. Wonderful experiences, especially the last one, trust in Him and He shall answer your prayers!

    O Sai, Thank You for a beautiful life filled with love, peace, happiness 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  4. Thanks for sharing such beautiful experiences…our baba loves us a lot…..please baba, keep us near ur lotus feet
    Sai, please bless all the sai daughters who are willing to have kids…..bless everyone wid the healthy child….do ur miracle for every women who z prayibg desparately to u for becoming mother….om sai ram

  5. I miss the miracles from various Sai magazines that a devotee posts daily in the comments. They are very beautiful happenings in the life of devotees from yesteryears. I hope all is well with that devotee. Please come back soon & post the miracles.

  6. Ananta Koti Brahmanand Nayak Rajadhi Raj Yogi Raj Parah Brahmah.
    Shree Sachidanand Satguru Sainath Maharaj Ji Jai.

    Om Sai Ram

  7. I ve one request for sister Jessy, u ve posted ur experience in the comment section on July 16 about a spiritual person named saibaba of saibaba temple. Sister please if u kindly can send me his contact details in my email its my request sister. Please. Om sai ram!

  8. Sai Baba please make our home a place of harmony and peace and always filled with laughter.

  9. Hello Friends,
    (Please Excuse my English)
    I came here to seek an interpretation on my recurring failure dreams. Actually I am a Sai devotee and I am actively searching for job from past 1.5 Years and I got my first interview call after 1.2 years interview went well and for the last Interview round I took Baba’s Photo with me and I ended up stammering and shivering in the interview and Interviewer just cut me off left from there same night I got a
    Dream in which I asked about my job status with Sai Baba and He replied only one word that is “Friday” so later I thought I may get this job on Friday but nothing really happened on any of the Friday I just forgot and moved on.
    Next I got one more interview call and early morning of my interview day I got a dream-
    “ where I am searching a road for a big complex which I could clearly see but somehow I am just going around the same place where I am standing and could not reach the complex but finally I will end up reaching some Devi Temple inside a Tree”
    I got up and just ignored the dream and started for my interview carrying Sai Baba Photo with me, but what happened that day had totally left my mind blank and dumb since I reached the place 1 hour before the scheduled time and even though the office building was just infront of me I was roaming like a fool here and there and was failed to identify the building and the time I was inside the premise Interviewer called me and canceled the interview. Again I got a dream
    “this time god came in form of a man with thick black mustache and white dhothi and shawl and inside a temple, he told me I will get a job on 22nd of this month “
    I got up and saw calendar 22nd was Sunday of that month again days went and nothing really happened, also next day of every Thursday (I do SaiVrat Puja ) there will be any new failures waiting for me I can't pen down everything over here. But right now I am feeling totally dejected and devastated after an agency fooled me with big amount and which I will never get back. I am feeling indebted and also so much confused that why Baba is doing all these with me (he told he is a doer of everything) and even he is fooling me with positive dreams or is my mental status is affecting my subconscious level? Sometimes I even feel that Sai Baba is not at all accepting my prayers, I can’t handle this anymore I lost all my strength, it seams like there is noway out from here deeply struck!!

    • Trust never fails! You will get a job on any friday! Keep trust and patience! If Sai Baba wanted to destroy you or harm you he doesnt need to do so much of work, he can destroy you in a split second. He has still given you food to eat and house to live, people to love. your job is to be happy with what you have and he will take care of what you don't have.

      Keep Faith and you will sail. I didnt get job for 14 months after studying from premier institute and spending 40 Lakhs of rupees in masters education. I was devastated and torn inside. But now I have a job better than anyone else in my university. I made more money and grew to top level in 3 years and others could not reach in 4 years of career. Baba kept an year of my career and returned 10 folds. You will also get many folds return.

    • Hi , I want to suggest you something, Can you please be confident enough, please don't get worried so much, be stubborn . And remember the people who are having jobs are not so great that they have so much of knowledge to gain that, they just managed the interviewer in such a way that , they proved the interviewer that he is worth enough for that job. Be strong, you don't need to be very knowledgeable or good at English you should just be confident enough. Just remember when your hungry your able to eat yourself , your doing that bcz of practice , your know how to eat. The same way you should be you should observer the interviewer and impress him. when you go and fear in infront of the interviewer that it self says your not worthy. Be strong and remember no one born as human in this world is great or perfect of doing a particular job, it is just confidence and concentration. Try you can definitely get a job, be sincere , try hard don't panic . Go in a meaning full approach. Think of yourself as an interviewer when will you get impressed by the person before you????? think that way and act accordingly . Its easy to say , but to live you need to become strong enough. Never panic for such small things , Job is just a small thing in life, why do you fear for that. That is just a need and you need to achieve it by any means. You can, do it. All The Best. Be strong.

  10. Hi devotee#3,
    Is that true you changed and married a person you don't want to? How did this happen? how did you change? Is that just situation or really a miracle?

  11. Nice experiences! 2nd devotee, Baba knew what kind of job was best for you and the one you wanted so Baba took care to arrange things well. 3rd devotee, even though you were not ready to marry that guy, he was the one Baba knew would be best for you so that is why Baba also pushed him to continue to pursue you until he won your heart and shows you now why Baba did that. 1st devotee, although you were ready to end your life, Baba knew you had much more to live for; similar to the story in Sai Satcharitra where a man goes to Shirdi to jump in a well to end his life, but is stopped and told of a Baba story where another person came to kill himself in Shirdi but was told to do a special pooja instead and benefited greatly. Baba is always there with us and despite difficulties we may face in life, Baba will untangle those difficulties and give our life purpose and direction. Om Sai Ram!

  12. Wonderful experiences. Thanks for sharing. Dear first devotee as said Baba will surely do the best for you just continue to have firm faith on him. Om Sairam.

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