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Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. Thanks Hetal ji for this lovely platform by which Sai Bhaktas like me can share experiences. I am a very small Sai devotee. I consider myself worst and most foolish devotee of my Sai. But, still He loves me and takes care of me at every step. I love You Saiya, thanks for coming in my life and making it so beautiful. I feel so secure when I think about You even though I am going through my worst phase of life. Though this blog, I hereby surrender myself to the Holy Lotus Feet of my Saiya (as I call Him)

Om Sai Ram. Sai is my Lord, my Maa, my Paa, my everything. Please forgive me Baba and give me Shradda and Saburi so that I remember You always. Now days, as my Baba knows the reason, I have to roam here and there from 7 am to 7 pm in sun. I only have my smart phone as my companion along with my Sai. Since we all know that smart phones have battery issues. So, i keep my power bank to charge my phone battery as it only lasts for 2 hours max. That day I lost my power bank (smart phone charger) in metro due my own carelessness. But due to my frustration, i got angry with Baba, “how will i survive now? what will i do now. Since my phone has very low battery backup.” I was very sad. Somehow, i came home early as started looking for my sister’ old power bank. But could not find. I could not afford a new one. I prayed to Baba for help and asked old power bank and then, miracle happened. I find a new branded power bank in almirah, that i earlier thought was a mere torch and kept aside. Baba understands our pain and comes to help when He sees His kid suffering. Thanks Baba for Your love.

One day morning, I switched on my laptop but it was behaving strangely. When i switched it on, it started in safe mode. I tried 3 times but same result. I thought windows crashed or there is some hardware issue. I was sad. This laptop is very imp for me and couldn’t afford it to malfunction at that time. I prayed to my Saiya and miracle happened. I suddenly remembered that. Yesterday night, I messed with some unknown settings. Though i am not very good at computers but somehow did those settings to default state in safe mode only by Baba’s grace and my computer started properly. You won’t believe that feeling when i remembered that, it was like my Saiya installed that thought in my mind. Otherwise i could not do it anyway. Thanks Saiya for Your love. When you remember Saiya from heart, He is forced to come. Om Sai Ram

Sai Baba Always Listen

Anonymous Devotee from India says: First of all, thanks and well done for such a great job that you are doing. Reading the miracles from worldwide is increasing the faith of millions of people and it gives a positive strength and gives a ray of hope in sheer darkness. I am a devotee of Baba and being blessed by Him for more than 6 years now and I have already shared an experience here. This is my second experience which I am going to share. Please don’t share my name or email id. I don’t even know how to thank Baba for His day to day blessings on me and my family. I just love Him beyond words.

So, my experience goes like this. I am a kind of paranoid person especially when it comes to my health or any of my family member’s health also. I don’t know why, but I just think the extreme and then become ultra stressed and down in the dumps. I know this is not a good habit and I am praying Baba to relieve me from this habit as soon as possible. Anyways, getting back to the experience, i had to go out of station, and i was due for my periods that day. I normally have a regular cycle, but sometimes it becomes very irregular and that makes me tensed. And side by side this time, i got high fever and was extremely weak. I had prior plans with my friends and i was reluctant to cancel the program owing to my health as my friends already consider me sensitive. Weird thoughts and hypothetical illnesses started coming to my mind (paranoid i am). So i prayed to Baba that if He makes me alright and fine in the next two days, then i will read Sai Satcharitra on the Thursday after i will be okay and i will offer halwa to Him and also i will post my miracle here.

I also asked Sai through questions answers site and every time the answer came like ‘Everything will be alright, just remember Sai’ and ‘Work will be done if you keep faith’. But my wandering human mind was so restless, that i stressed out myself more and worsened my condition. Then suddenly, i don’t know i got convinced suddenly that i will be alright soon and i put myself to ease. And it seems as if Baba was waiting for the same. I regularly drank water mixed with Udi and within two days i was okay and got my periods. Our plan got cancelled somehow owing to weather conditions but still i am happy that Baba fulfilled my wish and made me believe more in Him. I am sorry Baba for posting this a little late and also sorry for bothering You with many types of illogical questions.

One more experience is that one day it came to my mind that i want to see Sai in His actual form. Like in His white dress through anything, maybe any random picture, through TV anything! But not seeing Him in any of that form, i became disappointed. I have a habit of opening Sai Baba blessings page every day after coming to office and seeing live Darshan of Baba and also reading the daily message. That day, the message was like ‘Everything you see is my form, whether it be ant, prince, pauper or King’. I was astonished and tears started flowing from my eyes. I apologized in front of Baba and realized that He is there in every form and see, the same day at night in my dream i saw Him as i wanted to. Sai Baba never ever disappoints His children and He always showers immense love and blessings on them. I just pray Baba to forgive me for my sins and make me a better person also to make my family happy always. May Sai bless you all

Baba’s Miracles

Anonymous Devotee from US says: Thank You Hetal ji & the team for maintaining such a wonderful site which boasts faith and gives moral support for so many people. There are so many miracles happened in my life. I like to mention couple of them today. While I was a student, it was semester ending final exam’s week. I was under pressure for final project submissions and other things going on. One morning I woke up very down and had to go out to finish the pending course work. I prayed Baba to be with me and kept His photo in my shirt pocket. When I started the car i took the Photo out but it slipped from my hand and fell off. I said what is this Baba while I’m already feeling down and started driving.

While I crossed a block, I lost control of the car and hit a huge rocked compound wall. The car got totally damaged and broken but there was not even a scratch on me. It’s hard to believe that the person driving had survived if you see how much the car was damaged. It’s Baba who protected me that day. When we bought homes both the times it was Baba who showed me the right one. The home we live in currently, Baba gave indication to buy house on Vijayadashami day and He was with me throughout the process directing me. When we saw this place the first time my friend who had come from Shirdi gave Baba’s Photo and Prasad and I got confirmation from Baba that this is the one. There were so many hurdles but Baba gave me assurance to keep faith and I did. All went well and we moved into the new home. And nevertheless to mention that day Pandit ji picked as an auspicious time to move in nothing but a Thursday morning. Thank You Baba for being with me all the time guiding me and guarding me in life. Jai Sai Ram

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  1. Wonderful experiences all.

    O Sai, I surrender to You body mind and soul, and leave everything to You 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  2. om sai ram i have one leela before 20 years i am bed ridden to arthiris my left leg got hurt 4 times baba saved me from pain and swelling 2 times my leg broken after treatment by babas grace i am alright he is with me he takes care to me i am happy to lead normal life with him i am nothing om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram

  3. Wow…the exact time I read the second experience regarding baba in white dress… A similar thought entered my brain..but I didn't put too much into it…and as my habit I switched on the live darshan…at that time somebody had a huge sai baba photo in his white dress as in dwarkamai and I could see baba..baba does hear even slightest wish to see him

  4. Sairam..i started believing sai ram from two years but with real love and faith i started believing since two months..i had my final year mbbs exam during decembr month. It is cold season..i suffer from gastritis since 4 years..due to my neglegnce and irresponsive ness i didnt study frm begning it was one 25days left for my exams to come i had lot of portions to cover ..then started my real tragedy…i started suffering from gastritis …my stomch used to burn like anythg..i didnt evn hve strength to hold my book in hand exams came near..taday am taking injections for gastrtis tommorow i have my hand was swollen…i could read only few topics from the book…luckly what i read had come in exams…i was happpy…my stomach pain was still i enter exam hall…after that i never had pain till i complete my exam n come back to my room..same way continued to write all papers…by sai's grace i passed in my exams… sorry for posting it so late…am now waiting for my pg seat …if baba wants me to serve people let him give me pg seat n bless me….sairam…love u my father….am waiting for ur blessings u knw tht…

  5. Sairam…am daughter of sai from two years…but started to love my dad sai with more devotion since two month…i had completed my mbbs degree by sai's grace…during my final year exam times i was suffering from severe gastritis..i was not having strength to hold my book in hand…i was almost with glucose water n hand ..had sever burning of stomach…i couldnt concentrate on my studies…i believe jesus a lot…i always had bible in my hand more then my exam books i read bible a lot…am bascially hindu girl but believe in god in general…sai is everthg alla jesus and shiva…i had dream of completing my mbbs degree in first attempt i completed without any struggle.. god test the devote who have more faith on him…sorry for posting it so late forgive me sai…i read evryone's miracle happened in your life…sai is everything…he s with us..he helps us in every single move but we fail to recognise sai in it…my every single move is planned by god…now am preparing for md …had given aiims and jipmer exam didnt get ranking …final hope is aipgmee…i want md medicine …if my father bless me. I will get almost lost and worried about my future..

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