Sai Darshan

Sai sister Priyadharsini from India says: Hi i am Sai devotee Priya from India. I would like to share an experience in which Sai helped me to get His complete Darshan and the milk Prasadam offered to Him in the Pooja. I have been Sai devotee for more than a year now and planned to go to Sai Baba temple on one Thursday that too for 12 o’clock Aarti, though I had no clue about the crowd and Pooja that will be offered. I started from home well ahead of the planned time. But to my wonder there was heavy traffic in the road which I had never seen before. I was shocked and worried as to if I will miss the Pooja and fail to see the Aarti. But I was keep on praying to Sai that He should bless me to see the entire Pooja offered to Him on the auspicious day. Finally my prayers were answered and I reached the temple to see the other surprise which Sai had for me.

Though there was huge crowd I was made to sit in a place where I could see our Sai very clearly. I felt very happy for His blessing. The blessing was not stopped there. When the Pooja were held, there were litres of Milk poured on Baba. I was just thinking it would really be nice if I get to drink few drops of the milk offered to Sai during the Pooja. I still imagine about the miracle by Sai that happened. He had sent half a glass of the milk which I wanted to have through a devotee. I don’t how it reached the place where I was seated crossing hundreds of people. The devotee who had the glass was offering that milk to a small baby seated in front me. Seeing the happiness and curiosity in my face he offered me too. At that moment my joy knew no limit.

When others extended their hands to get the milk, the person who was holding the glass just dropped which was caught by me with few drops spilled on me. This made me realise that if we are true to Sai He gives us more than we desire. I just wanted to have the milk but my Sai blessed me by sprinkling it on me. I request all our Sai devotees to have faith in Him and wait patiently. He knows what to give, when to give and how to give. Om Sai Ram

Miracles In My Life

Anonymous Devotee from US says: I live in US. Kudos to the team who brought all the experiences of Baba’s devotees in Facebook. My family members are very big devotees of Sai Baba. I would like to share my experience through Sai Baba Miracles. I faced lot of troubles in my life but overcome them due to Baba blessings. I was a topper in my class but due to some incidents I missed my engineering seat and joined in degree. All my relatives and neighbours were teasing and was happy for that. Though I joined degree, I prepared well for MCA and got the seat in a reputed university where they had campus selections. In those days campus selections were only in reputed universities but not in regular colleges. If I would have joined engineering, there was no campus selection for the college where I got seat and even there were no off campus because of IT down. Later I got placement in reputed software firm. All this happened with the blessings of Baba. With the blessings of Baba I am married to a very nice person and my life was so happy until my brother in law got us opportunity. We both faced lot of humiliations since we are not in US. Basically I love to be in India, and even though I got opportunities I rejected. The humiliations were at peak level that we both were in depression and frustration. Again I prayed to lord, and this time both of visas are picked in lottery to our surprise and now we came to US three months back. All this happened because of the blessings of Baba. The reason for the delay in getting visas, I could feel is my ego and God taught me a lesson that a person can be reached to Baba only if the ego is left at His feet. I am also longing for kids from a long time and I hope god blesses with a kid. I started doing Sai Parayanam nine times for the nine months. Baba please bless me with a healthy and good kid. Om Sai Ram

Sai Baba Helped Me In Reducing The Fine Of My College

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am student and doing in a college associated with my Baba’s Name. I am glad that i am sharing my experience here. It was held last year when my final exams are to come. As i study in a college, where they charge heavily if your attendance is less than 75%. As i am normal student so i did not attended my classes regularly. So my attendance was very less. So when the final exams are going to come. I knew that i would be charged heavily and i was little tensed also. So the time comes when we have to pay the fine and collect the roll no. from our college. On that day i asked Baba that Baba please help me as i am out of money so my fine should not be more than 1000. Soon after that i got a call from my friend that my fine is Rs 2600. I got little upset but i kept faith on Baba. I borrowed money from my friend and went to college to collect my roll no. As i reached college, I saw a long queue of students who were collecting there roll no from the HOD. I again asked Baba to help me please. Soon after that, seniors came and asked us to get unite and go to the principal room and ask them to reduce our fine. So we all got unite and went to principal room and told them our problem. So the principal asked us to wait for 15 minutes. Soon after the 15 minutes i got a call from my friend that principal has sent a new notification and now u have to give only 1000 Rs as fine. I got very happy and promised my Baba that i will share my experience here. So i am doing. Baba also helped me in my studies. I know my English is not good. So i am sorry for that. I want to say that Baba is always with us. We only just have to pray Him with all our heart and keep Shradha on Him. Om Sai Ram

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  1. om sai ram you saved my grand son thank you sai be with them bless my hubby son daughter 3 grand sons with health long life to my son in law and daughter in law also om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram

  2. om sai ram. Baba u know my condition very well. please show me a path baba. I am trying for a job more than 2.5 years.baba please don't leave me.

  3. Wonderful experiences.

    O Deva, Thank You for looking after us like a Mother looks after her child 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  4. Dear third devotee, I am happy that baba helped you. But I feel worried many poor students or middle-class students don't understand their parents' struggle and the value of money. They cut classes or enjoy all days without studying and then finally they worry when they have to pay fine for loss of attendance or arrears fees. Please youngsters, I am not telling everyone should get first mark. But please don't lose the opportunity and time when it's available and then worry and make your families worry.

  5. Baba, for my previous birthday you sent me your prasad and photo from shirdi to me in an unexpected way. It was a pleasant surprise for me. But for this birthday, I myself expect one thing from you. Please give it as my birthday gift baba. I also need your blessing in some form. Please baba.

  6. Please help me baba…you know what i am going through now…because of me my mom is suffering…please help me baba…i dont want my mom to get hurt because of me…please help me baba…Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

  7. Prayers for 2nd devotee: please baba, i prsy from my heart that bless all the ladies who are prayibg to baba for the child……sabki sunlo baba…plz burn ghe past lyf karmas in ur dhuni and bless in tge form of happy motherhood…om sai ram

  8. Baba… please. I can't feel any bonding between us nowadays. Please make me think of you and chant your name always and make my faith in you grow stronger day by day. PLEASE.

  9. Sai Ram to dear fellow Sai devotees,

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences here.

    May Sri Sai keep blessing us all.

    Read SatCharitra online@:

    Devotees3, your English is fine, it's just a medium of communication; you can improve it like any other skill by practice.

    Sri SatChit Anand Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!!

  10. Om sai ram, please forgive me for not posting my experiences. I need your help to overcome problems. Please give me a meaningful life. I need a pleaseful life. You can only give that life appa.

  11. I don't come and ask you for trivial things. Most things I don't even ask because even if they don't happen i can manage. I have asked you for guidance and asked your blessed during critical moments. And I did what you asked. But I am still miserable. 4 years of aimlessness and hopelessness and 2 years of complete misery with no hope. What is the use of constantly knocking your door when everything fails. Everything has failed. All alone in a strange city. No one to even trust and call in case of an emergency. This is what I got for putting complete faith in you. I don't know what your plans are for you, but I know it is never what I hope for. Mediocrity and disappointment again and again. Well I refuse to settle and accept fate another time. If it's loniless and tears all my life, I'll take it, rather than settling for something out of fear.

  12. Om sai ram…. please baba help us to get big contract u know we r in big trouble.. …. my husband nd your son is in big trouble nd v much in tension . plz plz baba save us nd be always with us … bow to sri sai peace be to all…

  13. Babaji thanks for everything. I am so sorry if I have done any mistakes. Please baba bless your sahana kutty. Tomorrow she should not have any trouble and you have to take care of her. Always hold our hands and guide us to the right path. Please Babaji you know more my worries I don't want any money or anything. I want only good health. Please bless your SAHANA kutty, BALAJI and APARNA with good health. .Always keep us at your lotus feet.

  14. Last birthday all I wanted was not to cry and wanted a good start for this year. I cried, got false signs, and spent a day alone at home. My birthday is coming and I am so scared because i am getting older and pressure mounts. Two years back I prayed that everything happens ok and I get a job. Last year I prayed for forgiveness for my mistakes, and signs that things will become ok. I got signs but nothing else. This year I pray that the event i am scared off happens soon so that I don't wait in dread or get false hope. I would rather deal with certain failure than a possibility of success in something that is completely outside my control and with so much impact. I don't want anyone or anything. I want to be happy on my own with my own efforts. Can you grant me that and save me from such terrible incidents in the future?

    • Dear devotee, may Baba bless you with courage. He gives us problems only to make us mentally stronger & detached because as a guru he wishes to prepare us for the main goal 'Self Realization'. All great Baba devotees like Narasimha Swamiji etc. have had big tragedies in life because they had to face their karma & get detached as a result. Ask Baba for courage & surrender you're wishes to him. Always remember the bigger picture why we are here for. It will surely lighten your burden.

  15. Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
    Sai Baba Please be with me and guide me. I pray to you and have immense faith in You. Please be with me and guide me Sai Baba. I need you and I bowe down to you and pray to you with humble heart. I apologise for any mistake I have done knowingly or unknowingly and pray for forgiveness.

  16. Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
    PLease be with me and guide me

  17. Baba thanks for being with me and my family in our bad and good times,plz be with us always baba,om sai ram……………………………………….

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