Guru Ji Miracles In My Life

Anonymous Devotee from Australia says: Hello all Sai Devotees, first of all I would like to say a big thanks to Sai Baba my Guru ji, Mother, Friend, Well wisher for taking care of me whenever I need, thank You so much for everything and love You sky much and more than that. I would like to say thanks to hetal ji for such a nice platform. Now come to me, i am Sai devotee since 15 Years, I have many miracles of Guru ji in my life by Baba grace. I would like to share few of them. Jai Sai Ram

1) Jai Sai Ram, when I was doing 7 days Sai Satcharitra Parayanam (reading Sai Satcharitra from Thursday to Wednesday ) 7th day I would like to do Maha Prasadam to my Sai, so I only prepared all dishes for lunch and I asked mom to invite poor people as well for lunch. My mom went and checked for beggars near temples but she did not find anyone. She tried all temples near my house surprisingly we did not find not even one beggar, so we decided to invite old people and kids, My mom invited around 10 people in that we have one person who wore ayyappa Swamy Mala, for that God we need to be very careful because they won’t eat onion, garlic but in my dishes I used both of them and more over I tasted all food, when I was cooking because I want to feed tasty food to Baba though Baba don’t bother taste but it was my wish to feed Baba with tasty food . I don’t know what to do. My mom already invited him (the person who wore ayyappa Swamy mala). I don’t have not even one dish without onion and garlic on top of it I tasted them all. Finally I have only one option I kept all those dishes in front of Baba and I told to Baba that i prepared all these dishes for You. I tasted them all to check the taste. Do something Baba please I am leaving this to You Baba. Finally that person did not come to lunch, don’t know the reason immediately my mom went and asked him, he told that he can’t come now because suddenly he had diarrhea (stomach upset) Thank You so much Baba for helping me in that situation Jai Sai Ram.

2) Jai Sai Ram, again when I was doing 7days Sai Satcharitra Parayanam last day usually we will prepare food at home for Baba and poor people as well but due to some problems at home we couldn’t make food at home so we thought of bring food from hotel for poor people and In that morning I was preparing dosa ( breakfast) for me, after making one dosa. I was in confusion like can I offer dosa to Baba or should I eat, finally I thought to eat due to some reasons. When I was preparing 2nd dosa after that I was ready to eat 1st dosa. Suddenly I heard one voice from outside saying Sai Ram one Sadhu who was wearing dress like Sai Baba and that person is saying that ‘1st time I am coming in this route as all other Sadhu’s went to temples. I was shocked and felt very happy. I invited him for breakfast. He told me that he will eat after the bath then I packed breakfast for him, i invited him for lunch as well and I told him that ‘I will wait for you, I will eat only after serving you lunch. Finally he came. I served him lunch then I took blessing from him. I thought Baba only came in that way. Thank You so much Baba, bless all Your devotees like this. You know Baba what I need, please give me good health. Love You Baba, Love You sky much. Jai Sai Ram

Sai Baba Help Me

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I am suffering from a health Illness which totally spoilt my social and personal Life. I even had to bear Insults from other people. My education is sabotaged. I failed in all my classes. I just want Baba to help me cure this. Not only that, I promise Baba that I will never ask for anything in life other than this. Further, I will be become His ardent devotee. Please, Baba You know what I am going through. My pain and agony are unbearable. Please, Baba I have read many of the devotee’s Experience in the forum on Your miracles. So, Baba please guide me. You’re the only ray of hope in my life. Om Sri Sai Ram

Sai Baba Gave My Husband’s Life Back

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Sai Baba has always been my great Inspiration, my Guide, Philosopher, my Faith, my Belief. He is everything in my life. I always feel like i am His daughter and He is my Baba with whom i can share all my happiness and sadness. I am praying Him from my childhood. One day my mother bought one portrait of Sai Baba and hanged it on our drawing room. At that time i was a child and did not have so much knowledge about God. I asked my mother who is the person in this portrait and she told me He is your Baba and you should pray to Him every day. From that day onwards when i woke up i used to see His face and when i sleep i saw His face. Whenever i entered or went out from my home i saw His face and used to pray Him and share my feelings with Him. Gradually i developed an attachment, bond and sense of faith and belief in Him. I became a strong follower of Him. He guided me throughout my life.

Recently, my life took a serious turn. I am sharing my experience regarding that only. With Baba’s grace only i got married to the love of my life. I am from a Bihari family and my husband is an oriya. We both love each other from so many years. After i got my job, i decided to tell my parent’s about him. Finally, i told my parent’s about him and they rejected him. My father was not at all agreeing for this marriage and we both stop talking to each other. We live in a joint family and because of that there was a lot of problem from my whole family member’s regarding this marriage. I was continuously praying to Baba that please make my family agree for this marriage because i cannot live without them and marry the person whom i love. I love both my family and my love and i didn’t want to lose both of them. Suddenly one day by Baba’s Grace my father called me after 3 months and told me that he is ready for this marriage. I was so happy that by Baba’s miracle i got my love with my family supporting my marriage. We got married and after one and half year my husband met with a serious accident. He was working in the power plant and inspecting there. Suddenly he fell down from 20 feet height and met with a serious head injury. He was immediately admitted in the hospital and was serious. I was crying and praying to Baba that please save my husband. After seeing all the reports doctor told me that all his body parts are fine but there is a clot in his brain which can cause him problem. The clot was present in very interior part of brain and operating it was also a risk. My husband was crying from serious pain.

At that time my parent’s just came back by visiting Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir and heard about this incident. My mother gave me Baba’s Udi and locket and told me to pray near Baba. His condition was not improving after 3 days also and doctor’s were thinking for that critical operation. I went to ICU to visit my husband and put the Baba’s Udi on his head and told him to pray with me by saying, “Baba please make me well soon”. He repeated the same words. I also kept Baba’s Photo below his pillow. On 4th day doctor told me that there is no need for the operation he is recovering. I was surprised and was also so happy that Baba again helped me. After 20 days he got discharged from the hospital and he is fine now. Recently, i am suffering from a problem and i know that this problem will also be solved by Baba. My Baba is really great and He cares for His children a lot. So i want to tell every devotees have faith in Him, He will surely answer your prayers at right time. If i have written anything wrong then please forgive me. Baba please be with me all the time. Bolo Sadguru Sai Baba Ki Jai Om Sai Ram Jai Sai Ram

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  1. OM SAI RAM.. Baba indeed loves everyone and for the 2nd devotee all I can say is don't worry everything will be fine. We all will pray for you.
    I have my CAT exam on 22nd and I am sure Baba will definitely bless me with good result 🙂 so my earnest request to all Sai devotees is to pray for me as this is the most important phase of my life.

  2. Wonderful experiences and I am sure that the 3rd devotees experiences will help guide the 2nd devotee.

    O Sai, bless us all, Your children, with love and happiness. Thank You for all Your miracles O Sadguru. Never let go of our hand O Deva!

    Jai Sairam

  3. Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram today is my Mommy's Birthday Baba please bless her Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

  4. Very nice experiences. May Baba bless you all and specially to the exp no 2 and 3 . Exp no 2 please do Baba's pooja with full devotion. Do thursday fasts until your wish gets completed , Read Shri Sai Sadcharitra . You can do Sugar Candy pooja or Sai Divya Pooja too. He 'll definitely bless you. Sai Ram.

  5. om sri sai ram
    please protect your baba. please give happiness to avik.
    please help me to come out of morning sickness and tiredness. please give me energy.
    please give me strength baba
    om sri sai ram
    allah malik
    thank you sai baba


    Oh Deva please bless us all:)

    Dear Hetal ji if experiences are on time, there will be lots of comments & discussions.

    Love to ALL, Peace to ALL.

  7. Dear sister, thank you a ton for sharing your experience, its a faith booster for all those who are in deep calamities and waiting for baba's hand to turn into happiness peace and divine bliss. May you be akhand sowbhagyavati and lead a peaceful, happy ,trustable contented long married life.

  8. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  9. Baba you are love incarnate. You are a God of mercy. I love you Baba, and thank you so much for being there for me. Please bless all your children as you do always. I have no words to praise you or describe you. Please bless me that I am devoted to you till my last breath and my trust in you grow day by day. Sai Sai Sai….

  10. Om Sai Ram…baba please save me i really need you now baba…i just dont know what to do…plz guide me baba…Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

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