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Sai Sister Radhika from India says: My name is Radhika and i believe in Baba since last 25 years. Initially it started with visits to Shirdi with my sister when i was around 14 years old. Back then i did not know much about Baba, the visit usually used to be a joy ride to Shirdi as if Baba wanted to see me and i went there as per His wishes. But now i strongly believe He is always around me and supporting me. Luckily my husband also believes in Baba and this has helped me a lot. Having read so many instances in this blog reminds me of one incident during our visit to Shirdi, i would say there was surely something supernatural in it.

This happened way back in 2007, my husband was on his official trip to Sinnar where he had to deliver a computer server at his client’s site. He asked me to join and asked if i wanted to visit Baba on the way for which i readily agreed. We left in the afternoon for Shirdi and reached Shirdi at night. As our visit was impromptu (unprepared) we had not done our hotel booking and being a holiday season we did not get any accommodation. As it was almost 12 am my husband decided to leave Shirdi without Baba’s Darshan and go to Sinnar.

I started praying to Baba that i wanted to see Him as if it was His decision that the last hotel where we checked for rooms had a room available but it was under repairs we readily agreed as we wanted to see Baba. Though the room was not that comfortable the next morning had a blissful Darshan of Baba. I can never forget this incident and will be ever great full to fulfil my wish of seeing Him. Om Sai Nathaya Namaha!

One more such occasion we were at a relative’s place at Nasik and they had arranged for passes for Kakad Aarti Darshan. We all got ready at 4 in the morning and left for Shirdi. We parked our car and proceeded towards the temple. All through the way all of us were teasing my co-sisters’ nephew that he came without bath and Baba will not like that but he ignored all. When we reached the temple 4 persons from our group lagged behind as they wanted to buy some offering for Baba. I did not go with them as i knew my husband being short tempered will start shouting. When we reached the temple they were about to close the doors as the Aarti was about to start luckily 4 of us i.e. me, my husband and the 2 kids (of which one was the boy everyone was teasing) went in with the help of a guard. Rest all got stuck outside until the Aarti was over. We all got fantastic Darshan of Aarti. But one thing you realised that day was Baba does not care if you have had a bath or if you have brought offerings for him. He only wants full dedication and clear mind. Thanks Baba for giving han to the remaining group after that. But the lesson learnt will always remain with me. Om Sai Ram

Will Baba Bless Me A Child

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I am a devotee of Sai Baba. I am 33 yrs old currently working in U.S. I got married 5 yrs back and ever since I am trying to become pregnant. I am hoping for a solution form Baba. I have tried all sorts of medical treatment, but nothing has worked. I also did Sai Nava Vrat Pooja. I don’t regularly do Pooja, like lighting lamp in front of God, but daily talk to Baba and I write Sai Koti 4 rows. I am losing all my hopes and last night I asked Baba – yes no chit method. My question was “Baba will I bear a child in my womb for 9 months” Baba said No. I am devastated. My Baba said I will not bear child. If Baba wishes He can change my fate and bless me with a child. Even if He takes my life during child birth and give a baby to my husband, am ready to sacrifice my life. What should I do now? Will Baba bless my family with child. Please pray for me. Please tell Baba to give me a baby. Please suggest me regarding this matter.

Baba Helped Me In Finding My ATM/Debit Card

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a devotee of Baba since last year. I came across this page 6 months back. Since then i always make it a point to read devotees experience. I would like to share my recent experience with all the devotees of Shree Sai. This is my first experience on this site. Om Sai Ram Three weeks back, I was very emotional and disturbed due to some personal reason. In order to overcome this, I wanted to divert my mind. I thought of cleaning my drawer, discarding unwanted documents. This made me feel little better, after cleaning my drawer. After 3 weeks, i was arranging some documents, where i realised that i had misplaced my ATM/Debit card while cleaning drawer. I couldn’t recollect, as where I had kept it. I had lost hope of getting it back as i usually discard documents by burning. I panicked at that moment. I prayed to Baba, please help me in finding my ATM/Debit card. If i found, I will post this experience on this blog. I removed all files/folders and documents & started searching hastily. To my surprise, I found it, lying in some folder. I felt very happy seeing Baba’s love for me. I thanked Baba from the bottom of my heart. Bless us Sai

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  1. Om Sai Ram…As I have requested before…I have decided to pray for people in trouble as my family have been helped by lot of people who have prayed for me and miracles have happened in our life..I want to take it can send email to…just give your need for stating problems or reasons…devotees who have sent me email till now..I am keeping you in my prayers everyday…please pray for my family we are undergoing heavy tension..BABA…thank you for this opportunity and hopefully..with your blessings…I will continue doing thus deva..
    Devotee 2…I will surely pray for u to BABA…I know what u r going through as even I have got negative answers we has killed me but am still trusting things will change and baba will change our karma through strong faith and persistent devotion..I had lost hope in between but I never stopped praying to him….I fight..I cry ..but I have told him I will not leave him till he listens to my prayers…crying baby gets the milk…keep hanging not loose hope…my sincere request…I have gone through that path and was in heavy depression which made people all around me so devastated.. Now I have gotten up due to babas grace only and am praying.My whole life is in Babas hands…All my friends and relatives were praying for me to get cured…I really thank them and started believing in group prayers with a common aim..

  2. Dear Sister waiting for a baby,
    Please don't lose hope, you are only 33 years old. Women can bear childer till 40 or later with baba's grace.
    I can understand your pain but please don't trust chit answers so much. I have myself had experiences many times that were completely opposite of the answer I got in the chits with regards to job, buying home and gender of my kids. So please relax, have faith in baba. All he needs is your love and devotion. What you are going thru is very painful phase of life but don't lose hope. One of my friends is 41 and she had a baby this sept, her first one. I'm sure one day you will also post here about your baby. we will pray for you.

  3. Wonderful experiences. Dear 2nd devotee, I am sure Baba has planned a surprise for you where no sacrifice is required. Have faith in Him 🙂

    O Deva, Thank You for helping us achieve our dreams and goals 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  4. last yr in dec we went to mumbai frm kolkata ,solely for shirdi darshan.while going frm airport to our relatives house in malad,a small incident a traffic signal an old man came begging near our car.he was dressed in a old white kurta,lungi nd a fur topi on his head.he had rudraksh mala on his neck nd wearing old specs.i gave him ten rupees n he smiled n blessed me lifting his right hand.i cud not hear what actually he said bcoz already i raised the glass of the window.later on thinking ,i wondered was he Baba Himself ,or just ny ordinary person.till this day i ve no ans to it.dear devotees ,i leave it to u to decide the ans n let me know.

  5. Dear sister, baba will surely bless you with a chubby baby, be assured of that. Dont trust anything except baba till he gives you your baby flower. Some times chits etc will go wrong, so plz dont panic, just have blind faith on him, not let ur faith wobble. Baba will surely bless you at the right time. Have immense faith and patience, see for how many coples baba blessed with a child, so you are in Q plz wait.

  6. om sai raam,
    dear devotee1: very nice first experience..
    dear devotee 2 Please dont worry baba can do anything and everything..he can change our fate. He is just trying to burn out our past karmas and give beautiful days ahead dear..continue praying..shradhha and saburi are two great gifts baba gave us to follow..surely he will bless you soon with a child..

    i know you are in a very painful situation..If you dont mind can i give you a suggesstion.. there are so many kids out there without parents in orphanages..
    one small advice if you dont mind me giving you..i know how painful it is..but you can adopt a child in the extreme case..this is only a suggesstion and not to hurt you or demotivate your sai raam you will always be in my prayers.

    Devotee 3: Yes indeed baba loves us and always with us.

    om sai raam

  7. In Sai’s Proximity

    Baba has not beaten
    me even once!
    On another occasion, Baba looked at Sathe and remarked, “Saheb is a simple and rustic man.”
    Baba would come running to beat and even shower bad words on some of devotees with whom he was
    angry. But, He had not beaten Sathe. Hence, Sathe would proudly say, “I am the only one who has not been
    thrashed by Baba!”
    Madhavrao Deshpande was curious to know the reason. Baba replied, “Why I should beat him? He is
    getting it from his father-in-law!”
    After retirement
    As time passed, Sathe retired from his Govt. service. His finances began dwindling and one day, in a fit of
    his whims, he sold his wife’s one gold ornament. In Shirdi, Baba asked Dada Kelkar, “Why did the fool of a
    ‘Saheb’ sell my daughter’s ornament?”

  8. To Second devotee, don't worry. Our Saibaba will never leave our hands. He will definitely help you. Keeping you in my prayers.
    Baba bless us all.

  9. Very nice experiences. To the experience no 2 dear Sai Sister please do not feel so ignored. Its not really Nav Guruvaar vrat you 've to do , You can do as long as Baba 's thursday fasts untill your wish gets completed. There are many poojs for Baba which you can do like Sugar Candy Pooja , Sai Divya Pooja. Read Shri Sai Sadcharitra you 'll definitely get your answer.Try to get Baba with all of your devotion. Once you 'll start meditate on Baba then Baba starts meditate on you. Dear Sister try to go Shirdi. Read Baba's 11 vachan daily.If possible try to get added in our whatsapp group Sai Kripa by sending your number to Do not rely your life on chits .You 'll definitely get your answer. Hope you 'll be blessed with kids soon.

  10. Dear first devotee, Dont be disheartened.I concieved at the age of 35. Please pray to Baba and do not worry about the Q & A. As one devotee had very nicely put in the experience or comments I do not remember, that we should not questin baba or wait for a ny signal, cues from Him. Just pray, pray and pray. Also do not be ( i dont want to use the word selfish) thinking that "even if i die , its Ok', then why are you bringing forth a child in this world. Do u know the importance of a mother in a child's life? Having a child is important but you should think of the long life the child has to spend ahead, so please think wisely when you pray. Wil your husband leave his job and take care of your child the same you can? Just pray Baba to bless you with motherhood and a happy life for your child.Leave the rest to Him. Sai Ram

  11. First devotee , although I do not completely agree with the Question answer and chit system, I request you to please not lose hopes.Also what I am saying now, please do not take it otherwise..But remember that Baba will do only what is good for us. Have faith and dont question his intentions.
    Also, have thought of going in for any medical procedures for assisting in concieving? WIth Baba's blessings please try that out and 33 years is not an age to worry.

  12. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Nabab Sir Salarjung*****
    The well-known Dewan287 Nabab Salarjung of Hyderabad State had great
    reverence towards Sri Swamiji. He had come to Naldurga, Osmanabad District in
    Maharashtra with great devotion for the ‘Darshan’ of Sri Swamiji.
    A number of such royal personalities were attracted towards Sri Swami Samarth.
    Several Sardars288 and Jahagirdars were his devotees. Sri Swamiji was an extraordinary
    Divine personality with number of undefined attributes. He was not at all concerned
    with the wealth or grandeur of these Sardars and Jahagirdars that visited him. Sri
    Swamiji always had a soft heart for true devotion. If Sri Swamiji had gone to
    Baroda, he would have surely received great honour and prestige. Maharaja Malharao
    Gaikwad would have laid down his entire regime for the welcome and service of Sri
    Swamiji, but there was no devotion. How can Sri Swamiji, the incarnation of Lord
    Dattatrey go there?

  13. Sai Ram to fellow devotees,

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences here.

    May Sri Sai keep blessing us all.

    Devotee 2, one can still have a child after 8 months, 8 and 1/2 months; if your question was specifically having a child after 9 months; the answer by chits technically could be true; whereas it does not say that you can't have a child.

    Do not ever lose faith in Baba, keep patience, stick to His feet and He will bless you.

    Read SatCharitra online@

    Sri SatChit Anand Satguru Sai Nath Maharaj ki Jai!!

  14. Dear 2nd devotee i am facing problem of irregular periods from last so many yrs.for this i took all sort of trearments but nothing worked.2yrs back i strted believing in our sai.last yr one thurs we went to sai temple and wen we came back i saw vibhuti tilak on my stomach and all neck area was full of my dear sister have unflinching faith on sai.wtever may be the circumstances he wil surely surely surely come for u and bless u..dnt ever stop believing him thats it..may saiji bless u sai ram

  15. OmSairam.2nd devotee have full faith in Baba he will definitely bless you with a child.forgive my sins .kindly give me peace of mind.

  16. Sai maa
    I have not spoken to u for over a week through this site.
    I thank u so much for a great Darshan at shirdi
    please let me get back to my healthy happy and fearles self maa please
    Your son Mohan wants a better job please help
    also I want a big pooja room
    let ash win do very well in compres please
    be with us always holding our hand and showering your blessings
    luv u a lot
    falling at your lotus feet

  17. Dear Second Devotee,
    I am also 33 and married for the last 5 years, and waiting for Baba to bless me with a baby. Believe me, it will come true. He will bless you soon to have a healthy baby. Please do not say that let Baba take your life during childbirth, but give a child. Be positive. Sai is making us wait so that we clear all our past karmas. hence the delay.
    Om Sai Ram

  18. Dear 2nd devotee sister! First of all never dishearten urself with this negative thought that you are gettin older and still waiting for a child….Please read spritual books like sai sat charitra bhagwat gita and other good books that destroy negativity which looses our faith on our baba…believe my words all these things give new hopes and reasons to smile and happiness……These things increases patience and faith…When we keep on prayin to baba and firmly believe that whatever he is doing is good…Surly sooner or later we get the best results….But again I say for this we have to stay away from negativity and remain happpy because babaji always love his children's laugh and happiness…..I wish all ur dreams touch reality peak very soon…and pls do share okk….Om Sai Ram

  19. I want to share my experience , last week myself and my friend return from office , i just put my hands in around her neck, i did fastly , she suddenly stops me and touch her ears and found her ear rings were missed,it is gold, i felt very guilty because of me only she lost her ear ring , we searched there for sometime, but we could not find it, since it 8pm so dark we coudnot find it, i felt very burden, that moment i pray to sai, we did not find it, then we went to our reside place, after that i forget about it, the next day she said she got her ear ring on her bag itself after went to her place, actually from office to her place it is so long, she used to walk, still i wonder how the ear ring was there,so long, its really a miracle,

    i always used to do pray whatever even its small or big thing . my sai will fulfill my wish, last week for two days my internet not get connected i pray with sai , next moment it was connect, usually after the engineer comes and check the connection only it will be solved, but that day after i pray the next second it will get connceted.

    i got so many experiences from sai, i will do post one day all, from last week only i found this site , reading the experiences daily, really thank you , i am watchig aarthi from this site feeling blessed thank you so much,

  20. Saibaba my father. I did not know where I placed my Corporate card on my US business trip. It had a lot of cash and I was worried. Thanks to Baba I found my card. Baba thanks for listening to my prayer. Om Sairam

  21. Oum sai ram
    for experience 2.plz visit sister also dnt hv baby for more then 6 year..after been to she going to gv birth on January

  22. Dear Devotee 2 : Your question to Baba was “Baba will I bear a child in my womb for 9 months”. And you said the answer was "no". Do you really think that all children are born at 9 months? Not all children are born at 9 months. Some stay in the womb for less than 9 months while some stay longer than 9 months. So, please think in a positive way and Baba will surely bless you with one or more kids.

  23. Dear second devotee. I feel sorry that your wish of bearing your own baby hasn't yet come true. Among my relatives too, three women are trying to conceive for years and one woman is trying to get married and settle. But nothing is working out for them. I know a few more people who desperately want their own child. Of course, all you people's wishes are genuine. But one thing you said hurts me so much. You say you don't mind dying in the process of giving birth to a child. Haven't you think that your child would be motherless? Growing up without parents is such a big problem for a child. I know a couple who are nearing their fifties trying to have a child. They already spent a lot for all sorts of treatment. One thing I don't understand. Why everyone wants their own child? You suffer without a child. Similarly many orphan children suffer without parents. You long to show your love on a child. Those children long for parent's love. But why no one is ready to adopt a child? I am not insisting on this dear sister. But please consider it. You can become a mother even without giving birth and can provide future for a child.

  24. Mai apne bhagwaan ka apne Baba ka apne ishwar ka dil ki gehraai se dhanyavaad karna chahti hu…..Bass mai babaji k bhakto ko yahi kahungi k aankh band karke nishchal bhaav se usse apni galtiyon ki chama maang kar…aur humesha allah k bataye raaste par chalne ka nirnay kar lo…to jeevan swarag ho jaega…babaji sabki dua kabool krte hai….wo humare pita h…..Thanku bappa meri maan samman ki raksha karne k.liye…

  25. Dear 2nd devotee Baba is not a mere Astrologer..he is Para Bramha himself, sure he can change your fortune. Though a child may not be in your fortune, but our kind Baba can bless you one child as he can change devotees lives for good. You only trust him 100% and leave all your problems at his feet, he will surely bless you. Remember some stories in Sai Satcharitra where a lady asked him to bless her with a child? Though he knew it was not in her fate, by pleading and praying to him…he did bless her with a child. Similarly keep full faith in his feet, he will surely bless you. His heart is softer than wax, he will shower his mercy for sure. Om Sai Ram!

  26. Hello everyone,
    I have started reading this blog few days back….its gives me real moral support in the tensed situation im going through.
    Will post that later.
    But for the devotee 2
    don't be dishearten u can try chanting Santan Gopal mantra alongwith praying to Sai Baba.
    I am not Astrologer or kind of person but have read it somewhere search on internet.
    When u r trying all other methods why not give this a try.
    To all on this blog i am extremely new to this blog and i apologize if i have written something wrong.Only want to help devotee 2.

  27. dear devotee 2: Om Sai Ram… you may consider looking for a surrogate mother… i.e someone else could bear your baby in her womb, but it would still be your baby. Om Sai Ram.

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