Miracle Of Sai Vrat

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi i am from southern part of India. I am a devotee of Sai Baba from last 7 months and from that time i am experiencing Sai Baba miracle in my life. I have lot of experiences in my life. In all places i see Sai Baba. For some it may not be so big, but what i say is all big for me. Now i am sharing 3 experiences that happened recently with me.

Experience 1: I finished my college and did higher studies for job but i did not get any job. Then my friend suggested me to pray Sai Baba, which was the 1st time i was hearing about Him. I planned to do Sai Vrat and started doing it. During that Vrat for 3 weeks temple was full rush, so i did not wait for Prasad and came home. Near my home 1 aunty told that people who go to Sai Temple should take Prasad from Temple. So i felt bad and i was praying to Sai and asked sorry to Baba. Suddenly 1 lady came to home and gave me the food prepared in Sai Temple (Prasad). I know It is Baba Who came for me. Finally during 8th week of Vrat i got call from a company and i got selected and in last week of Vrat, i got job and went to office after 1 year.

Experience 2: I am in love with a guy named Ram and i believe that he is gift of Sai given to me with His name. Now my parents are searching a guy for me. We decided to tell to my family but we were having problem with his home. So we decided not to marry for 1 more year. But my parents saw a guy for me and the horoscope matched for us. I was fully worried and was praying to Sai. I asked Baba what to do in Sai question and answer page. It came as don’t worry you will see a miracle within 2 days. I waited for 2 days. A big miracle happened. Where the same guy who told horoscope matched called back to my father after 2 days and said horoscope does not match and stop the further process. This is because of Sai.

Experience 3: Once i was not feeling well, so i saw in question and answer website to Sai what to do. It came as offer 15 rupees to a beggar. I am living near an IT park and all are well settled where we can’t see any beggars. I was fully confused and asking Sai what to do? When i came to bus stop a beggar came near to me and asked money that seems to be having a cloth in his head as Sai. I gave money and he went. The miracle is I have never seen him for the past 1 year there and till now i am searching him but he is not there. Only on that day i saw him. That is Sai Baba, for His devotee happiness He will come in whatever form. Sai Baba is great. Shri Satchidhanandha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

Sai Gave Me All Without Asking

Anonymous Devotee from Australia says: Hi, I am Sai Devotee in Australia working as a Recruitment Manager in MNC. I am all today because of Baba ji. Please don’t disclose my identity or email. All my life revolves around Baba ji. To whatever i said “Yes, i wish i could have it one day”!! Baba ji gifted it to me straight away. Sai Baba is my father. Like every parent, Sai Baba ji takes care of me through every phase of my life. My life is full of experiences and Leelas (Miracles) of Sai Baba. I was a shy girl, living in India and met a boy who became a very good friend of mine when i was in 11th class. We were friends for many years and then that friendship converted into commitment. We decided to tie our knots with parent’s permission. My Mom is very supportive. She respects our decision, and agreed with one condition that my friend has to go overseas (Australia) and earn status and money. With that condition, with the help of my mom he applied for his Permanent Residency in Australia. One year passed away with no results. Then my mom asked question to Sai Baba from a book, where Baba replied that to feed Baba (Bhog) Idol for 21 days and your work will be done. My mom asked my friend to do the same. And to which he did with full devotion. On the 21st day, Thursday, He received letter stating your Permanent Residency has been granted. All were so happy and we thanked Baba ji for this beautiful miracle. My friend went to Australia and worked hard, and with Baba ji blessings we tied knots after two years, he returned back.

Another Incident, When we got married, my husband was suppose to return to Australia after three months. We wanted to stay together, so we applied for my visitor visa as well. As the days came nearby, no decision was made on my application. Just one day a thought came in my mind, to visit Shirdi. I requested my husband that you will return in a week time so i want you to take me to Shirdi. He agreed and we both on the same night made our booking for Shirdi, when we reached there, it was Evening Aarti time. We decided to take Baba’s Darshan and then find an accommodation. When i saw Baba, tears rolled down my eyes. I was so happy that words cannot explain. Then i said Baba, i will come tomorrow as well. With that note, we went to hotel to organize for an accommodation. In the mean time we were also trying to book for our return tickets. We searched a lot but could not find any way back home. We were like struck in Shirdi. My husband flight was 2 days away. So, we decided to rush to Aurangabad Airport (nearest Airport to Shirdi) So that we can get back home in time. I my heart i prayed to Baba ji, thanked Him for Darshan, and apologized that i cannot come again to see Him tomorrow.

On the way back to Airport, came many hurdles. In results we kind of missed our flight. And there were no more flights available for the day. We were disappointed and I again prayed to Baba ji in heart seeking His permission to leave. When we reached Airport, we already knew that we missed our flight but a small hope of may be was there. When we moved to the counter and Receptionist said, the flight you were booked in has been delayed due to weather and you haven’t missed that flight. We were so happy. As it was all sudden, we forgot to take Baba’s Udi from Shirdi, but our cab driver gave us Udi and Prasad and went away saying happy journey. So many miracles, which i will be posting it later. So, much to share. I had in mind from so many days to share my experience with fellow devotees and today, Baba Himself gave me that opportunity to sit and write it. Baba i love You. Please keep Your hand on our head like this always. Om Sai Ram

Baba Saved My Job

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a Sai devotee from Chennai. I am working in a MNC and though my family has been Sai devotee for years, I started praying and believing in Sai only from 2011. This miracle is about how Sai saved my job. Sai Ram. I joined my first employer in 2007 and it was a comfortable place to work and I worked there happily till 2010. But after that I felt that my job was not so interesting and I was not getting any recognition. I always felt that I need a guru who can take me in right path spiritually. I started looking out for job from 2011 and also my family was looking for a girl for me same time. But nothing was favourable for me. I was so much upset and was literally cribbing all the time. My dad has given me Sai Satcharitra in 2007 when i joined my first company which I never opened or read. Suddenly I felt I should read it and go to Sai temple whenever I get time in 2011. When I started reading Satcharitra and going to Sai temple every week, I felt He is my Guru and I always pray Sai that He should be my Guru and He should go ahead of me in everything and make the path clear and remove all obstacles. Miracles happened to me after that. Things started falling to place. I got engaged and also I got a good job in a US based MNC. Things were going good.

Couple of weeks back came the shock that my project is being closed and so the folks working here are asked to leave the job. When I felt everything was going in right direction, I didn’t expect this twist in life. I always have Sai Picture in my mobile and purse. I just looked as Sai Picture in my mobile and said to Sai, whatever is Your wish do it. This job is given by You and I know You will do only good to me. I am basically very nervous guy and I easily get tensed for small things. But I don’t know how, I didn’t get tensed after hearing this news. I believed in Sai and left it to Him. I was attending interviews within the company last week and I had to meet a manager. But he was not available. So the HR asked me to randomly meet a manager and it was just a discussion. They did not take any interview. But after an hour, I was said that I am internally transferred to the team. I really thanked Sai so much and this happened on Thursday. I went to Baba temple that evening itself and thanked Him. The bonus happiness Sai gave me was that I am also getting promotion with new opportunity. Sai never leaves us empty handed. Believe in Sai blindly and leave your problems to Him. He will take care of it. Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai

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  1. Om Sai Ram….Blissful Experiences….Thanks Baba For Everything….We Love You Baba….Always Be With Us….Om Sai Ram

  2. Baba, I don't know how to thank you for all the miracles happened in my life. Please get me out of these problems which are creating tension and my husband is suffering a lot due to this. I am not able to bear this as I am the one who didn't listen to your words, even though my instinct was telling me. Please forgive me for my mistakes. I promise you I will do social service by helping poor students. I need your blessings and support and asking you to give an opportunity.

  3. Wonderful experiences. Well said, trust Him blindly and he will take care of it.

    Just a reminder of the wonderful quote by a devotee the other day (to self and all) – Don't tell Baba you have a problem, tell the problem you have Baba 🙂

    Thank You Deva 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  4. In Sai’s Proximity

    Baba’s Pooja by Sathe
    In the earlier years, Gurupournima was not being celebrated in Shirdi. In the year 1908, the fortune of
    performing the first-ever Gurupournima Pooja in Shirdi went to Tatyasaheb Nulkar. Baba had just returned
    after collecting bhiksha in the morning. Nulkar approached Him with preparations of Pooja and said, “Today is
    the auspicious day of Gurupournima.” Baba gladly allowed him to perform the Pooja.
    Later on, Baba sent a message to Kelkar to perform the same Pooja. As Sathe was also present with
    other devotees, Baba allowed them also to perform the Pooja.
    Sathe thought that as he has performed Gurupournima Pooja, he can also perform Mahashivratri Pooja.
    He wanted to perform the Pooja treating Baba as Shivswaroop. But, Baba refused the permission. Yet, Sathe
    and Megha decided to act wise. They decided that they will perform Pooja at least of the steps of the Masjid!
    When everyone was fast asleep, the pair went to Masjid in the middle of the night. However, Tatya Patil was awake and he silently made gestures and told them to leave. Nevertheless, the duo went ahead and anointed
    the step with gandh, offered leaves of Bel tree (considered to be Lord Shiva’s favourite) and flowers. Just then,
    Baba awoke.
    He began showering choicest abuses on them for attempting to perform the Pooja without seeking Baba’s
    permission and also for attempting to do it secretly. The entire village woke up with the commotion and began
    cursing Sathe and Megha for their foolhardy behaviour.

  5. Please I am unable to submit my experience about the blessings of our beloved father , can anyone please help me by saying how to submit my experiences?

    • I personally suggest to post in comments section. It takes 6+ months to get published in blog. Posting in comment section will get immediate response from fellow deveotees.

    • Sai Ramji,

      I request you to please send us experiences through the form system or by emailing us. Comment section is for discussing about experiences.


    • hetal ji..m wondering if "prayers for the blog" is still continued.i sent my email to ask other devotees to pray for me..but cudnt find the blog.can u plz post the link here if its still going on..thanks.om sai raam

    • Hi Hetal ji,
      Sairam,Even I am unable to post my experience through the link that has been provided on top. It gives an error: "Server Error in '/shirdisaibabaservices/submission' Application".
      what is the email is where I should post my experience please.
      Thanking you.

  6. Om Sairam.I love you.I always feel your presence it makes me happy.your feet are my resort.I am better after reading Saisatcharita.thanks for whatever you have given me.Please post me as A.P.I have full faith I know you will fulfill my wish.guide me Saimother.forgive my Sims.

  7. Om sai ram….Hey my allah Mallik u r my Guru my father my mother my brother and sister…..U r one and only for me who is so much close to my heart…babaji u know al my life and everythng…The harsh time..all because of my ignorance that I am facing is unbearable…Only hope is you…you give me hope to stand and face the world…please never ever leave ur child's hand…..u r my sunshine…Blesss us all…

  8. by baba's grace i will b visiting shirdi next week.can anybody plz guide me how to approach chavan baba as i hv heard a lot abt him in this site and once someone mentioned that if v want to donate food there..a lady in shirdi can help u to cook for u and she will charge u some money.will b really grateful if someone can help in this matter.om sai naathaye namah.

  9. Omsairam….baba u knew me i am so weak…pls be with me…pls u mean alot….i will be yours forever and ever pls babasai!!!

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