Baba Cured My Daughter

Anonymous Devotee from Qatar says: Dear Sai Baba devotees our loving Baba came in my life in the year 2012 from that time onwards Baba made many miracles in our life and showed His presence every day. First of all i would like to thank the admin for creating this page. Everyday i read this page which increases our faith and confidence towards our Baba. I want to share my recent experience with Sai Baba. On March 2nd 2014, my 9 year old daughter had a viral infection with fever and both lymph nodes on her neck got swollen. They took scan and said it is quiet big and said it should come down in 2 or 3 weeks of time or we need to do biopsy. On hearing we were so scared and prayed to Baba that i will bring her to Shirdi if it comes down. After 2 weeks doctor checked and said it has come down well and told us to wait for 3 more weeks to go completely. We were so happy and booked our tickets to Shiridi. On March 20th we had a great Darshan of Baba’s Lotus Feet, when we returned to airport, i prayed Baba for safe journey there my daughter showed a car having the words Om Sai Ram. I was so happy and thanked Baba for His blessings.

After 1 month on may 2nd we went to doctor he checked and said it remains in the same size and not come down and told us to do ultra sound scan to check the size. The result showed that it is 2.4 cm in size and before it was 3.8 cm so he said it has come down but has to so come down under 1 cm or we will need to do biopsy. He also said that clinically she is normal and can wait for 3 more months. I am so upset to hear the words biopsy, but i was so much confidence on my Baba but cried in front of Baba’s Picture day and night and prayed for her recovery. Meanwhile i also started Sai Satcharitra Saptah Parayanam during that time i felt that it has come down. When i completed my 2nd Saptah Parayanam my daughter had a hand pain and we went to doctor on 27 may 2014 he checked her lymph nodes and said it has come down dramatically and almost completely gone. On hearing this i cried and said thank You Baba. It is a great miracle that it has gone completely in 2 weeks of time. It is a pure blessing’s of Baba.

Baba you are so great, no words can explain Your love and blessings. Please Baba always blesses us and always be with us. We can’t even imagine a life without You. Baba please be with us and guide us always to go in right path. Always love and shower Your blessings on all Your devotees. Baba never leaves anyone. He loves all of us. We can’t even measure His miracles, all we need is faith and patience. Baba i love You so much and always want to stay at Your Lotus Feet. You know very well what to do for us. Thanks for reading my experience sorry it is too long, but i promised Baba that i will post this in this page.

Baba’s Blessings For Job

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Sai Ram, I completed my engineering & got selected through campus interview to a job & i worked there for 3 years. I used to receive very less salary compared to my friends & used to work 6 days a week & always used to feel bad for getting into core industry because there were no girls working with me & i was no way in comparison with my college mates in terms of salary & work environment. Towards the end of 2 years of my job there i was in tears & would literally cry most of the times & would pray for job change. I always fancied software industry work environment & wanted such a job but i had got into core industry. I really started feeling suffocated there with no growth & would pray Baba for job change. One day all of a sudden i got call from a consultancy & they told there is an opening & would i be interested. I really did not trust in this consultancy job offers thinking they will be fake. But just to get an escape from present company i thought i will give a try & answered telephonic round & cleared it and later even cleared the technical rounds.

Here comes the best part. I was left with HR round & as i was travelling to that office in bus. I just started calculating about salary & thought i should ask particular amount if HR asks salary expectation. I really had that figure written in a paper. But when i faced the HR & she asked me about pay i ended up saying a different number which was far low compared to what i had dreamt. I could not ask that actual figure because my previous salary was very less and i felt inferior to ask for higher pay. I cursed myself for being so dumb. After a week i got HR’s offer letter with salary details & they had offered me a good salary & were very happy. Then when i was shifting my PG i found the paper in which i had calculated the salary expectation & written down when i was previously travelling in bus to attend HR round. I was astonished to know that my new job salary matched my expected salary accurately. It was the same number that i had written down in paper. It was an amazing experience in my lifetime. Now it’s almost 1 year since i started working at this new office & i went onsite twice and its 5 days working here with software job environment. Even though Baba made me have hard times at my old job it’s just to make me realise the worth of new gift that He had planned to give me. I am grateful to Baba for showering His blessing on me. Thank You Baba. Bless all

Baba Appeared As Grandmother And Blessed Me In My Dream

Sai Brother Senthil from India says: Hi Hetal ji, I am Senthil from Bangalore. I have couple of Sai experiences and would like to share one of them. I have previously shared a couple in which Baba appeared like a shadow, gave me black clouds over me, cleared the same and pulled me towards Him. Thank you for your efforts to make this site available to all Sai devotees and make their souls happy, God bless you. I have earlier shared my experience (in which Baba appeared like Shadow and pulled me towards Him), here i would like to share another beautiful and merciful dream of Baba that i experienced. I am posting this late, please forgive me for that, after reading this blog now (though i read it almost daily) i felt the urge to post it now.

I started Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat with full devotion and faith and prayed Baba to help me clear one of my government jobs which i had applied. I had a dream after 2nd Thursday (i don’t remember exactly) in which a person wearing white shirt in Activa spoke with me, though i don’t remember what exactly he said, also someone took me separately in a room. After 7th Week i had another dream which goes as follows. I was sitting on a bench with my close friend, here comes a grandmother aged more than 80 looking weak, wearing glasses and slightly bent forward. I thought her to be a beggar and hesitated to give money, and there was anger in my face as well. Later she sat next to me and stared, my heart melted and my hand went in the pocket and i offered 1 rupee to the lady. The lady looked at my friend, pinched my cheeks gently and told him about me that i am very kind hearted and blessed me in Telugu saying that “you will be very nice in future “. I felt strong urge to fall on her feet and i did touch, but to my surprise the feet looked fully white like a marble. The lady started walking away after this, and when i turned to have a look at her Lo! She was not to be seen anywhere, i did search with my friend in the bus but in vain. When i woke up i was very happy and thought Baba accepted Dakshina of 1 rupee from me and remembered Baba saying that “Sometimes i take 1 rupee as Dakshina from my devotees and return ten folds”.

After completing the Nav Guruvar Vrat, i had my results announced, but to my shock i did not clear my exam. I have cried bitterly about this and extremely disappointed but Baba is with me always. I am sure that Baba has some other job for me or maybe He will bless me next time as He knows the best way. When i am extremely disappointed i always think about this dream as Baba’s words is always true and He has some other plans for me. I have started Guruvar Vrat again for my government job and will wait with Shradha and Saburi till Baba helps me to clear the exams. Let me tell all Sai Devotees that Baba is the most merciful God in this universe, please have immense faith in Him. Whenever i am disappointed I think of these in my mind “Trust in Me and your prayer shall be answered” which gives me strength internally. I will share in couple of days another experience of my manager in the company who has seen Baba appear like a beggar in the marriage of his relatives after inviting Him whole-heartedly in Shirdi. Akilanda Koti Brahmand Nayak Shree Sachidanand Sad Guru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai

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  1. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
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    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  2. Hello sai devotees
    Iam also a blessed soul of sai baba. I want to share a very sweet experience of today at 7 am. Iam from rajasthan nd i stay in mum,i dnt know hw to speak marathi bt i understand it.all the aratis of sai baba are sung in marathi here but since i did nt understand it completly i always try avoid the arati. But since last two three time i reach to the mandir when arati is just going to start.i try to leave the premises aftr takin babas darshan.i offered baba a flowers garland which the pandit offered to sai baba.when i started to leave the pujari called me back and asked me to attend the arati.i stood there, arati was started with the 11 assurances of sai baba.and for the first time i cud understand every bitof the arati.i enjoied it.i was mesmerised.i was a in state of trance and there were goose bumps throught the arati.i felt like never before.a feeling of our lords extreme presence ("sakshat prakat") there.i felt him inside me today.

    I realized that our baba's way of showing love is so unique and his plans are perfect, his love cannot be defined by me.
    Just love him for everything.because he will do just thr BEST for you.

    Sai sai

  3. Om Sai Ram…baba please help my sister baba…make her life peaceful baba…soon i should get a job in my hometown baba…please bless my mom with good health baba….Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram


    My wife and myself are Sai devotees as well as Harnath devotees. A month ago, we were at Nellore where we sang songs and the namavali of both these saints. When we returned to Chennai, we continued with Harnath bhajans, omitting Sai songs and Sai namavali. We merely did aarati to His picture along with Harnath’s
    My wife fell ill on 21-1-1939 and had a serious attack of rheumatism or something like a paralytic seizure. Her limbs could not move. My wife said to herself that this was a punishment for slighting Baba’s songs and namavali, i.e. omitting them. Later, she had a dream, where she found herself running in a garden of Nellore (where we did bhajans) and found that two Muslim boys were chasing her. Just then she remembered Harnath and prayed to Him for help. One of the pursuers disappeared. Now, only one boy chased, and he too began to chuckle with laughter saying “Am I not Sai ? How is it that you have forgotten Me ?” He added, “Your illness will be cured. Give Me Rs. 40/-.” She woke up and told Me of her dream. We resolved to follow Baba’s advice. Half an hour after the dream, her legs, which had lost all power of movement or support during her illness, recovered strength and became quite normal.
    In the morning she became alright.
    Since that day we are having regular Sai pooja and bhajans in our house.

    ṛtuḥ sudarśanaḥ kālaḥ parameṣṭhī parigrahaḥ |
    ugraḥ saṁvatsarō dakṣō viśrāmō viśvadakṣiṇaḥ || 45 ||

    416. Ṛtuḥ: One who is of the nature of Kala (time) which is indicated
    by the word Ritu or season.
    417. Sudarśanaḥ: One whose Darshana or vision that is knowledge,
    bestows the most auspicious fruit Moksha.
    418. Kālaḥ: One who measures and sets a limit to everything.
    419. Parameṣṭhī: One who dwells in his supreme greatness in the
    sky of the heart.
    420. Parigrahaḥ: One who, being everywhere, is grasped on all sides
    by those who seek refuge in Him. Or one who grasps or
    receives the offerings made by devotees.
    421. Ugraḥ: One who is the cause of fear even to beings like Sun.
    422. Saṁvatsaraḥ: One in whom all beings reside.
    423. Dakṣaḥ: One who augments in the form of the world.
    424. Viśrāmaḥ: One who bestows Vishrama or liberation to
    aspirants who seek relief from the ocean of Samsara with its
    waves of various tribulations in the from of Hunger, Thirst etc.,
    and difficulties like Avidya, pride, infatuation etc.
    425. Viśvadakṣiṇaḥ: One who is more skilled (Daksha) than every
    one. Or One who is proficient in everything.

  6. Om sai ram to all
    I always felt very happy by reading devotees experiences as we come to know the way how blissfully baba fulfils everyone's wishes…
    I want to tell my today's experience as when I got up in morning I got one white rice seed in my hand and I was shocked by it as I didn't know how it came in my hand but I kept it in my shawl and made a knot of it that will show it to my mum to my surprise when I opened the knot I front of mum that rice seed was not inside i again got shocked but didn't get its meaning as we are going to shirdi by tomorrow so might be it was sai maa's blessing for us…. Please baba ji b with us all the way to shirdi and back to home
    Om sai ram

  7. Om sairam.Saibaba today One guy had come and seen me.That boy is bit short thin but well educated.U know previously what has happened with me.My parents and my brother are interested in that guy.I dont want to trouble my parents anymore I said ok. Saibaba whatever you feel tight for me kindly do that.forgive my you.

  8. Thank you a trillion babaji for your merciful help at the court. .. kindly sail is out of it completely… Thank u babaji. … luv u my luv

  9. Wonderful experiences all and especially the last one. Well reminded Senthil – "Trust in Me and your prayer shall be answered"

    O Deva, let our faith in You be strong and unshakeable.

    Jai Sairam

  10. Sai natha,

    I am always remembering you….you are always with me…..i know that…Baba,please make our accounts with good amounts…We are working with less husband is trying ,but he is not getting good job..please help him baba….we are waiting for your miracles to our family and parents..
    Baba, please help my children to be in right path…good grades,mainly good behavior and good health…..Thanks baba for everything…

    Baba i want to see you with my family and parents next summer..please bless me baba…

    love you baba…

  11. Babaji please please bless sagu woth good health and happiness and cure her. .Always keep his in your lotus feet and never leave her hands. .om sai ram. Sorry if I have done any mistake..please bless her and cure her before tomorrow I would do everything as I promised. .om sai ram

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