Never Leave Baba’s Hand

Anonymous Devotee from UK says: I live in UK and have been Sai daughter when I was 13 yrs of age. I then left His hand and now have held it again this time forever. Few months ago I found out that I had a big cyst on my right ovary, Doctors here advised they will need to do operation as my blood test were also not normal and they may have to remove my right ovary as you can imagine I was in a lot of stress I would cry just thinking about it. My faith in Baba was going and as it was Navratri. I started praying to Maa Durga day and night. One day my baby fell ill so I had to take a day off but that day my sis in law called me after hearing about my situation and spoke to me (she is also Baba devotee) she told me that she noticed my faith in Baba has gone down and wanted to speak to me since some time but not had chance and not to do that but to trust Him. I was just crying on the phone. She told me that hold Baba’s hands He will make it all ok. She told me to read Sai Bavni and His 11 promises twice a day.

So slowly I started to get my faith back in Him. On Ram Navami at work I had a thought to do likit Jaap, so I brought a notebook and started on same day. A few days before my operation I had a dream that the Doctor was doing operation and I saw that there was blood squirting everywhere and I was shouting saying i am not go 1st am go 2nd. Then I woke up remembering all dreams but ignored it. On the day of operation I had only managed to do 108 pages of my likit Jaap and prayed to Baba that’s all in His hand now. I went hospital with my hubby and when the anesthist came and saw me having a cold he refused to do the operation even my gynaecologist said they can’t do it as may have complications as I have cold. Me and my hubby literally begged to say do it as I wanted it all to be over but we were sent home and booked in after 2 weeks, all my family were stressed and told me that it my fault I had cold as all I did was cry. A few days before my operation I had dream again that I went for operation and all the medical staff was calm and peaceful in theatre with the operation team. After 2 weeks I finished my likit Jaap a day before operation, on the day of operation I still had mild cold but the new anesthist did not seem bothered and I had mild cold and I had new gynaecologist as well. I spoke to him that if there is any way they can save my ovary then please do as the other gynaecologist said he will have to remove it, the new gynaecologist I had that day was very nice and understanding and wanted to help me. So he said that instead of keyhole surgery which was planned by last doctor he would do open surgery that way he can see how my ovary is and save it if possible as my cyst was quite big he was worried it may pop if they did keyhole, so I agreed.

After my operation, I woke up and my hubby came to me saying all went well, cyst removed and they managed to save my ovary a little bit as well. I was so happy that Baba heard me and saved me, as if I had the operation 1st time it may have not gone well as my dream showed, all test came back normal but found out they found some endometriosis in cyst, again I was stressed. I came back home after 2 days and started my likit Jaap again and did 4 Saptah Parayan of Sai Satcharitra back to back. I found out my result all came back clear but they did confirm endometriosis. It may come back at some point I don’t know but Doctor gave me all clear to go. I know may be because of my karma they found endometriosis and am not angry with Baba, but I do know this that Baba helped me out, and now He is testing my faith in Him to see how long I will hold His hand for, but I have told Baba that in the past my faith has come and gone and I have left His hand few times that probably why I went through 3 stressful months, but now I have held His hand and not letting go, as by holding His hand. He will guide us on a path without thorns but if we leave His hand all we see if thorns. I just wanted to tell all that don’t leave His hand, if we do we will get thorns and problems in our way, but if we hold His hand He may test us but hold on tight because then He will not let any thorns come out way.

Also another miracle, couple weeks ago I saw Udi on Baba Photo in my temple, my hubby being Nastik he said it may have been done by one of us by accident to my baby but I said no way as the Udi on Picture does not show any finger print also if it was done by us it would have fallen off the picture as picture is standing. I know this was Baba miracle giving me blessing and what more happiness can I have that am sharing it on Baba day with you all & I got Baba Udi from Shirdi in the post today as well sent from my Mum If I missed anything Baba please forgive me. Love You Baba.

Baba Showed Me A Career Oriented Job

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I knew Baba from my childhood. I don’t know exactly when i get close to our Baba. I used to attend our Baba’s Pooja in my childhood that was held in my friend’s house every Friday. But i started experience His Leelas when i was in graduation. I have faced lot of problems in my life, it may be personal or family problems. I used to speak with Baba for small things by standing in front of His garland. Many times i scold Him for not getting the things done according to my wish. I stopped worship Him for sometimes and again praying Him. It happens so many times. I was in rough path of my life. I completed my post graduation and there after went to overseas for doing MS. I left my studies in the middle and returned to India due to personal problems. I was trying for job in India and was not succeeded for many years.

Here Comes the miracle of Baba, I met my junior after many years and he asked me to do Subramnyeswara Swamy Vrat for 9 weeks as you will get job in the 4th or 5th week itself. I was placed in a top most reputed company as a contractor. I was so happy that my life was settled and no need to look back. Here Baba came in the form of my junior and advised me to follow Him. I was tensed in my job and i asked Sai Baba about my job will i get succeeded in my job or not from The answer is that running projects will be stopped and shortly you will gain. As per Baba wish my contract tenure was finish for 6 months and i became jobless again. I visited this wonderful page in the month of January 2014 and started reading the experiences of our Baba devotees and i gained more faith in Baba. Thanks to the admin for creating such a wonderful page. I decided at that time that i will post my experience as soon as i got the job. I started my job trails again and i got a call from the company that i served as a contractor. I was offered a permanent role in that reputed company with unexpected package and myself and my family was very happy that has no bounds for our happiness. This is all happened because of our friend ‘Shirdi Sai Baba’ Who takes care of all our devotees every time. So my dear devotees never ever lose faith in Baba. He will surely help us in the right time and will guide us in the right direction, but we should have two things to follow as per Baba sayings ‘Shraddha & Saburi’. Forgive Baba as i was posting my experience very late. Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram. Sri Sachidanand Samartha Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai

Baba Is Always With Me In Every Step Of My Life

Anonymous Devotee from Singapore says: I am Devotee of Sai from my 10th standard. I used to read His stories from my 15 years of age. I believed and trusted Him and always i used to chant Sai. With His blessing i have very good and happy family. Thanks to Baba. I got a good job and i married to such a nice person. After marriage we shifted to another country and lead very nice life and with His grace i got a good job. We are actually planning to buy a house over there but we could not and we always postpone. Last January i went to India for delivery, at that time my aunt told about Guru Bardwaj yaga. Everybody has to complete Baba Parayanam 11 times before April 2014. Miracles happened to me after i started. My Normal delivery (we might think what is in this but these days in India everybody undergoing c-section). We have healthy and cutest baby gal. Another happiest thing is we bought a house which we are planning to buy from last 2 years that too with reasonable and house is lovely too. My husband project suddenly got ended and they gave time of 6 months to get another project and he got place in another project with in short time.

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  1. In Sai’s Proximity
    – Mrs. Mugdha Divadkar

    Mahadu Phassle was a old Sevekari of Baba. His real name was ‘Madhav’; but in Shirdi, he was known as ‘Mahadu’. Since his childhood, he developed an attraction towards Baba. As a young man, he served and stayed with Baba. From morning till night, he was always ever willing to serve Baba.
    He used to do a lot of chores – sweeping the Masjid, cleaning the mat on which Baba sat, fill-up water in the tub kept near the steps, draw lukewarm water for Baba’s bath, anxiously wait for Baba to finish His bath and then wipe His body, clean the Hundis (lamps) kept in the Masjid and Chavadi, help Abdulbaba in lighting up the lamps, look after Baba’s horse, etc.
    There was a room, adjoining the Dhuni, which was used for storing fire-wood. Baba had -with His own hands – constructed almost three-fourths of one wall of that room. At that time, Mahadu had assisted Baba by making mixture of mud. Baba had stacked the bricks and then plastered the wall with the mud.
    At the time of Baba’s mortal end, Mahadu handed over the Chillum and Satka used by Baba to Bapusaheb Jog. Bapusaheb had kept both these articles in his Pooja Ghar. Later on, when Bapusaheb shifted his residence to Upasani Ashram at Sakori, he took these sacred articles with him. In due course of time, these articles have been preserved in the Sai Sansthan.
    This is a story of 1936. Baba's Muslim devotee Chhotekhan and Mahadu Phasale were sleeping in the Masjid. Chhotekhan heard Baba's voice saying, “Are Mahadu, get up ! I have to pass urine”. But, Mahadu was fast asleep and could not get up. Next day morning, it was observed that at the place, where Baba used to sit, there was a poodle of water and a sweet fragrance was emanating from it.

  2. Om Sai Ram…please make my sister life happy baba…she is going through lot of troubles..please help her baba…Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

    • Dear Sai Devotee
      I will pray for your sister please pray for mine too…my sister is also struggling a lot praying to Baba to give her a Healthy and Happy life

      Om Sai Ram!

  3. Om Sai Ram all fantastic experiences Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

  4. On sai ram to all our sai family members
    Very nice experiences of all
    1 st experience
    That's very good that baba showed you his blessings in the form of udi on his photo
    I m also facing the same roblem with cysts in my both ovaries with endometriosis due to I am unmarried and doctors in India are not ready for surgery as well and they said pregnant is the only solution as treatment … I am in lot of pain day and night I am g begging from our sai maa to show me right path as I can't go for marriage at this bad stage where I can't even take a glass of water by my own…
    Please baba be my guide and guru and do some miracle baba I can't tolerate this pain anymore.
    One good thing that I worship our sai maa as bholenarh( Shivaji) and yesterday night he gave in darshan as lord Shivaji where the face was of shivji

    • Dear Rajni,
      I'm so sorry for your condition. But please see some other good gynecologist,Whoever told you getting married is the solution to ovarian cysts and endometriosis is completely wrong.There are some really good treatments available for both of your conditions, you don't have to suffer like this. May baba guide you with the right treatment.

    • Om Sai Ram to you… I understand your pain and I would suggest you not to go for operation but try and go for homeopathy treatment or Acupressure.. I am an Acupressure student and I find the treatment to be very effective and there are no side effects.. Please find a good Healer near your place or a homeo doctor… All the best and may our Baba give you a great health..!!

    • Thanks both of u for your suggestions and kind wishes but I have tried homeopathy treatment for more than one year but it did nothing only my problem increased in that while now I have only one and only hope that is our baba only he can show me right path…. Only waiting for his mercy
      Om sai ram

    • Sairam Rajni,
      Please do not worry. I have prayed to our dear God that your cysts must be cured soon without surgery, you should get married soon and also have kids.

  5. And entire body was of sai baba and that too in shirdi samadhi mandir I felt very happy as when I got up in morning and remember that it's Monday today and good news is I m going to shirdi on this Thursday 13.nov.2014 might be baba called me there for some good reasons… Love you baba please be with me always and give me strength to tolerate this pain of my bad karmas

    • Om Sairam
      How lucky u r,,can u do a favour fr me,can u take my prayer nd submit under the holy feet of sai paa,bcos still I didn't gt a cal fm sai paa to go to shirdi,can u pls???

    • Om Sairam
      Thank u so much,as a medico I m saying pls visit smother gynec dr,nowadays these ovarian cysts r quite common lot of med treatments available.u ll surely gt cure vth baba's blessing.whoever puts his feet on shirdi soil,his suffering would com to end.tats y u gt a Cal fm sai paa,,Om Sairam..

  6. In a lighter vein, overwhelming number of posts are from female devotees and only few from male devotees:) however, most of the female devotees claim to be Baba's Beti "daughter" while all must be knowing that Sri SaiNath–the Peerless Sadguru was an Akhanda Bal Brahmachari:)) however, the men do not claim to be Baba's Beta!!

  7. om sri sai ram
    i feel as though im going away from you.please pull me towards you. please do not leave . i have suffered a lot . please give me happiness baba .
    om sri sai ram
    allah malik

  8. sai baba please protect the gift u r giving me. im 11 th week pregnancy. im geeling so sick. please take all bad karmas from me . please give me all happiness . protect the baby
    om sri sai ram
    allah malik

  9. Om Sairam.forgive my sins.thanks for whatever you have given me.I upset myself because of my own activities.My engagement was broken, from few days I was very much remainded of him so I messaged him, and I was remaineded of old memories.he is fine with his life I keep on thinking about him,and upset myself.Saibaba help me.

    • do not mssage him again…….you forget him and go on with your life..even he should think that you can manage without you….et into some work and get busy dont think of your past….satcharitra will help you to over come your depression

  10. Wonderful experiences.

    O Sai, we bow and surrender ourselves to You on this beautiful day, Thank You for accepting us into Your fold 🙂

    Jai Sairam

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