Why Fear When HE Is Here

Sai Sister Nandini from India says: Sai Ram everyone. I am Nandini Ramaswamy from India. I am 24yrs old and have finished with my MBBS and preparing for my MD exams. I have been praying to Sai Baba as long as I can remember. For me He is my Krishna, Ram, Allah, and Jesus everything, He is my Guru, my Mentor and my Friend. My parents started praying to Sai Baba around twenty years ago. They were going through a very rough patch health wise and financially at that point of time. One fine day, an old man wearing rags came to my house asking for water and something to eat. My mother was present then and my grandparents were there too, my dad was out at work and my siblings and I were at school. My mom asked him to wait outside and she went in to get him something. When she returned back she found him inside the hall and she panicked a little. But that old man just took the water and then started giving all kind of details to my mother about her life, how many children she has, what my father was doing and also about my grandparents, my mom was now a like amazed as to how he knew all the details. Now it was that man who told my mom to start praying to Sai Baba and light a lamp every Thursday. He also told her that her life will change drastically after this visit of his. And all his words did come true. We are all doing very well now and it is all because of Baba’s blessings. As Baba always said if person had to come to Him, He will pull the person to Him like a sparrow pulled by a thread to its feet. If i had to write about all the miracles Baba has blessed my family and me with I will end up writing a book. I simply think that every day in my life is a miracle, a gift from Baba and I wish to utilise everyday helping everybody and spreading love.

I am writing this particular experience of mine because as a student i understand the kind of stress young children go through at this age. It’s a very competitive world out there and we are all judged by how we all fare in our exams. We all work very hard for exams, burn the midnight lamp, and neglect our health and all of this for one final judgement day, the exam day. However many a times it so happens that despite working very hard the paper is very difficult or unexpected and we all think our work has all been flushed down a drain. Something very similar happened with me recently, this was my second level paper and I had done very well in my first level, i had put my heart and soul for this exam and was hopeful on scoring pretty well. However the exam was very difficult, I was very upset midway and I thought I should leave the exam as I am going to fail anyways. I shut my eyes during the break in between and invoked Baba, asked Him why was He putting me through this, did I do anything wrong, why was He not helping me.

However I knew Baba always told us that, don’t tell me that you have a problem, go and tell the problem you have Baba. And that’s what I did, I gathered all the courage I had and finished my paper. I came home, took my Satcharitra and cried. I told Baba judge me by my hard work and not the paper. It takes three weeks for the results to come and I haven’t slept a single night peacefully but all this time i always knew Baba would never let me down. I knew He would never let go His promise of protecting His devotees. I would read this blog everyday and all the devotees experiences would give me hope. May god bless you all for keeping my spirits up during that time. I mentally decided that if i fare well in my exam i too shall write this experience, may be somebody would read mine and get some peace of mind. And guess what, not only did i clear the paper, i did very well. I could not stop crying after seeing my results and I was telling everyone this is a miracle, i am so blessed. May be some of you who are reading this are students who have given exams or will be doing so. My sincere advice to all of you is just do your best and leave the rest to Baba. He will make sure He answers your prayers. Jai Sai Ram and once again don’t tell Baba you have a problem but tell the problem you have Baba

Baba You Are My Strength

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear devotees I am reading Sai Baba miracles page from quite some time and would like to share few of those miracles which remain very special in my life also our entire family members are devotees of Baba since 1983 Thanks to my grani who introduced Great Guru to us. My sister was born with blessings of Baba as Baba has come in my mother dreams and taken her from a river name called Sindhu and He blessed our family by applying Udi on our foreheads. My sister name is addressed as Sai Sindhuja and she was born on Thursday as per my mother wish.

My mother and father were govt employees and unfortunately my father company IDPL when into losses in the year 90’s and my dad used to get salary only once in 4 months and mother was not on roles she was paid very less so meeting daily commitments used to be big deal. Since Baba has promised that He will take care of our family here we go. Our house owner where we used to stay on rental basis has never demanded rent from us and always used to support my dad stating that we can clear rents only once payments get released he is considered has tough man and very rude but he was always so kind with us. Same in case of household items shopkeeper used to wait until my dad clears let it be 5 or 6 months with high patience. Thanks to both the persons for being so kind.

I was not that good at academics clearing 10th standard was just a miracle and it happened just because of Baba’s grace my mother out of happiness she made sweets and distributed to entire colony members same in case of intermediate. My sis got engaged in 2004 to well established family more importantly a family who has got good ethics and values they expected to perform engagement in grand manner since they have planned marriage. After finishing post graduation my sister was just 20 year old and doing her graduation time has come where Baba saved once again my dad has got only minimum cash with him but to my dad surprise some cash was deposited by someone with no proofs with which engagement was performed successfully it was 100 percent Baba who deposited that cash. These miracles are childhood once I shall post few more recent miracles in due course of time Baba bless us forever, my Padabhu Vandanam to You

Sai Baba Miracles

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am Sai Baba devotee because of my mom. I want to share my recent experience with Sai Baba. For all small things i asked Sai Baba like my parents. One day i was very tired and that day we decided to stay at my maternal house because that my mom house is near to our office both my husband & me so we decided to stay their but unfortunately the electricity gone and we feel so frustrated so it’s around 1:00 am that light has gone and i was praying to Sai Baba but at around 4 i asked Sai Baba that if electricity will come i will post this experience at this site and start reading devotees experience in this site and immediately by Sai Baba grace and electricity has come. Thanks Sai Baba for blessing me every time i need You. Love You Sai Baba.

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  1. Om Sai Ram…Blissful Experience…Devotee 1: Thanks for your Tag Line…"Don't Tell Baba That You Have Problem, But Tell Problem That You Have Baba"…We Love You Baba…Always Be With Us…Om Sai Ram

  2. In Sai’s Proximity
    – Mrs. Mugdha Divadkar
    Laxmanrao Kulkarni Ratnaparkhi was maternal uncle of Madhavrao Deshpande. He was a resident of Shirdi itself. He was an orthodox Brahmin. He used to follow the laws of touchability and religious rites very rigorously.
    As Laxmanrao was the maternal uncle of Madhavrao, he was known as ‘Laxman Mama’ in the village. He was the Vatandar Kulkarni and Gram Joshi of Shirdi Village.
    While the devotees were experiencing Baba’s miracles, Laxmanrao maintained a distance from such things. He not only had no faith in Baba, but he was a very staunch opponent of Him.
    An unlearned person is likely to fall into prey to bad ompany and habits. He may listen only to his ego and have belief only in himself. Gradually, he starts thinking that he is bigger than God. To bring such a person to the proper path, Bhagvant gives him certain jolts. The person starts coming back to his senses. Then, the Almighty enters his inner soul and gives him deliverance.
    It so happened with Laxmanrao. The great egoist fell ill with an incurable disease. His sufferings knew no limits in spite of the various remedies he tried. Ultimately – as a last resort – he came to Baba’s Masjid.
    Baba looked at him with tranquil eyes, moved his hand over Laxmanrao’s body and said, “Go ! Allah will set things right.”
    There was a miraculous change in Laxmanrao from the time he stepped into the Masjid. On top of it, he had the blessings of Baba. From that moment, he became a devotee of Baba.
    On another occasion, Baba took a test of Laxmanrao.
    Bappaji was the only son of Laxmanrao. When he was young, he ailed from some incurable disease. But, now Laxmanrao had faith in Baba. Therefore, along with other medial remedies, everyday he started bringing Udi from Baba’s own hands and giving through water to Bappaji.
    However, there came a time, when people felt that the body is going to be lost for ever. Laxmanrao rushed to the Masjid. He prostrated hemself at Baba’s Feet and cried, “Baba, save my son ! Oh, my God, I bow before you.”
    But, suddenly, Baba shouted at him, ‘‘Go away !’’ He even started showering abuses. Laxmanrao got scared. He was unable to understand Baba’s strange behaviour.
    In reality, now Laxmanrao had started believing in Baba. However, his old traits had not been completely eradicated. Some of his ego was still lingering. A few questions and doubts used to crop up in his mind – time and again.
    With a heavy heart, Laxmanrao returned home. And after some time, Baba got up from His place. He came down the steps of the Masjid and straight away went to Laxmanrao’s home. With love and affection, He moved His hand over Bappaji’s body and immediately turned back. From that moment, Bappaji got relief.
    Now Laxmanrao began believing that Baba is God Incarnat. He decided that in his every deed he will remember Baba.
    Early every morning, Laxmanrao used to complete the rituals of Snan-sandhya and then came to the Masjid to avail Baba’s Darshan. He used to wash Baba’s Feet (Pad-prakshalan), used anoint Gandha Akshata, draw a Tilak, place flowers and Tulsi leaves, offer Dhoop – Deep -Naivedya and Dakshina. Thereafter, he used to prostrate himself before Baba and take His blessings. He used to distribute Prasad amongst those present. And then, he used to proceed to perform Pooja of other Gods and Goddesses of the village. This was his daily routine and he adhered to it till the end. With great devotion, he served Baba.

  3. After the demise of Baba’s loved devotee Megha, it was Bapusaheb Jog who used to perform Baba’s Pooja at all times. In the afternoon of 15th October, 1918 – on the auspicious day of Dassera – Baba took Maha-nirvan. On the same night, He appeared in the dream of Laxmanrao and told him, “Bapusaab will not come to perform my Kakad Aarati. He thinks, I am dead. But, I am alive. You come and perform my Kakad Aarati.”
    There was havoc after the Maha-nirvan of Baba. Everyone was moved with deep grief. On that night, Baba’s mortal body was placed in Masjid itself. Next day, it was moved to Butti Wada. Therefore, as instructed by Baba in the dream, Laxmanrao arrived at the Masjid with full preparations for performing Pooja. He prostrated before Baba, removed the cloth covering the face and took the last Darshan, and proceeded to perform Pooja. Many – who were present experienced Baba’s hands moving at that time.
    Time and again, Laxman Mama’s eyes were getting filled up with tears. His body was trembling. In that state, he opened Baba’s closed fist, placed Vida Dakshina, covered the body and departed from there.
    Thereafter, the noon Aarati was performed by Bapusaheb Jog and in the evening Baba’s body was brought to Butti Wada…
    This was the way in which Baba showered His blessings upon Laxman Mama. Baba entered Mama’s dream and made him perform the Aarati.
    After Laxman Mama’s demise, his only son Bappaji became Vatandar Kulkarni and Gram Joshi of Shirdi Village. Bappaji was fortunate enough to be around Baba for close to twelve years when Baba was Dehdhari.
    Bappaji said that Baba believed in reincarnation of man.
    In the year 1917, Lokmanya Tilak had come to Shirdi and offered coconut and garland to Baba. Baba returned the coconut as a Prasad to Tilak. Bappaji was present in the Masjid at that time.
    Bappaji was a good Keertankar. He was well read as far as religious books are concerned.


  5. Om Sai Ram Speechless with TE second devotee's experience Baba too help me that way tears into eyes 🙂 OM SAI RAM OM SAI RAM OM SAI RAM OM SAI RAM OM SAI RAM OM SAI RAM OM SAI RAM OM SAI RAM

  6. Om Sairam.forgive my sins Saibaba.There are only 5. Vacancies available for govt job for lecturer post, only you can give that job to me please sairam bless me with that job.Only you can help me.Saibaba my engagement got broken, but I feel like messaging that guy, I know that I am wrong,my mind knows that it is wrong but heart doesnt listen.Saibaba kindly forgive me and guide me.love u Saibaba.take care of my father and brother.If you bless me with that lecturer post I will be the happiest its all in ur hands.

  7. Loved the first experience. Thanks Nandini for the advice you gave.. that we should tell the problem that we have Baba.. May Sainath bless you with all His choicest blessings

  8. Wonderful experiences, especially the first one and what a beautiful message/reminder to all – don't tell Baba you have a problem but tell the problem you have Baba 🙂

    O Deva, Thank You for coming into our lives 🙂

    Jai Sairam

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