Baba Returned My Love

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetal ji, you are very lucky that Baba Himself has chosen you for this great work. Devotee’s experiences give immense strength to other devotees who find themselves in pain and trouble. I promised to Baba to post my experience on your blog if my wish will be fulfilled. I am in relationship from last two years with a guy. I am so much deeply in love with him and so close to him that at any cost i don’t want to lose him. He is of very aggressive nature. Even at small things he gets irritated and starts quarreling with me. Due to his this behaviour, I also get irritated and whatever comes in mind I directly speak to him. Consequently he doesn’t talk to me, neither he receives my call nor replies for my texts. And this continues for a week sometimes a month, but every day I miss him a lot and even he also misses me but due to his egos he does not talk to me and when many days passed without talking to each other then he himself initiate the talk. This happens many times but eventually we solve our fights and get back to the same track.

On 16th may also we fought and as usual he didn’t talk to me. My family does not know about my relationship so they are looking for a guy for me for marriage. On 22nd may my cousin called me and told that my Kundali has got matched with the guy’s Kundali. As i already told that me and my lover were already annoyed with each so we were not talking to each other, so at the same time I tried to contact him but again and again he was disconnecting my call and even was not responding to my texts. I thought that my lover would be thinking of dumping me as mostly boys are of this kind of mentality. I was crying by taking Baba’s Name but nothing happened. Next day also I tried but my lover did not respond this time also. This situation was very peculiar to me and i was shocked to my lover’s behaviour that even after knowing my problem why isn’t he responding on it because he never behaved like this and in such kind of situations he had always supported me. Simultaneously I was praying Baba but nothing was happening. I also decided to go to my lover’s house on 24th may to talk to him face to face but I was not sure that whether I would get him or not at his house so I told (warned) Baba that if I wouldn’t get him at his place my belief and my faith from You (Baba) will be vanished forever and i will not worship You anymore throughout my life. I am really very sorry Sai for my nonsense talks but i was scared to lose him. But still i was praying to Baba and i promised to post the same if my lover will answer my call. I was texting him but all was in vain. I just casually called him on the same day at 2:30 PM thinking of this that as usual he will not pick it up and guess what he picked up my call and this happened due to Sai Baba’s Grace. I was happy more for Baba that how He listened to my prayers and fulfilled my wish.

Baba as I promised I have posted my experience. There are so many experiences in my life where Baba in one way or the other keeps giving indications that He is with me. But Baba Please I don’t want to marry anyone else and even i can’t disclose my relationship to my family yet due to some problems You know Baba. We both really need time. Please Sai hold our hands and never leave us alone. We need You Baba very badly. I know Baba You listen to our prayers and sometimes tests us also for the faith and patience. Baba i will be patient and ready to wait for the correct time for our marriage but I can’t tolerate these marriage proposals from others. Sai please reject this marriage proposal. I really need You. Sai please help us. Dear devotees please pray for us. Baba love and protect Your every child.

PG Degree In Very Good College Due To Our Sai’s Blessings

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. I am a Sai devotee from Chennai, India. I am currently working in a reputed corporate company. Sai is truly my Guide, my Guru, my God. Sai’s ways are always unique. As Sai says, always have patience and faith in your devotion towards Him. I always wanted to do my Pg degree. Even while I started to study my UG degree, I had decided this. But during my final year of engineering, after getting placed in a good company, I lost my entire urge to pursue my PG. I just got carried away by the thought of getting salary. But once I started to work, my parents decided the next stage of my life like choosing a guy. But I had some other desires. I thought I will start to apply for my PG entrance exams. I applied for them. But I couldn’t even prepare a little because of my work nature and timings. I felt I am not going to clear and lost my hopes on it totally.

Meanwhile, one day I come to know about Sai Nav Vrat. I decided for it. I started with my Vrat. I took up my entrance exams. Before the end of the Vrat, the results were to be announced. On the same week, a good friend of mine had planned to go to Shirdi that week. I had asked her for a Sai Satcharitra book from Shirdi. On the day of my result declaration, she had got that book and did Pooja for that at Shirdi Sai’s Feet. On the same time, here in Chennai I had seen my entrance results. Miracle of miracles. I had cleared that exam with a very good score. I was totally surprised to see such high results, that too without any little preparation. Actually it is an All India exam and it is very tough to crack it without any little preparation. After discussing that with my friend then only I came to know I had seen the results on the same day she went to Shirdi. I want to stay humble and place my success at the feet of my dear Sai Maa. Without Him, this would not have been possible. I surrender my life at the Feet of Sai. Sai Maa. You are my everything. Please be with me throughout in my life. I would like to thank the Admin of this FB page for creating such an opportunity for all Sai devotees to hear Sai Leelas. Om Sadguru Sainath Maharaja Ki Jai

With Sai Baba Grace Got Our Visa

Anonymous Devotee says: Firstly, I would like to thank Hetal ji for providing wonderful platform to all the Sai devotees to share their experiences. Apologise if there are any grammatical mistakes. I want to share my recent experience and promised Baba that once my wish is fulfilled, i will be sharing my experience in this blog. I got married and moved to Newzealand couple of months ago. I am on visitor visa and my husband is on work visa and it was expiring by mid of March 2014. We initially thought we will get visa extension easily. But later on situations are turning bad as we came to know that company is not giving all the documents which are necessary for visa extension. From the month of January my husband is back of his employer regarding the documents. When i was browsing internet and came across this blog. The first experience which i read was about the visa issue by one of the devotees and how it got resolved by Baba’s grace. I got motivated by reading devotees experiences and from this blog i came to know about Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat. I started doing Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat.

After delaying from many days, in February last week (second week of Nav Guruvar Vrat) my husband got all the documents except one document from his HR. But that document is crucial in order to apply for Visa. We left everything to Baba and decided to apply for visa with the available documents as we are in short of time. With the help of Immigration consultant on 28 Feb, 2014 we lodged our both applications to Immigration Newzealand. We both were fully in depression and feared whether we get our visa or not. I used to ask Baba in Question and answer site, whether we get our visa extension or not and answer i used to get from Baba is ” Success will be attained, Remember Shree Sai”. Two days before (i.e. my Fifth week of Nav Guruvar Vrat) we received mail from Immigration consultant stating that we got work visa for two years. When we met Immigration consultant to collect our passports we were surprised to hear from her that she didn’t get single query from Immigration Newzealand. It’s all because of Baba grace we got our visa. Thanks for everything Baba. From bottom of your heart pray to Sai Maa sincerely and He will take care of everything.

Sai Digambara Akshaya Rupa Avataara Sarvahi Vyapaka Thu Sruti Saara Anasuyaatrikumaara Maharaaje Ba Sri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaja Ki Jai.

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  2. Jaisairam
    Dear saima coz of u i got my passport. I was trying to get a job in singapore pls baba help me to get it as u knw i need a job wid gud package to support my family pls baba help ur daughter

  3. Nice Experiences:)

    First devotee, Why would you warn & scold Baba? IT was fault of your lover, wasn'nt it?

    Love to ALL, Peace to ALL


  5. thanks a lot sai ma being with me all the times
    help my near and dears to be hale and healthy
    omsrisairam omsrisairam omsrisairam omsrisairam omsrisairam omsrisairam omsrisairam omsrisairam omsrisairam omsriasairam

  6. For the first devotee. Apologies for the unsolicited advice and finally its Baba's wish that will prevail. First thing – why are you bothering your parents with searching a groom for you when you have no intentions of marrying whom they choose? Do u realize how much heart and efforts they must be putting to get the best guy for you? Second – from my personal experience -hope it does not happen to any one else.i used to share exactly the same relationship like u with my lover who later became my husband. We courted for 15 yrs before marrying and now are separated after having a baby girl last year. The constant fights before marriage will only get worse afterwards.i dont want to use this site for such advice.but please stop n think where you are heading.lot of your beloved ones will also suffer with you later if things go haywire. Pls forgive me if i have hurt you.intention was not that .just as my co Sai devotee , i could not stop sai sri sai jay jay sai.

    • Dear Devotee,

      I agree with you completely.sometimes truth must be told even if its bitter.Even I have requested most of devotees regarding marriage that please don't pressurize baba with demands.I have seen "n" no of people crying to baba to get married to their loved ones in spite of getting negative signs from baba,after few years the same people will be cursing baba saying "if baba knew my future than why he didn't stop our marriage". Prayers can really move mountains but please make use of this power only for ur/others welfare.


  7. Sai tests His devotees…

    Shri Sai Sat Charita is replete with such instances where we think that Baba is testing the devotee’s faith or
    devotion or determination or may be his obedience. And only after he successfully passes that test does he
    obtain Baba’s blessings. Absolutely not. Then what was Baba doing? He was, and still is awakening something
    in us, activating a dormant strength which can not be done with the help of verbal lecturing or discoursing. Baba
    targets and touches the devotees’ heart. Words are stored in the head. But it is the heart that goes through the
    experience and assimilates its essence. The head has no access to the heart. So many times it must have
    happened with each one of us when we have repeatedly vowed to give up a particular bad habit but have never
    been able to. Why? Because it’s the head that takes the vow and it is the heart that indulges in habits and the
    two are not connected. But a single mishap, a major setback or a tragedy sees us giving up that habit in no time
    (that is, if that particular habit gets somehow related to the unfortunate incident). What happens that years of
    vowing and swearing pales before one single event? It is the heart that underwent the blow of the event and a
    sensitive heart immediately rectifies its mistake and is thus transformed. The head is anyways a storehouse, lot
    is already stuffed in it in the form of information, opinions, views etc. etc. Yes, it can help create an
    understanding or ‘pragya’ to help us evolve spiritually. But it is the heart that has to be sensitive and strong to
    embark on the spiritual journey.
    So, what appears as Sai’s test is actually His way of making our heart open and be sensitive. He wanted His
    devotees go through an experience because that necessitates and develops sensitivity and awareness. And that is
    the mandatory process for self-realization. Existence is never keen to give defeat to anybody. Instead it designs
    each step towards our glorious victory. But for that, one needs to have courage which falls in the domain of the
    heart. Hence in all the above examples cited from Shri Sai Sat Charita, Baba is seen working on the devotee’s
    heart in myriad ways. Lecturing, discoursing and instructing fall on deaf ears if the heart is not open or has not
    been activated.
    As our scriptures say ‘Charaiveti Charaiveti’ – keep going, keep going. Not only is there light at the end of
    the tunnel, there is a Hand holding ours all through the tunnel – so keep going, do not give up.
    Last but not the least – blessed is the one whom Sai finds worthy of His tests if at all He ever decides to
    – Mrs. Sumona Bagchi
    Translator : Shri Sai Sat Charita
    Shri Saisagunopasana
    Shri Sainath Stavanmanjari
    Chaar Adhyay (on Sai Baba by
    Dasganu Maharaj) in Bengali

  8. Om Sairam.Saibaba with your grace I have started Nav GuruvarVrat. Ttoday was the first day,I felt that I will feel very hungry I can't fast, but with Saibaba's grace I didn't even feel a pinch of hunger.Thanku so much Babaji.With your grace I should complete the vrat successfully.Nothing on this earth can be successful without your grace.Saibaba kindly take care of my family.Today on first day only I saw miracles.thanks once again.Saibaba infront of your love and care human love is nothing..luv u so much Saibaba

  9. Reham nazar Karo Sai Maa.. Meri jimmedari tumhari ab mujh per daya Karo aur iss sankat ko harlo baba aap hi ka Sahara mujhe aur koi nahi mera… Mercy on me Maa

  10. to all who commented about love mrge i respect to u all.. if a devotee sees this type of situations u need to be calm.. n follow sai baba teachings work hard on ur goal.. n try to achieve it.. with calmness n patiently.. i respect u all but nothing is impossible… just follow wat baba said about human life .. ur goal surely gonna achieve … om sai ram

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