When The Call Comes From The Lord, Every Thing Will Be Taken Care Of By Him – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Sai Ram dear Sai daughters and Sai brothers. Namastae Hetal ji and team, you are Baba’s Darbar attendants who had been assigned most divine task of installing faith in His children when they are undergoing most challenging periods of their life, even i am undergoing the same, but mine is a very typical experience, will share with you all when He gives me justice and fulfils His word in His time in His own ways mysteriously. Let me begin with my experience.

I have been to Tirupathi 10 yrs back, now i am in my worst calamity where my life, respect, honour, everything is at stake, still Baba is invisibly catching us from falling down. So there is no chance for me to go to Tirupathi as i can’t go alone and cannot think of it. All i dream and wait is to go to Shirdi, but when the lord summons you, He Himself will arrange everything that you simply go to Him like a person in trance. It so happened that one day about 2 months back in march, my neighbour aunty suddenly came and asked me would i like to visit Tirupathi as they want to take me with them, i was wonderstruck with that offer as never in my wildest dreams had i dreamt of going to Tirupathi, so tickets were arranged and at scheduled date we started to Tirupathi, but that too i had to take tablets to delay my monthly problem. We reached Tirupathi safely, got a royal welcome at Tiruchanur Sri Padmavathi Amma’s Temple. Priests made us sit in front of the divine mother and did Archana, and then Baba made me climb steps to Tirumala in 2 hours, if not for Baba i would not have succeeded in climbing the steps. Immediately after reaching i got the Darshan of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba and Sri Akalkot Swamy Samartha in a Photo, i immediately bought one.

Then i had 3 Darshan’s in 3 days. The 1st one was for 50 Rs ticket where, they sent us directly to the lord in 1 hr in peak may season. I was wonderstruck as Baba knows that i was tired of yesterday’s climbing steps and did not have my breakfast and back pain. Then that day itself evening we went for 2nd Darshan which they will give for devotees who come by foot, it took 6 hrs, Baba provided us with hot milk, Prasadam in queue, had divine Darshan for 20 seconds as security person asked me to stand beside him and take Darshan, then comes the 3rd Darshan, the divine Leela begins. It was Thursday morning and i woke up at 8 o clock and suddenly i felt a deep urge to see Baba in Sri Venkateswara Swamy, so i got ready and went in 300 Rs queue. My uncle said that by 3.30 pm i must be in room as our train is at 6.30 pm. Even for 300 Rs ticket they made us sit in chambers, i said to Baba and Sri Venkateswara Swamy that i have to catch my train and i can’t put my neighbours in a position when they would regret for bringing me with them, if i am struck here, while nearing the temple wall, i had Baba’s divine Darshan on a sticker, on the main temple wall, so my wish of seeing Baba in lord fulfilled, He listened to me. I asked Baba and the lord to send me by 2 o clock. When we went inside the main door, the lord with divine mother and Pavana Putra Hanuman was coming out just after his divine kalyanam as if to bless all His devotees who had come to see and take His blessings and to get at least a glimpse of Him. Then i had Darshan and by 2 o clock sharp i was out of temple.

Then i went to collect Ladoos and to vacate my room i had to wait and run for the formalities and by the time i went to their room it was 4.20 pm. I got ready in 10 minutes and we came out and when we went to hand over the keys they told us to go to main building to get a slip as we vacated which is 30 minutes from our hotel, uncle rushed there and by 5.45 pm we started from Tirumala. Our train is at 6.30 pm. Uncle aunty and me were praying desperately to make us catch the train on time, i was asking Baba and the lord that it was You who arranged my trip, it was You who called, it was You who gave me Your divine Darshan, please do not make uncle and aunty regret for bringing me with them, i can’t bear any type of insult, or their frustration or any negative of them. I can’t see them waste their money and run for tickets here and there, please save us and protect my honour, Dear Baba.

We reached station at 6.40 pm. We lost hopes of train but uncle and aunty were rushing for station just to see whether the train left the station, uncle ran down and to our amazement and great belief the train had not yet arrived. We rushed down and still the platform was not announced, after coming down after 5 minutes they announced the arrival of train, meanwhile we purchased dinner packets then the train arrived on platform. We boarded the train. I was giving Satsang Namasakar in my heart to Baba and the divine lord. He had protected my honour, made uncle and aunty happy and relaxed, they have no words to think of His divine Leela, to think of train arriving late is common but when there is absolutely no hope, and where your honour is at stake, He is coming just like Krishna at the nick of time to rescue draupadhi to restore her honour is unfathomable. Just like Gajendra Mosham. Surrender to Him totally, He will protect His devotees honour at His time, as His timing is perfect. Even for draupadhi also the lord did not come until she totally surrendered by folding her both hands up, giving up her entire effort and surrendering to the lord, then he restored her honour, taught a fitting lesson to dussasana, still the lord did not give up, dussasana and duryodhana paid very heavily with their lives, for the evil acts they committed they committed to destroy duaupadhi’s modesty

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    udbhavaḥ, kṣōbhaṇō devaḥ śrīgarbhaḥ parameśvaraḥ |
    karaṇaṁ kāraṇaṁ kartā vikartā gahanō guhaḥ || 41 ||

    373. Udbhavaḥ: One who is the material cause of creation.
    374. Kṣōbhaṇaḥ: One who at the time of creation entered into the
    Purusha and Prakriti and caused agitation.
    375. Devaḥ: 'Divyati' means sports oneself through creation and
    other cosmic activities.
    376. Śrīgarbhaḥ: One in whose abdomen (Garbha) Shri or His unique
    manifestation as Samsara has its existence.
    377. Parameśvaraḥ: 'Parama' means the supreme. 'Ishvarah' means
    one who hold sway over all beings.
    378. Karaṇam: He who is the most important factor in the
    generation of this universe.
    379. Kāraṇam: The Cause – He who causes others to act.
    380. Kartā: One who is free and is therefore one's own master.
    381. Vikartā: One who makes this unique universe.
    382. Gahanaḥ: One whose nature, greatness and actions cannot be
    known by anybody.
    Guhaḥ: One who hides one's own nature with the help of His
    power of Maya.

  2. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Vamanbua Vamorikar (Badodekar)*****
    Vamanbua was born in the village of Vamori, Ahmednagar District in
    Maharashtra. He was completely absorbed in the contemplation of Brahma. From early
    childhood he had a great desire to achieve the ultimate goal, the divine truth. He
    wandered to a number of places to get associated with ascetics and saints. He worked
    as a teacher and also worked in a press. Hearing the fame of Sri Swami Samarth of
    Akkalkot he became very restless for the ‘Darshan’ of Sri Swamiji. When Vamabua went
    to Akkalkot for the ‘Darshan’ of Sri Swamiji, Sri Swami Samarth gave him ‘Darshan’ in
    the form of Lord Dattatrey. Vamanbua prostrated and clung to the lotus feet of Sri
    Swamiji. He worshipped Sri Swamiji, offered ‘Naivedya’ and then fed Sri Swamiji with
    his own hands.
    Very much pleased, Sri Swamiji blessed Vamanbua with Mahamantra277 and also
    favoured him with the religious book of Avadhoot Geeta278. Sri Swamiji said, “You give
    me your bundle of things (package) and render devotional service. You will attain the
    stage of Brahmanishtha”. With these orders from Sri Swamiji, Vamanbua offered
    everything he possessed at the lotus feet of Sri Swamiji and wore a langoti. Along with
    his mother, he went to Sardar Sriman Ghorpade at Baroda and stayed there until the
    Due to the strength of his accomplishment, Vamanbua soon attained the stage
    of Brahmanishtha. He stayed at Baroda and hence was later known as Badodekar.
    Vamanbua wrote a book covering the life miracles of Sri Swamiji called as
    ‘Guruleelamrit’. This book is considered highly worthy for worship by the devotees of Sri
    Swami Samarth. After coming to Baroda, Vamanbua’s health started to deteriorate. He
    started suffering from diseases like cough, urinary problems, piles, and rheumatism in
    the joints. He took all sorts of medical treatments, but none of them were useful. The
    pain kept increasing. He then prayed to Sri Swamiji by sending a letter but did not
    receive any reply in time. The pain in his body increased to such an intolerable extent
    that Vamanbua while performing Pranayam decided to end his life in the Sursagar water
    One night he went to the bank of Sursagar water tank. Mentally reciting the
    name of Sri Swamiji when he was about to jump in the water, Sri Swamiji manifested
    himself in front of him and pulled Vamanbua from the water. He slapped him and said,
    “You fool, in-spite of the long life you wish to die? One has to undergo all the
    sufferings predetermined by their fate. Instead of preferring Sahaj-samadhi279 why
    would you prefer Jalsamadhi280?. Is this your only Divine knowledge?”. By saying so, Sri
    Swamiji took Vamanbua to his home and then disappeared. With his kind favour of Sri
    Swamiji, Vamanbua’s hopes were kindled and he had a very good deep sleep that night.
    Slowly and steadily, all his diseases started getting cured. After this, when he
    went to Akkalkot, Sri Swamiji roared at him “Bua, are you that same person who
    wanted to give up his life in the Sursagar water tank?”. Vamanbua felt ashamed and
    prayed for forgiveness. After this event, Vamanbua renounced everything and became
    an ascetic. He built a temple of Sri Swamiji at Baroda. He took samadhi during the year

  3. Wonderful experience.

    O Sai, Thank You for numerous miracles that bring love and happiness to Your devotees 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  4. OM SAI RAM…Thanks for everything you have given us Sai Nath.

    Baba please Ashwani is about to call on broker to close the deal and he is asking for your ashirwad so that he get his payment and he get success without any hurdles.

    Thanks Sai Nath. Please BLess.

    OM SAI RAM!!

  5. Experiences of Sai Maharaj

    “Keep that note safe ! It might be stolen !”…
    This episode occurred a few days after Holi in 1913.
    I was seated near Baba’s feet, when he asked for Dakshina. I did not have any change, but only a 5 rupee note. People around me said, “Baba does not take notes.” As I considered getting change, Baba said, “Give me that note!” I was overjoyed. He took the note, examined it from both sides and returned it to me. He said, “Bhau, I am giving this note back to you. Keep it safely!”
    I did not pay much attention to his words and put it in the side pocket of my hunting coat. It could not fall out from there. Baba again said, “Bhau, see that you keep that note safe.” I patted my pocket and said, “Yes, Baba, I have kept it safe.” Baba said, “It might be stolen.”
    I should at least have paid attention to his words then. But stupid me!
    When I returned to Dixit Wada, I hanged the coat on a hook near the door and went down with the others for a meal. After returning, I checked my pocket, and lo! The note had disappeared! I later found out that while we were eating, a certain person had gone upstairs. This person had been strictly banned from going upstairs as Shri Dixit suspected him of stealing various objects of a number of people. Dixit wanted to hand him over to the police, but I did not let him do so. However, that man always held hostility against Dixit.

  6. Daily i see many wonderfull leelas of our lovable father baba , today i want to say thanks to sainath by sharing his leela on me. Today i wanted to put a chapathi to some dog. As i am afraid of dogs i haven't thought of feeding a dog , but donno i promised baba that i will feed a dog.Today i prayed to baba that please baba let a dog come in the form of you and please accept my prasad to you , to be wonder as soon i prayed i saw a dog , i kept the chapathi on a paper infront of him…. Baba really i am so lucky for having your grace , love and affection on me, i know that you blessed me today in the form of dog… thankyou baba for giving me this oppurtunity to share with all your kids.

  7. Sai maa
    Thank u so much for slightly better marks.
    let ammas report be normal ma please
    also relieve me of my health issues
    let me feel healthy and good and cheerful
    hold Me maa and shower your blessing
    love you my maa
    falling at your lotus feet my beloved maa

  8. Om Sairam.Thanku for whatever you have given me.forgive my sins.kindly help my senior sir in clearing his exams.I know you can do this.I have lot of mouth ulcers kindly cure them Saibaba.Saibaba I get lot of anger.kindly show me a way to reduce it.Saibaba I feel that if I get married I will harass my husband very much.Please Change this thought of mine.Thanks so much for my anuty's recovery from stroke and my uncle's son's recovery from depression.all this is because of ur grace.be always with our family and guide us.I love u babaji.

  9. Beautiful Experiences
    Thank u for sharing . Gives me some hope and strength to go on as ina difficult situation with someone I love so much but I have faith Baba will help me
    Prayers to all the wonderful devotees here
    Om Sai Ram

  10. SAIBABA,

    please help my family and parents in all aspects…
    we are trying to have good salary..thought to ask my manager..dont know how he feels…please shower your blessings on us..to get good salary
    please help my son and daughter always..dont leave us ..thanks for everything

    love you baba

  11. Om Sai Ram,

    Want to share one miracle, I live in USA ( Bay Area) I wanted to go to Milpitas Sai Baba Temple..but feeling tired n all..so though of stay back home only. Then i opened my facebook and what a wonder..one my friend when there for evening Aarti i guess and took pictures and posted all pictures from the same temple..so got Sai Baba's darshan..feeling emotional…Baba no words to say thank you..

  12. Saibaba please help my mother to recover from her health conditions…her reports should be normal baba…Soon i should return to my home baba…please help me to get a job in my hometown baba…i want to be with my family baba…please help me…Om Sai Ram

  13. Dear Hetalji,
    my earlier comment also not posted ,I need Saj Baba's blessings to come out of my psychological problem and job change .Why Sai is not listening to my prayers

  14. Please full fil my wish baba for geeting very good sound sleep every day,please baba bles me with good sound sleep as soon as posibal and blesh me with good health,i request all devotis to pray for my good health.

  15. Om sai ram
    Happy thursday to all

    Oh deva, plz sb thik kr do, frm 2 days nthng is wrkng well. Today is ur day plz mk evrythng corrct, i already surrnder myself to u completely deva. Plz help me as u alwys did.
    Luv u mere baba

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