Unforgettable Shirdi Trip As Birthday Gift By Saimaa – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi hetal ji and team, thanks cannot be a word which will equal the service done by you, may Saimaa always shower His blessings on you and i will always pray for you which could only be a small way to thank you all for your wonderful service. Please do not mention my name and email id. I have already posted few experiences here and this one is very special and close to my heart. Please feel free to edit if necessary. Om Sai Ram Before i start i have to mention that as i am a regular reader of your blog. For few days i was not reading our Saimaa miracles as there was lot of problems going on in our lives and though i did not lose faith in Him. I don’t know why i couldn’t read the experiences here and now He has pulled me again not only to start reading again but to post my own experience. I have visited Shirdi twice and as we devotees know the thirst to go to Shirdi again and again never ends till the end of our lives. I was waiting for next turn. Two months before my birthday my mom said we will go to Shirdi for your Birthday, it shocked me as why she could say like that as my family members don’t know much about our Saimaa and they pray to Him like any other God.

Though i was excited i did not express anything to myself or anybody as i know if it’s Saimaa’s call it will happen. I booked tickets and as my dad is a heart patient mom said me to book Darshan online as he cannot stand in crowd though i tried booking for Darshan but it did not happen. My mom was worried but i said her don’t worry Saimaa will take care. The day came for us to leave for Shirdi, the train was at night a day before my birthday, till that day i did not express my happiness but that day i felt it was truly Saimaa’s call and what happened after is something which i cannot even expect in my dream to happen. Saimaa fulfilled all my wishes which i did not ask Him as His call was more than enough for me but as He knows what’s in our hearts and His miracles are endless. He gave me many experiences as follows:

1. Birthday wish- We reached Shirdi next day early morning on my birthday and nobody in my family wished me till i kept my feet in Shirdi which surprised me and my mom wished me once we stepped down from train, i felt it was Saimaa Who was waiting to wish me first in Shirdi through my mom.
2. Saimaa’s presence- as our hotel was opposite to Mandir, when we entered the main entrance of Mandir at around 4:15 am the Bhupali Aarti started and it was played in speakers and it was a feeling like Saimaa woke up to welcome us, a feeling which cannot be explained in words.
3. Blissful Darshan- We went for morning Darshan after Kakad Aarti and though there was crowd Saimaa made us reach Him within 10 minutes and we all had wonderful Darshan without any problem and He accepted my sweets and flowers as the priest took few sweets from the box and returned the remaining.
4. Dwarkamai and Chavadi- It is a dream of every devotee to step into Dwarkamai at least once in lifetime, though i have gone to Shirdi twice i could never visit Dwarkamai and other places where Saimaa had kept His Holy Feet but i always wanted to go there and He beautifully fulfilled my wish in His own way by calling me to Dwarkamai for the first time that too on my birthday which i can never even imagine to happen. When i stepped into Dwarkamai i felt like i took birth once again in my mother’s lap how can i thank Saimaa for His Love and Mercy. I too went to Chavadi and recollected the visions of those beautiful processions and how Saimaa used to walk like a king with His devotees during those days from Dwarkamai to Chavadi. I saw Dhuni, His grinding stone and the wheat bag kept since He was there Himself.

5. Purchase of beautiful Photos and Statues- We bought beautiful Photos and white Statues of Saimaa which i always wanted to have and He gave me that in Shirdi which is more special.
6.Dhoop Aarti and Darshan: My dad got passes for evening Darshan, i dint feel good to go in passes as all devotees where standing in queue but my merciful Saimaa took me close to Him and overwhelmed me by touching His Samadhi, as in morning we could come only in front of Him, i could not touch His Samadhi but i did not remember that as what could i ask for after all His Leelas but in evening when we joined the main queue inside Samadhi Mandir there where two ways, as i saw people go in the other way also, i said my mom we shall go in that way but my parents felt we can’t go near Saimaa if we went that way but He made us go in that way and lo He pulled us near His Holy Samadhi, where i had chance to touch His Holy Samadhi which i would have missed if i went through the same way as in the morning. I wanted to attend Aarti but it did not start when we went and so we had to go out as we were in queue but His Leelas are beyond our imagination, when we went out He made us sit in a hall opposite to Udi counter where there was a big TV and when we reached there Dhoop Aarti started and we sat and enjoyed the same. A dog followed me for a long time and my dad gave it some Peda, it too sat near us in the hall.

7.Gurusthan and Neem leaf: In the morning when i went around Gurusthan i wished i could get a Neem leaf also many devotees where standing for the Neem leaf to fall but we couldn’t get, again i did not feel bad, but in the evening as we came out after Darshan i got not 1 but many leaves truly He fulfils all your wish in a way which we cannot even imagine.
8. Udi and Prasad: I couldn’t get Udi last time but this time i got in the morning and when i stood in queue again in evening to get more Udi for my relatives and friends i couldn’t get as it took time and we had to leave but He gave me yummy Badam milk Prasad kept during Dhoop Aarti, again i have no words to describe His grace.
9. Saimaa’s Shawl: My mom said we shall buy shawl for Saimaa, i had 2 colours in mind red as i had dream recently where i saw Him in red colour dress and other colour was blue as it’s my favourite colour but i left it to His choice but we couldn’t buy due to some reasons but in the morning i saw Him wearing same red colour dress as in the dream and again in the evening he was wearing my favourite blue colour dress. His grace is endless, though i couldn’t buy dress for Him, He gave me Darshan in the same colour dress which i had in mind. These are experiences which i could feel there, but there are many which i would not have noticed as He is present each and every moment around us. Many times i have felt why had i born as we sometimes think like that due to many problems in my life which is painful but He never let me lose my confidence and this birthday He made me feel very special and i could never anymore regret about my life, my birth and my past. I am a very small devotee of Him but He gives me so much love which i don’t know whether i deserve or not. All i could say is please don’t lose faith in Him and patience is what He expects from us. He will never leave your hand and He will give you whatever you want if it’s good for you and if you feel He doesn’t listen to your prayers, you never know He is planning something better for you as only He can foresee your future. He is our mother and when nobody comes, you can blindly believe in Him as surely He will come to bear your burden. May Saimaa shower His blessings on all. Let us keep faith and patience. Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai

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  1. May Baba bless you and fill your life with happiness. Your simple and sincere description of shiridi trip really took me to shiridi mentally. Thanks for the experience.

  2. Beautiful set of experiences. Lucky are the people who get invited to His Home 🙂

    O Sai, Thank You for fulfilling our desires and wishes and taking care of us like a sweet Mother 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  3. 1. “How can one anna be enough? Give me some more?”
    On Friday, a day after the Guru Purnima festival in 1930, Rao Bahadur Moreshwarrao Pradhan, Sunderrao Navalkar, his son and I left for Mumbai in the afternoon from Dixit Wada. Shri Hareram was sitting in the veranda. He first asked me and then Shri Pradhan for some money to feed channa to the children playing around.
    It had been a practice for several years of Shri Pradhan to distribute eight annas worth of channa to people big and small every Friday and there had never been a break.
    When Shri Hareram asked for money, Shri Pradhan had completely forgotten it was a Friday. He put one anna on Hareram’s palm. Hareram said, “There are so many children around, how can one anna be enough? Give me some more?” Suddenly it struck Pradhan that it must be Sai inspiring Hareram to ask for money. Once we had left by car, he would have missed his Friday ritual. He gave Hareram eight annas, who ordered the channa immediately.
    I had already got into the car, wondering if we would be able to catch the train since the river was flooded, and was anxiously waiting for Pradhan and others to come.
    Just then Pradhan came near the car. His eyes were brimming with tears of love. Looking at his happy face I was relieved and when he narrated the story, I marvelled at Sai’s endless ways to keep his devotees’ pledges.
    Some may find this trivial, but I can never forget the happy tears on Pradhan’s face.
    Shri Hareram had initially asked me for some money and I had given two annas to him, whence he had similarly asked, “How can these be enough? “ But I had ignored his plea and got into the car. Since I had no such pledge as to distribute channa on Fridays, I could ignore the plea without pricking my conscience. But for Pradhan, the same question alerted him to his pledge.
    I found this incident quite amusing and marvelled how Baba was caring for his devotees even today.
    2. “How amazing is Baba’s Leela !”
    Shri Chintamanrao Ramnath Satghare is a gentleman from an old and distinguished family residing in Bandra, Mumbai. He narrated this incident to me :
    It was his practice for several months to light a lamp in front of Sai Baba’s picture every evening. If for some reason he was expected to return late from work, he would instruct his mother to light the lamp. His mother always did as told and there had been no break in this ritual.
    One Sunday, he left his house for some work in Mumbai. As he thought he would return before evening, he did not think it necessary to tell his mother to light the lamp.
    His work in Mumbai took longer than expected and then at the insistence of his friends, he went to see a famous movie. It was evening and the lights were just coming on. Sometime after the movie began, the film snapped and while it was restored, the lights in the theatre were switched on. Unexpectedly, the power failed and there was darkness. The movie was not restored. Suddenly it struck him, that he had come to see the movie, but had not told his mother to light the lamp. Perhaps she too had forgotten, and Baba gave this indication with this blackout. Baba must be in the dark too.
    As soon as this thought crossed his mind, he left his friends in the dark theatre and hurried towards the station. Luckily, he straightaway got a train and soon reached Bandra. He rushed home, only to find that his mother had indeed forgotten to light the lamp and there was darkness near Baba’s picture.
    Chinatamanrao told me, “Babasaheb, you may say anything, but I am a small, ignorant child. This experience has overwhelmed me and I shall never forget it in my life. Though Sai Mauli is no longer visibly present, he loves us and shows it in many different ways through these incidents. We should feel deeply obliged.”
    Chintamanrao is a young man. While narrating this episode, he was truly astounded and he became emotional. Seeing him in such a condition made me extremely happy and I said, “How amazing is Baba’s Leela!”

  4. Baba �� today is my birthday and its gud to read bday experience….thank you my baba..love u lot..please bless all of us ��

  5. Dear SaiGanesh,
    Kindly bless me with you divine presence. In fact because of black magic kept on me by my relatives, my parents also talked bad things about me when I was not around and kept monitoring me through these evil persons as to what I did at work. My health,career,marriage are total failures. When I was young, I was told by many astrologers that Guru is extremely strong in my horoscope. But I am very sure that my relatives have done severe black magic in such a way that I will not get the grace of Guru. In fact on Thursdays, I have lost many golden opportunities. I feel that something else is controlling me. I do not feel your grace much because some strong evil force is controlling me.Will I ever come out of this black magic effect and feel your complete grace? Kindly guide me as to how I can receive your grace?

  6. साईं का जब हो साथ तब फिक्र की क्या है बात ,
    संशय न लाना विश्वास जगाना , साईं जाप खुशियों का है खजाना …….

    धन दौलत न चाँदी सोना दे ,
    बाबा अपने चरणों में मुझे एक कोना दे,
    (((साईं))) तेरी सेवा ही मेरी जागीर हो,
    मन-मंदिर में बस तेरी ही तस्वीर हो ll

  7. Nice experience on a day like birthday…true that only lucky ones are called to Shird to see Him..Om Sai Ram..

  8. Very nice experience.Even I wish to go to shiridi kindly fulfill my wish Saibaba.You have so many devotees Saibaba and you fulfill everybody's wish.Sai maharaja ki jai.I love u Saibaba.Thanku for whatever you have given me

  9. Saibaba I love you. Forgive my sins kindly.thanks for whatever u have given me.Please kindly help me in reducing my anger.Om Sairam.

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