Mere Sai Is Always With Us

Anonymous Devotee from Canada says: Thank you Hetal ji and all the supporting members for the kind efforts. I came to Canada in 2011. Here, it is a big necessity to have Driver’s license in order to fulfill daily needs. However I was not good at driving and I didn’t try to get it as I was scared too. My life was going smooth as I worked from home and I didn’t feel like taking license. People used to ask me, “Do you drive”? and I used to answer them “no”. It was 3 years but I never tried. Here comes mere Sai to take license Himself for me.

Due to some incident, I made up my mind to try for it. I was that much scared that I used to forget brakes and speed pedal. My first instructor said that it is really hard for me to learn as I was not showing any improvement. Then I changed the instructor. He also had same views. Whenever I drove with him, he found me a below average student. Even then he booked my road test as I had to take experience how it happens. I used to feel nervous before taking lessons from my instructor, like feeling stomach pain or other signs but the day before test I wasn’t nervous at all. I know the reason. It was that during lessons, I tried myself only, but on that day I prayed to My Sai “I couldn’t drive, You know it, but if You want me to take license, You will have to drive.” An hour before the road test, my instructor took me for lesson and he got irritated from my driving.

I went to take the test with him only as I was using his car. Lo, he told me that examiner, approved for me, was very strict. I must say that I was not nervous and it was a very big thing for me. I started driving and you won’t imagine that I drove so cool and I got the license without any mistake. I want to share it especially that when I was driving I felt that it was not me who was driving. Also during driving test I was saying to Sai in my mind, “Baba ji Aap to bahut achi driving kar rahe ho.” I am still so scared of driving that I can’t drive. I just know that it was due to only and only my Sai. Please Sai shower Your blessing on all Your devotees because we love You.

Sai Gave Back My Happiness In Life

Sai Sister Shalini from Indonesia says: Om Sai Ram. I am a Sai devotee from December 2013. One of my friends told me about Sai Nav Vrat and to read Sai Satcharitra. From that time onwards till now I am worshipping Sai and Sai only for everything.

1. Sai gave back my happiness: My husband was so lovable to me. But when I got pregnant and went to India for my delivery so many issues started, and there will be always quarrel between me and my husband. There was no happiness at all. I came back to Indonesia again with my son to live with my husband, that time also he did not like me at all. I felt very depressed and was keeping on crying always. That time only one of my friends told me to read Sai Satcharitra and to keep Sai Nav Vrat. I first read Sai Satcharitra and started doing Sai Nav Vrat. Now my husband is so lovable to me and also my in-laws are so happy with me. Because of Baba only I got my life back.

2. Sai gave job to my brother: I keep Sai Nav Vrat for my brother also second time. He finished his computer engineering but having lots of arrears. He can’t find job anywhere. So he was working in one of my uncle’s hotel in Chennai. There he has to work from early morning till late night and no weekend holidays also. My father also doesn’t have any money to help him to do any business and all. There is no hope at all for his future. There are so many loans also. We all were very much worried. I finished my Sai Nav Vrat. Till last Thursday there was no improvement, he did not go for any interview and there was no hope. I prayed Baba You please make me realise what my brother want to do or what I have to do. I cried to Him and finished my prayer and came. After sometime, I called my brother to give food for five people as I finished the Vrat. That time he said before half an hour he got an interview call from my husband’s company for assistant merchandising manager post. I don’t know what to say. I ran to Baba cried, thanked hundreds of time and I understood Baba will not leave His devotee in tears. Now Baba made my brother to clear all rounds and the process is going for him to come to Indonesia. I believe Baba will make everything success. Thank You so much Baba without You my brother would have not got job. Om Sai Ram.

Without Baba Life Is Not There

Anonymous Devotee from UK says: Hi Hetal ji, Thank you for such a wonderful website. Please don’t disclose my email address. This is my 3rd miracle, well i don’t want to count Baba showed many miracles in my day to day life. Without Baba i am not alive. 2 years ago i was in a situation without job for 2 years and started Baba’s Pooja. I got job due to Baba’s miracle that time. I asked a question to Baba, Baba said you will get job for survival but eventually you will be happy because of that job, as Baba said i was very happy with that job and because of Baba miracle now, i got a job with double salary of my current salary. I know i am not that talented to get that kind of job but due to Baba’s miracle it was happened. Baba no one cared me like You. Without You my life is not there.

Another miracle happened for my sister in law. She was worrying about job since 3 years. 2 weeks ago she started Sai 9 Thursday Vrat. Do you believe in the 2nd week she got job due to Baba’s Miracle. Baba please shower Your blessings on my family. I am sure You will, whenever i ask Baba question, Baba never lied whatever Baba says, that always happened in my life. Even i asked some question about my family, Baba said everything will be happen as my desire that’s why i am very confident on Baba words. Thank You Baba for Your wonderful blessings. Love You Baba. You are my life.

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  1. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  2. Wonderful experiences all.

    O Sai, Thank You for showering us with Your blessings and filling our lives with love, happiness, success and joy 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  3. today all india selection list of indian airforce is going to declare,i wish that my name should be in that list,please bless,you know it is my dream to serve my country and get enrolled in airforce.please……..listen my prayer

  4. Experiences of Sai Maharaj

    Experiences recorded by late hon. Hari Sitaram Dixit :-

    Once, when Babasaheb Tarkhad had gone to Shirdi, Baba ordered him to go to the Wada and listen to the discourse (Pothi). The topic that day was ‘The Tale of Dhruva’. In it was a description of the ‘Nirgun’ (beyond attributes) and ‘Nirakar’ (formlessness) facets of the Creator.

    After the discourse, Babasaheb went to Baba and said, “You brought me here after a year and a half. Now keep me at Your feet forever !” Baba said, “I am always with you.”

    Sai Leela, year I,
    Kartik, Shaké 1845, Vol. IX

    Shantabai lived in Turbhe village near Belapur in Thane district. Her left thumb had a deep ulcer in the bone for seven years. One night she dreamt that Baba advised her to use ‘Dikemali’, a medicinal herb on it. The woman woke up in a happy state of mind, used the herb as advised by Baba, and was cured. She wrote this in a letter sent to Baba. It is dated 1st September, 1918.

    A Punjabi Brahmin, named Ramlal lived in Shirdi. When he was in Mumbai, Maharaj beckoned him in his dream to come to Shirdi. At that time, he did not know, Who Maharaj was, as he had not seen him in a person or even in a photograph. The next day, while walking on the road, he saw a photo of Baba in a shop. He inquired with the shopkeeper about the name and address of the person in the photo. Subsequently he went to Shirdi and lived there till Baba took Samadhi.

    A man by the name Narayan Motiram Dighe lived in Mumbai. He suffered from a tumour in his stomach. It was quite hard and he suffered miserably. He consulted a couple of renowned doctors; but to no avail. Later someone suggested to him to visit Baba. Obviously, it was not possible in his painful state.

    He said that if, with Baba’s blessings the tumour was ruptured and the pus passed through the stools, he would be relieved and then could visit Sai Maharaj. So, the gentleman gave him Sai’s Udi.

    Dighe ingested the Udi . The very next day the tumour ruptured and the pus started passing through the stools. In a couple of days he felt better and visited Shirdi for Baba’s Darshan.

  5. OM SAI RAM…

    BABA Today i need you help. Please baba help papa he has gone for Nani Wala Case. And you know that we are not culprit and who has done wrong and who is right. Please be fair and you decide.

    Baba I need VOTER ID CARD OR DRIVING LICENCE URGENTLY to apply for loan. Please help me so that I arrange it asap. Dad will go to electoral office today to submit form-6. Please baba help me to get the voter id card within 10days from today.

    Please baba its my humble request to you Sai Nath.

    Please help me.

  6. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    After Cholappa, Sundarabai took over the management of all affairs related to
    the service of Sri Swamiji. Cholappa had called in for Sundarabai as a helping hand.
    Sundarabai was a resident of Sholapur and came to Akkalkot for rendering service to
    Sri Swamiji. When Cholappa requested permission from Sri Swamiji to let Sundarabai
    give him a helping hand, Sri Swamiji had already predicted, “Cholappa, do not give this
    work to her. She will give you pain”, But Cholappa took this remark as a joke and
    delegated work to Sundarabai. Eventually, she was able to take care of most of Sri
    Swamiji’s needs such as taking him to the lavatory, giving bath, dressing him, and
    feeding him food etc.
    Thus she exerted her dominance on everybody. With her habit of backbiting, she
    sent away Cholappa and prevented Balappa from taking the ‘Darshan’ of Sri Swamiji.
    She started collecting all the offerings and monetary gifts from the devotees. Sri
    Swamiji had to bear this highhandedness of Sundarabai. She also started extorting
    money from the devotees who visited for the ‘Darshan’ of Sri Swamiji. She wore very
    old torn sarees and requested money for purchasing a new saree from the devotees.
    She also sometimes compelled Sri Swamiji to sleep or wake up.
    Sundarabai snatched away all offerings whether it be money, sweet meats or
    fruits that were offered by the devotees to Sri Swamiji. Once she snatched away
    twenty-five rupees that a devotee offered to Sri Swamiji. When Sri Swamiji told her to
    give that money to Cholappa, she started to evade. At last Sri Swamiji slapped her with
    a shoe thrice on her head and only then she threw the money away. She later brought
    her family members and let them stay in the temple. She became so arrogant that
    when a devotee offered pomegranate to Sri Swamiji, she peeled and fed her grandson
    first and then fed Sri swamiji with the remains fallen on the floor. Fed up with her greed
    and highhandedness, the devotees started complaining about her. But she had fully
    influenced the Queen and no one paid any attention to these complaints. At last, the
    devotees complained to the Collector, who investigated the case and forcibly removed
    Sundarabai from the service of Sri Swamiji.
    Sundarabai was very virtuous and fortunate to get the golden opportunity of
    serving Sri Swamiji for a number of years. This is a classic example of how greed and
    temptation can make a person blind and arrogant. Sundarabai, with the strength of her
    service to Sri Swamiji managed to take over the control and collected a number of
    material things. However, even after being so close to the incarnation of Lord Dattatrey
    Himself, she failed to use his blessings for her own spiritual upliftment.
    Policemen were called over to remove her from the service of Sri Swamiji. They
    seized everything from Sundarabai’s room such as money, clothing, grains, sweets etc.
    Thus ended the authority of Sundarabai and the government finally decided to appoint
    a Jury of five members for the service of Sri Swamiji. Sundarabai later repented for her
    deeds, but did not give up her devotion towards Sri Swamiji. She was able to render
    service to Sri Swamiji again during his last few days.

  7. thank you for sharing, i want to share my experience but my english was poor so plz forgive if there is any mistake. one thursday near my college i saw one baba's charet i just prayed i dont give any dakshina and went to college after that i feel very bad that whyi dont give dakshina and i dont see the charet again. on 15th May 2014 the miracle was happen. I have one dream i am bus stop i saw one baba's charet many devotees were going to near the charet and collect udi i went to near the charet one man collected the dakshina from devotees i give Rs.10 he write my name in a note and he give balance Rs.5 and give udi. When i go to near the charet i see a man was standing near the charet he wear white colour skafni he looks like my maa (BABA) when i saw him he was smiled at me he don't speak anyhting to me then he disapper. I don't know whether its baba or not but i am happy i give dakshina. Thanks baba. plz always with us.

  8. सपनों की मंजिल पास नहीं होती,
    जिन्दगी हर पल उदास नहीं होती,
    अपने ईश्वर पर यकीन रखना,
    कभी कभी वो भी मिल जाता है
    जिसकी हमें आस नहीं होती

    भक्तो के दुःख हरने वाले, सब पर रहमत करने वाले
    साईं तू ही जीवन मेरा , तुम ही सब का मंगल करने वाले
    तुम से ही जीवन की ज्योत जले, तुम रक्षा करने वाले
    हम सब पर अपनी कृपा बनाये रखना बाबा ।।

    बोलिए श्री साईं नाथ महाराज की जय

  9. Sairam,
    Though I live abroad for more than 8 years, I do not have a job. When I was ready to take up another job, disaster struck the family.Twice when I got the opportunities, I was very afraid to take it up since I did not have confidence and lost the golden opportunities. I failed my driving test twice. Hence I feel like being a burden to my family. Kindly bless me with a job and driving licence. Let me not miss any opportunity. You know that my life so far has been only path of thorns.

  10. nice experience baba plz help me you know i am in problem plz plz save me….. sai brothers & sisters i want to do 9 WEEK SAI VIRAT plz anyone say how do i do it…

  11. Thanku babaji from bottom.of my heart……please mere sar par apna haath rakh babaji….muje burai se acchai ki taraf le jana babaji….I love u babaji

  12. My sai maa
    love u my maa
    please be there and shower your blessings on me
    hold my hand firmly my baba
    love u my maa
    falling at your lotus feet

  13. Hey baba, please help my daughter, she is having skin problem…bless her with good health and bright future…Om sai ram…

  14. Sai baba,

    Please always help my family and parents in all aspects of our life..thanks baba for everything..

    love you baba

  15. Baba 31st was my bday ,pls bless me to get a good job and get married me to my umashankar 🙂 with everyone's blessings,including my father's.

  16. Dear Sai Nath,

    Please protect Ridhi from black magic. Sai Nath they want Ridhi to be with them. We understand their emotions but this is not the way to do and by doing this they are harming Ridhi. It will effect her health and mind and will leave to frustration, anger, depression. She is just 4 year old child and she needs love and harmony by her side not all this.

    Please make them understand that doing all this will not help in any way but will effect Ridhi's health.

    We know you are with us and will project her from such activities. and today I will go home and will give her Vibhuti and will perform this on daily basis. I know your magical Vibhuti will help us to face all the hurdles and will protect Ridhi from evil eyes.

  17. Nice experiences! No matter what situation we are in Baba comes at the right time to help us as He helped the first devotee pass the driving exam at the right time, helped the 2nd devotee's brother get the good job and helped the 3rd devotee get a good job also. Baba is always there for us and gives us His blessings at the right time. Om Sai Ram!

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