“Why Fear When I Am Here” Baba’s Word Became True

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. Every Sai devotees will experience the miracle of Baba in their life time. I came to know about Sai Baba in 2010 through one of my friend. In 2012 by Sai Baba’s blessings I went to Shiridi. As soon as I reached Shiridi His miracles started. I felt that Baba was with me always and I always remember the words “Why Fear When I Am Here “I have experienced so many miracles in which I want to share one of my recent experiences. Please Forgive me if there is any mistake.

In my past five years of official life I have learnt many things to develop my knowledge. But I failed to learn about people who were around me. In 2013 June as soon as after my marriage I joined a MNC Organization with full hope and confidence. But in 3 months of time things changed. My Manager started to show his attitude on me. It has become increasingly difficult for me to remain happy or productive in this position because of the negativity and criticism from my manager. No matter how well I perform in my job, He never recognized me. He was preventing me from growing and progressing with my career and that has been extremely discouraging to me. Every day it was so stressful day even after returning home my mind was filled with stress. My husband understood and was adjusting with the situation. Later it has become so bad that my manager started questioning on my personal stuffs. His behaviour was not good. This was completely affecting my official and personal life. I was not able to concentrate on both official and personal. Finally my health condition dropped down.

Every day I cried to Baba to release me from this stress. I also told his super boss about the situation but finally my manager and his super boss said that my performance is low so that I can leave the organization. I was so depressed. Even though I was performing well they did not consider me. I prayed every day to Baba to give me strength and be with me always to face this problem. Then I escalated this issue to higher people. But still management was supporting him. Finally they gave me 3 months’ time to look for another job. I did not know what to do. I went home cried at Baba’s feet to help me in getting a job. Me and my husband started reading Sai-Satcharitra. A week later I got an interview call from a MNC company. I cleared my 1st round and was waiting for my 2nd round. Days passed there was no call from them for 2nd round. Here I reminded of Shraddha (Faith) and Saburi (patients). Thursday morning I got a call from them for my 2nd round interview. I was so happy thanking Baba. Next day morning I took 1 rupee coin prayed to Baba and kept in His Feet and went for the interview. Same day the result was announced that I have been selected. No words to thank Baba. My eyes filled with tears. Also I got an offer in the same company that my resignation was not accepted and I have been enrolled in a new department. But I refused to accept since I don’t want to continue in the same company due to this problem. Before I got relived from this company I came to know that my manager was DE promoted with no promotion and zero increment till his service in this company. If this is not accepted he can leave the company immediately. Thank You Baba for everything. You are my Guide! My Guru! My God! Bow to Sri Sai! Peace to be all

Love You Baba

Anonymous Devotee from Australia says: Hello everyone, I live in Australia since last 7 years and I am a staunch devotee of Baba. Baba means everything to me: Friend, Mother, Father, Guide. He has always shown me the right path. He takes care of me every second. He is my saviour and has shown me many miracles. I would like to share one of those miracles here. I came to Australia as a student in 2007. I have done Hospitality Management. I was interested in settling down in Australia permanently after finishing my studies. It was in August 2009 when I completed my post graduation degree and applied for permanent residency of Australia. In the same year, Immigration Department of Australia changed the rules for applying residency. Unfortunately, Hospitality was removed from the list of occupations eligible for permanent residency. However, I was still eligible to apply for it as I came to Australia in 2007 and Hospitality was in the list during that year. But, I was also told that the residency process may take a lot longer than expected as my field of study is no longer in the list and my application might get rejected. I was advised to withdraw my application and go back to India if I wish.

I wanted to stay here so I decided to wait irrespective of how long the process will be. In May 2013, I received an e-mail from Immigration Department that my file is now opened and currently reviewed by a Case Manager. I was asked to submit some pending documents. After submitting all the documents, I was waiting to hear from them. My birthday is on 1st July. On 1st July 2013, to my utmost surprise and happiness, I received an email from Immigration that my residency application is approved and I am now an Australian resident. That was my birthday gift from Sai Baba last year. My happiness knew no bounds. I was literally jumping with joy. It was probably the best birthday gift ever. Nowadays, I am going through a rough phase in my life. I am not happy with my current job and looking for another one. I know Baba is looking after me and will help me find a new one. Please forgive me for all my mistakes Baba and always be with me.

Answered Prayers

Anonymous Devotee from South Africa says: Thank you for this beautiful blog. I am from South Africa. I have learnt about Baba about two years ago. Baba You are my life. Please do not leave me and my family. Sorry Baba for the late submission of my answered prayers. Sorry for my karma and sins and thank You for all Your blessings and answered prayers. My first experience was two years back, when Baba blesses my child academically with amazing results. I did the question and answer and Baba promised me that I will see amazing results. True to His words the results were absolutely amazing. Thank You Baba and Amma for answered prayers.

Second experience: A cousin of my husband was diagnosed with a rare disease overnight. This disease was extremely dangerous as it paralyise you from feet to chest which means you are sedated and put to sleep and the patient is put on a ventilator. So he had been on this for about two weeks and on the third week the doctors called the parents asked them to say their goodbye as he had taken for the worse. In the meantime we took some of Baba’s Udi and Baba Vrat Book and Shiva’s book and chanted Om Sai Ram and applied Udi to him. Baba is so great. He recovered within two days. We left the book by his head side and to our surprise Udi appeared on the book. When he recovered he said that he saw Baba standing at his bed chanting, my third experience is that Baba cured my child from a genetic disease. Thank You Baba for answered prayers. Waiting for another huge miracle which I know will answered as Baba always answers my prayers.

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  1. Thank you very much for such a nice experience. Specially the 3rd one , I m full in tears after reading that. Jai Sai Ram.

  2. om sai ram 3experience is very nice faith boosting one i like to read all leelas of sao baba be with me and bless us

  3. Experiences ofSai Maharaj

    Experiences recorded by late hon. Hari Sitaram Dixit :-

    One of my friends visited Shirdi on the occasion of Guru Poornima last year. He had never met Baba while He was in mortal coil. He had heard of Sai Maharaj and longed for his Darshan; but it did not happen. But, on the previous Punyatithi he fulfilled his desire to at least take Darshan of Baba’s Samadhi. With Sai’s Blessings he became completely engrossed with Baba and devoted maximum time in Sai’s worship. The joy he felt almost oozed out of his entire body.
    A couple of months ago he had reluctantly made preparations to visit his son, who was working in a faraway state. After he had crossed almost three-fourths of the distance, he halted for an overnight stay. There he dreamt of Baba being taken in a procession with great pomp and glory. A horse-rider invited him to join and he saw himself going with him.
    After seeing this dream he cancelled his further journey, returned home and came to Shirdi for Guru Poornima celebrations. There he joined in the Rath-yatra. After staying in Shirdi for a few days, he went on a pilgrimage along with some other devotees. He finally reached his village at around 4 a.m. His house is surrounded by a compound, which has a gate, that is padlocked.
    At about 4.15 a.m. he called out to his folks, who were fast asleep. He banged at the gate; but no one heard him. At that time a girl in the house dreamt of Baba admonishing her, ‘Why are you sleeping ? Get up ! He is at the gate.’ She immediately woke up and when she opened the gate, lo and behold, she found my friend standing there, just as Baba had said !
    A gentleman from Mumbai had gone to Shirdi for Sadguru Sai’s Darshan. Later Baba gave him permission to go; but did not ask for any Dakshina. When the gentleman returned to the Wada, he felt a bit sad that Baba had not asked for any Dakshina. Sometime later, Baba sent a man to call him and when he went into the Masjid, asked for Dakshina, making the man truly happy.

    Mathuradas from Anjanal used to come for Baba’s Darshan quite often. He used to stay at Sagun’s lodge. Once, while both of them were talking, they gossiped about some people. When Mathuradas went to meet Baba, He immediately asked, “What was Sagun saying ?”

    Mathuradas was embarrassed and realised that Baba did not like them gossiping. He learnt the lesson that it was not good to talk ill of others.

  4. Sai Deva I am reading all devotees experience. Please bless me to get good job and settle with my family. As You know my situation please show good path Sai Deva. Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai

  5. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  6. Wonderful experiences.

    O Sai, forgive us our sins as we bow down and surrender to Your feet. Bless us so that we stay on the path of good O Sadguru. Thank You for fulfilling all our wishes and desires O Deva 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  7. super all experiences….love u baba…we love u lotssss…sai reham nazar karan vacho ka palan karna….

    from :-nee

  8. Om Sai Ram : Amazing experience all of them , Om Sai Ram , First experience reinforces our faith that the Biggest Boss and Baap of all are with their Children, Om Sai Ram : Baba also gifted me sumptuously on my B'day , Om Sai Ram : Third experience is simply supernatural Baba themselves

  9. Om Sai Ram love you lot baba…without you we are nothing…help all the devotees to have faith and patience baba…we all need your blessings forever baba…

  10. Om sai ram as I am sai devoti from long time but I Iam not visiting babas tempal by long time,I am suffaring from insomnia (anindra),it afected my health and business,so I go to sai temple and prey for my good health,i started sai vrat puja today is 5th Thursday,please baba solve my problem and blasing me for good health,i request all devotis to pray for good health and good sleep for me.

  11. Dear sisters and brothers, Om Sairam, My son is born in Jyeshta Nakshatra, and the priest asked us to perform dosha nivarana pooja. I am very worried about my son's future. I named him Sai that you will take care of him through out his life. Baba gave me pains on Thursday , but I delivered on Saturday with my fault. I didn't go to hospital on time. Please forgive me Sai. Did the future of my kid depends on Nakshatra ? I feel extremely guilty for this, If I would have gone on right time, my son would have born in Anuradha nakshatra. I literally feel ashame of not going on time. Sai please forgive me. Please save your grandson and protect him through out his life. I am surrendering everything on you.

    • Do not worry. Nothing will happen bad to your son.
      Priests mislead people for money.
      Keep faith on baba. Do sai pooja and donate your son old clothes to the poor needy people

  12. Dear 1st devotee,
    while going through your experience I felt as if reading my own story.The only difference was that because of my manager I was put under "Low performance" category.Later due to shear pressure I left the job.The same manger was "DE promoted" later but only after I left company.I struggled for 1.5 years to get job in Bangalore as my field is not common in this city.
    I just want to say that you are really very lucky dear.I worked in that company for 1.5 years & almost 8/9 months spent in crying,begging sai but believe me nothing happened. I complained to higher management but I was made to leave that company. Still those bad memories are fresh in my mind.


  13. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    On his arrival at Akkalkot, Sri Swamiji remained at the City gate for 3-4 days
    with his childish behaviour. The commander of cavalry present at the City gate took Sri
    Swamiji as a crazy person and tried to make fun of him. He gave him a small smoking
    pipe without tobacco along with fire to start the smoke. To his surprise, when he saw
    smoke coming out of the empty smoking pipe he understood that the concerned person
    (Sri Swamiji) has to be a great saint. Hence he immediately told about this to Cholappa
    who stayed nearby and asked him to prepare food for Sri Swamiji. From then on, Sri
    Swamiji started staying with Cholappa in his house.
    Cholappa firmly believed that Sri Swamiji was a great saint and hence he
    obediently attended Sri Swamiji and took good care of him. However, Sri Swamiji put
    Cholappa to real test by troubling his wife, Yesubai and his children, Krishnappa and
    Appa. Sri Swamiji would pick the grains from their house and feed the cows. He would
    pick up cooked food and give it away to some beggar. He would relax anywhere in the
    house. He would childishly extinguish a burning hearth. Because of these acts from Sri
    Swamiji, Yesubai considered him as a mad-man and also cursed Cholappa for giving
    him such importance. In spite of all these hindrances, his towards Sri Swamiji grew by
    each day. One day when Sri Swamiji started from his home, Cholappa also followed
    him. Sri Swamiji spoke in anger, “I am an ascetic. Do not follow me. Go home and take
    care of your family”. Nevertheless, Cholappa earnestly replied, “I will give up my home
    and hearth, but I will not give up your lotus feet”. Impressed with his devotion, Sri
    Swamiji blessed him and gave him Padukas for worshipping.

  14. Cholappa started worshipping the Padukas given by Sri Swamiji. Many people
    facing difficulties in life started to visit and get blessings. Cholappa started getting
    donations and monetary gifts from these devotees. The King of Akkalkot also became a
    devotee of Sri Swamiji and started providing for food and other necessities on a daily
    basis. He also provided for a five rupee monetary gift on a monthly basis to Cholappa.
    Soon Cholappa began to get some relief from his poverty. Sri Swamiji started visiting
    other devotees at their houses and accepted the food offered by these devotees as
    ‘naivedya’. Even after this progress, Sri Swamiji troubled Cholappa’s family members in
    a number of ways. However, Cholappa always maintained his loyalty and devotion
    towards Sri Swamiji.
    With the increase in the fame of Sri Swamiji, they brought a lady named
    Sundarabai for rendering service to Sri Swamiji. Sundarabai was hard working and took
    control of everyone around with her sweet talks. She complained against Cholappa to
    the Queen of Akkalkot and arranged for his removal from the service of Sri Swamiji.
    Until this time, Cholappa had made thousands of rupees in his service to Sri Swamiji.
    Nevertheless, even Sri Swamiji was now annoyed due to his greed for money. One day
    when Sri Swamiji was relaxing in Khasbaug, a big crowd of devotees had gathered for is
    ‘Darshan’. Sri Swamiji made a small pouch from a piece of cloth and started repeating
    Alakh285. This word is normally used by Gosavis when they beg for alms. The devotees immediately offered their charitable alms in the pouch for Sri Swamiji. When an amount
    of about one hundred twenty five rupees was collected, Sri Swamiji threw the pouch
    towards Cholappa and said “Cholappa, take this money. I am now freed from your
    Over time, Sundarbai was able to establish her domination by her service and
    tactfulness. She was able to remove Cholappa from his service. But Cholappa was still
    given permissions to visit and take the ‘Darshan’ of Sri Swamiji. Initially, he was a very
    poor man but he had become rich due to the kind blessings of Sri Swamiji. His twelve
    years of service at the lotus feet of Sri Swamiji had borne good fruits and brought him
    prosperity. However, he was deprived of rendering service to Sri Swamiji due to his
    greed. Sri Swamiji visited him during his last moments. In fact, Sri Swamiji was very
    unhappy by the death of Cholappa. Sri Swamiji said, “We were associated for the past
    seven lives and today I am freed from that bond”. Cholappa was one of the favourite
    devotees of Sri Swamiji.

  15. Jai Sai Ram ….! I am an engineering student…. Daily i go to college by bus and daily in the bus i like to read saichalisa… oneday it became very late to my bus timings , i also forgot to take baba's book which i will read daily in the bus. While i was walking towards my bus stop i suddenly remembered that i forgot my baba's book at home and it was already too late to catch the bus… I prayed to baba and reached my home back to take that book… To my surprise i caught my bus , that day the bus came lately to my bus stop….. Really i experience many leelas of Baba… Thankyou Baba for being with me….Jai sai ram

  16. Om sairam.Awesome experience of 3rd devotee.very nice.Sai Maharaj ki jai.My anuty was affected with stroke in April 2014. Within 6 months she has improved so much that I cannot believe her activities are like a normal person.Its a miracle of Saibaba.Thanku so much Saibaba.My anut's daughter marriage is fixed kindly bless her Saibaba.She should live 100 years happily with her husband.forgive my sins Saibaba.I love you Saibaba.kindly take care of my dad and brother.Thank you so much for whatever you have given me

  17. Sai baba,

    You know that we are trying my daughter neck to be straight ..please help us baba to success on this trial..Please help my son to get good grades and select for honors and show him right path to be selected for UPSC IAS services….Please make my husband treat my parents good..Please baba show us a good path to earn good money..we are in debts you know that….I know you always help your devotess..Please help my family and parents in all aspects…Waiting for another huge miracle which I know will answered as Baba always answers my prayers….thanks baba for everything..

    love you baba

  18. Awesome experiences by all the devotees. I feel so happy that baba is there with all of us,taking care of us. I pray to baba please be thete with us all the time,and please help me with my son who has autism,help me .

  19. Beautiful experiences! No matter what difficulty we are in, Baba always makes a path for us to get to a better place. Baba helped the first devotee nicely get a new, better job, 2nd devotee got a path for residency in Australia and 3rd devotee's relative was rescued from death by Baba Himself. Om Sai Ram!

  20. Baba evry1 r sayg tht u r doing so mch. Thn y rn't u seeing me? From the age of 13 I am suffering frm scares which hpnd n happng in my life. Nw I am 40. Still hw many years u want me to suffer baba? Frustrated wth ths life baba. Always crying in ur lotus feet for the past 27 years. Nw I am totally under abnormal condition baba. No one I am sharing my heart breaks. U r my only belief sai. U r my saviour baba. Pls catch my hand n help me out of my problems. Please baba help me. Saima saima saima

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