Sai’s Leelas In My Life

Sai Sister Deepthi from USA says: Hi all, I am Deepthi. I live in USA with my husband and daughter. I have been thinking of sharing Sri Sainath’s Leelas in my life since a long time now. But when I sit down to write about His Leelas, I am confused as to where should I start from. I have been attracted to Him since childhood. But I got very close to Him from past 5-6 yrs. I feel His presence everywhere. I feel He is with me with my family. Out of many many Leelas I would like to narrate one of the most recent and important ones to me.

We are facing a lot of financial troubles. I have been married for 3yrs now and we have a baby girl. I desperately wanted a new job closer to home. I attended few interviews and I really was expecting to get one job which I did very well. I did not; I was disheartened. I thought Baba is not with me and hence I did not get the job. But within 2 months I got another better opportunity suiting my needs. I cannot explain this miracle the way it has happened step by step. My husband always wanted me to find a fulltime job, work from home kind of job, I used to travel many hours (5-6 hrs daily) to go to work. With a small baby it was getting very tough for us. All this was sorted out by Baba. He never lets us down. If He does not give what we want at a time, it means something more precious is awaiting us and He has something much better planned for us. This is the lesson I learnt.

My life revolves around Him. It’s He who has blessed us with what we have now. There was a severe storm sandy in 2012. On the night of the storm it felt so severe and scary all the windows and doors were banging so hardly, I just prayed that we should not lose power and we should be safe as I have a small baby. That night I could feel Baba was in my home. I could see Him in His Picture. Everyone we knew lost power for more than a week, due to His grace we did not. We were able to help some of our friends during this time. It is just the matter of how much you trust Him truly and then see how much more He gives you in return. He is my father, my saviour Who understands all my struggles and gives me strength to face them. We are eternally grateful and thankful to You Baba. Om Sai Ram

Baba Cured My Health Problems

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram, I am a staunch believer of Sai Baba for more than 10 years. I am feeling very lucky to have known such a great Guru Who has guided me and helped me in difficult times. I read Sai Paath everyday without fail, visit His Temple on every Thursday and remember Him during all odd and good times. I have enormous faith in Him. Although sometimes i become impatient and doubt Him, I cannot live a single day without Him. I want Him in each and every stage of my life as my Sadguru. I am sorry for even when i had slightest doubt in Your plans for me. Here’s one of my recent experiences.

Baba had recently helped me cure many health problems. I got an unusual skin problem which lasted for more than 2 months. I also experienced discomfort and pain in my chest and used to become restless. Many a times I used to feel that I would die. However, Sai Baba was with me. I used to cry a lot and many times got panic attacks. I also underwent tests. During those tests, I prayed Baba that the results should be normal. Baba listened to my prayers and all my pains, anxiety, fear and health problems slowly started vanishing away as if they were never there. Now I am perfectly fine. I pray Him every day and have started reading Sai Satcharitra. I have left all my problems to Him and i know He will keep on helping and guiding me. Now I am just waiting for one more Miracle to happen in my life. I know Baba will do it. I believe You and love You a lot. Thank You Sai Baba for everything. May Baba bless each one of us always like this. Om Sai Nath

I Get My True Love

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am teenage boy from India. Doing engineering. I experienced Baba’s beautiful miracle in my relationship. In school days i love a beautiful girl. I like her so much. Because of shyness i was unable to tell her that and school days were passing by watching her. Unfortunately as I was passed out senior secondary, my family did transfer from that city to another. By even changing that city I was till loving her and missing her so much. I told these feelings to my best friend Sai Baba. I trust Him so much. 2 years were passed out by waiting of her any contact on social networks like Facebook. As Sai Baba said I kept patience for 2 years. After the exams of HSC, I was till searching her on Facebook, but she was not on Facebook. Unexpectedly one time when I was online on Facebook, her best friend asked me that, “hey, do you like her?” and I said Yes. I requested her to ask my crush about me and her best friend accepted my request of asking her about me. After two days, her best friend messages me on Facebook that she is not interested in me. I was so sad. I pray many times to Sai for getting one chance to propose her. After four days my crush asked me for my cell phone number and from that day we are together. My dream comes true only because of Sai. Sai is my best friend I love You Sai

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  1. Thank you alot baba for helping me today. Today It was only baba who saved me from getting penalty. Daily I take train for the work . I forgot my train monthly pass at home. I did not realized it until the TC came to our train car for checking. I was searching the whole bag. TC came near and checked the person next to me and he moved on without asking me. I was shocked by this leela and I was reading sai leelamrutham at that time and I have experienced sai leela. Thank you so much baba. TC would have given the penalty for sure if he had seen me without ticket. Please forgive me if I do any mistake. Please shower your blessings on my daughter and come to her birthday party on Nov 1st and bless her. Please call me to shirdi. I can be peacefull once I have your darshan in shirdi along withmy family.

    Thank you so much baba for driving me towords your path.

  2. Please sai bring my Krishna back to me. I am being very strong for my family, but I am dying inside waiting to hear his voice. Sai you are all I have now. I love you.

  3. Beautiful experiences all. May there more happy love stories by his grace.

    Thank You O Sai for drawing us to Your feet. Thank You for blessing us and making all our wishes and dreams come true O Sadguru. Let there always and forever be love, happiness and joy in the life of people who seek Your feet O Deva 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  4. Experiences of Sai Maharaj

    1. “Baba, that kid is dead !”…
    This incident took place two days after Holi in 1911. There was no ‘Sabha Mandap’ in front of the Masjid then. The sun was scorching hot. Around 2pm, an 8-10 day old kid of a goat sauntered on the ground in front of the Masjid and fell down due to the excessive heat.
    My friend’s wife could not bear to see such a sight. As she went near the kid, some villagers too came there. When they declared it dead, she was grief-stricken. She approached bleary-eyed to Baba and said, “Baba, that kid is dead!”
    Baba, who was watching the whole scenario, said, “Mother, it may not be dead. It may just be unconscious due to a sun-stroke.”
    “No Baba, it is dead.”
    “Is it so?”
    Baba got up from his seat, took some water and went down to the kid. He held a steady stream of water as he went around the kid and also put some water in its mouth. Immediately, the little body shook and resumed breathing. Baba said, “See Mother, it was not dead. I told you it was unconscious due to the excessive heat.”
    The villagers said, “But it was not breathing, Baba!”
    Baba laughed, “Come on, do not gather around it. It will get up and go now.”
    Soon the little kid got up baaing and pranced away happily.
    Everyone was happy.
    Sometime later, another incident took place. The only son of a woman in the village was dying due to a snake bite. He was about 10-12 years old. It was mid-night. She approached Baba with a fervent plea to give her some ‘Tirtha’ (Holy water). But Baba refused to give her Tirtha or Udi. He said, “Don’t stop him!”
    Eventually the boy died. Bhausaheb Dixit could not accept it. He prayed Baba to intervene. But Baba said, “Bhau, you keep out of this.” But Bhau kept on beseeching and falling at Baba’s feet. In the end, Baba said, “The boy has reborn in a new body where he will be able to fulfil what this body would not have helped him to do. Do you want him to leave his new body, i.e. die there and come alive here?
    I shall do it for you, but do you know the outcome? Are you aware of the responsibility? Will you take it?”
    Hearing this, Dixit was perplexed. Bringing the child alive meant Sai giving some years of his own life to the boy. In spite of that, he would not be able to fulfil his destiny. Realising this, Dixit relented and fell at Baba’ feet, completely speechless.
    It was not difficult for a divine being like Baba to bring a person alive. Had he not resurrected the goat kid? Then he could revive a human too.
    We shall now consider what we can deduce from this. A similar case took place in the life of ‘Bramhmibhoot’ Sri Bhaskaranand Saraswati.
    The astrologers had predicted the death of the son of a sub-judge of Nadia at the age of 17. But heeding his devotees’ request, Sri Bhaskaranand Saraswati lent him 4 years of his own life and the day he lay down his life in Kashi, the young lad too passed away in Nadia. These things are unfathomable. Divine beings are not ordinary mortals. They are visual expressions of the Divine.
    At the behest of the lad’s grand-mother (who was a devotee), Sri Bhaskaranand Saraswati increased
    the boy’s life-span and clearly said, “As long as I am alive, this boy shall live!”
    One Thursday, when the boy was 21, he fell down while riding a horse and became unconscious. He died the following Sunday at noon. That same Thursday, the complete yogi Sri Bhaskaranand Saraswatiji, took ill with a cholera-like malady. He was better the next day and sat for his usual consultations. But at dawn on Sunday, he again took ill and going into the Samadhi pose, he left this world at noon, right in front of his beloved devotees, including the Civil Surgeon and various British officers.
    What lesson do we learn from this? It is obvious that Sri Bhaskaranand Saraswati gave four years of his own life to the lad for the love of the boy’s father and grand-mother. It is my humble opinion that such stories help us to bravely face the calamities in our own life.

  5. Guide me , Baba, make me strong , make my health better , please help me . Falling at your lotus feet .

    Om Sai Ram

  6. I have a very small experience to share with you all. Couple of months back my wife, who works as independent consultant left her job; her last invoice was to be paid after a month and a half; when the time arrived for clearing the invoice the employer did not clear it and left us bewildered as it is very uncommon in our industry; plus we were a bit concerned as reason of leaving the job also was disagreement with the boss. I left it to the Sai and made a vow secretly. I asked my wife to check with them over email and with Baba's blessings it all got sorted to our satisfaction now. Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai!!

  7. Love you my father Sadguru SaiNath…..! I was facing many problems in my life from 2 months ,hence i have'nt concentrated properly on my gre and ielets exams , but i have lot of faith on my father baba , though i have not prepared well for exams my score was better than i expected to my work , Thankyou sainath for being with me and helping me ….please give me strength to face all my problems, Sainath no one in this world is closer to me than you, please forgive my mistakes ,take my ego , bad qualities under to your feet……. Baba you are forever ,nothing is permanent in this world than you, and really we your devotees are very lucky to have your love and affection on us …..Jai sai ram

  8. साईं का जब हो साथ तब फिक्र की क्या है बात ,
    संशय न लाना विश्वास जगाना , साईं जाप खुशियों का है खजाना …….

    धन दौलत न चाँदी सोना दे ,
    बाबा अपने चरणों में मुझे एक कोना दे,
    (((साईं))) तेरी सेवा ही मेरी जागीर हो,
    मन-मंदिर में बस तेरी ही तस्वीर हो ll

  9. Om Sai Ram
    I promised Baba I will post my experience yesterday only. Sorry Baba I did not do that yesterday. During this Diwali season, I wanted to call my close family, but I was not sure how it will go..will they pick up phone? will they talk to me nicely? Will everything be fine? I was really really worried..yesterday i got feeling i might not talk to my family. During day i was really feeling bad and upset whole the evening i went to Baba temple..prayed him and called my family…and they talked to me so nicely..Baba thank you so much..please make my faith strong for you. Whatever we are doing please hame maaf sai ram..

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