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Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a devotee of Sai Baba since 2008. I was introduced to Him by my sister. I used to visit the temple nearby whenever possible. I have read Shri Sai Satcharitra also a couple of times. I like His Kakad Aarti a lot & watch it on TV whenever possible. I have many experiences but would like to share 2 of them as i had promised Saimaa that I will post one of them (2nd one). Sorry Sai Maa i am posting it late. Please forgive me.

Experience 1: I work in a IT company. In Nov 2012 when I was in office one day, i received a call from my sister saying that my father has been hospitalized due to High BP. I was shocked to hear this & rushed to hospital. While travelling in auto, i was crying nonstop, praying to God, Saimaa & promised Saimaa that if my Father recovers soon & nothing happens to him I will come to Shirdi along with family within a year & will do Shri Sai Satcharitra Parayan whenever i find time. With Sai Baba’s grace, My Father recovered soon. As promised I had to go to Shirdi but somehow it was getting postponed for one reason or the other. Finally I booked tickets online for Direct train for Nov 2013. I also booked room in Bhakta Nivas online. I was happy that i will be going to Shirdi & will fulfil my vow within a year as promised. Few days were left for my Shirdi trip.

Experience 2: While booking the tickets I was confident regarding my menses that they will come on time as usual & I went ahead with the reservation. But in the month of Nov 2013, I got tensed when my periods did not come as expected & the date for Shirdi trip was approaching near. I was worried and prayed to Sai Maa please don’t cancel my Shirdi trip as i have to fulfil my vow within a year & i got the reservation for direct train with great difficulty. My parents cannot travel by Bus. I kept pleading & praying. I started walking a lot, etc so that i get my periods on time. But everything in vain. I asked a question whether i will travel to Shirdi on the question & answers site. I got an answer- “You will travel, Anxiety, worry will be over”. Finally I went to doctor & took tablets for postponing my periods. But still i was worried & while I was standing on Bus stop to go to office, i said in my mind to Sai Baba You are troubling me so much. At least my guru – Shri Gajanan Maharaj of Shegaon is good. We can have His Darshan whenever we can because reservation is available every time to Shegaon. But coming to Shirdi is very difficult.

The moment i said this, a person’s shoulder hit my face & my cell phone slipped from my hand & fell down. I thought as if Saimaa slapped me in my face for saying this & this was a small punishment Baba gave me for not having faith in Him & for discriminating. Later that day I got my periods & I was happy that Shirdi trip will not be cancelled. We went to Shirdi & had a nice Darshan. I had promised Baba that i write this experience after I return from Shirdi. But I kept postponing. Sorry Saimaa. Today is a Thursday and I have written both the experiences. Thank You Saimaa so much. Keep showering Your blessings on me, my Family & everyone. Om Sai Ram

Sai Baba Blessed Me Immensely

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram In this post i would like to narrate how Baba came into my life and how He blessed me with all I asked for. Baba came into my life, into my house through my hubby few months before. I was an ardent devotee of Lord Muruga and the first time when my hubby brought Baba Idol from one of the famous Murugan temple, the first word i told him was “All other God are after Lord Muruga only for me”. I also had some disturbance in my mind whether if I pray to Baba will Lord Muruga punish me. I came across many devotees experience and my mind was clear now that Baba and Lord Muruga were both one and the same. Baba changed everything. He made me realize He is Lord Murugan and vice versa. Then i started to pray Baba full heart and soul.

Within a week of my prayer I came to know about Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat and started to adopt it. In the second week of my Vrat i started to read Sai Satcharitra and the next day of completion of reading the book I came across regarding the Interview call from a Famous MNC for an opening (This was the company i was thinking long time to join though recently i shifted to a new company. I was not satisfied with the career scope in the present company hence prayed Baba to show me a way in my career). I attended the Interview but they did not tell me anything on the same and told me to leave. Everyone at home including my hubby told me “Leave, attend some other company”. But when i reached home i fell into Baba’s leg and cried so desperately and asked Him to show me some way. To my surprise, 2 days after i got call from the lady who took me 1st round and next day from the Manager who told me leave the other day. After 5 days i had HR interview and again i prayed Baba to offer me what I am worth for and hence I left the expected salary column as Blank. Again with Baba’s blessings the HR offered me more than what i expected and I was flying thinking how graceful is Baba towards me. Baba makes wonder. He answers our heartfelt prayers and His way of showing love on us is unpredictable. Prayers do work and Baba can change anything to answer your true prayers. Baba has made my hubby also to take up the Vrat soon and I too pray for him to Baba to shower that immense blessings and make all his wishes come true as He did for me. Om Sai Ram, Jai Sai Ram Sri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

Baba’s Experience

Anonymous Devotee from Srilanka says: I am working in a good company before 5 years but due to some issues I was not able to continue my profession. After 2 years i want to join back in the same company but they refused me. I was hopeless to get the job again because market was flooded. I went to Mumbai without any hope. After 13 days I got the offer from the good company and my contract period was 6 months, again due to some personal issues I came back home in 3 months. I faced lots of problem at home, I want to join back after 4 months and company told me that no vacancy. After that I posted my resume on Internet within few days I got job offer from the good company and I finished with all joining formalities contract period was 6 months. One day I called my company and I asked for 4 months contract there is no reply from the company and when I called them they told me that I am rejected from the company. Really I don’t know what to do and I was angry on Baba why You did this for me, but I had hope only on Sai Baba. Within few days I got job from a good company but compared to last company my pay was less. But I accepted. After I joined in the company I had a peaceful life which I never had before Thanks to Baba It all happened because of You

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  1. Om Sai Ram, I would like to say thank you to Dear Hetal Ji and team from bottom of my heart for making this platform to share our beloved Sai Ram's Experiences with other Sai devotees. I have narrated my story in short otherwise it would have been so long to read.

    I am 26 years old. I have beautiful family by Sai baba’s grace. Today Sai baba has given me opportunity to share my experience with my friends. I had wished from my schooling age that I would go abroad for higher studies. I got married when I was 19 years old and it was love marriage. I had no problem in my life except my pregnancy. I have problem in my pregnancy regarding baby’s heath because of my blood group O-. I had to abort my baby twice because both baby had some abnormalities. I was really depress after two abortion then I decided to go New Zealand for my studies.
    A lot of difficult challenges were waiting for me over there. There are lot of problems I faced during visa process finally I got my visa but my husband did not get his visa. As I was not used to stay alone without my husband, it was very difficult for me go alone in new country. I took that challenged and went alone. I faced a lot of problems during my study. I saw dream other day that “I was standing in chaotic situation and lot of person are trying to kill me. Then I saw that one person is coming through the dark side holding my father’s hand and asked me to come along with them. That person hold my hand and brought me his place (later I came to know that place was Dwaraka Mai) where he asked me to sit near a Dhuni. After that he told me that you are safe now, nobody is dare to harm you”. When I woke up, I was so relaxed even I did not know about that person who helped in my dream. But felt like he was a sacred Saint. After this dream, my husband got his visa and came to NZ. I was so happy and still did not know that person is Sai baba.

    After coming my husband to NZ, my husband did not get job with in same city so he had to go outside of the city for job. Again I had to stay alone but my husband made my staying arrangement with one of sweet couple. My owner was staunch devotee of Sai baba, she used to prayer daily and used to sing very sweet Sai baba bajans. I used to enjoy lot by joining prayer with her. I inclined towards to know about Sai baba history then I searched on internet and read Sai satcharitra with in week with excitement to know about my sweetu Baba. When I finished my Sai satcharitra, I saw another dream and “I saw Sai baba was standing in beautiful red rose’s garden and said to me pointing his finger towards roses that my daughter do not worries, You would play in your family like these beautiful roses within two years”. I got up and was very happy by recalling that dream. As I never seen Sai baba real pics so I searched online and found exactly same picture of Sai in his old age as I saw in my dream. Next day I saw same dream again and had firmly believe on my baba’s words that he always keep his words. I got everything that I did not deserve exactly within two years by Baba’s grace. I conceived during my study. I was struggling with study so it was really hard to make balance between study and pregnancy especially if you are leaving alone but Baba was with me. I finished my study successfully with good grades. As I had problem of healthy pregnancy so I had big tension about my baby’s health but Baba blessed me healthy boy on Thursday. He is about 1.5 years old now and I feel like my son is blessed by Baba because he is quite heathy from his birth date. He always like having Baba’s parsadam which I offer daily to Baba.

  2. After my delivery, I got very good job with good package in a reputed company without any experience and main point is that I did not applied for this job. Company got my CV from one of our known person, it was really strange because it is very rare that people help others to get job. This job has changed my entire life. I faced many challenges here but with the help of baba, I came out successfully from all challenges. I got my residency from this job within less than 2 months. It was my dream and I did not think about it that Baba would full fill my dream like that. Then after this, my husband got job in same city and surprisingly, me and my husband both got job interview on Thursdays. Now I am enjoying my life like a beautiful flower with my family. Sai Baba always keeps his words that happened true in my case, he said these words to me – “I will play within my family like these beautiful flowers within two years.” Moreover He cured my health issues (Tuberculosis & piles) completely. He blessed me a naughty little boy, New Zealand residency, job for me and my husband. Now I don’t have any desire in my life and just want to spend my whole life in Baba’s lotus feet .. Om Sai Ram.

  3. How lucky and favored would the devotees be who got experience published on Thursday and Diwali!!! I envy you guys!
    May all have blissful diwali! Wish everyone and their family gets all the happiness this diwali and forever after, may we all get loads of Sharadha and Saburi! May we be proud of us and make baba proud always!
    Jai Mata Di! Jai Sai Nath! Jai Sadguru!

  4. Wonderful experiences. Warmest Deepavali wishes and our sweet Deva's blessings to all 🙂

    Thank You O Sai for coming into our lives, guiding us, protecting us, fulfilling our wishes and desires and making our lives abundant and meaningful. Without You we would be lost O Sadguru so never ever leave us. Thank You for all the Love O Deva 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  5. 8. “Always do the work entrusted to you !”…
    In 1915, I decided to visit Shirdi once again. My wife, her mother and Shankar Rao accompanied me.
    While travelling by train, we met Vasudeo Sitaram Samant, Veterinary Doctor and Sanitation Inspector at Vasai railway station. When he came to know of our plans, he gave me 2 annas and said, “Give Baba a coconut and with the remaining amount buy some camphor and incense sticks.” I took the money and said okay, but forgot to do the needful. When I asked for Baba’s leave, he said, “Go via Chitali, but do not cheat a poor Brahmin for 2 annas.
    I then remembered and did as per Samant’s wish; bought a coconut worth one and half annas and camphor and incense sticks with the remainder. When I again asked for permission to leave, Baba said, “Go, but always do the work entrusted to you, or else do not accept it.”
    9. Baba kept asking for more and more Dakshina…
    Once, when I was in Shirdi, Shankar Rao came for Baba’s Darshan. Baba asked for Rs.15/-. He did not have that much money and so went away, with a forlorn look on his face. When he came again, Baba asked for Rs.32/-. This saddened him even more and he began to leave. “Why don’t you tell him you don’t have the money?” I laughed, “You do not give him any response, and so Baba asks again and again.”
    Shankar Rao went once again, gathering his courage to tell Baba. This time Baba asked for Rs.64/- !
    Shankar Rao said, “Baba, where do I have so much money?” Baba replied, “Request some people and send.”
    A few days later, Baba fell ill. So his devotees started a ’Saptaha’ (Devotional reading for a week). Sai devotee Shri G.R. Dabholkar wrote a letter to Shri Waman Balkrishna of Dahanu to collect donation for the Bhandara (Prasad). Waman Rao entrusted his younger brother Shankar Rao with this work. We showed the letter to the Sai devotees in our village and the total collection was Rs.64/-! We were really surprised about how Baba had asked for the very same amount in Shirdi!
    10. ‘Jai Sri Sai Baba! Save us Sai Baba !’…
    In March 1915, Shantaram Moreshwar Phanse and I were returning from official duty. While passing through the jungle at night, our bullock-cart reached the Ranshet Pass. Suddenly the bullocks started behaving in a peculiar manner. They tried to reverse the cart. When we tried to find out the reason, at first we could not fathom anything. Then, glancing on one side, we saw that beyond the road the edge of the cliff was broken. If our cart tilted even a little towards that side, we would have fallen into the ravine.
    At that moment, Shantaram asked me to look ahead and I saw a ferocious tiger facing south towards the cart. Here we were between the devil and the deep sea! On one side, if we did not get out and support the cart, it would fall into the ravine, and on the other, the tiger was waiting to pounce on us!! Between the two of us, Shantaram was more courageous and told me to hold on to the reins while he got down to rectify the cart’s position. But I was scared out of my wits and unable to do so. Besides, one of the bullocks began to sit down. My throat was parched. But keeping all faith in Sai, I started screaming “Jai Sri Sai Baba! Save us Sai Baba!!”
    The tiger got up, jumped towards our right and was gone. When the tiger came towards our right, the bullocks were so scared they jumped and started running for their lives, saving both themselves and us. Thus chanting Sai’s name saved us from a calamity.
    11. How Baba’s Udi cured a little boy…
    There was the plague in Dahanu, so we were staying in a village called Raee. Moru, the younger son of Shri Ravji Sakharam Vaidya suddenly took ill and so his elder brother came to our house, asking for my father who was a Vaidya. Since my father was not at home, we told him to go to a doctor. Then on second thought I gave him Baba’s Udi. There was immediate improvement in the boy’s health after the application of Udi and he did not need any medicine.

    atulaḥ śarabhō bhīmaḥ samayajñō havirhariḥ |
    sarvalakṣaṇalakṣaṇyō lakṣmīvān samitiñjayaḥ || 39 ||

    355. Atulaḥ: One who cannot be compared to anything else.
    356. Śarabhaḥ: The body is called 'Sara' as it is perishable.
    357. Bhīmaḥ: One of whom everyone is afraid.
    358. Samayajñaḥ: One who knows the time for creation,
    sustentation and dissolution.
    359. Havir-hariḥ: One who takes the portion of offerings (Havis) in
    360. Sarva-lakṣaṇa-lakṣaṇyaḥ: The supreme knowledge obtained
    through all criteria of knowledge i.e. Paramatma.
    361. Lakṣmīvān: One on whose chest the Goddess Lakshmi is always
    362. Samitiñjayaḥ: One who is vicotious in Samiti or war.

  7. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Deo Mamaledar*****
    Yashwantrao Bhosekar was a mamlatdar128. When he was in Parner, he
    developed a strong desire to get the ‘Darshan’ and blessings of a Sadguru. He was
    virtuous, fully devoted, and ever desirous for a Sadguru. Sri Swami Samarth manifested
    Himself in his dream in an Ajanubahu273 form and ordered Yashwantrao to come to Him
    for his ‘Darshan’.
    During those days, Sri Swamiji resided in Mangalvedha and therefore,
    Yashwantrao went there. When he met the great lustrous personality of Sri Swamiji, he
    immediately recognized that it was the same person in his dream that had blessed him
    with visionary intuition. He prostrated at the lotus feet of Sri Swamiji and remained
    clinged on to his feet. Sri Swamiji placed his hand Yashwantrao’s forehead, blessed him
    and said “wait, I will open up your past memory”. Yashwantrao enjoyed the perception
    of being absorbed into the Supreme Spirit. Sri Swamiji patted Yahawantrao with love
    and said, “Today, you are repeating the name of god constantly. But when the past
    memories are revived, people themselves will start calling you as God”. Sri Swamiji
    blessed him and gave a Shaligram274. Yashwantrao later paid his obeisance by washing
    the lotus feet of Sri Swamiji and worshipped him before returning back to his
    Deo Mamaledar never compensated with truth during his service. He tried to
    experience the presence of God in every human being, right from a peon up to an
    officer and further even up to the level of a prisoner. He always maintained his family
    within the small limited income he earned. Sometimes he borrowed money, but he
    never accepted any bribe. Four children took birth in his family but each child died
    within a period of three months. He consoled himself and his family saying that God
    granted these children in his family and took them all away too. He always helped
    beggars, saints, mendicants, helpless women as well as children who came to
    his door as if they were his own.
    While going to work, if he ever saw any hungry person he would
    immediately arrange for their food. Similarly, if he met any sick person, he
    would arrange for their medicines. If he saw any unclaimed body lying on the
    streets, he would immediately arrange for the funeral of that body by spending
    money from his own pocket. If he ever found any cart-man beating up his
    bulls, he would go for their rescue and say, “Do not beat God”. His heart was
    filled with boundless compassion.
    Once he was the taluka Magistrate of Satana near Nasik. During the
    year 1870-71, there was dreadful famine in Satana. The animals started to die
    of hunger. People started becoming restless through pain and dehydration. In
    that situation, Deo Mamaledar sold all the gold ornaments as well as costly items of his house and helped the needy. Finding it unbearable to see the
    sufferings of the people. He became so restless that he went to his office, took
    the keys to the Government Treasury, and distributed a handful of money
    amongst the thousands of needy people. The people gave their solemn
    blessings and went away, but his senior officer was highly surprised. The
    Deputy Collector came for inquiry, but it was a miracle that the treasury was
    not short even by a single penny.

  8. Highly overcome with intense emotions due to this incident, Deo
    Mamaledar went home and bowed his head in front of the Shaligram given to
    him by Sri Swamiji. Suddenly a miracle took place and Lord Vishnu himself
    appeared in front of him in place of the Shaligram. Deo Mamaledar was filled
    with joy and said “Oh! Lord Vishnu! Oh! The Lord of the Universe! What a
    miracle this is! How much troubles have you taken for a petty man like me? ”.
    After this divine visit, Deo Mamaledar resigned from his service. He crossed and
    went beyond all worldly boundaries. He moved from Satara to Nasik and began
    resolving difficulties of the devotees there. He stayed there unfurling the flag of
    devotion. It is said that Sri Swamiji had sent Gajanan Maharaj of Shegaon after duly
    initiating him to Deo Mamaledar in Nasik for a few days.
    Deo Mamaledar was a great saint. He was extremely compassionate,
    which was rare to find sometimes even in God. He left this world in the year

  9. Hi All I am from India , this is my 3rd experience I am posting in this website.Yday night I had a very wonderful miracle of Baba. In the mid night around 2 my Son who is 2.6 years old got up and started crying he was showing his hand literly , He slept on his hand and he was crying very badly.I was massaging his hand with lukewarm OIL . Later I remembered why should not I apply Udi to his hand.Thats the miracle of Baba, within fraction of Seconds he stopped crying.Thanks you so much Baba

  10. साईं का जब हो साथ तब फिक्र की क्या है बात ,
    संशय न लाना विश्वास जगाना , साईं जाप खुशियों का है खजाना …….

  11. Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

  12. sai baba,

    Happy diwali wishes to all…Baba could you please help me to find gold chain..i put somewhere not remembering exactly..please help me baba to find the chain…please help my husband to get good job offer…Please help my kids always in all aspects..please bless my family and parents..thanks for everything baba..

    love you baba

  13. Om Sai Ram.. first devotee please dont worry baba never said during periods we cant go to visit him. You can visit him anytime. Its something natural which we girls cant complain about.
    Love you Baba 🙂

  14. Dear baba,
    Please help me to cure skin problem..
    om sai ram!
    Om sai shri sai jai jai sai sadguru sai
    Call me un ahirdi baba

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