Shibpur Sai Baba’s Miracle

Anonymous Devotee from Germany says: I am living in Germany since over forty years, with my husband and daughter. My family only my brother is living in India. He is living alone, that is why he has many problems. I am always tensed about him. One after one my parents died I started believing in Sai Baba after my mother’s death. This experience I wrote in august 13.

I heard about Shibpur Sai Baba and requested Amit ji(P0ujari) there to send me Udi, which he did. Two months ago my brother was calling me from India everyday almost and telling me, he is not feeling well. He has got some flesh and bone increased on his palm, which is not good. I was worried and told him to go to his doctor. Meantime I was putting Udi on his (Photo) hands everyday and requesting Sai Baba it may be a minor thing.

My brother went to his doctor, who told him to go to specialist, which he did and by grace and blessings of Shibpur Baba, Doctor said it is not so bad and will be cured itself. Mean time my brother also fell down from his scooter and got injured. He said he has lost his keys somewhere there. He could not open his safe or house rooms because of that. I prayed to Baba Shibpur Sai if You are so true then my brother will get his keys also soon. See what happens he got keys also, which he thought is lost and everyone left the hope also. Baba I promised that I will write Your Udi’s miracle in my experience after you solves these problems. Please accept it and forgive my sins. Om Sai Jai Sai Jai Jai Sai

Baba Gives Me S5

Anonymous Devotee from US says: Om Sai Ram. I am sorry because my English is not very good. When i came to US, I was so close to Baba. I am housewife. Please do not disclose my name & id. Thank You very much because i am so close to Baba from this website. Om Sai Ram Baba Thank You i am not feeling good in US because all things are new. My Baba is very kind. He is always with me & blessed me & my family. Baba fulfils my wish finally i got Samsung S5. Thank You Baba

Sai Granted Job

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a Sai Baba devotee since past few years and i experienced lot of miracles of Him and one such miracle that happened in 2014 made me to still increase my faith in Baba. Om Sai Ram. Since i am a Sai devotee, i was praying to God to get job in an MNC to a person close to me. I did Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat twice and finally as i was praying day by day i had faith in Baba that He will fulfil my wish. Still i used to doubt. I am so sorry Baba that i doubted on You. But finally one Thursday there came news that i was selected for second round of interview and finally the next day news came i was selected for job. I was so happy to hear that and i was so pleased of my Baba. Thus my Sai Maa fulfilled my desire by giving me job. Love You lot Baba and sorry for doubting on You. Please help us to settle well. Jai Sai Ram Ananta Koti Brahmand Nayak Raajadhiraj Yogi Raja Parbharam Sri Sri Sachidanand Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jay

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  1. To all Sai devotees who look for signs as a confirmation that our prayer has been heard and that our faith is acknowledged, I have something to share.

    Before I became a Sai devotee, I prayed to Shiva, Ganapathi and my favorite God was Tirupathi Balaji. Everyday before going to school & college, I stopped by the temples on the way, prayed and left. Whenever I had a special request, I prayed to God, and told him I need your help with this, please do. Ofcourse as gratitute to answered prayers, I made sure every day I went to Him and thanked him, and promised walking up the tirumala mountain for darshan. My most impossible prayers were answered, and my life was peaceful, because once I said my prayer, I trusted God has heard it and will answer it according to his will. And trust me life was easy.

    Once I started believing in Sai, I started looking for signs everyday. If I see this, it means Sai remembers me, or my prayer will be answered. And when I prayed, I said, if this this and that happen, it means my prayer will be answered. Is that trust in God? Did I not believe that the all knowing God did not know the prayers of my heart? Did I not believe that he is capable of moving mountains and my prayers are small requests which he can answer in a blink of an eye? Did I not believe that he has my best interests at heart, and that I am worthy of his love as long as I lead a righteous and moral life? So why did I look for signs, and test him to see if he heard my prayers and he will answer my prayers. This sign seeking robbed me of my trust in him. I began to worry more about signs than actual devotion to God. And if I didnt see the sign I wanted, I started to believe that he didnt listen to me. If I didnt get him in my dream, I believed that he doesnt want to communicate in me. I was more focussed on signs, and wanting to know God's answer before he answered. This is just complete lack of faith. My life has been terrible for the last 6 years, and I got angry with God saying you gave me the signs, but why is my life bad? If we are constantly asking for signs, that what we will receive. Just signs. And honestly, by asking for signs aren't we questioning God's intention in our lives? If our request and prayer is something that is according to his will, and something good for us and others, he will grant it. Why test him? We keed Him so busy answering our signs and prashnavalis, and dreams, that we don't let him work in our lives. I actually lost my faith in Baba, and I was thinking life was better before I started praying to him. But the fact is, all the times before, I gave my petition to God, and told him thank you. I didnt agonize and question him constantly on if he will answer our prayer. If the answer is No, trust me he will make sure we know. We don't need signs. He loves us. Just trust him to take care of us. Believe that when you ask, he hears, and he will start working on it. Don't distract him and question his capabilities by asking for signs, and asking for him to come in your dreams. He will come to us when we are confused and ask him for direction. He will come to us when He thinks we need direction. So many times, I have received signs and even the most menial requests did not go through. And I thought maybe he doesn't love me, and I am the fruit of the tree which is supposed to fall off. That is not fair. And I stopped praying to sai and looking for signs. But the point it, its the signs that i sought which disappointed me, and not Sai, because by seeking those, I questioned his intention and power.

    I have lived a righteous life, I have asked for forgiveness for the sins I have committed, and I have faith that God is working in me and through me. I give my request to him, and I believe it will be answered in the right time in the right way. I wont stop praying until I get an answer, because I am persistant. Sometimes my answers are immediate, sometimes not. Just trust him to work for what is best for us.

    • Very thoughtful and humble words sir thank you.. I always look for signs. I won't do that hereafter. I trust our sai ma wholeheartedly

    • Thank you dear sai brother/sister for not letting us get obsessed with seeking quick answers and signs..
      Your post has encouraged me to keep unwavering faith on our dear baba and entrust my life to him without getting into unnecessary analysis.

      Om Sai Ram !! I surrender myself to your holy feet.

    • Thank u so much . You have written so beautifully and so true . I look for signs too and I always tell myself to stop and things will work with the help of god in the right time . I try to keep my faith always no matter how bad things may be. Thank u again for ur encouraging words . Wishes to all the amazing devotees here .

    • So true…Thank you for the valuable suggestion 🙂 Baba, I will do my best to follow this 🙂 Om Sai Ram 🙂

    • Very very true over time I have also grown to understand the same,,,,however very nice of you to have articulated the same ,,..may Baba's blessings be with you ,,,,Om Sai Ram !!!!

    • Om sai Ram..Sir enlightened me on Deepawali day.Concluding similar thoughts in my life also baba showed the right path through you. Baba has come in my dreams several days and showed my destination. OmSaiRam and Koti Koti pranam 🙂

  2. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  3. (46)
    3. Haribhau Phanse is freed in the appeal…
    Before visiting Shirdi, we had been to Mumbai. There, in the neighbouring Mohan Building, Haribhau Phanse was visiting Shri Chaubal. He had been sentenced for six months rigorous imprisonment in a police case, and was now on parole. He had now come for an appeal. When he came to know I was going to Shirdi, he did a namaskar to me and pleaded me to tell Baba of his plight, “I am not guilty and have been wrongly punished.”
    When I went to give this message to Baba in the morning, Baba, in an extremely angry mood after the Kakad Aarti said, “Tell him he will be freed in the appeal. Not to worry.” By the time I gave this answer to Phanse, he had already been set free in the appeal.
    4. Atmaram’s wife has a change of mind after eating Baba’s Prasad…
    When we returned one of our friends, Gopal Keshav Vaidya asked his elder brother Atmaram to go for Baba’s Darshan. Atmaram was 42 years old when he went to Shirdi and his wife had never seen his face. People from both families tried hard to change her mind, but she did not leave her parental home. But, when the Prasad from Shirdi was given to her, she came to her marital home the very same day and said to her brother-in-law Gopal, “One’s marital home is one’s true home. There is no happiness in the parental home.” Gopal was surprised. The couple are now living happily and have children.
    5. How Baba saved me from the clutches of a mad man…
    In 1914, when I was working as cashier, I lived in a rented house near the Maruti Temple in Dahanu.
    There was a Talati named Ramkrishna Balwant Phanse who lived nearby and had gone mad for some reason.
    One day he came and stood near our kitchen door. I was worshipping our family deity and Sri Sai Baba. When I noticed Phanse, he jumped upon me and started to strangle me. He brought his mouth close to my neck and said he would strangulate me to death. In self-defence, I grabbed the puja spoon and tried to push it in his mouth, but with it my two fingers went in to his mouth. Shutting his mouth, he sunk his teeth into my hand. At the same time he choked my neck, his nails digging deep, and I bled. I swooned.
    When I regained consciousness after doctor’s treatment, I came to know that my brother had come in just then and he with my mother’s help had freed me from the grip of the mad man.
    When I went to Shirdi afterwards, Baba gave me a hint in the afternoon session. Pointing towards me he said to Anna Chinchnikar, “Anna, had I been even a little late, he would have been gone. That mad man almost throttled him. I saved him. What to do, if I do not save my own children, who will?”
    When I heard these words, I was overwhelmed.
    6. Why are you duping a poor Brahmin ?…
    Our neighbour, Chaubal’s mother had gone to Shirdi with Anand Rao K. Chaubal. She was a shrewd old woman. She told Anand Rao, “Give me one rupee change. I want to give 8 annas to Baba.”
    (In olden days, 1 rupee = 16 annas.)
    Anand Rao gave her one 8 anna and two 4 anna coins. When the sly woman kept only 4 annas in front of Baba, he said, “Give me 4 annas more as Dakshina. Why are you duping a poor Brahmin? Hand it over to me.” The lady shame-facedly gave another 4 annas to Baba.

  4. Good and sweet experiences all 🙂

    O Deva, Thank You for all the love, success, happiness & joy You are blessing us with 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  5. Happy Diwali to all the Beautiful Devotees here May all ur wishes be full filled and u be filled with happiness always .
    Om Sai Ram

  6. Om Sai Ram !! Baba, I trust you so much. You are the only ray of hope in my life. All I want is her Happiness. Please do what ever it takes for that. Please fill confidence in me.Why I have a fickle mind baba, I always listen to everyone, I never had any opinion for myself. I took the life very easy, never thought It will be so sorrow. Please make me tough, Baba. I want to live and love my life . I want to help others with whatever I can. As I had hurt her because of my harshness, Which I can't take back, I want to promise you that I will try my best to be as cool as I can and try not to hurt anyone wantedly. Baba, I love her and at the same time I don't want her to suffer because of me . I started praying you, when I was looking for my job, thinking just you are onle more god not knowing anything about you and you blessed with a good job and life. I volunteered in the temple on most of the Thursdays I can, just to be away from laziness and I was leading the best of my life. All that time I never know any of your leelas, I was just thinking serving people will be the best part and enever expected anything from you at that time, as you had given me a good job,. And for some reason, I stopped going to temple and neglected you and thought everything depends on how we make our life. I suffered neglecting you. which I should have never done that . From then my pride, ego, jealousy controlled me and I was lost wandering in this world. I hurt my back during this time and all the time, I was abusing you and Lord Shiva, which let me hurt my self more. I never listened to anyone thinking that I was a smart guy and my pride let me not listen to anyone. All the while I was so dumb not focusing on the root cause of the problem and ruined my healthy and happy life. Will you take me into your folds and help me.? Because I loved her so much and want her to enjoy the rest of her life, I myself let her get away . But, I am not able to take it. Please guide me, Baba. I know you are always present beside your devotees, But I want to go in the right direction from now on. I am lost completely , Baba. Not knowing what to do, what is right . I can't make even a single decision, thinking it might go wrong. I thought of giving up my life, but it's not easy giving up the life and it's against your law. All I want is to be my guru and guide me the rest of my life and help her get the best in her life , and shower your blessings on us . Please never let me leave you.

    Om Sai Ram.

  7. Om sai ram.I was extremely sad and Filled with tears 3 months back as my Alliance which was fixed got broken due to some reason.I am a devotee of Saibaba but I came to know about Saisatcharita after reading this blog.After reading Saisatcharita I feel better and got peace of mind.when I read this book I experienced miracles also.I love Saibaba.thanku so much.Be always with my family and guide us.

  8. Sai natha,

    My husband did not selected for the job which was interviewed on Friday..we had lots of hopes…Please bless him with good job offer in local place…please help my family and parents always..please be with us always…thanks baba for everything..

    love you baba

  9. I am sorry Saibaba if I have committed any mistake forgive me.kindly guide me and show me the right path in life.

  10. Baba i have been praying to you since past seven years i just want this n this wish of mine to be granted. i have faced bad times but have always kept my hopes high that you will do something..everytime i console myself don think much baba will take care of that but now i feel lost n broken because i see nothing happening and nw i think its all about money in this world . financial status does matter and ur feelings n love is all waste. baba if u really there just listen …plzz i beg u

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