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Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I am Baba devotee from last 14 years and it is pure blessing from Baba that He has drawn me towards Him from when I am in US. The ultimate difficult situations He has helped me always and my faith in Him is getting stronger and stronger day by day. Thanks Baba for being there. Sai Ram,

The experience I am sharing is heart touching experience and Baba has not only helped my daughter to achieve her dream but as a family made our love stronger. My daughter is excellent in academic and had very good grades since childhood. Her dream was to get into top 20 colleges and she applied 7 colleges with 4 colleges being in top 20 and they were her hope. Other 3 colleges were just the backup colleges. The top 3 colleges put her one by one in waiting list and she was left with no hope of getting in these colleges.

For her studying in good college was her first dream in her life she ever dreamt but she was getting rejections one after another not only in college admissions but also even in daily activities. I was at that time doing Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat and she asked me if i vow to do this Vrat, will Baba give me admission. I told her He will give the best but if you are taking vow, take it with faith and devotion. My daughter is very practical and i wanted her faith in Baba should dwell in and she should have a forever faith in Him. Baba taught her Saburi and finally gave her Shradda on Him by giving admission in top 5th college. Now, my daughter thinks that Baba is there for her and she is very happy. Baba, Please be with my daughter always and always as her mom and keep show her Your miracles and help her become better person. Sai Ram

Sai Miracle

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a Sai devotee from India Baba has immensely blessed me by giving whatever I asked. I am very grateful to Him. Just sharing few instances, I had committed a mistake while doing a configuration in my Job. As soon as I prayed to Baba and explained the same to my peers. They told that’s fine. Me and my spouse were in urgent need of money and were expecting money from a source which was long pending. I heartily prayed Baba after which we got the money in the evening. Again there was a very difficult job to be done in my work which I was unaware of. With Baba’s help I was able to do the same without any difficulties. Om Sri Sai Ram

Baba Saved Me From Disease

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am working as an assistant professor in an engineering college. I had an unsafe physical contact with guys. Once I got a Flue. When I was reading Sexual Transmitted (STD) Disease I got fear that I too might have attacked by STD. Then I prayed to “Sai Baba” not to get any diseases. I did blood test and the report was negative. Thank You very much “Sai Baba”

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    padmanābhōravindākṣaḥ padmagarbhaḥ śarīrabhṛt |
    maharddhir ṛddhō vṛddhātmā mahākṣō garuḍadhvajaḥ || 38 ||

    346. Padma-nābhaḥ: One who resides in the Nabhi or the central
    part of the heart-lotus.
    347. Aravindākṣaḥ: One whose eyes resemble Aravinda or the Lotus.
    348. Padma-garbhaḥ: One who is fit to be worshipped in the middle
    of the heart-lotus.
    349. Śarīra-bhṛt: One who supports the bodies of beings,
    strengthening them in the form of Anna (Food) and Prana.
    350. Mahardhi: One who has enormous Ruddhi or prosperity.
    351. Ṛddhaḥ: One who is seen as standing in the form of the world.
    352. Vṛddhātmā: One whose Atma or body is Vruddha or ancient.
    353. Mahākṣaḥ: One who has got two or many glorious eyes.
    354. Garuḍa-dhvajaḥ: One who has got Garuda as his flag.

  2. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Sadguru’s Choice of Primary Disciples*****
    Akkalkot Nivasi Sri Swami Samarth Maharaj had initiated a number of devotees
    and made them disciples. Out of these known-unknown numerous disciples, the
    primary disciples who got the blessing-symbol from Sri Swamiji returned to their own
    places and fluttered the banner representing devotional loyalty to Sri Swamiji. They are
    as follows.

    In Itiya village belonging to Ratnagiri District
    Swamisut was born to the ‘Khot’ family. His name was
    Hanbhau Tawade Khot. It was a prosperous house. For
    his education he came to Mumbai. After finishing his
    education he joined the Mumbai Municipality for
    employment. Gajanan Khatri was his co-worker at the
    time. Both joined hands and started doing some
    speculation in the opium business. They suffered
    heavy losses. They got into heavy debts. Hence both
    of them went to Laxman Pandit whom they knew.
    Laxman Pandit was a family priest of Govindrao’s
    house. Govindrao was the same person whose cook
    Kanojia Brahmin, by the kind favour of Sri Swami
    Samarth, had unexpectedly received Rupees ten
    thousand as charitable donation from the Sethani
    (Govindrao’s wife).
    Laxman Pandit was also in debt. When he heard the surprising story about
    Kanojia Brahmin he took a vow to come to Akkalkot for Sri Swamiji’s ‘Darshan’ if his
    burden of debt gets cleared within eight days. By this time both, Haribhau and Khatri
    had reached Laxman Pandit’s residence and requested him that, if he stood as a
    guarantor for their loan debt then he would be able to get equal share in profit, if any,
    in their business venture. When Haribhau and Khatri heard the story of Kanojia Brahmin
    from Pandit, they both got very impressed. Soon a miracle took place in their business.
    Pandit made a profit of rupees two thousand from the business. Haribhau and Khatri
    also got freed from their debt and further they also made some profit. All the three took
    a vow that, till they go to Akkalkot and take the ‘Darshan’ of Sri Swamiji; they will not
    accept any food.
    When they reached Akkalkot Sri Swamiji was in the palace. Sri Swamiji had just
    taken food and was resting. Cholappa took Sri Swamiji’s partly finished food platter and
    was on his way back, when Haribhau begged for the portion of the food tasted by Sri Swamiji. Haribhau ate the same with love. When all the three went inside the palace
    where Sri Swamiji was resting and took his ‘Darshan’, Sri Swamiji spoke “You started
    business and suffered a loss. You took a vow and made profit. Now go away”. Hearing
    this all the three were surprised and at the same time overwhelmed with joy.
    When they all went on the second day for the ‘Darshan’, Sri Swamiji looked at
    Pandit and said, “you put on a turban on your head”. Then he spoke to Khatri “You go
    to the market and tie a dhotee on your head”. Finally, he spoke to Haribhau “You
    sacrifice your family and become my son, Go now and come back with white – white
    thing”. Haribhau was perplexed and did not understand the meaning of the ‘whitewhite’
    thing. Later on, he came to know that Sri Swamiji had asked him to bring the
    Padukas (foot Prints) made of white silver. Later on, they offered ‘Naivedya’ to Sri
    Swamiji and returned to Mumbai.

  3. After coming back to Mumbai Haribhau started getting mentally depressed with
    regards to his family life and he started to see Sri Swamiji idol everywhere he looked.
    With strong desire he started yearning for the kind favour of Sri Swamiji in his heart. As
    Sri Swamiji’s order he prepared the silver Padukas and came to Akkalkot. Sri Swamiji
    wore those Padukas for fourteen days. Every devotee was strongly desirous of getting
    those Padukas. Eventually, Sri Swamiji announced, “This is my Atmalinga271. I will not
    give this to anybody”. Sri Swami Samarth called Haribhau and spoke to him “Give up
    your occupation and become my son. On the bank of the ocean, build up a fort and
    hoist my flag”. Then Sri Swamiji took the Padukas, touched his entire body with the
    Padukas, and then bestowed on Haribhau those sacred Padukas.
    One night Haribhau woke up from sleep, got up, and started rendering service to
    Sri Swami Samarth. There were secret talks between the two. Sri Swamiji threw his
    clothes on Haribhau and said, “Dispose off your entire household in charity”. Haribhau
    obeyed with great reverence the orders of his Guru. He wore the red-ochre dress and
    returned to Mumbai holding the Padukas close to and touching his heart. As per the
    orders of Sri Swamiji he gave away all his material possessions in charity. He had 800-
    900 grams of gold in his house. He sold it and gave the money in charity to the
    Brahmins. His wife Tarabai started crying but Haribhau did not pay any attention. He
    kept a Kafani272for himself and a white saree for his wife. Then he got himself deeply
    absorbed in singing hymns in the praise of Sri Swami Samarth. His wife was crying and
    wailing but he made her listen to the following song:
    “Now Tara, you take up singing hymns in the praise of Sri
    Hold this ‘Ekatari’ (one stringed musical instrument) in your
    Start singing in the praise of Sri Swami Samarth by
    concentrating your attention at the lotus feet of Sri Swami”.
    Haribhau built a Temple of Sri Swami Samarth at Kamathipura, Mumbai and he
    absorbed himself in worshipping and singing hymns in the praise of Sri Swamiji. He
    started calling himself Swamisut. Thousands of people of all religions started coming to
    his Muth for his blessings. Swamisut’s fame started spreading everywhere. Later on this
    Muth was shifted to Kandewadi, Mumbai.
    Swamisut came to Akkalkot 2 to 4 times a year. Once when he reached
    Akkalkot, Sri Swamiji was in the Queen’s palace. They did not allow anybody to take Sri
    Swamiji’s ‘Darshan’. However, Swamisut was earnestly longing for the ‘Darshan’. So
    standing at the palace gate he started singing:
    “My mother, since it is your house, I have come to the door. I do not want
    anything! Only show me the lotus feet of Sri Swamiji!”
    Seeing Swamisut’s distress the Queen allowed him to take Sri Swamiji’s
    Once when Swamisut had come to Akkalkot, Sri Swamiji said, “Now I am going
    to wind up my incarnation. You carry the flag and look after my seat”. Hearing these
    words Swamisut became very much displeased. He did not agree with the fact of
    separating forever from his Sadguru Sri Swamiji, before his very own eyes. Feeling very
    much offended; he went back to Mumbai and fell sick. To bring him back to Akkalkot Sri
    Swamiji sent Shiubai and also sent Sripad Bhat. Sri Swamiji even gave order to capture
    Swamisut and bring him to Akkalkot. However, Swamisut did not budge an inch from
    his decision. Finally Sri Swamiji got disappointed and said; “Now if he fails to come, I
    will blow up that cottage. I have kept ready, a battle front of cannons”.
    Due to the very thought of the separation from his Sadguru, which had caused
    him intense grief, Swamisut gave up his existence from this world. Sri Swamiji also was
    becoming restless doe to the separation from his son Swamisut. Later, Sri Swamiji
    initiated Swamisut’s younger brother Dada alias Babu and got him seated in the place
    of Swamisut at Mumbai. Later on, Babu became known as ‘Sachhidanand Swamikumar’.


    Manisha Gurudatt Pawar (Flat 8 & 9 Bhatia Edifice I, Kotkar Lane, Bhau Patil Road, Bopodi, Pune 411 020.) :-

    How Faith in Sai worked…
    One day, my brother called from Kolhapur to inform me about our mother’s hospitalisation. I was grief -stricken. When I reached Kolhapur, she was in the ICU in a semi-comatose state. She was not able to recognise anyone. Sometimes she opened her eyes, smiled, and went back to sleep. Her condition made me cry.
    I had taken Baba’s Udi and Prasad with me. When I could not bear to see her suffering so, I prayed to Baba, “My mother never hurt anybody or behaved unpleasantly. Why is she in such a bad shape ?

    I beseech You to make her feel better so that she can recognise her children once again. Let her die when she can walk and talk again, but not in this awful state.”

    When my mother became conscious for a while, I told her I was applying Sai’s Udi to her and gave her the Prasad. Surprisingly, she immediately closed her eyes and joined her palms in prayer, muttering something. She ate some of the castor sugar of the Prasad and asked me to leave some for her. When I gave it to her, she put it under her pillow.

    Soon my other sisters arrived. I had to return to Pune that night. Early in the morning my sister called to say that my mother’s condition had improved and that she was talking to every one. She also inquired as to why I had not come. I spoke to her on the phone and told her about the Prasad under her pillow and that I had to return to work. She understood.

    She was discharged after eight days and I thanked Baba a hundred times.

    ‘‘Baba you are truly great. Your Leelas are unfathomable.’’

    A person is re-born in the form, which he is contemplating at the time of death. The one who is humble at the feet of God is not re-born. (Shri Sai Sat Charita, Chapter 31, Verse 7)

  5. Om Sai Ram, I just want to share my recent experience. I was travelling from Pittsburgh, USA to Pune, India. My flight was at 6am in Pittsburgh. As it was an international travel I have to be present 3 hours before at the airport. For some reasons there were lot of hurdles when I started from home to airport, the roads were closed, the cab driver took the wrong road in between, etc. Somehow I reached airport at 4.45am but there was a long queue and the airlines staff was also not supportive. The machines for printing the boarding pass had some challenges and because of all these issues I missed my 6am flight to New York JFK. The airlines staff has given me a option that I should take a flight which was at 9am, but tht flight will land at different airport in NY. I have to take back all my check-in luggage on that airport, travel from tht airport to JFK airport with all the luggage that was the huge challenge. But I had no options so I have taken this approach. Unfortunately the flight at 9am was got delayed and it started at 11.30am and reached the other airport at 1pm. I had a flight at 3pm from JFK airport to India. The was no chance that I should get tht flight as I again have to travel from the airport to JFK airport. I started chanting Sai's name continuously and I reached JFK airport at 1.30pm. By Baba's miracle I was checked-in at the air India counter and had boarded the flight just on-time.

    Thanks Baba. It was really difficult for me to travel with family and huge luggage but you made it possible.

    Love you Baba!!

  6. Om sai ram.I am a 30 year old female father and my brother are extremely worried.please Baba kindly send a suitable match for me.

  7. Om sai ram plz help me baba to regain my confidence plz help me i beg you as you know how precious it is for girls to b good looking

  8. Baba, please guide me in the right path, please let me focus on my career . Please restore my health back. Please help me ,Baba. I am now day away from the love of my life, if my health gets restored back, I want her back in my life. Please hep me.

  9. Sai natha,

    Please save my family and parents always…Please help my husband to get good job…please help always my son and daughter in all aspects..give support to them…please help us financially and remove all my debts..thanks for everything

    love you baba

  10. Good experiences all.

    O Sai, Thank You for blessing us with friends, family and love and conditioning us to do only good.

    Jai Sairam

  11. Beautiful Experiences Everyone…
    Wishes to all the amazing devotees here
    Baba please help me out of this difficult situation with a loved one . Please Im trying to be strong but its hard this time.
    Love u Baba always
    Om Sai Ram

  12. Om sai ram. .Babaji please please tomorrow the results should be normal please you have to come and bless me. I believe and Trust that you will save me and cure all my diseases.

  13. Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

  14. to the last devotee i suggest you to stop doing such things or atleast stop working as a teacher..dont spoil guys as their parents has many expectitions on them..we human begings respect our teacher so plz stop doing it and dont spoil and dont get spoiled…….may sai bless you with a healthy mind

  15. Sai baba,

    Thank you for taking care of me.
    I asked you to help me on an important interview. You helped me. You are with me the whole interview process and made me to select. I am grateful.
    Please solve my husband's important issue that you know. Please solve as soon as possible.
    Please be with my family Husband, me, son, and daughter always.
    Please take care of my mother. She don't listen to anybody. Please be her and make her calm and understand each and every situation.Always be with my mom. Thank you Sai for helping us.
    I always remember you.

    love you baba

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