Please Bless Us Baba Ji

Anonymous Devotee from UAE says: Om Sai ram Dear hetal ji commendable job you are doing. God bless you for this and please keep going on. In advance i would like to say sorry for any errors while writing. I live in the UAE for past 7 years. Mine was a love marriage, me and my husband is a great follower of Ganpu Nana. I also believe in Virar’s Jivdhani mata. We have been through ups and downs many a time in life but with grace of God survived well. In the year 2011 my life took a big change. I got an opportunity to work with MNC Global leader in Energy sector in a mid management role. I brought my parents here and got my new 4 wheel car. Life was all good. This was going on until April 13th 2013. On 14th April 2013 i got to know that i will be terminated by the new management. (It was purely political issue) and finally after lots of discussions i lost my job in the month of September 2013 and until now jobless. My visa got cancelled and my parents went back to India.

During this phase i was going through depression gradually i took spiritual path. I did Laxmi Mata’s Vrat and during those Fridays i came across Sai Baba. With one of my friend’s suggestion i read Sai Satcharitra, which is really beautiful holly book, which has changed my thinking process (when I was working with this MNC I got into a bad friend circle unknowingly. I ignored my family and all was a mess) after reading this book i realised my mistakes and apologised God to bless me and my family. After reading Sai Satcharitra, my devotion towards Sai Baba increased day by day and started browsing internet to know more about Him where i came across this blog which is a part of my daily routine. I get sad and sometimes happy by reading the wonderful experience shared by the devotees. I wish and love to experience those magic in my life as well but how and when it’s up to Sai Baba.

Now coming to the problem i know Baba is with me all the time, one experience is that, recently I visited India and I was going to a very remote place where I was very sure that I won’t find His Idyh anywhere but somewhere from inside I was feeling that He will show His presence to me. It was my last day in India and i could not see His picture anywhere. Just 5 hrs before my flight, i decided to go to parlour. I book the appointment and left for the parlour, but after reaching the location, i stepped into a different parlour i don’t know why. I was Bit happy with their service and i was sitting sad. I was just looking here and there all of a sudden i saw a beautiful Photo frame of Sai Baba. I was speechless and no boundaries for my happiness. It’s true that He is with us. I happily returned to Dubai, but the problem is I’m still jobless. My mom-in-law said that some non Hindu lady from my office has done black magic on me to lose my job (actually there is one lady whom the whole office hates, she was somewhere very jealous of me and i used to ignore her) and I must leave the country and that’s why I’m not getting any job here in the UAE. But I believe in God. He is powerful than the shaitans.

The problem is after all this prayers nothing is working out for us. My husband tries to start his own business and it was in loss. My father has undergone surgery last week (he slipped in bathroom). For his treatment there was no money so my mom sold my dad’s and mom’s ornaments for treatment. I was the one who was supporting them financially, but I’m helpless. We don’t have our own house. I only have a dream to buy them a home a make they live in their own house before they take their last breath. The reason I thought today to share my emotions here is because me and my husband felt like ending our lives. He is having hard time in his career, i don’t have a job, we have big loans to settle, no house of own to stay and we are at the age of 35. I feel like completely lost.

Either that girls black magic is killing us or may be our past karma. The only Hope is Sai Baba. I have been to Shirdi 3 time and my last visit was when I was in 6th class. I wish from bottom of my heart to visit Sai Baba in this August if everything goes well or else to end our life, because there is no hope I’m tired and it’s hard to see all of suffering too meet our daily needs because of shortage of money. I have decided to start 9 Guruvar Vrat starting 22nd May 2014 and keep faith in Sai Baba to pull us out from this deadly situation in life and bless us with His love and care. I always keep on chanting His name. Om Sai Namo Namah Shree Sai Namo Namah Jai Jai Sai Namo Namah Sadguru Sai Namo Namah’. We love You Sai Baba. Please be with us and help us to overcome this situation. I love You a lot, help me to follow up Your path. We don’t want to end our life we have 2 small kids please please help us. Thank you every one to read my story. May Sai Baba bless all of us. Thank You. Om Sai Nathaya Namah

Sai Baba Ji Miracle

Sai Sister Tamilselvi from India says: I am Selvi. I am in Bangalore right now. I have experienced Sri Sai’s blessings. My dad loves me a lot. We three sisters lost our mother when i was 28 days old. My father took care of us without getting married again. Really great, I went to Thanjavur during May with my husband and children last year. I fell from two wheeler and fractured my leg. I was operated the same day. My dad loves me a lot. He became upset. He stopped  talking. He became sick the same day when I was discharged. At night 12 am ambulance was called and he was taken to hospital. We started crying. We prayed. I looked at Sri Sai and cried like anything. I pleaded Him to save my dad. Phone call came from my uncle saying my dad’s pulse, heartbeat, ECG everything is normal. We felt so happy and I know very well that my SAI has saved my dad. From then on I started experiencing the miracles of Sri Sai.

My daughter has skin problem. We spent a lot of money, saw many dermatologists, but of no use. Finally I became upset and left everything in the hands of Sri Sai. What a miracle! Sri Sai started blessing my daughter. My family doctor asked as to see a homeopathy doctor. He treated her so well. Now her skin problem is vanishing. I strongly believe, it is Sri Sai Who made us to see that particular doctor. Many times I trust that Sri Sai Himself is treating my daughter. What else I need? When Sri Sai is by our side no need to worry about anything. Almost every day I experience Sri Sai’s blessings and miracles. Now my dad is sick. But I believe in Sri Sai. He will be by my dad’s side and i am sure He will save my dad. My daughter visits Sai Temple and performs Pooja. I am sure Sri Sai will be with her and bless her and protect her. Many many experiences I want to share. I will surely share everything in course of time. Sri Sai Maharaj Ki Jai

Shiridi Sai Baba (My Father) In My Life

Anonymous Devotee from Netherlands says: I am a Sai Devotee since 2008 onwards. I use to fight with Him whenever I feel depressed due to some complication situation. Let me pen down few of my experiences after started praying my father (Sai) faithfully. Thank You so much for blessing me today to write this. I was suffering from heart full pain due to misunderstanding with my partner (Husband) since our Engagement, so many arguments/unwanted involvement of others. After October 2013, I cried Him to relieve from this pain. Slowly my pain is getting vanished and mutual understanding is increasing between us. “Hopefully we’ll be the one of best couples with blessing of my father”.

My son (2 years old) fell down on the cement floor from around 10 feet height nearby riverside in front of my eyes. I didn’t know what do to, even i couldn’t jump immediately to save him, but my mind voice called my Sai. When i rushed to see my son through kind of slope staircase, he was about to get up by himself. Meanwhile so many persons rushed to that place & asking “Alles goed,goed”. On That day my son got scared & cried a lot, I thought might be happened kind of inner injury or pain. “No one can be saved my son from that bad time except my Sai without any injury”. Here, I done Sai Vrat (9 Thursdays) for getting job for me, so that i can send my son to day care for breaking loneliness and as he likes to play with kids. During that time whenever i started to pray immediately my thought use to turn on my husband job has to be extended here as permanent job. So that i can get job as we have come here on dependent visa. As of now, my husband job has been extended for another one year with some increment with my Baba’s blessings. “Hopefully my husband will get permanent job contract here soon with blessing of my Sai”. We are planning to go to Shiridi while coming down to India. “With Baba’s grace, let it come true soon”. Let me get job soon here with my father’s grace” My dear father kindly bless me “my wish get full filled soon” Bow to Sai, peace be to all.

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  1. Good experiences and I am sure our beloved Baba would have changed the minds and turned the fortunes of the first devotee.

    O Sai, place Your Hand on us and forgive us our sins. Let there be peace and happiness O Sadguru. Thank You for all the Love O Deva 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  2. साई नाम की विभूति माथे पे लगाऊ मैं
    साईं तेरी लीला कभी समझ ना पाऊ मैं
    तेरे चरणों में सदा शीश झुकाओ मैं
    साईवार कि शुभकामनाएें…
    Love u sai…..

    "हमने अपने नसिब से ज्यादा..अपने साई पर भरोसा रखा है."…क्यु की नसिब तो बहो त बार बदला है"…लैकिन मेरे साई अभी भी वहि है

  3. Jai Sai Ram

    I wanted to share an experience with you all. This is the only way for me to express my gratefulness towards my Shri Guru, my Baba.. I am very happy today. It is Thursday today and Shri Ganesh festival last day for visarjan/nimarjan.

    (I apologies if this is a bit lengthy but I couldn’t express it any other way) So, after I did my Certification for Financial Planning (here in Sydney), I was unable to get any job for a long time due to the Financial Crisis; I had strange things happen to me and somehow a few of my Sai devotee friends started to share some miracles of Shri Tirupati Balaji. I don’t know why I felt that maybe I should vow something to Balaji Maharaj so that I can get a good job. That night I opened a random chapter of Shri Sai Satcharitra (as usual) and got Ch 26 which was about 2 Goa Gentlemen where one of them had vowed to God Datta that he would pay his first month salary if he got a job; and he got the job and consequent promotions as well but he forgot to fulfill his vow and Baba asked that first salary amount from him as dakshina. I vowed that I would also give my first* weeks pay to Balaji Maharaj by keeping that money aside and then donating it in the temple when I go to India. Within a short time I got a job in one of the biggest banks in Australia and I was ecstatic.

    I was in dire need of money and I spent the first weeks pay thinking that I will withdraw the first week salary €™s amount from my account for when I go to India and then donate it (but I had vowed to keep it aside as soon as I get it).

    For the second weeks pay, I faxed the timesheet to payroll dept but they didn’t receive it for some reason so when they called me I tried to fax it again, but they still did not receive it; at last I scanned it and emailed it to them and they received it then but they told me that the cut-off time to pay for that week has passed and my second weeks pay will be given to me along with the third weeks pay. That night I realized that maybe this incident happened because I did not keep my vow of keeping first week pay aside for Shri Balaji and had spent it. My aunty here told me that Shri Balaji Maharaj is very powerful and he will be behind me until I do what I promised. So the following week when I received my 2nd and 3rd weeks pay together I took out the exact amount that I had received for my 1st week salary and kept it aside asking Shri Balaji to forgive me. 5 weeks later they ceased my employment giving me some positive & negative feedback. I was so depressed I cannot explain. I was shocked at why Baba did this. I always told him that it was as if he gave a crying kid some lollipop candy and as soon as the kid licked it Baba snatched it away from the kid.

  4. After a few days I spoke with a friend that I had studied with and was surprised to know that he has already become a Financial Planner with this medium sized company. I wanted to be where he was. He arranged for an interview for me with his recruitment manager. I went for an interview on the 24th of August and it went well but still I was very nervous. On the 28 th of August I went to ISCKON temple to celebrate Radha sapthami. I prayed to Shri Krishna and Radha Maa to (fix) my career and thanked them for their love. I wished for a fruit that was being thrown by the priest in the crowd the 2nd apple that was thrown hit someone on my right hand side (when I thought, this apple is also gone) and it hit someone then bounced back and landed straight on my left handv(Goodness! I felt immensely blessed!) On the 30th of August I went to the Shri Venkateshwara temple (Shri Balaji) at Helens berg with my 1st weeks pay in the envelope and my uncle asked the priest to touch the envelope and return it back then I wished for a flower the priest touched the envelope to Shri Balaji Maharajas hands, legs and gave it back to me with some flowers that were near the legs J I asked for forgiveness and blessings of Shri Balaji that day and vowed to donate the first week salary (but not keep it aside) to the Tirupati Balaji temple for when I go to India.

    Company had told me that they would call me before the close of business on the 4th of September; today is the 3rd of September , Thursday and I was waiting for their call all day long. At around 5.30 pm I told my housemate, Kya yaar, kitni hope liye aaj soch rahatha ke aaj job ka call aajayega pur nahi aya (With immense hope I was expecting a call for that job today but it has then exactly when I finished saying that sentence my phone rang and they told me that I got the job. I went to the Sai temple at evening and my heart could not express the gratefulness. My dad called me later to tell me that he prayed to Baba today that he is coming to Shirdi on the 7th of September to ask Baba to give me a good job then I told him that I got it already and he was ecstatic.

    I later realized that what happened was for my good, I just needed to have some patience. BABA KNEW EVERYTHING> Working for that big bank would have probably made me a Financial Planner in 3-4 years time because of the way the career progression is rigidly structured there I think I mainly liked more the idea of working for such a huge bank than the actual role itself; also I found that one learns a lot by working with small and mid-sized companies because of type nature of some big companies which gives limited exposure to learn. With this company I can become a Financial Planner in 1-1.5 years time, Baba willing. BABA knows exactly what is best for us.

    I’ve realized that Shraddha (Faith) and Saburi (Patience) maybe difficult to follow sometimes, mainly Saburi, but when followed, God (Baba) will happily fulfill his side of the promise.

    May Baba bless all.

  5. Dear First Devotee, We all hope you are fine. Please don't think about ending life. We all have bad days in life but you don't know whats in future. Have you read biographies of big people, i have read many of them. Most of the super-rich people were so poor once. Life tests all of us, we need to pass the test with good grades and then life will present us with a gold trophy. May be you have million dollars coming to you in future and you die today feeling hopeless. Think positive! Stay Happy! Jai Sai Nath! Jai Mata Di! Jai Sadguru!

  6. Sai natha,

    we went to physical therapy on saturday for my daughter..looks good…The lady works in physical therapy,advices some tips to my daughter and i hope my daughter will be alright with baba's blessings..
    Baba,please bless my husband with good job and good salary…i know baba will help always…Please baba take care of my family and parents…thanks baba for everything

    love you baba

  7. Baba helped me in filling form on last day…dnt knw how to write all…but baba i saw u in dreams today in early mng hours in form of murti i think…thn i saide the lady to pray for my form filling as last date has gone…but thn i saw she is praying hanuman ji…and you were in form of hanuman ji..and today itself i filled my form u baba …i love you very much..ur d best baba…lov uuuuu…..muaaaah..ths is a kiss on ur right cheek…i lov u baba…thnkuuuuuuu so much

  8. Dear first devotee, Hope you are doing fine by now. But never ever forget to chant baba's name. He will save his devotees even in the middle of ocean where there is no hope. Keep chanting baba's name and good times are just round the corner. Keep faith.

  9. Baba, Please be my guru and guide me in the right path.I will just follow your foot steps. I am just a dumb guy with no brain. Help me Baba, Please make me excel in life,career, have a good health.
    I will serve you until I am alive.

    She is the angel I have seen in my life. I don't want her to get hurt in anyway. I will sacrifice my life for her.All It matters to me is her happiness. You know how much I love her, because of my injury I don;t want to proceed. I wantedly broke the marriage, so that she can live happily. I could have definitely fixed the issue , but I don't want to cheat her. I want to keep all this behind me and go ahead in life. But it's too difficult. Please be with me Baba, I am feeling lonely. I need you badly. Please let me come over the situation and focus on my career . I will work hard as much as I can with the injury I have . I just want to take the burden from my heart . Thanks for everything, Baba. Without you my life would have been a complete mess, I hope whatever happend is for my own good. Love U Baba.

  10. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  11. OM SAI RAM for UAE devotee : Please dont ever think of ending your life…if you have read SAI SATCHARITHA .BABA has said "By committing suicide we are just postponing the bad KARMAS of past to next JANAMA which will do it no good, so why not face them in this JANAMA and clear it of all for once". I am sure baba has planned something good for you… just have shradha(Devotion) and saburi(patience) in him and he will fulfil all your wishes. Visit shiridi you will defienently get positivity and see lot of changes. OM SAI RAM JAI SAI RAM

  12. Sai Ram to fellow devotees,

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences here.

    Devotee 1, I hope there is improvement in your situation by now.

    Baba has forbidden ending one's life.

    Faith and Patience are key; read chapter 26 that narrates Gopal Ambadekar's plight and how Baba helped him:

    May Sai keep blessing us all.

    Sri SatChit Anand Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!!

  13. Dear first devotee please don't think of ending life. Even I had full debt but due to baba blessings I am doing good. Try to apply visa in another countries or go back to India. Please read sai satcharita regularly and contemplate on stories until your problems are solved. Good luck

  14. Hi to first devotee what I can say about Baba he is really baba to me
    I feel he is real dad to me and I will say my story to get confidence and patience
    I am neeradha the big believer of baba this we say when every thing is happy time when real situation comes we say lot of things to him I think he understands so let me continue in 2009 nov I lost some of jewelry from the bag thief has taken I didn't had idea I just saw bag was open I went to Hyderabad for vacation from us I was crying and went to police station reported I didn't get back my that jewelry till now I didn't said my husband some how my brother arranged some money for that jewelry and patched for that situation in that situation on that day before my jewelry stolen my daughter was crying unnecessary so I said stop we r going shopping she didn't listen I promised baba I won't hit on that day I hit her I broke promise and then it happened we went to shirdi to express my pain of lost things there I was restless not keeping sharada and Bhakti again my daughter cried so much I just picked her and I said I throw you out of the building my mom got scared but I won't do that but I want her to stop crying my brain switched off
    Then from 2009 I thought have plan for 2nd baby after 1 year I got pregnant and with in 10 weeks Mia carriage and 2011 again 9 weeks Miscarriage then 2012 feb miscarriage then I went to India prayed baba showed one lady jathaka and she said pooja and she helped my pregnancy by doing pooja big thing about her she isn't disciple of baba even then baba made her to help me and in that pregnancy I was hospitalized during 5th month it was critical condition and in 2013 may 15 my son born healthy and loving kid doctors say he is miracle baby because 8 weeks hospitalized and bed wridden every minute was danger for but I crossed only thing in those bed wridden time is realized my mistake confidence and patience are developed stopped blaming on others and I realized I am creator and I can stop my self thinking negative thoughts I trying to follow "feel great no matter what"
    Now I am trying get job but with patience and confidence I left it with baba and said you take care

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