Always Baba Saved Me

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Dear Hetal ji Namaste. You are doing such a wonderful job. You are giving platform to Sai devotee to keep their faith and patience in Sai Baba. I am regular reader of this blog, before going bed i used to read every day. Please edit wherever you want. I have so many experiences with Baba. Baba came to my life when I was in 12th class. So many times I had dreams of Baba. I got married in 2006. I invited Baba to my marriage. While doing marriage often I looked about Baba. After completing marriage the cameraman was taking group photos. Suddenly one priest came to me and my husband. He asked some Dakshina, he blessed both of us and he said some things to my husband, you will go to USA in 2008. He went from there after 1 minute. After that no one noticed him where he went. After that I realized Baba came to my marriage and he blessed both of us. I felt very very happy. Whenever I remember that situation I get goose-bumps.

My husband got a chance it go to USA. He attend stamping he got query. We felt very bad while in that situation I got a dream, in that dream Baba said you will get visa in 10days. After 8 days we received mail, my husband got visa. He came to USA in February 2008 what priest said that one came true. One more experience. I had experience with ectopic pregnancy. We went to doctor for conformation. Initially they confirmed you are pregnant, at time of sonogram they confirmed you have ectopic pregnancy. We had very bad time. In the time of laparoscopy one old age nurse came to me, he introduced himself like this, from now i am taking care of you. I left all ornaments but I didn’t want to leave Baba tag to my hand. I asked the nurse I wanted to keep this tag to hand only. He said just keep that with you there is no problem. I was perfectly safe with Baba blessings. I thought Baba came to me as a nurse. Baba blessed me with boy now he is 2 and half years old.

During my delivery my parents got rejected their visiting visa. Now they got visa. In every minute everywhere I feel Baba is with me. Sometimes if I did not get answer, I asked like this are You listening to me. He is my father. I can’t tell my every feeling, every sadness, and every happiness, everything with Baba. I don’t have words to describe Sai Maa love and Sai Ma caring. I want to tell some words to Sai devotees. Just surrender to Him whole heartily. Everyone can feel Sai Ma love, Sai Ma caring, in everything. Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai

Baba Blessed Me With Job

Sai Sister Shruti from India says: I am 24 years old Female from Delhi, India. I would start my experience by thanking Hetal ji for doing such noble deed for all those persons who are seeking Sai Baba’s grace & shelter. You are blessed soul indeed. May Sai Baba keep you under His wings always. This is an incident of year 2009. I was pursuing MBA (Power Management) and was an average student. We were only 9 girls out of total strength (77). Competition was very tough as I had major drawback. I was a science student and over 90 % of students were engineers. Placement companies always prefer engineer student over B.Sc students. Giving little background about my life, my mother and father really sacrificed a lot for getting me admit into MBA course during 2007. My father’s small business had gone into toss and we were in deep financial crises. Money was needed for studies of my 5 year younger brother. At that time, my relatives were strictly against my parent’s decision of me getting into MBA as they had view at such tight situation, you should save money for son’s education and why to waste such a massive amount on daughter’s education. Still, my mother took the decision and with the help from my Mama-ji (uncle), I started my MBA.

During 2009, when my course was about to complete and placements started, it really a very scary and tough phase for all of us as recession was at its peak. Very few companies came as compared to last year. With such scarce opportunities and competing with Engineering background students, my chances were bleak. Still, during those 2 years of my MBA, I used to go to Sai Baba Temple regularly on Thursdays. I used to pray wholeheartedly from my job as lot of things were on stake for my family during that time. During last semester, I was frantically praying to Sai Baba and cried a lot in front of Him. I would like to mention that during that phase, I never did any Parayan or 9 Thursday Vrat. It was my heart crying to Baba with sincere praying. With 3 months to left in completing my course, a very reputed company came on campus. By God’s grace, I had got chance to do internship in that company and interviewer was the one under who I did my training. He was from Maharashtra, 60 years old with white beard. Resembling our loving Baba. After the interview, our results were expected that very day. But it got delayed and you won’t believe guys, due to some unforeseen problem with HR, our result got delayed for over 4 weeks. Guess, Baba was testing my patience. I spent those 4 weeks in great disturbance as no other company had come after that. Finally by Baba’s grace, result came and I was one of the 4 students who got selected in the company. It was such a precious and beautiful moment and absolutely Baba’s blessings. Thank You Baba

Baba Hears Every Thought

Anonymous Devotee from UK says: Om Sai Ram, I am a Sai devotee from the UK. Sai Baba has said “I pull my devotee, as one pulls a sparrow with string to its legs” and my pull came in the last quarter of 2013. I would like to tell you about one of the many experiences I have had since becoming a Sai Devotee. I try my very best to visit my local Sai Baba Mandir every Thursday and go around Palki and Shej Aarti time. This Thursday gone I decided to go during Dhoop Aarti as I was finishing work at 5pm and the Aarti starts at 6pm. I had said to myself that I would take a bag of rice for the Mandir and some Penda (Indian sweets) for Baba. I asked my manager if I could leave at 4.30pm as I have annual leave left but my manager said unfortunately there is no availability left for me to leave early. I was quite upset about this as I was worried I would not make it in time for the Aarti so requested again to my manager but his response did not change. At this point I prayed to Baba in my head and asked Him to help me get to the Mandir before Dhoop Aarti. The route from my workplace to the Mandir would normally take around 30/40mins if I did not have to stop to pick up the rice or Penda (Indian sweets) as it is very congested with traffic.

I left work at 5pm, picked up a bag of rice from the nearest supermarket & Penda (Indian sweets) along the way too. I was very worried I would not make it in time but arrived at the Mandir 15 minutes before the Aarti was going to start – this was the first miracle. I went closer to Baba to get His Darshan however the Maharaj was getting Baba ready for Aarti so I was unable to get Darshan as close as I normally would. I was a little disheartened about this but sat down and was waiting for the Aarti to start. In this time a lady who came in after me went closer than I did to get Baba’s Darshan and upon seeing this Maharaj gave her a flower which was near Baba. I was upset by this as I felt as though Baba did not love me. Less than a few minutes later a man who helps in the Mandir asked me to follow him. He took me to a room near Baba where there were other devotees getting ready for the Aarti. He told me that he wanted me to fan Baba during Aarti. My joy knew no bounds – Baba knew what I was thinking and He proved to me that He loved me by giving me this opportunity, to be closer to Him than anyone else during Aarti. This was the second miracle.

I was then asked to read the Sai Satcharitra in English after the Aarti but for some personal reason I was not able to, Sai Baba please forgive me for this. I want Sai Baba’s devotees to know that Sai Baba hears all your thoughts and prayers and will always show His presence in some form or another. Sai Baba You are my God, Guide, Guardian Angel and Best Friend. Please increase the faith and patience of myself and other devotees. Please Sai Baba never leaves my side as You are the best thing to have come into my life. I have full faith and patience that You will continue to answer my prayers. Thank You Sai Baba. Sachidanand Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai

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  1. Baba, why am i becoming worse and bitter person everyday. Please help me surrender to you and you take away all my badness. Please please help me!!! I have nothing in life except the good heart, which also I am loosing day by day…..Jai Mata Di! Jai Sai Nath! Jai SadGuru!

  2. Please take away all my jealousy, helplessness and make me happy like I was many years ago. I want success in life, but saving my soul is first and foremost for me. I was a pampared child of you once, why don't I feel so protected anymore.

    Jai Sai Nath! Jai Sadguru! Jai Mata Di!

  3. Wonderful experiences and lucky are the devotees to whom Baba appears in their dreams.

    O Sai, Thank You for being with us through all the moments of our lives and ensuring that our lives are full of love, success and happiness 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  4. Some additional information on Chapter 26 of Sri Sai Satcharitra

    16 May 2013 by Leeladhar V V
    In Chapter 26 of SAI SATCHARITA, we come across the story of Gopal Ambedkar who, being tired of his miseries, attempted suicide in Shirdi in 1916 but SAI's timely intervention thru Sagun Naik saved him. The book which Sagun gave Ambedkar to read was the life of Swami Samarth of Akkalkote who also once saved His devotee from committing suicide. The devotee's name was Vamanbua Vamborikar and the place where he tried to kill himself by jumping into a well was on the corner of the western side of lake Sursagar in Baroda(GJ). The date of this incident was 20th April 1876. Vamanbua himself attained Samadhi in 1901.

    Sai Baba did not believe in suicides, He was a true Karmayogi, He belived in the saying “Even this shall pass” Nothing is permanent in this world, Happiness will not stay long nor sorrow will stay long. So Sai Baba advised that we suffer and get away with it


  5. 'Baba is but a phaldata. Both good doers and evil doers come to me and ask for their wishes how can i oblige both'- sai baba…….to receive give…do good…and baba will bless u with the phal…omshrisairam

  6. Why do I have soo much pain baba. Give me courage atleast to suicide baba.I can't live anymore.I am suffering for so many years baba and no hope to live.

    • Dear Devotee , Please dont lose faith . Baba is with u for sure . Good people do get tested a lot . I have been in so many difficult situations and felt helpless and like no where to turn . I found strength in him and love & a lot of times a lot of signs from him but thats when I kept my faith in him & never forgot him.. Everything will be fine and things will work out . Please Stay strong and dont think of that as an option . Your life is a gift and u will find happiness . I find peace at his temple reading his books and when I can doing the vrat . Please take Care .

  7. भक्ति साईं की परछाईं है…
    बाबा की कृपा नसीब वालों ने ही पाई है…
    मैं सदा शुक्रगुजार रहूँगा मेरे साईं का…
    जो उसने अपने चरणों में मेरे लिए जगह बनाई है…!!

    लिया नाम जिसने भी साँईं का मन से,
    उसे साँईं ने अपना बनाया।
    खुले उस पे सब द्वार साँईं की दया के,
    जो श्रद्धा से साँईं के मंदिर में आया॥

    मेरे साईं के दरबार में तकदीर बदल जाती है।।

    माथे पर लिखी हुई लकीर बदल जाती है।।

    सुख दुःख तो अटल है लेकिन उनकी तस्वीर बदल जाती है।।

    ।।ॐ साई श्री साई जय जय साई।।

    Her Mushkil Raah Bhi Asan Ho Jayege Bus Ek Baar Sai Baba Pein Aitbar karke To Dekho,Sai Baba Zindage Mein Her Khushi Bhar Denge,Ek Baar Sai Baba Se Pyar Karke To Dekho…..



    साई नाम की विभूति माथे पे लगाऊ मैं
    साईं तेरी लीला कभी समझ ना पाऊ मैं
    तेरे चरणों में सदा शीश झुकाओ मैं
    साईवार कि शुभकामनाएें…
    Love u sai…..

    "हमने अपने नसिब से ज्यादा..अपने साई पर भरोसा रखा है."…क्यु की नसिब तो बहो त बार बदला है"…लैकिन मेरे साई अभी भी वहि है

    aśōkastāraṇastāraḥ śūraḥ śaurirjaneśvaraḥ |
    anukūlaḥ śatāvartaḥ padmī padmanibhekṣaṇaḥ || 37 ||

    336. Aśokaḥ: One without the six defects – sorrow, infatuation,
    hunger, thirst, birth and death.
    337. Tāraṇaḥ: One who uplifts beings from the ocean of samsara.
    338. Tāraḥ: One who liberates beings from the fear of residence in
    the womb, birth, old age, death etc.
    339. Śūraḥ: One of great prowess, that is, who fulfils the four
    supreme satisfactions of life – Dharma, Artha, Kama and
    340. Śauriḥ: One who as Krishna as the son of Sura, that is
    341. Janeśvaraḥ: The Lord of all beings.
    342. Anukūlaḥ: One who, being the Atman of all beings, is favorable
    to all, for no one will act against oneself.
    343. Śatāvartaḥ: One who has had several Avataras or incarnations.
    344. Padmī: One having Padma or lotus in his hands.
    345. Padma-nibhekṣaṇaḥ: One with eyes resembling lotus.

  9. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****I Have Not Gone I Am Still Living*****
    The Supreme Being Lord Dattatrey Himself had taken incarnation in the form of
    Sri Swamiji. Sri Swamiji abandoned the physical form but the essential element did not
    get lost, it became formless and pervaded everywhere.
    Balappa was a close devotee of Sri Swamiji. Balappa was in great pain due to
    the agony of separation from Sri Swamiji. He would sit in front of the Samadhi
    recollecting all the miraculous works of Sri Swamiji and then start crying. Four days
    without food and water, he continued to sit there in front of the Samadhi. At the end of
    the fourth day only for the sake of his favourite devotee Sri Swamiji manifested himself
    in front of Balappa and woke him from the slumber. Then Sri Swamiji blessed him by
    placing the bountiful hand Balappa’s head and said “I am living, in a spirited form, in
    the Paduka given to you by me. Now I will accept your service when you worship the
    Kelkar Maharaj of Chiplun was also grief-stricken after the departure of Sri
    Swamiji. Sri Swamiji manifested himself and gave ‘Darshan’ to Kelkar Maharaj. Earlier
    Sri Swamiji had promised Jahagirdar Bhausaheb of Neelgaon that he would come to
    Neelgaon. On the fifth day after his Samadhi Sri Swamiji manifested himself in
    Neelgaon. Soon after getting this news, Bhausaheb went to Neelgaon and had the
    ‘Darshan’ of Sri Swamiji. Bhausaheb prayed to Sri Swamiji to come to his house but his
    request was refused. Sri Swamiji disappeared from Neelgaon. Bhausaheb sent his
    messenger to Akkalkot to search for Sri Swamiji. Before the messenger returned Sri
    Swamiji manifested himself in Bhausaheb’s house the same afternoon itself. Bhausaheb
    prayed to Sri Swamiji to take food in his house but without saying a word Sri Swamiji
    disappeared. Later when Bhausaheb learnt that Sri Swamiji had already taken Samadhi
    and he had manifested himself in Neelgaon just to keep up his promise, his eyes started
    shedding tears realizing the extent of love of Sri Swamiji towards his devotees. Even
    after taking Samadhi Sri Swamiji had given his ‘Darshan’ to numerous
    devotees. Even today Sri Swamiji gives ‘Darshan’ to his devotees.
    He had said, “I have not gone, I am still living”.
    The Lord is infinite. The tales of incarnations and miracles are also
    infinite. Sri Swami Samarth Maharaj, the incarnation of the Supreme Being
    Lord Dattatreya, was also infinite. The tales of incarnations and miracles of Sri
    Swamiji are also infinite. The miraculous works of Sri Swamiji still continues to
    date. When you merge deep in the water of devotion only then would one
    understand the profound nature of the miraculous works of Sri Swamiji. Unless
    you get completely drenched in the devotion you would not experience the
    mystifying aspect of Sri Swamiji. The one who gets into deep waters and
    explores finds pearls. The fool, who is afraid of drowning in the water, would
    always remain sitting on the riverbank.

    • Very nice stories. I always like to read Sri Swami's stories also along with devotees experience. Thanks for sharing.
      Om Sairam.

  10. Baba pls save me pls ……… am in so much of confusion. pls save me from al my sins. i dont known what to i do now? pls guide me. you are arounding me. i feel it. pls baba save me from al my problems

  11. dear sai devotes pls clarify my doubts. few days before i had dream baba comes in my dream show the path. but the reality is much different. am in great confusion. if baba dreams comes become true? i am so much feared and confusion. i cant take any decision. what can i do?

  12. Babaji just be with us. ..The path of life will be simpler and smoother….just give me the strength to own up my mistakes and an opportunity to rectify them

  13. Babaji please save me and my family from all diseases. I want to live a long life because for my husband and daughter Sahana. Please please always keep us in your lotus feet and bless us with good health. We love you so much baba

  14. Baba,iam ur daughter nidhii poornima,iam trying to share my experience in this blog from a very long time,plz help me in doing that baba,om sai ram…………………………

  15. Hello to my Sai family, I call you family cos thats exactly what you all are to me , your experiences and advise are like a family member talking to me. I live outside of India and away from my family, For the past few years i am having some problem with my own family and have not been in touch with them a lot. So i consider all of you as my sai family as baba has held my hand all through this time.

    i have a question, i am only become a recent devotee of baba but each time i talk to him or pray to him in my heart my eyes tear up and my heart fills full. I invariably end up crying (even doing it now) . Why does this happen?
    If any of you can share if you have faced something similar.

    Thank you

    May Sai's blessing always be on all of you.

    Love you loads baba.

    • Yes, it happens to me also sometimes when I emotionally bond with baba. It is an indication of your love and devotion towards him :-). He is your 'atma bandhu'.

  16. To the devotee seeking baba's blessings for healthy life,
    Offer your namaskarams and water to sun god every morning after bath. Sun is the god of health and is fond of namaskaras. He never returns anyone empty handed. Baba will bless you.

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