Alive Because Of My Father Sai

Sai Sister Saisa from India says: Dear Sai devotees. Miracle is not a new word for people who have taken refuge in Sai Deva’s Feet. Like all of you even I have been answer were infinite times by Sai Maa. Miraculously He has come to my rescue in unexplained ways. I am posting my recent experience as promised to myself.

I had a trip planned abroad with my two daughters and my husband. Just two weeks before the travel lot of things happened that made me feel that I should not travel. Also folds, a bad intuition of something unknown about to take place. I lost my peace and on the other side my family was looking forward to this much awaited holiday break. I could not share with them what I was going through. I went to Baba’s Temple and cried my heart out and told Him that please somehow cancel this holiday as I am restless. It was a Thursday and Satcharitra was read and guess what it was, the chapter which talked about Tatya death warrants been returned and Baba taking a Mahasamadhi. I knew what Baba was trying to tell me. I was shivering after hearing this but a sense of peace prevailed. I told Baba I will observe Monday fast for 16 Mondays and 5 Thursdays if all goes well. How selfish we humans are and tend to do this to Baba. Also when I came back home and asked Baba a question through Sai Prashnawali, answer was untimely death has been averted. Donate food. Can you believe it.

So finally the day of travel came. I kept my fears to myself as my family was very excited. While moving out of the house after my Pooja. I pulled out the Sai Amritvani book and kept in my purse. Finally before boarding the plane i started reading the book which said reading it seven times will make all yours wishes come true. I kept reading it for the whole flight and when we reached our destination it was exactly seven times. Believe me i had one of the best holidays of our life. I can’t explain my different feelings of fear and joy i went through during the above period. Though joy overpowering all other feeling strengthening my faith 100 folds. Not to mention I read the Sai Amritvani every day during my vacation’s and seven times on my way back knowing that for sure Baba gave me and my family a new life. I observed my Thursday fast and still observing my Mondays. My Sai Maa always comforts me when I am in need. But more importantly the Sai Amritvani was lying with me for ages without being read and Baba gave me inspiration to read it every day ever since then. Dear devotees we all know we have to just practice faith and patience. Shraddha and Saburi to be feeling Baba’s presence. His Leela‘s are never ending and this is just an iota of them. Love You my darling Baba. I am there because of You. Om Sai Ram

The Pain Of My Heart

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Sai ram hetal ji, i wish to remain anonymous. I am a 18 year old girl. I always dream to live a pure life. I have a very strong desire to dedicate my entire life to serve Sai and go to my death bed with utmost satisfaction. I hope Sai would bless me to do this. To lead a pure life, it is very much necessary to have a clean heart and this is possible only with His mercy. Below i have a sincere prayer to the Lord to clean my heart.

Dear Sai, have mercy on Your sick child please take care of me. Make me get rid of this sickness this sickness won’t be cured by medicines no doctor can cure this sickness. To You, my sickness might seem ridiculous. It might seem funny to You, because You are ever immersed in eternal happiness this sickness of mind is taking away my happiness. Because every time my peace goes lost. I get carried away by stray thoughts, i am losing my happiness. It’s infecting my soul, and immersed in this filth. When i see You smiling divinely i finally pity myself, and come to You to beg some mercy. Please cure me from this sickness.

Relief From Pain

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a devotee of Baba. I believe He has always been there for our family. I do not go frequently to temples but pray from home in my own way. I had one of my tooth capped without root canal procedure. Things were fine till recently when I started having pain in the tooth. I had a cap on another tooth before and it broke. The doctor gave me a course of antibiotics and the pain went away. She had told me that she would have to do a root canal if it happened again. In meantime I also started getting flashes in my right eye. The eye doctor preferred to wait and watch to see if it got worse. When the tooth pain occurred I was not able to contact the dentist as she was busy. The next day was Sunday, a holiday for the dentist. I prayed to Baba that I feel better. I got up with less pain and could sleep through the night. Baba has saved me on innumerable occasions. Thank You Baba

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  1. Om Sairam, I feel really lucky to be a Sai devotee. Please bless our family and my parents. Please make us to come to Shirdi soon.

  2. Dear Sairam,
    When I started worshipping you in 1997, you had indicated that my future till my old age will be full of turmoils, difficulties etc. but I will come out of this successfully with the help of a helping hand. It is true. I have faced lots of disasters,losses, deadliest disease in more than one close family member, death of one of them due to this disease, court case, cheating, career failure, marriage failure, poor physical health, psychiatric treatment etc.. The list is so long.I have been facing them continuously and some how I have been determined to be alive. I will be 50 years old soon. How long will I have to face these? I am not sure if I would ever come out of these calamities,pain etc and lead a peaceful life. I have never been blessed by you in my dream. I am really concerned. I really need your protection and grace. Will this ever happen in my life? With tears and heart full of sorrow, I have written this comment.

    • Stay strong . Good people get tested for sure . Please stay strong and u will find happiness . I have had many difficult situations and felt Baba's presence and have got many signs from him . Keep the faith and U will find happiness and peace . I find a lot of improvements when I do the 9 week thursday vrat and read Sai baba life teachings …I get peace and clarity on a lot of things . So keep ur faith . I know u will find happiness soon and remember though its hard sometimes to be happy and thankful for what u do have . Prayers to u ..Baba is surely with u …Luv

    • Sairam devotees,
      I sincerely thank you for all your encouraging thoughts and well wishes. I felt extremely happy to read your replies. May his Holyn the God of Shirdi bless you and your family with peace and Happiness. My pranams at the divine feet of our beloved Guru. This is truly a wonderful world of SaiBaba.

  3. baba i knw m asking u something which impossible but for u nothing z impossible.baba i was having a feeling that u will fufill my wish and waited for so many years and when it was about to happened everything finished.baba plz dont b quite like always.i hv sent u to them as my messenger and asked u to do it bcz there no one else who can do it.mere ma,baap,bhai,behan,friend,guru,bhagwaan sab aap hi ho baba.m nothing without u.apke bina or koi darwaza nahi hai jahan main jau baba.meri bhakti chahe pure na ho,ho sakta hai mera piyaar bhi apke liye sacha na ho par baba bhakat jaan ke na sahi ek bhikhari samjh ke hi meri jholi bhar do plz.aap kehte hain na ki koi apke darwaze pe aye to use khali haath na jane do to baba aap mujhe khali haath kaise bhej sakte ho.i came to shirdi twice..u hv called me.i hv been begging u for one thing from last 8-9 years.and now i feel like everything z gone out of my hand and not gonna come back.baba plz mujhe or test na karo.main is layak nahi hun baba.main fail ho chuki hun har cheex main.m broken baba.plz mujhe apne paas bula lo.i wanna die i hv decided ki agar apne jaldi hi meri prayers nahi answer ki to main apke paas aa jaungi apne friend said bhagwaan ke zid nahi chalti u cant fight with ur destiny.baba agar main apki beti hun to kya apse zid nahi kar sakti or aap hain to kismat ke saath bhi lad sakti hun,lekin aap hai na baba ?bolo faith z dying..aap hain to mujhe jawaab kyun nahi dete baba…plz baba m in so much pain baba.even at night if i woke up for a sec that pain starts in my heart and i feel like no …can i sleep for ever baba so that i cant feel that pain begging baba.plz.

  4. Oh mere Yogi Nath

    You are controller of everything mere Deva 🙂

    I am in blissful tears, tears of Thankfulness for you to be with me Always Deva;)

    You have saved me from such major Drastic situations,You are breathing with me, Living with me, always showing me the way.

    Babaji everything is in your Almighty Hands.

    Lovely experiences:)

    Love to ALL, Peace to ALL

  5. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  6. Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram …
    Sai baba please bless my family and parents….

  7. Dear sweet baba's little daughter who wrote 2nd experience, you are really blessed as you have that inner craving conscience to get the pure ultimate bliss near our sadguru's sree charan serving him. Not every one are as matured as you, getting the thought itself is a blessing from baba, he will surely clean your heart and will keep you like a flower who wants to stay atgod's feet. Ever have that thought like that baba will take you in his holy arms like his sweet chubby bubly sweet little baby.

  8. Very nice experiences.

    O Sai, I've surrendered to Your feet. Have pity on me and bless that things become peaceful O Deva.

    Jai Sairam

  9. SAI BABA The Omnipresent Visible SAINT-GOD in Kaliyuga.

    A solid proof of BABA's Eleven Blessings

    1. Whoever puts his feet on Shirdi soil (Dwaraka Mayee) his sufferings would come to an end

    -The moment a devotee has installed Baba's photo/murthy in his house or anywhere, it becomes Dwaraka Mayee and his sufferings (mental or physical) comes to an end. When I just started Sai worship in our Sai-Home, I was fed up with the sort of my working condition in office. By the Grace of Baba, very soon, most unexpectedly, without any representation, I was transferred to another unit of our organisation where the working condition is most suiting to me, peaceful and with better future prospects. Thus my mental sufferings come to an end by the Grace of Baba

    2. The distressed and miserable would rise into plenty of joy and happiness, as soon as they climb the steps of my, Samadhi-Dwaraka Mayee.

    -By the Grace of Baba, I must say that the general situation of our Sai-home has risen into plenty of joy and happiness from the moment we have started Sai worship, prayers, bhajans, arati daily and specially on every Thursday since last several years, though I have been a Sai devotee right from my child­hood days.

    3. I shall be ever active and vigorous even after leaving this earthly body.

    -Yes, Baba is active and vigorous in protecting His devotees from unexpected dangers. Once recently we were to go to see a friend who was seriously sick in a hospital availing the van service of our company. Baba changed our mind and we postponed our visit after 2/3 days. One of the wheels of the van which carried our friends to the hospital on that day got off on the way and everybody was held up midway and suffered a lot of

    hardship to return homes. Lucky, no one was injured. Did not Sai Baba save us from the tragedy by changing our mine to postpone the visit ? This shows how active and vigorous is our Baba in saving His devotees from great dangers.

    4. My tomb shall bless and speak to the needs of my devotees.

    -The maid-servant suddenly stopped coming to work in our Sai Home and it caused great problem and difficulty to my wife and she prayed Baba. Next day. not only one but two maid-servants come to our Sai-home voluntarily and offered their services. They are sisters and still working in our house without any problem Who told them to go to our house and enquire. Here Baba speaks to the needs of His devotees

    5. I shall be active and vigorous even from the Tomb-SAMADHI.

    -Baba is ever active and vigorous to protect His devotees from all sorts of dangers A big fullview mirror was fixed in the dressing room of our Saihome, about 2 meters height from floor level. Children used to be there most of the time, also occasionally sleep on the floor just below where this mirror was fixed. One day we had gone to visit a friend's house and when we returned home, we saw to our utter surprise the big mirror had fallen down and broken into pieces ! Had it fallen when my children were near it or I was sleeping below it. what would have been our fate ? When we checked, the fixers on the wall had become very weak and the mirror could have come off any time. Here Baba was vigorous and active to save devotees from such a great danger sending us all out to vis our friend's house. Such are the great Leelas of S Maharaj.

    6. My mortal remains would speak from the Tomb-Samadhi.

    -Baba speaks from His mortal remains.

    One day just as was passing by a house in our Colony, I saw plenty of seasonal Ballsumb plants with lots of flowers in various eye-catching colours in the compound garden of the house and it flashed in my mind 'How beautiful it will be if I get those flowers for decoration of Sai-Puja on next Thursday'. Without any hint of what I had thought, the very same flowers were sent to our Sai-home on Thursday from the very same house. Here Baba prevailed in the mind of the sender of flowers and spoke to him and got the flowers for worship of Baba in our Sai-home.

  10. 7. I am ever living to help and guide all who come to me, surrender to me and seek refuge in me.

    8. If you look to me, I look to you (your welfare)

    -It is cent-percent true to every word from our various blessing experiences many of which have been published in different Sai magazines.

    9. If you cast your burden on me, I shall surely bear them for you.

    – Baba bears the mental burdens of His devotees and lessens their worries by His blessings. Recently, one night my younger daughter suddenly started vomiting frequently and it caused great worry for us not knowing the exact reason. It started aggravating and only medicine he had was Baba's Holi Udhi. We all prayed Baba and gave her Baba's Udhi time to time. Next day morning she was shown to doctor who told she was seriously affected with Jaundice and gave medicines. Believe it or not, with the medicines and Baba's Udhi, she became normal so rapidly within 5/6 days she was completely cured which otherwise used to take 15-20 days time. Not only Baba saved her from sufferings but also our great anxiety and worry so quickly. Baba saves His devotees even from the Jaws of death.

    10. If you seek my advice and help, it shall be given to you at once.

    When I was in great confusion and dilemma how to proceed for printing of Sai Ashtotharsathanamavali leaflets for sending timely to reach before the Kumbhabhishekam ceremony in a Sai Mandir in Kerala, I prayed and sought Baba's help, as it was continuously raining and the printing press being for away. The next day itself Baba sends His messenger who is my family friend whose brother is working in the very same press as an assistant. He carried a specimen copy and I explained to him about the job. Afterwards it become an easy job and I got the leaflets printed to my entire satisfaction and sent few copies to the Sai Mandir for distribution to devotees. Here Baba came to my aid by sending my friend in time. Such are the great Leelas of Sai Maharaj in helping His devotees.

    11. There shall be no wants in the house of my devotees,

    -By the Grace of Baba, here again I must say all wants in our Sai-home (of course within our limitations) are fulfilled by the blessings of Sai Maharaj however small or big it may be. Many articles on our experiences have been published in different Sai magazines in the past.

    After showering with all His above blessing assurances, Baba again blessed His devotees in one single sentence "WHY FEAR WHEN I AM HERE". "I am there where there is devotion".

    Dear Sai bandhus, what more proof one need to realise BABA as the Kaliyuga Visible God-Saint ? Rush to HIM and surrender to Baba's Lotus Feet with wholehearted devotion, drink and experience the necter of HIS blessings. Jai Sai Ram.

    Ever under the Lotus Feet of Sainath

    Sainam always echoing in my mind

    skandaḥ skandadharō dhuryō varadō vāyuvāhanaḥ |
    vāsudevō bṛhadbhānurādidevaḥ purandaraḥ || 36 ||

    327. Skandaḥ: One who drives everything as air.
    328. Skanda-dharaḥ: One who supports Skanda or the righteous
    329. Dhuryaḥ: One who bears the weight of the burden of all beings
    in the form of birth etc.
    330. Varadaḥ: One who gives boons.
    331. Vāyuvāhanaḥ: One who vibrates the seven Vayus or
    atmospheres beginning with Avaha.
    332. Vāsudevaḥ: One who is both Vasu and Deva.
    333. Bṛhadbhānuḥ: The great brilliance.
    334. Ādidevaḥ: The Divinity who is the source of all Devas.
    335. Purandaraḥ: One who destroys the cities of the enemies of

  12. Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram

  13. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    “Ananyas Chintaye mam, Ye janah paryupasate!
    Tesham nityabhiyuktanam, Yoga-kshemam vahamyaham! !”.
    (BhagvadGita shloka 9/22)
    {But those who always worship Me,
    with exclusive devotion, meditating on My transcendental form,
    to them, I carry what they lack and I preserve what they have. }

    Sri Swamiji was fully conscious till he completely abandoned his material body
    and departed on his final journey. On Chaitra Krishna Trayodashi day of Hindu year
    1800 (Year 1878 as per English calendar) Sri Swamiji ate some rice-gruel. Then he was
    laid on a bed. All the devotees were totally depressed due to anxiety. Though time for
    the final journey came near Sri Swamiji’s face still reflected divine splendour and
    seemed as lustrous as usual. There was the same delight on his face and his vision was
    the same as before. Devotee-servant Sripad Bhat seated Sri Swamiji by extending his
    physical support. Sri Swamiji sat in lotus position and got himself absorbed in supreme
    self. None of the devotees came to know about this.
    Devotees and disciples started bewailing. It appeared as though children had
    lost their mother and calves had lost their mother-cow. It appeared as though mother
    Guru had turned away his face from his devotees. Who can describe the devotee’s pain of separation from their Guru? This news spread everywhere like wind. Devotees from
    every village rushed to Akkalkot. Sri Swamiji had departed making his devotees orphan.
    An aeroplane made of flowers was prepared for the final journey of Sri Swamiji.
    Flowers were showered down on Sri Swamiji. The entire resources of Akkalkot State
    including elephants, horses, along with the insignia of royalty was kept ready for the
    final journey of Sri Swamiji. Entire mass of people started moving ahead continuously
    singing devotional songs to take the final Darshan of their God, Sri Swamiji.
    Cholappa had kept a place ready in his house for Sri Swamiji’s Samadhi. Sri
    Swamiji had preferred Cholappa’s house to be his permanent samadhi place. This was
    the same place where Sri Swamiji had stayed when he had first come to Akkalkot. Nana
    Saheb Barve, the prime minister of then Akkalkot State and Baburao Vishnu Moghe, the
    Revenue collector of Akkalkot, laid Sri Swamiji’s body in the Samadhi place. Devotees
    paid their last obeisance and took Sri Swamiji’s ‘Darshan’. Even now Sri Swamiji’s face
    expressed the same lustre and the assurance of impunity for the devotees.Balappa had brought and preserved a bottle of fragrant essence in his house for
    Sri swamiji. He had strong desire to present this bottle as an offering to Sri Swamiji.
    However, due to the huge crowd at the Samadhi site Balappa could not go home to get
    the bottle. So Balappa got extremely uneasy. In the meanwhile somebody brought the
    bottle and gave it to Balappa. Thus Balappa’s wish got fulfilled. Sri Swamiji even after
    departing from the worldly existence had fulfilled the wish of his devotee. Thousands of
    devotees with tearful eyes and with constant repetition God’s name bade farewell to Sri

  14. baba cured my knee pain…..i was unable to stand also a few min before…chanting baba name i kept my hand on my knee..had a great relief now 🙂

    • Even my mother experienced similar miracle. She started applying the left over oil from the diya lit in front of Baba and now she can move around and sit without any pain. Thanks baba for helping us and being with us. Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai.

  15. Om Sai Ram . I love u Baba so much and will never lose faith or devotion to u no matter what I am going through . I know U always help me .

    Beautiful experiences here . So thankful to read about them

    Love and wishes to all the amazing devotees

  16. भक्ति साईं की परछाईं है…
    बाबा की कृपा नसीब वालों ने ही पाई है…
    मैं सदा शुक्रगुजार रहूँगा मेरे साईं का…
    जो उसने अपने चरणों में मेरे लिए जगह बनाई है…!!

  17. Beautiful experiences. I have believed in Sai baba since I was 16 .I love him so much and always have faith in him . Right now I am feeling helpless and like I cant go on . I have had difficult situations all my life and Baba has given me clear signs and helped me through it . I will write that in the other thread once I am more stable I also remember to feel thankful for what I have too . Please pray for me that Baba helps me in a difficult situation with a loved one . I care for them very much but they r troubled and keep shutting me out . I tried to move on but I cant as we both care for each other deeply . Please Baba help them open up with me and reconnect with me soon. I am giving space. I tried to move on but I cant & I am a strong independent woman so this person means the world to me . I have never felt this down before inspite of everything I have been through. Please Baba help them be strong and overcome their fears .

    I pray for all the devotees here that all their wishes come true always . Prayers to all .

    Love to all of u .

  18. Sai Deva, You are doing impossible things to Your devotees as miracles. Please Deva I request you to bless me to get good job. Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai.

  19. Sai natha,

    Today my husband is having interview ….please bless him to select for this job…Please help us and save us in every moment of life..thanks baba for everything..

    love you baba

  20. baba i hurt him again…baba it was not intentionally…i didnt think that he would take that sentence soo serious…baba please forgive me and make him also to forgive me.. please baba..I beg you.. I love him a lot.. please baba..please make him to forgive me.. please baba..

  21. Om Sairam,
    Dear Devotee of the last experience ("Relief from pain"), Glad that Sairam has taken care of you as he does always for his devotees. You mentioned about flashes in your right. This occurs because of
    a minor issue called as retinal hole on the retina. It can be closed with 5 minute laser treatment.
    I had this and got corrected with laser treatment. Please check with any good eye-specialist and
    get it corrected to avoid un-necessary complications later. Sai bless you. Take care.

  22. Wonderful experiences,
    Second devotee even I am also in same situation, when my sickness gets worse I lose confidence but still I pray to baba and he gives temporary relief. I know baba will ultimately cure me from this sickness. Trust Baba and have patience. God bless you.

  23. My sweet baba, Just want to thank you for your blessings on my daughter and making the swelling go down with your name.
    I know as your children we all keep asking you but rarely do we recollect and thank you for the blessings you have given us. Today with folded hands i bow at your feet and thank you for your blessings. Whatever we have is your blessings and whatever we will have will also be your blessings. You know what is best for us. So i leave all my worries at your feet. Forever keep me with you. I just want to be the dust under your feet and never away from you.

    Love you lots my sweet dear baba.

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