Feeling Baba’s Presence And Love

Sai Sister Priya from India says: I am Priya from Mumbai, India. I thank Hetal ji for creating this platform where all the Sai devotees can share their experiences and learn from other’s experiences. Few months ago, i stumbled upon this wonderful website, and never go a day when I don’t read a story or an experience. Whenever I read an experience I feel blessed. I feel Sai Baba is communicating through these experiences. While reading, either there is a hint of smile on my lips or a glint of tear in my eyes. I feel closer to Baba. I feel He is around, watching over us, helping us, protecting us. I came across few posts in which devotees had written about Nav Guruvar Vrat. A thought came to my mind, that I start the fast too. It was Baba Himself was instructing me to do so. During these 9 weeks, by His grace- I saw Him in my dream, I was able to visit Shirdi, I could offer prayers of other devotees (http://prayers.shirdisaibabaservices.in/2014/04/prayers-reached-shirdi-on-april-24-2014.html), I could offer Him Vastra and I’ve felt Baba’s presence everywhere. What’s more, there is still 1 Thursday to go.

Sharing few experiences here- First experience: On 20th march, my husband, my son and I, went to Sai Dham Temple and prayed to Him to help me complete the fast successfully. Though I started the fast, I didn’t have the Vrat book with me. I didn’t want to buy it. I wanted it to come from Baba. When we were coming out I was sad, that I didn’t get the book. My husband asked me to check with the people at the help desk at the temple entrance. So I did, and there it was Sai Baba 9 Thursday Vrat book. I took it and thanked Baba.

Second Experience: I have been reading experiences of other devotees on this website, and have read how Baba blesses them by appearing in their dreams. But so far He hadn’t come in my dream. For a while now, I’ve been requesting Baba to come in my dreams and bless me. And telling Him ‘You visit everyone, why are You not coming in my dreams.” And finally, I saw Him in my dreams. I don’t remember much, but in that dream there were Holi colours on Baba’s face. Vibrant colours on His beautiful divine face. I felt blessed when I woke up. Thank You Lord for gracing me

Third experience: On 10th April, it was my 3rd fast (due to some reason, could not do fast on 27th) i did Pooja at home, had offered bananas to Baba, and was asking Baba to accept my offering. When I was going to the Temple I saw a man selling bananas. I bought some bananas for Baba. It was again by Baba’s grace, we don’t usually go from that route. I offered the bananas to my Baba and was happy Baba accepted my offering. When I was doing Pooja, my 5 year old son came running to me, with a packet of Prasad. He said Pandit ji gave him. I asked him which Pandit ji. He said’ yellow Pandit ji’ and pointed at the door. I couldn’t see anyone. And in my heart I knew it was Baba only. Thank You Baba. Yellow Pandit ji- One more significance is that I wanted to offer yellow colour Vastra to Baba (which on 24th April I did).

Fourth Experience: 11-04-2014- I sent my prayer to the option here on this site. But before my prayer could reach Shirdi, Baba called us to Shirdi to offer my prayer and others’ too. Here is the link how the prayers reached Shirdi – http://prayers.shirdisaibabaservices.in/2014/04/prayers-reached-shirdi-on-april-24-2014.html

Fifth Experience: I wanted to offer Vastra to Sai Baba. So I was looking for a shop to buy it from. I asked my friends and they told me few places. In the morning, I got up and when I picked the newspaper- there was a flyer of a clothing shop. I don’t have any iota of doubt that it was all my Baba’s doing. Sai Baba, May He be with us always. May He always guide us and bless us

Baba Helping Me In Relieving All My Family Troubles

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Please don’t reveal my name. Let it be anonymous. I am also Sai devotee. This is second time I am sharing my experience with this blog. I am so happy to share my experience today. I want to share two experiences now. Its only because of Baba I am sharing my experiences today. Please help my family in future also Baba. I pray to You Baba. Please help us.

First experience:- My sister is working in good software company in training batch. She has to clear so many exams if she has to get selected for project. So, I asked Baba to help her in clearing all exams and get her good project in same company at same place. Some days back, my sister wrote an exam and she told me that she wrote exam but not exactly correct. So, I got afraid and prayed to Baba to help her in passing her exam. Baba made her pass in her exam. I am so happy and my sister told that she herself can’t believe how she passed in exam. She and all my family members are so happy. Day after tomorrow my sister is having another exam. So, I request sincerely to Baba to help her to get good marks and pass her in this exam also. I really believe Baba that Baba will definitely help. If she passes in exam I will again share my experience in this blog. Baba, please help me to share my experience again within 3 days. Please Baba, help my sister. Please Baba Please.

Second experience:- I had eye sight of -0.75. I want to check it once as I could not see clearly. I was thinking that my eye sight might have increased so much, that’s why I can’t see things clearly. But I was thinking not to have spectacles. I was having spects earlier but doctor said I can use them whenever required but no need always. So I was using for long distances. But now, I got doubt. So, I went for check up. I was praying to Baba to see that my sight should not be increased. Baba really helped me in solving this problem. Even in hospital I was really praying. Doctor and other attendees checked and said that my eye sight is -0.5. Doctor also said that no need to wear spectacles always. I was so happy and thanked Baba so much. This is only because of Baba. I am really thankful to Baba. I just can’t thank Baba in words. I always think that I should remember Baba. Please Baba see that I always remember You in my daily life. Please save my family from all our troubles. I know Baba You will definitely help us. Please Baba. Please Baba help my sister to clear exams during training. I will share my experience please Baba. I will share it for third time. Please please Baba. I request You to help my family. Please help all members in this world Baba. All are waiting for Your blessings. Please help Your children Baba

Baba Blessed Me A Wonderful Job

Anonymous Devotee from Australia says: I’m currently residing in Melbourne by Grace and Love of our Lord Sai Baba. I’m still surviving only by His guidance. I thank for this wonderful platform and whoever is behind this blog for this divine service. This will be my third experience, that i’ am posting here merely because of Baba. Whatever i write, i believe it is Baba’s love and command which inspires me to post this miracle. I pray that Baba speaks to all devotees through this miracle. Sai Ram!! By Baba’s grace, i secured a Job in my previous old company in Melbourne on March 2013, where i used to work during 2010. From Bad, everything turned out to become good by our great Sad Guru Baba. Baba made me to complete three projects in span of 10 months. I’m not good in my programming, but still Baba supported me and made me to finish my job and also Baba gave me an appreciation from my CEO for my Project, which is a very rare one. I left the company on Jan 2014, because i didn’t have job satisfaction and i was very much under paid.

I searched Job for two months, all my savings ran out. I did and completed Baba Vrat for 9 Thursday. At last, again Baba made me to rejoin my old company for third time on 13th April 2014 for a one month contract. I still, couldn’t understand how i accepted to work there for third time. This is was purely Baba’s grace and I think Baba made me to take this job just to avoid possible financial problems. Only Baba knows the future of us. Though, i didn’t like to join the company, i took it as Baba’s order. But before joining, i told Baba that, see Baba, i don’t like to work in this company, please provide me a better job, before May 16th (Last day of my Contract). Days passed, no job interviews and i didn’t apply much jobs as i did as before. Baba insisted me to read Sai Satcharitra. Baba gave an insight that, you will get a job within 7 days. But i ignored it. Then on May 12th i got a call from an agency to have an informal interview. They asked me, when you want your interview scheduled with the client. I told that i would like to be interviewed on Thursday the 15/05/2014(=9).

On 14th I started reading Sai Satcharitra, because i was scared and didn’t have any confidence in me and also i didn’t prepare well for the interview. On 15th i went for the interview and asked Baba to take the interview instead of me. I asked Baba to answer the questions. I was just saying Sai Ram. On May 16th my last day in my previous company, Baba blessed me the Job. This Job is 3 month contract. But this time Baba blessed me a job with a Pay that i didn’t even imagine. It was 3 times to my last pay. I can’t believe even now. My parents and my sisters literally cried praising Baba for this miracle and opportunity. Why this is miracle, because, 1. I can’t remember applying for this company 2. I don’t have much experience in the core skill they were looking for. 3. I am normally scared for the interview, but i wasn’t this time. 4. The Thursday 15-05-2014 adds up to Baba number 9. 5. Immediately after two days from reading Sai Satcharitra, I got my offer, it goes on. Always think whatever you have in your life is because of Baba and whatever that may befall on you, pray that let it be from our Sai Ma. Baba will never leave His devotees to suffer, for Baba knows each and every one of us even more than we do. He knows what is best for us and He blesses the same. Glory be to Baba. Sri Satchidhanandha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

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  1. Babaaaaa are you listening me…..i am tired of all this…..how manyvyears i shld ask u for a groom…..it is very difficult to b alone……i am already tired wexed broke frm inside…..baba rahem karo…….plz snd me a nice guy in my life plz baba

    • Dear devotee I can very well understand ur situation.even I am tired n still waiting for rite person.have been holding babas feet since since eight tears n still he is testing n testing……

    • Ladies,

      Don't worry about marriage. Enjoy your life . believe me there is nothing great about marriage. When time comes you will be married. Create hobbies, try to accomplish something in your career. Om Sai ram.

    • Hold on, stay patient, Life is not just about getting married, you have other things that you can focus on, It's just how you look at the world. Baba will surely bless you, Be patient.

  2. Wonderful experiences.thanks for sharing. Dear devotee 2, continue to have firm faith on our beloved Baba, he will take care of all your problems. Om Sairam.

  3. How I was Drawn to Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi
    Saints have no hankering for sense pleasures and are embodiments of amiability and all other virtues. They grieve to see others in distress and rejoice at the sight of others joy. They are even-minded and look upon none as their enemy; free from vanity and passion, they are conquerors of greed, selfish joy and fear. Tender of heart and compassionate to the troubled, they cherish full devotion to Me (Shri Rama) in thought, word and deed. Giving honour to all, they are modest themselves"-Tulasidas.

    All the above sublime qualities can be safely and aptly applied to Shri Sai Nath. He is a saint in the true sense of the term. Besides, He is a Samarth Sadguru. I had the good fortune of receiving a photograph of the Samadhi Mandir of Baba from my eldest sister Smt. Ranganayakamma, two decades ago. She was a victim of sterility for a long time. Fortunately she came to know of Baba through a friend in Hyderabad and began to pray to Him for progeny. After some time she was blessed with a son by the grace of Baba and the boy is named Sainath.

    Even though the picture of Baba came into my hands twenty years ago, I did not pray to Him or at least remember Him till 1979. I conveniently forgot Him as I was plunged head-long in mundane affairs. I was groping in darkness till the natural calamity of severe cyclone and flash floods of 1979 had opened my eyes and brought me to my senses.

    Ten days prior to the occurrence of the devastating cyclone and floods, two big photos of Shri Saibaba were generously given to me by Sai devotee Shri J. V. Subbaiah. I got both of them framed. I kept the Abhayasnatam photo of Baba with me. The sitting posture photo was given to my sister Smt. Varalaxmi according to her wish and choice. Both the photos were displayed in the 2 portions of my residence in Santa pet at conspicuous places A few days later, the catastrophe occurred. Our Tobacco concern sustained heavy loss as tobacco stocks and buildings were completely destroyed and damaged, I was very much perturbed and the little faith I had in Baba was completely shattered; but I was not aware that one must deserve before one desires. During this crucial period, I was introduced to Acharya Bharadwaj, an Ankita child of Baba and got some mental peace and solace by reading his beautiful biography of Baba written in English and Telugu entitled Sai Leela Amrit Since then Acharya has been a a source of mental peace, inspiration and confidence to me. Without any sort of hesitation and reservation, I always think and feel that Shri Bharadwaj is an intellectual and spiritual genius like Swami Vivekananda, an excellent conversationalist and a speaker.

    Soon, I was frantically trying to go to Shirdi, but i could not visit that holy place, Baba finally gave His gracious permission only in 1980. Baba's holy Samadhi Mandir is the source of infinite joy and solace to many a depressed -and dejected person.

  4. My first visit to Shirdi in 1980 needs further explanation as it involved certain mysterious happenings. In the beginning of 1980, I had to met an official at Guntur concerned with my trade. The gentleman was about to proceed to Hyderabad on official work I thought of accompanying him to Hyderabad, but was held up at Guntur. So i promised to meet him in Hyderabad the next day. While staying in the lodge, suddenly I rang up Mr. G. S. Rao of Ongole to accompany me to Hyderabad and the friend joined me at Guntur the next morning.

    we reached Hyderabad by evening, During the journey, it flashed upon my mind that I should visit Shirdi When I put forth the proposal, my friend did not evince any interest owing to his professional inconvenience. But in my heart of hearts, I was strongly desirous of proceeding to Shirdi. During my journey I was reading a book on Sai Baba. A fellow passenger noticed it

    and asked me whether I was going to Shirdi. I said 'Yes'. The passenger gave me a hundred rupee note and requested me to give it to a devotee at Shirdi for poor feeding. I could not say that my trip to Shirdi was uncertain. I simply took the money and thought it a welcome sign of Baba's call to Shirdi. Then and there I made up my mind to proceed to Shirdi at any cost. My friend was witnessing this strange incident but he could not make up his mind.

    The next morning we reached Hyderabad, finished my discussion with the said official and started for Secunderabad in an auto. After travelling a certain distance, my friend informed the auto driver to take a turn from the main road. The driver could not take the turn as directed, the breaks failed, the auto hit against the rear side of the car plying ahead of us and the auto turned turtle. By the sheer grace of Baba what could have proved a major accident, involving loss of either limb or life, had left us unscathed. We were dazed for a few minutes. As soon as we recovered from the shock, my friend decided to visit Shirdi along with me. We immediately telephoned to his son at Ongole to join us on our trip to Shirdi. There is another side to the whole incident. My friend had no son for a long time and his father prayed to Baba to bless him with a grandson and vowed that he would take the latter to Shirdi. Baba answered his prayer but the old man died without fulfilling his vow.

    As per, Baba's mysterious design we reached Shirdi, visited all the holy places there and stayed for a day and returned to Ongole.

    During 1981, I visited Shirdi twice in the happy company of my music teacher Shri Y. R. Rao of Hyderabad who is also a "friend, philosopher and a guide" to me. Dr. R. P. Rao is my close friend, a talented doctor and an ardent devotee of Baba. My third visit to Shirdi along with Dr. Rao was quite strange and interesting. Together we first proceeded by bus to Manikya Nagar named after Shri Manikya Prabhu (believed to be the fourth incarnation of Lord Datta). Then we reached Pandharpur.

    After darshan and pooja in the holy and ancient temple of Vitthal, we were informed by a pilgrim that H. H. Jagadguru Sankaracharya, the senior of Kanchi was camping on the other bank of the sacred Chandra Bhaga river and my joy knew no bounds. I was thrilled at the multiplicity of unexpected blessings which the call of Baba implied. Swamiji is considered to be one of the great living saints and an embodiment of the perennial wisdom of India.

    A small group of devotees including us reached the other bank of the Chandra Bhaga river by boat. Then Swamiji was in deep meditation. We were blessed with his holy darshan for a couple of hours and the most generous and gracious blessings.

  5. From Pandharpur we reached Shirdi and spent three days on the sacred soil. During my second and third visits to Shirdi, I visited Sakori, the sacred place of Shri Upasani Baba, a direct disciple of Sai Baba and had the darshan of Sati Godavari Mata, the disciple of Upasani Baba. On our return to Hydeabad, we had the darshan of Shri Samarth Narayana Maharaj, who belongs to the 'Guruparampara’ of Samarth Ramadas (Shivaji's Guru).

    My fourth visit to Shirdi in 1982 was the most significant one. On my routine visit to Hyderabad, on July 4. I was inspired to visit Shirdi and was pleasantly surprised to learn that I was on time to attend the most auspicious and important Gurupurinama day on the 6th. All this happened without my knowledge but by Baba's grace alone. Most fortunately, the penultimate day (7tb July) of Gurupurnima festival was followed by Thursday which is considered sacred by all the Sai devotees round the world.

    During my five days stay at Shirdi one mysterious leela of Baba came to my knowledge. I met one young and energetic Telugu man of Sholapur there. He told me that one of his ancestors suffered like hell from a dreadful disease. He was take to Bombay for expert medical treatment which proved ineffective All hopes of his survival were given up, On their way back to Sholapur, the patient's kinsfolk learned about Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi and took him to Sai Nath as a last resort. The patient was put before Baba and His Yogic glances fell upon the diseased. Baba assured the patient that the disease would be cured in a short time. Besides He instructed the patient never to stir out of Shirdi if he wanted to live. The patient became hale and healthy after some time. He was meditating on Baba. To the great misfortune of the patient, certain relatives of his visited Shirdi after some time. They happened to see the man to be alive and also strong and sturdy. He was tempted by his relatives to return to his native place. Having acted contrary to the wishes of Baba, he paid the penalty of his own life after reaching his native place.

    I had the immense, pleasure and good fortune of having the holy darshan of Shri Marthand Maharaj, and Shri Rasne Maharaj, the two living contemporaries and devotees of Baba.

    Of late, I began to think and feel that I am under the kind care and protection of Baba. This feeling of mine has been duly and rightly confirmed by Shri Rasne Maharaj during my recent meeting with him at Shirdi. He further declared to me that Baba has saved me from certain dangerous situations and averted possible entanglements. What is beyond the ken of knowledge and capacity of Baba ? I was reminded of Oliver Goldsmith's lines.


  6. Baba expressly told His devotees that Nishta (implicit faith) and Saburi (courageous patience) will alone lead them to the destination in Spiritual life Sai Nath is the very embodiment of all saintly virtues. With our tongues let us always chant His name, with the ears hear His glory and with the eyes see His manifestations.

  7. Wonderful experiences all.

    O Sai, on this pious day grant us the honour of being by our side all through. Let there only be love and positivity O Sadguru. Thank You for all the smiles and happiness O Deva 🙂

    Jai Sairam

    acyutaḥ prathitaḥ prāṇaḥ prāṇadō vāsavānujaḥ |
    apāṁnidhiradhiṣṭhānamapramattaḥ pratiṣṭhitaḥ || 35 ||

    318. Acyutaḥ: One who is without the six transformations beginning
    with birth.
    319. Prathitaḥ: One who is famous because of His works like
    creation of the worlds etc.
    320. Prāṇaḥ: One who as Hiranyagarbha endows all beings with
    321. Prāṇadaḥ: One who bestows Prana, that is, strength, on Devas
    and Asuras and also destroys them by withdrawing it.
    322. Vāsavānujaḥ: One who was born as younger brother of Indra
    (Vasava) in His incarnation as Vamana.
    323. Apāṁ nidhiḥ: The word means collectivity of water or the
    324. Adhiṣṭhānam: The seat or support for everything.
    325. Apramattaḥ: One who is always vigilant in awarding the fruits
    of actions to those who are entiled to them.
    326. Pratiṣṭhitaḥ: One who is supported and established in His own

  9. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Master, Do Not Forsake Us and Leave*****
    *****Indication of Final Journey*****
    One day, Balappa brought a hukka and gave it to Sri Swamiji. While smoking the
    hukka Sri Swamiji asked Balappa “We have to go very long way. We have to reach very
    high altitude. Would you like to come to render service to me? ”. When this question
    was put to Balappa his heart started beating faster. He was caught in a dilemma and
    got worried.
    Regarding his final journey Sri Swamiji would give indications in advance
    throughout the year. Sometimes Sri Swamiji would change the lamp upside down. He
    had rolled his bed and hang it on a tree. After Cholappa’s death he would get dejected
    very often. From the day of his arrival to Akkalkot Cholappa rendered service to Sri
    Swamiji. Separation from Cholappa became unbearable for Sri Swamiji. Hence Sri
    Swamiji thought of winding up his divine incarnation. During the long life of hundreds of
    years Sri Swamiji had inspired thousands of people to follow the path of devotion and
    inclined towards the path of virtue. Sri Swamiji had raised a flag of devotion by creating
    thousands of devotees. Now he thought it as the right time to depart from this world.
    Before the departure from this world Sri Swamiji showed one more miraculous
    work. He went and sat in the Jangam Muth of Akkalkot. In this Muth there is a large idol
    of Lord Shiva of Jangam belonging to the Lingayat community. He told the Muth’s
    attendant to bring dry cowdung cakes and create a sacred fire on the ‘Shivalinga’. In
    the sacred fire he put items like 10 pounds of ghee, dried dates, rice, fruits, flower
    garlands etc, which he had received from devotees. Seeing this act of Sri Swamiji
    Lingayat devotees became furious and started shouting in anger but kept silent seeing the divine form of Sri Swamiji. The sacred fire was very intense. The intense heat
    scorched the stone walls. However, on the next day as per the instructions of Sri
    Swamiji when the Shivalinga was cleansed it had become exceedingly bright and
    luminous than it was before. It is as though Sri Swamiji had given an indication to the
    devotees and disciples that even fire cannot destroy the form of individual soul. Even
    after getting burnt in the fire, the soul will exist in an exceedingly luminous form.

  10. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth

    Eight days prior to the final journey Sri Swamiji started singing hymns in the
    praise of Lord Shiva, as “Shivahar Shankar Namami, Shankar Shivashankar Shambho,
    Hey Girijapati Bhavanishankar, Shiva Shankar Shambho” meaning, “I bow to you and
    pay my obeisance Oh! Lord Shiva-Shankar”. Then Sri Swamiji went to Tatya Subhedar’s
    house. There he suffered from dysentery. When he felt a little better he went to a
    village Naganhalli and took a halt in a mango-grove in the village. His health started
    deteriorating further. He stopped eating food. When attendant Sakharam Lokhande
    requested with prayers, Sri Swamiji came back to his favourite Vatavriksha270 at
    Akkalkot. His fever had gone up. His body started aching but nobody saw Sri Swamiji groan. Except Sundarabai none was allowed to go near him. He had already given up
    food. As per Sundarabai’s request Sri Swamiji took two spoons of rice-gruel.
    She further requested him “Maharaj, when would you become alright? ”. Sri
    Swamiji spoke slowly “Now, how could I become alright? Time has come for me to
    depart from this world on my final journey”.
    Topmost allopathic and ayurvedic doctors were called in but Sri Swamiji would
    not take any medicine. If someone tried to force medicine in his mouth Sri Swamiji
    would spit it out immediately. His illness started increasing. Once Sundarabai enquired,
    “When would you become alright and get up? ”. Sri Swamiji said, “I would get up alright
    when the mountains speak”. When Sripad Bhat asked the same question then Sri
    Swamiji said, “I would get up when Pandharpur gets burnt up”.
    His disciples and devotees realized that Sri Swamiji is departing for his final
    journey and making them orphan. They all prayed “Maharaj, what should we do now? ”.
    Sri Swamiji told Shripad Bhat “Keep yourself busy in digging up at the root of the
    Vatvriksha”. Then Sri Swamiji told Ganapat rao “You remain in the temple”. Then he
    instructed Balappa “You remain under Audumbar tree and then he instructed everybody
    “You follow your ancestors”.

  11. Baba… Plzz i beg u .. Please fulfill my wish… U showed all positive signs that you would grant my wish… But every thing is going in other direction and am helpless… Please baba bless me…

  12. Sai Baba i am firm believer in You I have a lot of Faith in you and I thank you for the gift. Please guve your blessings in me my husband and the gift of you. I am tha kful for this and I humbly pray to you. I bowe down to your alotus feet and oray with devotion. Please be with me abd guide me and support me

  13. Sai Baba please be with me and protect me abd guide me and support me. Please give me your blessings. Sai Baba is almighty. Sai Baba always Helps His devotees. sai Baba has a kind heart. Please have Shradha and Saburi and Sai Baba

  14. Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadghrj Sainath Maharaj ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki

  15. First and foremost I thank baba for all his love he has showered on me.He had made my dream come true and my lifetime wish,that only I could do to be true.
    Thank You babaji for always being with me.
    Its true shradda and saburi with gods will,will make everybodys dream come true.
    Thank You sai.
    Bow to sai peace be to all.

  16. Om sai ram…
    Really baba is great ….
    He is always taking care of his child …so don't worry …Everything will be all right..
    Have Faith And Keep Patience…

  17. OM SAI RAM

    I can never forgotten your grace in my entire life. I will always spread your name till my last breath. You know what i desire and from when it is. but now there is some hope that it is going to fullfill by your grace and blessings. Please baba this time please do not let me down i cannot bear this failure.

    Your daughter.

  18. Saibaba, please help me baba, I'm so much depressed baba, I thought I would pass with good marks,but I got failed, still I cannot believe it baba,why such things happened baba,I donno what I'm going to do in my life, I thought you are with me, I'm helpless baba, help me help me help me

  19. बिलकुल नादान हूँ मैं, मेरे बाबा…
    नही जानता तुझ से क्या मांगू…
    बस इतनी बख्शीश दे दो…
    कि जो भी कुछ तू नवाज़े …
    या जहां भी और जैसे भी…
    तू रखे सदा उसी में मैं खुश रहूँ…!!

    प्रेम से बोलो साईं साईं-साईं साईं-साईं साईं

    भक्ति साईं की परछाईं है…
    बाबा की कृपा नसीब वालों ने ही पाई है…
    मैं सदा शुक्रगुजार रहूँगा मेरे साईं का…
    जो उसने अपने चरणों में मेरे लिए जगह बनाई है…!!

  20. Baba, Please shower your blessing on this handicapped both physically and mentally. Make me strong ,and let me face all the tough situations .I go with whatever you decide on my behalf.

    Om Sai Ram !!

  21. Dear Sai Dhanvanthari,
    You know that the disease "Ebola" is spreading like fire and many more people are expected to be affected by this. You are capable of controlling the nature. Kindly control this disease and let it fade away quickly and completely with no occurence in the future. Let no more people be victim to this. Thank you Dr. Shirdi Baba

  22. Sai baba,

    please help us in all aspects in my life..i need your help for my family and parents.thanks baba for everything..

    love you baba

  23. Baba I am nt sleeping properly at nights for almost 06 months. Physically n mentally very mch tired. Pls save me wth ur blessings baba. Pls save me sai. Pls pls pls . Padmavathy frm Coimbatore

  24. Om Sai Ram…Baba please protect my husband and children. Baba Please shower their lives with good health, longevity, knowledge, peace, laughter and prosperity. Baba I am specially writing to you to save my hubby and kids. Please resolve the stomach problem of my elder. I promised I will write here as he had bad stomach ache yesterday. I used your udi too. Please note we are facing various challenges over the last few weeks and I count on your support to resolve our challenges and make us courageous to face it with acceptance and faith in your decisions. Baba I surrender to you. Please take care of my family. I hope today is a better day for us that helps us to enrich ourselves and bring goodness all around us. Thank you Baba. Om Sai Rakshak sharanam deva 🙏 Om Sai arogya kshemadaya namah 🙏 Om siddhivinayak namo namah 🙏

  25. Om Sai Ram… Baba please protect my husband and children. Baba please shower your choicest blessings on my little family with lots of good health, longevity of life, happiness, joy, laughter, joy, inner peace, wisdom, knowledge, courage, ability, peace and prosperiy. Baba please help and protect hubby and kids. Please take good care of their health and help them lead a stress free life. Help them work with dedication and uphold the respect of the family at all times. Baba there is an extreme shortage of good manpower in the company, please help us get the right people and I count on you to get the right people Baba. Why are people leaving all of a sudden? Baba please visit our home and work place and enlighten it, energize it, embrace it in your grace. Please Baba help me provide a great team at work and release our tensions. Baba I wish you a very Happy Ram Navami festival. Everything is your blessings and I hope to receive your grace and blessings in the best possible way today. Please shower your grace and protect my family Baba. I have the ritual coming up next week, I am a little nervous, please be there with me and help me please the aatma to the best of my ability. Baba I surrender to you. Help me do good and let me be positive. I spoke more than needed yesterday please do help me keep control of my mind. I surrender to you dear Baba. Om Sai Rakshak sharanam deva 🙏 Om Sai arogya kshemadaya namah 🙏 Om siddhivinayak namo namah 🙏

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