Baba Is Always There For Me

Sai Sister Archana from India says: Om Sai Ram to all my Sai devotees. Hope you all be good with the grace of Sai Nath. I am feeling very happy to share my valuable feelings with you all. I had been attached with Baba from my childhood but I had become His daughter since 2007 when He entered in my life as the most important person. He became a part of my heart, soul and mind. I am a regular reader of this blog. Whenever I feel sad or disturbed, I just go on reading the miracles posted in this blog. Sometimes it also happened that I got solution from these miracles as you all know Sai’s method is unique and He knows what is best for us. There are many miracles happened in my life and I think it will take me some months or more than that to complete it if i start writing from today.

Now moving towards the experience: Recently i had my birthday. In the morning, I prayed Baba” please come to my home in any form and bless me”. As the time passes I totally forgot about this. Suddenly at night I remembered about this and thought that “I had called Baba so eagerly but He did not come” and felt sad. The next day, my best friend had come to meet me as she could not come yesterday. She brought a marvellous picture (of black metal) of Baba. I was so surprised how it can be possible??? Interesting part is that she was to bring Saree for me as a gift and it was confirmed. But I am surprised how her mind changed from Saree to Baba’s Photo. It’s all because of Baba’s blessings. I was as happy as Baba fulfilled my wish. You must be thinking Baba had not come home on the day of my birth so how He fulfilled my wish?? To this, my answer is as per my birth time calculation it was still some hours left to end my birthday. I was so excited and prepared Sooji ka halwa (Semolina Pudding) for the first time as Prasad for Baba and luckily it was so tasty.

Now moving to Udi’s miracle: In the year of 2013, two to three days before Ramanavami festival my dad had severe pain in his stomach due to gastric. He was so restless at that time. No medicines were of use. His pain was still continuing. On the day of Ramanavami in the evening, he went to Baba’s Mandir for Darshan and desperately prayed Baba to stop the pain. At that time he took some Udi and applied in his stomach. The next moment, the pain vanished. His eyes were full of tears and he fell at Baba’s feet. After that incident he became more close to Baba. I am so lucky to have Sai Baba as my father. Whenever I am in problem, He is always there for me. He even had touched my head for two times. It was a different experience for me. At first time when I was sleeping at night not deeply at that I was like crying and praying Baba as I was so disturbed in my personal life. Suddenly I felt someone touching my head (a feeling i am there for you). I was afraid at that time. I was so fool thinking that may be ghost had come but no it was my Baba. Slowly i had started realising that but at that time i was so afraid that i was not turning back to see what was that.

The next morning I made chits to know whether he was Baba or not. Luckily I got an answer “yes”. It is my usual method whenever I am confused or unable to decide at that time I follow chit system and ask Baba what to do. I felt happy that Baba is there for me at my difficult times. Second time, Baba had touched my head during the Parayan time. It was on Tuesday night I again felt some one touching my head. At that time, I thought Baba is touching and turned back to see but i cannot turn. I can only feel it. After this incident had took I had asked one Sai devotee who has some power and can tell past and future events and he said “yes” it was Baba and my faith confirmed. For me Baba is human being. I talked with Him every day, share my feelings as like one daughter does with her father. Baba it’s only Your blessings that I am able to post this experience. Please forgive me if there is any mistake. Keep this love for me always. May Sai bless me and all and fulfil all our wishes. Om Sai Namo Namah Sri Sai Namo Namah Jai Jai Sai Namo Namah Sadguru Sai Namo Namah

Helped In My Exams

Sai Brother Ronak from India says: Hello all, My name is Ronak and I am from India. I am Studying Computer science & Engineering and I am in 6th Semester and soon I will be in 7th semester. I know Sai Baba from my childhood but i become His pure devotee in November-December 2013. Before my 5th semester exam I was too disappointed with myself because since my engineering started, I have never Studied well and i have not cleared 6 papers from my previous semesters. So in December, i have to give exam of 12 subjects, 6 previous subjects and 6 current semester subjects. I was little bit worried for that exams because from my previous subjects if I don’t clear 5 subjects then i will be detained for 1 year from my university.

One fine day i read one devotee’s experience that reading Sai Satcharitra make him pass. I was too inspired from that experience. But i was the boy who doesn’t like to do anything regularly. But with Sai Baba’s grace I started reading Sai Satcharitra on my phone online. I read every day and I take too much time to read a single chapter very carefully. Continuously i read Sai Satcharitra during my exam also till 14th of January. Giving all exams I was so confident that definitely i will pass in most of papers. A nice day my result came and very surprisingly i fully cleared my 5th semester exam and i passed 3 papers of previous semesters. It is so happy thing for me because i have never fully passed in any previous semester’s exams. I request all devotes that do that thing which you have decided anyhow please don’t leave anything unless it complete. Sai Baba is with us always, don’t worry and keep chanting His name always. Om Sai Ram Jai Sainath

Got My Purse Back

Anonymous Devotee from India says: This incident happened when I was pursuing my in Warangal. I’m from Bhupalpally and I’m staying in room at Warangal which is near to my college. After completion of semester holidays, I was returning back to Warangal with my friend. When I was returning to room, my parents gave me money for the room rent and for the mess card. I put that money in purse in my back pocket of my paint and sat in an auto. When my friend & I get down from auto, my friend gave the money for the auto. We came to our room. After a while I found that I lost my purse. I started searching for it and asked my friend to help me in finding my purse. We both search the entire room but no use. After that I make a call to my parents than my mother started scolding me. Then I started praying to all God’s but i was not feeling comfortable. Then I remembered and I prayed through my heart to Baba. Please help me Baba. Immediately I got a call from an unknown person that she found my purse and asked me to come where she was staying. I went there and she gave me my purse. I lost my purse in the auto and Baba made me a call through her. After that immediately I went to Baba Temple and worshiped my Lord Sai Baba. If you pray with your heart Baba will definitely help you. He is the only God Who cares for His devotees with lots of love and affection. Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai

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  1. I hate you Baba.My life has become a hell and I have option than to suicide
    I'm 32 not married and young girls around me are getting married.I feel very inferior and how long do I live like this.No hope no zest in life.Baba comes in my dream to promise that this will work out but it actually does not work out.Is this Baba fake…is he also making fun if me

    • Dear Sister,
      Dont feel dejected. Baba has a plan for all His children. Never lose faith in Him. Divert your mind and do good deeds, if you are working, focus on that. Count your blessings and you will see all the good things Baba has given you.
      Have faith, and surrender to Him completely.
      Om Sai Ram

    • Hi… Sister.. Please don't lose hope on baba… Trust me.. Married life is not bliss… And Baba might have greater plans for ur marriage… So don't lose hope… Read sat charitra sincerely…

    • i m 37 and not yet married.even i lost job some 12 years must have understand now how i feel when i read all experiences where baba helps everyone except me.i too have decided to commit suicide now.

    • Baba is always there. If baba has not done anything for you upto now , its only for your good. And I understand your problem. Its a really big thing in India , if a girl is unmarried upto the age of 30. I do not understand why. Life is much more than marriage. If you learn to stay away and ignore what people tell about you or talk about you , you will be most happy in your life. Baba also teaches us to be happy in whatever god has given us. This is the real way of living life. I know its tough but once you achieve it , you will be really happy. So i would suggest dont make marraige as the ultimate goal of your life. Do what you love , start a new life . Put your mind and sole in Baba , then you will never need anyone else.

    • Why will he make fun of you? Marriage is not the only thing in the world. I am 32 too and not married but I believe I will get a very good husband one day. Jai mata di! Jai Sai Nath! Jai SadGuru!

    • Life is not all about Marriage, You have lot of things to do, if you want to do. Focus on something which diverts your mind, go for a trip , read a book which interest you .When right time comes, Baba will help you for sure. If it did not happen so far , I am sure that there might be a valid reason. He will never let his kids suffer.

    • Who they er merried they are also crying that they are not happy or had devorse !!!
      So sister why u can't learn from these ???
      Marriage is a not a soultion of problems it is problem it self !!!!

    • Sairam,
      Please do not worry. I am a woman and I got married at the very late age of 38. Please try to help poor girls who are getting married.

    • Can you please explain your dream a bit more. Have you took Sai Baba's name or seen Sai Baba in your dream? The reason I am asking above questions because that may help in interpretation of dream precisely. I have been also warned by Sai Baba through dreams and indeed protected by our saviour from the calamity.

      Sai Anant, Sai ki Leela Anant!

  2. Hi
    I m sai daughter from india… Lost my father last year… It was thursday… But baba is with me in every diffuculty..
    Love u baba..
    Om sai shri sai jai jai sai sadguru sai

    (Shri Sai Leela September 1985)
    We have read stories in Sai Satcharitra wherein Baba assured students that they will pass their exams if the Astrological charts are against them. In Chapter 29 of Sai Satcharitra Mrs Tendulkar son appeared for his Medical exam and as the astrologer told him that the stars are not in his favour, the student did not go for his oral examination thinking that he failed even though his professor repeatedly called him. Sai Baba said to Mrs.Tendularkar “Tell your son to believe in Me, to throw aside horoscopes and predictions of astrologers and palmists and go on with his studies. Let him appear for the examination with a calm mind, he is sure to pass this year. Ask him to trust in Me and not to get disappointed".

    In Mr.Shevade’s case, Mr.Shevade quotes “I fully believe in Him, and what He says will be never untrue. He has assured me that I will pass definitely next year and I am confident that I will get through the final examination also with His grace."(Chapter 48).

    Here we will see one more similar leela of Monesh V.Vaghela of Mumbai In Monesh's words "With Sai Baba's grace I have got this wonderful opportunity to write His Leela for the first time. Needless to say if I were to write all my experiences of His divine Leelas it would fill many pages of this magazine. But I relate only one striking incident — Leela.

    Firstly, it was Sai Baba who reminded me of my vow to write in 'Sai Leela' magazine of His Leela, when I received the August 1985 magazine.

    Now to the main story — It was the morning of June 12th 1985, a day before my H.S.C. result. I was to receive a call from my friend about my result but it had not yet come. I was annoyed with Baba, as many of my friends had already known their result. I had just finished reading the 'SAI SATCHARITA' the previous day and I was encouraged by my mother who with her great faith in Sai said that because of the parayana, Sai Baba would surely send help. And then suddenly I received a call from my professor, who was trying to contact me since the previous day but was not able to, as my telephone number had changed. He informed me that I should immediately reach the College where my professor would be waiting with my result. I was overjoyed and took the vow of writing this article. With the divine grace of Shri Sai Baba. I passed with distinction and got admission in a medical college. In fulfilment of my vow I relate this incident of the Divine Grace of Shri Sai Baba".

  4. Wonderful experiences all.

    O Sai, Thank You for bestowing upon us love and happiness in the form of family and friends. Thank You for making our wishes come true O Deva 🙂 We are forever indebted to You O Sadguru.

    Jai Sairam

  5. Very nice experiences.
    Archanaji can you please tell me the saibaba devotees name and contact who tells past and future events.
    Please drop your email id.

  6. Om Sai Ram. Please bless me to settle with my family with good job. This is my only request Deva. Please show me Darshan in my dream

  7. sai maa
    are you angry with me?please dont be .Please please please let my 7th trip go as per schedule.
    make me completely alright my maa.please take care of of us shower your blessings on us
    you are my maa and i luv my maa too much
    falling at your lotus feet

  8. Baba I leave everything to you. .you know very well what iam thinking about please please baba cure that one iam so scared..I want to live a life for my family. .please I trust you deva..

  9. Om SAI ram !!!
    I belong to sikh religen, but i used to go to mandir too. Yesterday i was at hindu santnat Mandir with my friends Who had karwachoth vart. I had great mandir. I went to sleep after i came home because it was late night. I had lovely dream. In dream i got tow coines in water with baba Nanak Devji pic. In my 2end dream i saw Very big poster of my SAI deva and all mata ranis. Love it !!!

  10. Om Sai Ram… Baba I promised that I am going to share my experience if I get thru my drivng test…. this was on 3 oct on vijayadasami that I booked my driving test….. I live overseas here driving tests are conducted very strictly I have Indian license but never drive before I practiced my driving for past three m months but still not confident. .. .. wanted to post phone the test but my husband asked me to give a try I didn't want to fail the reason being once u fails sitting for test next time will scare you more .. any way with Babas blessing I decided to go ahead.. on the day of test I mixed Udi with water and drank….. I told Baba befor leaving I want you to sit next to me thru out the test.. he was there with me I PASS the test…. I was so happy … I am blesses… Baba you raise storm in peoples life which is due to our past karma… make us restless and calm it down.. You are our protector we dont know any thing other than praying for you.. please bless us innocent ignorant fools… we surrender at Your Lotus Feet… Jai Sai Jai Sai Jai Jai Sai Om Sai Om Sai Om Om Sai…..Om Om Om Jai Jai Jai Om… Sri Sai Ram….You ignorant devotee A.

  11. Om Sai Ram

    Why Fear when Baba is Here? First devotee never think there can be any ghosts around if you are devotee of baba…

    I live alone for most of time my husband is away for work but I always think any noise made in the big house I live in is by Baba:)

    Love to ALL,Peace to ALL

  12. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

    yugādikṛdyugāvartō naikamāyō mahāśanaḥ |
    adṛśyō vyaktarūpaśca sahasrajidanantajit || 33 ||

    300. Yugādikṛd: One who is the cause of periods of time like Yuga.
    301. Yugāvartaḥ: One who as time causes the repetition of the four
    Yugas beginning with Satya Yuga.
    302. Naikamāyaḥ: One who can assume numerous forms of Maya,
    not one only.
    303. Mahāśanaḥ: One who consumes everything at the end of a
    304. Adṛśyaḥ: One who cannot be grasped by any of the five organs
    of knowledge.
    305. Vyaktarūpaḥ: He is so called because His gross form as universe
    can be clearly perceived.
    306. Sahasrajit: One who is victorious over innumerable enemies of
    the Devas in battle.
    307. Anantajit: One who, being endowed with all powers, is
    victorious at all times over everything.

  14. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Rachappa and Govind Bhat*****
    In Tamb village of Karnatak a Brahmin named Govind Bhat lived. Hearing the
    fame of Sri Swamiji he came to Akkalkot. Sitting in front of Sri Swamiji he would sing
    devotional songs and chant the name of God. By the kind grace of Sri Swamiji Govind
    Bhat attained siddhi in speech. He became a great devotee of Sri Swamiji. Once he had
    been to Warli, the abode of Lord Veer Bhadra267. At Warli there was a person named
    Rachappa, a devotee of Lord Veer Bhadra. He was an excellent poet. However, he
    would not sing devotional songs in praise of any other God except Lord Veerbhadra.
    Govind Bhat said, “Sri Swami Samarth is the incarnation of Lord Dattatreya. You chant
    in the praise of Sri Swamiji”. However, Rachappa refused to do so. Govind Bhat felt
    very bad. He felt that Rachappa has insulted Sri Swamiji. Hence he came to his village
    Tamb, gave up food and water, and started chanting in the praise of Sri Swamiji for a
    Finally Sri Swamiji appeared in Rachappa’s dream and said “without showing any
    difference between me and Lord Veer Bhadra, start chanting devotionally in my favour.
    If you show any difference then you will undergo suffering. Go to Govind Bhat and
    request him for forgiveness”. Rachappa went to Tamb village and requested Govind
    Bhat for forgiveness and said, “Because of you, I got the ‘Darshan’ of Sri Swamiji. My
    entire family lineage got uplifted”. Then in the praise of Sri Swamiji he composed a
    number of devotional songs.

  15. Hi All,

    I am from Mumbai and working with a bank. I really don't know what's happening in my life. I had been trying to look for a job change for past 7 months and almost reached final stages with couple of companies, but no good offer has came through as yet. I went to Shirdi also about 3 months back and reading Sai Satcharitra these days, Really not sure what the problem is and how much Baba is going to test me. I am begining to lose all hopes now.



  16. Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

  17. Dear my lord you know my problem. Even i do not know i am in problem or not please help me to over come with this. Please help my sister family to be happy and help my brother in law to get a nice job and also help my another sister to get a nice pair for him soon.
    om sri sai ram, om sri sai ram, om sir sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sa ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram

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