Sai Has Always Been With Us

Anonymous Devotee from US says: Sai came to our rescue today. We were coming back from a wedding this morning. We wanted to start by 9 am but were delayed and started at 11:00 am. We had to take gas and at the gas station by mistake my husband put the wrong pump. When the gas was filled, the pump would not come out.

We called for help and the lady on the phone said it would take 3 hours for a technician to come and also said that even if they come they may not get the pump from the car. We had 7 hours of driving and my husband got frustrated. He wanted to get help and started to walk to the main highway. I got out off the car and thought I would try to get the pump out. I took Sai Baba’s name and pulled the pump.

After I uttered Sai’s name the pump fell to the ground on its own. I called my husband to come back and he asked me how I could get the pump out. I told him the story and he said so Sai Baba was the one Who unhooked the pump. I called our kids and told them the story they were also amazed as Sai came to our rescue. We have reached home now and relaxing just because Baba is with us today. Om Sai Ram

Family problems

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I have been married for 4 years and I don’t have any kids. Me and my husband are working in IT. I am writing this experience of my married life because I cannot share this feeling with anybody else except my Sai, Who can understand and solve them. Mine was arranged marriage. Before getting married my husband had mentioned he had completed M.Sc. But after some days before marriage he told he has not done M.Sc. degree. But as my parents had arranged everything for marriage, I was not able to cancel it. After marriage I was staying with my in laws. As in every one house we were having some problems. They wanted my husband salary in their control. My husband was also not bothering about me as I was also working he did not give money to me. If he buys something for me then my in-laws will not like it and they start shouting at him. He is spending all his money for his parents and he does not want to save money for future. We are having some fight each and every day. I have tried some suicide attempt but my faith on Sai keeps me living till date. My husband always believes on his parents words only. It has been 4 years after marriage but still we don’t have kids. Also all my family members are well settled in foreign. All I wanted from Sai is to bless me with a boy baby and help us to get a foreign project so that I can stay apart from my in laws.

Required Prayers For Sai Baba Help

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi, I am a strong Sai devotee and working professional due to blessings of Sai Baba. Dear Hetal ji, First of all thanks for your wonderful work. My day starts by reading Sai devotee’s experience. I exactly do not remember when Baba came in my life. I always have lot of faith on Him. Baba helped me in every difficult situation. But somehow since many years He is not listening to my prayers about my marriage. Now I am 30 + awaiting for marriage. All the time proposals will come and end with no results. Now I am undergoing lot of pain. Due to this issue I cannot able to concentrate in my work. After me, my sister is also there. If my marriage will not happen, my sister’s life will also affect that I do not want at any cost. Sometimes I feel to suicide so that my sister will get marry on time, but Sai Baba does not like suicide. Many people tell me so many things to do for getting marry but I always feel that my Sai will help me. I do not know why Baba is not listening to my prayers in this matter. Please pray to Sai Baba for me, at least your prayers can answer. I cannot bare anymore this pain.

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  1. aba came to us

    By Prahlad B. Huilyatkar

    Fishing for FAILURE

    Man swims in the sea of self-satisfaction,

    Nibbles at the bait of procrastination.

    Swallows the hook of mediocrity, and

    Ends up in the net of failure.

    There are some experiences which are beyond explanation. They exist as sunlight. The manifestation of divinity is beyond all our limited perceptions. As for myself, I cannot explain the cause of incidents; but they exist as clear as sunlight. I humbly try to catch the spirit.

    My parents and grandparents were indeed blessed to see Sai Baba when he was physically alive. One day Baba gave to my father a coconut, some sweets and two silver coins to my grandfather, who was then working as a Deputy Collector at Nasik. He asked my father to give him a 'Dakshina' of nine rupees and also gave him a chillim to smoke. Both my father and grandfather started worshiping Sai Baba even after we shifted to Jamkhandi in Karnataka. The elders in the family objected to this worship and in order not to hurt their feelings, my grandfather put the photo of Sai into a suitcase. They worshipped Sai Baba mentally till the last breath of their lives. As I was a pet grandchild, my grandfather used to narrate miracles of Sai Baba. He became Dewan of Bhor, later at Ramdurga and finally at Jamkhandi till it merged in the independent India. In his retired life he spent on spiritual quests and I remember Mr. B.D. Jatti (who later on became Vice-President of India) visiting him now and then.

    During this time, Gurudev Ranade, who was then the Vice-Chancellor of Allahabad University frequently called on my grandfather at Jamkhandi. My grandfather died in 1958.

  2. Then the problems started for us. I graduated at Poona and had got into the Law College when my grandfather passed away. Since the financial position became critical after his death, I had to leave the Law college and work as a teacher at Malvan. Here due to a strange coincidence, I came in contact with a girl, I liked her and subsequently we married.

    After marriage, I learnt that my wife was a very quiet devotee of Sai Maharaj and as any other young man, in order to please the newly married spouse; I also started worshipping Sai Baba. She had a photo of Sai Baba with a horse. Along with her, I started reading 'Sai pothi'. I felt this was more pretence than devotion!

    In 1965, we were blessed with a son. My son was healthy but gave indications of dumbness. We did not know what to do. We took him to Shirdi when he was two-year old. He virtually slept off on the’ Samadhi’. When we returned home two days later, he was saying 'Baba- Baba'. He picked up vocabulary and he became normal in all respects. This miracle changed my attitude towards Baba and I accepted him as my God!

    We shifted to Goa in 1960. On seeing our worship of Sai Baba a good number of neighbors also became His devotees. We hold ‘Satsang’ and the number is ever increasing. In 1977, a devotee by name Avinash went to Shirdi and brought a small bag of Udhi. My wife told him: "Avinash! You came from Shirdi. Why did you not bring Baba with you"? He answered: "Baba is coming – Baba is coming. He is on His way." Avinash's word turned out to be prophetic. On 9th June 1977 my wife had a dream: "Your brother-in-law is coming. Do not allow him straightaway. Take out ‘Dristi’ (evil eye) and then allow him to meet your husband". My wife saw in her dream Sai Baba in orange robes climbing the footsteps and herself taking out ‘Dristi’ with a piece of bread and then Sai Baba entering the house. The dream ended. I did not attach any importance to her dream but she had implicit faith that Baba is coming to us:

    On 22nd June 1977, in the afternoon, someone tapped the front door. I opened the door and noticed that two cars were parked close to my house and around 20-30 people were standing near the cars. A Sai devotee by name Sri Abajee Panshikar greeted me and said: "We have brought Sai Murthji to install in the temple tomorrow. In the temple, arrangements are still to be made. So we would like to keep the idol in your house for tonight".

    We agreed. Baba's idol was brought inside and kept on a table. In the night, we performed 'Arathi' and sang Sai-bhajans. My wife said: "Baba- you really belong to us. You should not leave us." I laughed at her request and said "Baba will go away to the temple."

    Next day, around noon people started gathering near the temple. Sai-devotees Kulkarni, Kishore Sahoo, Jaya Rao came to my house. News came that there was some difficulty in installing the idol in the temple. Ultimately the crowd came to my place and in a chorus said: "Let the Murthi be here". They performed Ganapathi pooja, Sathyanarayana pooja and then the idol was installed on a table in my house. Baba has stayed permanently with us since then! In our own humble way we worship Him. People from different parts of the world have attended ‘arati’ and ‘pooja’ in our house and everyone has got some experience or the other. Prayers have been answered. Sai Baba is blessing us and is close to us in every moment of life. Thus Sai Baba came to us in an incredible manner.

    (Sai Padananda – April 1993)

  3. Baba after the age of 30 how a girl suffer you know verywell baba. I'm also now 34+ but single.

    Baba please listen our prayers baba please . You are our only hope.

    Jai Sai Ram

  4. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  5. Dear All,

    My name is Hemalatha..i am going to shirdi by next week and I wish If i can be a medium to take all your prayers to our beloved Sai. If you wish send your prayers to or stating the subject Prayers to Shirdi as i should not miss any. I am going to shirdi by coming 15th Oct. Thank you. Please pray for me also for a very pleasant trip without any hurdles and wish my prayers should be answered soon as I am in very difficult situation. Thanks a lot

  6. OM SAI RAM.

    Nice experiences. For devotee No. 2- Dear sister i will pray for your happily married life may baba bless you with the happiness and piece you wanted since last 4 years. For devotee no. 3 – Please have faith on baba, he has surely some other plannings for you which he will give you on right time.

    Baba is great no doubt, but please don't shake your trust on him. Who knows when he will show miracles and mercy on us. Please chant Baba's name always whatever is situation good or bad.

  7. Om Sai Ram !!!!!! To the second and third devotee pls hold on to Baba thats all is required to solve your problems!!!! Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai !!! Om Sri Sai Nathaya Namaha !!!

  8. Sweet first experience and heartfelt prayers to our dear lord Sai for the 2 devotees. I am sure He is working his magic already 🙂

    O Sai, Thank You for blessing us with love, success, health & wealth and peace & joy 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  9. Om sai namoh namah
    shri sai naoh namah
    jai jai sai namoh namah
    satguru sai namoh namah
    may sai babas blessings be on one n all !!!
    happy babas day to all

  10. Happy Baba's day to all!! Baba, please keep me healthy. I should reach safely to India and there should not be any issues at work if I work from India for 2-3 months. My family should get the visa.

    Love you Baba!!

  11. Dear 3rd devotee, I am 32 and not married, my best friend is 34 and still not married. My sister is 28 and engaged to her boy friend since an year but doesnt want to marry before me. I know its a pain, but how much we decide to suffer is upto us.

    Have you read Sai Satcharitra? Baba teaches a lesson to Dasganu through her maid. The maid was very poor and was wearing rags, once Dasganu's friend gave him a new saree. She was very happy wearing new saree that day. The next day maid was still in rags but happy as she had a new saree with her. Dasgunu learned that upto us to be happy or not, its just a mental state, the girl wearing rags is happy today as she is content she has a new saree.

    I beg you don't suffer so much, if I being 2 years older than you trust that God is doing for my benefit, why can't you? Don't torture yourself and torture god living inside you. May be it does not matter to you if you are happy or not, but it matters to god. Burn you bad karmas with a smile and move on to bright future. You and your sister will get best husbands, dont worry.

    Baba said, "Past was imperfect, future is uncertain so we should not destroy perfect present", "Worrying is not going to get you any place sooner other than cementry".

    Cheers! Live sweetly! Hugs! (f) (f)

    Jai Mata Di! Jai SadGuru! Jai Sai Nath!

  12. Sai maa
    Are u angry with me? I am scared if u are angry with me. Please please don't b. Please relieve me of this sinus and dizziness maa
    Please bless me to have the press meet go very well maa
    Luv u
    Falling at your lotus feet

    ōjastejōdyutidharaḥ prakāśātmā pratāpanaḥ |
    ṛddhaḥ spaṣṭākṣarō mantraścandrāṁśurbhāskaradyutiḥ || 30 ||

    275. Ōjas-tejō-dyuti-dharaḥ: One who is endowed with strength,
    vigour and brilliance.
    276. Prakāśātmā: One whose form is radiant.
    277. Pratāpanaḥ: One who warms the world through the power
    manifestations like the Sun.
    278. Ṛddhaḥ: One who is rich in excellences like Dharma, Gyana
    (knowledge), Vairagya (renunciation) etc.
    279. Spaṣṭākṣaraḥ: He is so called because Omkara, the manifesting
    sound of the Lord, is Spashta or high pitched.
    280. Mantraḥ: One who manifests as the Mantras of the Rk, Sama,
    Yajus etc., or one who is known through Mantras.
    281. Candrāṁśuḥ: He is called 'Chandramshu' or moonlight because
    just as the moon-light gives relief to men burnt in the heat of
    the sun, He gives relief and shelter to those who are subjected
    to the heat of Samsara.
    282. Bhāskara-dyutiḥ: He who has the effulgence of the sun

  14. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    The son of a Brahmin from Maindargi village Manyaba was an orphan. He was
    dumb and mentally dull. Manyaba somehow carried on his life. One day the village
    people took Manyaba to Akkalkot and left him there at the lotus feet of Sri Swamiji. Due
    to the kind favour of Sri Swamiji dumb Manyaba started speaking. He was able to talk
    Marathi and Kannada languages. He attained speech siddhi. Whatever he would say,
    those words would manifest in reality. People started visiting and respecting him. To get
    success in their ventures people started pressurising him to utter, “Speak out that the
    work will be done”. However, he would not come under undue pressure. He would say,
    “Sri Swamiji will beat me, remove the skin of my buttocks and bleed me”. By the kind
    favour of Sri Swamiji finally Manyaba became a saint.

  15. Hello Sister do not Worry for ur problems ,,, I am sure by Baba's grace u will get a very good husband,, may be itz baba's decision to provide u with such a good husband…. my sense wants to advice you to do nava guruvar vrat and i am sure that you will be blessed with good husband…….om sai namonamo ,srisai namonamo,jayajaya sai namonamo , sadguru sai namonamo………………..

    please bless devotee with a healthy baby and Devotee 3 bless her to get married soon.Please baba

  17. om sai ram.i hadvbeen to shirdi two day s black. we had ablissful stay at shirdi.we were in the samadhi mandir for about 5 minutes. had a nice darshan of baba. thank u baba for calling my family to shirdi.please baba bless my family like this always. om sai nathaya namah.

  18. Sai baba,

    I am thank full to you for giving result that my daughter neck will be straight by physical therapy and excercises…please baba be with us always and help my family and parents to be happy always..
    thanks for everything..

    love you baba

  19. Dear Sister (3rd Devotee),

    In the days of Navratri, take roots banana, wrap it in yellow cloth and by remembering our beloved Sai baba tie around your neck. Baba will definitely bless you.

    Om Sai Ram.

  20. Nice experiences 1st devotee
    2nd devotee have strong faith on baba.
    Say om sai sri sai jai jai sai

    3rd devotee go to shirdi. Beg to baba. I will pray for you.

    • dear hemalatha it is good news that baba has called you shiridi you will be relieved from all difficulties he was to bless you that is why he has called you. He will take care of your journey and those things because he is out mother. So don't worry. have a happy journey. Plese pray for me and my family also.

  21. Om Sai Ram : Dear 3rd devotee , suggest you to follow Sai Baba Nav Guruvar Vrat , I was also going through similar situation but Baba has now made me go Gaga 🙂 Om Sai Ram

  22. baba why are you not killing me… am suffering dut to lot of problems… please help my family to be gappy deva…

  23. Om sai really hurts when I feel that I dont have a job right now after working for more than 4 yrs, having chronic pain all over my body for more than 5yrs without knowing reason and no clues abt marriage when all my frnds are getting married.
    My only hope is you my Lord Sai. Please help me.

  24. Baba,

    We all should reach India safely and have a good vacation in India. No fights or struggles. I should also get my Visa stamped.

    JAI SAI RAM !!!

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