Sai Baba Vs Deadly Cancer

Sai Sister Vani from India says: Hello everyone. I am 23 year old female from Chennai. I am a righteous and honest person. I always believed in God and pay my respects regularly, but I was not a Sai Baba believer. I just considered Him as a human being with yogic powers. I am about to tell you how i was proven wrong. I completed my MBA in the year 2013 and got placed in two banks and a company. When I was about to join one of the bank, my life was disturbed and turned upside down. What started as a simple MRI scan, soon revealed itself as a very rare form of bone cancer in my sacrum (a portion on which spinal bone rests) and the tumour has affected the nerves which initially caused pain and was directed to take a MRI. Everyone knows me only as a bold and confident girl with no stage fear. The minute I heard its cancer, all that I could think was “why me” and “why at this age of my life”??

I continued praying to all my God’s and always prayed that my family must be protected and must give me strength so that I don’t keep my family crying all the time. Treatment in Chennai was useless as many doctors in Chennai have not seen a rare case like this. No one dared to operate me. I went to almost all the hospitals in Chennai including govt hospitals. Chemotherapy and radiation doesn’t work on my tumour at all. I am at the mercy of God and God only. One of my friends cousin who is a Baba believer, heard my condition and she right away told that I will become fine and alright that she can see my happy face now itself as Baba is showering His blessings upon me. I wondered what kind of person she will be, talking about happiness when there is no remote chance of cure. Later, my brother who lives in Mumbai went to Tata memorial hosp with all my files. The chief doctor himself got involved in my case and summoned me with newer scans. Again my friends cousin came and told me this “See, Baba started His magic, He is taking you to His territory”.

When I was in Mumbai, my dad’s boss happen to take me and my family to Shirdi. All that prayed was that the doctors must agree to operate me and i must walk after the surgery and I want to come here again fully cured. Later, I almost forgot to pray to Sai Baba. The doctors fixed the surgery date and all that they could promise was 95% chance of survival and nothing about walking at all. I was taken to the operation theatre and the doctor injected Anastasia, when I was about to close my eyes, I saw the holy divine image of Sai Baba on the ceiling. I woke up after 4 days and the doctors were able to save only single nerve. You know what that is – “I can walk again all my life”. I took a vow then that I will go to Shirdi again and stay for a month and will do a job or service that they allow me to do for free. Please pray for my speedy recovery.

Baba Blessed With A Job

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hello, i am Baba’s daughter from India. I became devotee of Baba from my 8th standard. I feel Baba as my father. He is more than my parent. If i get any problem I will first say to Baba. If i am happy I will share with Him. He helped me with many things. He saved me from many problems. Without Him today I won’t be there. I have many experiences with Baba. Today i want to share one of my recent experiences. Please do not disclose my name or email id. I’m going to get married with a guy who is a software engineer. We are from middle class families. We both decided to work to improve our financial status. He wants to change his job. He is trying to get good job in an MNC company. He went to many interviews but did not make it. He keeps on worrying about that. He wants to get job before marriage. He went to an interview but has no hope. But i believe in Baba. Whenever i think about this i remember those two words told by Baba ‘Shraddha’ and ‘Saburi’. I have full faith on Baba this time my husband will surely get this job with blessings of Baba. All that I have to do is to pray Him and keep faith on Him. Finally my husband got job in an MNC company with Baba’s blessings. We are happily going to get married soon. Thanks a lot Baba. Please be with us always without You we are nothing. Om Sai Namoh Namah Shree Sai Namoh Namah Jai Jai Sai Namoh Namah Sadguru Sai Namoh Namah

Sai Cured My Wife’s Sudden Pain In Knee

Anonymous Devotee from England says: We are staying here in UK since 2 years. Our family is devotee of Shri Shiridi Sai Baba since long. But, I always feel that I should be more and more thankful to Baba for His continuous affection and grace towards us. I request to keep my details anonymous. My wife is 30 weeks pregnant with our second baby and keeping well with Sai Baba’s blessings. Suddenly yesterday she got lot of pain in her left knee and was even unable to walk. We used all sorts of creams & massage but in vain and she slept like that with pain. We were a bit tensed about how we can manage the coming days if the pain continues. Today morning immediately after getting up I prayed to Sai with pure heart to relieve her pain and used a spray which we forgot to use yesterday and asked her to take ‘Udi’. Due to divine blessings of Baba the pain was gone immediately. I am very much thankful to Baba for showering His grace and affection towards us continuously. Thanks for giving this opportunity to share this in Shiridi Sai Baba’s Miracles. Om Sai Ram

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  1. what a experience this how u have to believe and have faith;;;;; my dear sisters and brothers don't cry and blame your self or baba if u believe him he will do it for u ;;;;;;; if u blame what will happen you will loos him;;;; i know if u dint get anything you will get mad and upset but u need to trust him and every time talk to him he will help you

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    baba love u baba.thank u baba.

  3. Dear Devotee 1, HOpe you have completely recovered by now.

    I want to share a miracle that has happened with me couple of weeks back. My husband had gifted me diamond earrings for our last anniversary. Once after I wore it, I kept it in my toilet box instead of gold box, that too without fixing the screw to it. Next time when I wanted to wear it, I found the earrings but one of the screws was missing. I had previous accidents where I missed gold and always wanted to be careful, but this time again I left it carelessly. I searched a lot for a lot of time and prayed to baba to help me find it.

    After a couple of months, we were shifting our house and I wanted to throw out all unused things. This toilet box was old and I wanted to throw it after I take out all important things. After I took out all important things, I again searched very deeply for this screw and could not find it. I felt bad and thought I was punished for my negligence. I was praying to baba while searching. When I didn’t find it, I took the toilet box and placed it in the trash. As soon as I placed it, I felt very restless, as if it was calling me back. I had this impulse of checking it once last time. I went back and opened the box, and there I find this screw right in front of me in between all the other junk.

    I was so happy and ran to thank baba in pooja room. Only he can do miracles like this. Otherwise, why would I feel like checking it even after placing at the top of the trash can (the trash was still at home with lots of other things that we were disposing while moving). He made me regret for my negligence, but like a mother, after I realized my mistake, he gave my thing back to me. Love you Baba. Stay with me like this for ever.


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  6. Dear Sairam Devotee 1,
    Kindly narrate this shloka from Narayaneeyam. It can do wonders.

    Poojya Periva had advised the chanting of the following verse from the great scripture “Narayaneeyam” (Canto 8 sloka 13 ) to a devotee who was suffering from cancer.

    अस्मिन् परात्मन् ननु पाद्मकल्पे
    त्वमित्थमुत्थापितपद्मयोनि: ।
    अनन्तभूमा मम रोगराशिं
    निरुन्धि वातालयवास विष्णो ॥१३॥

    Asmin parathman nanu paathmakalpe
    Thvamithamutthapitha padmayonihi I

    Anantha bhooma mama roga raashim,
    Nirundhi vaathalaya vaasa vishno. II

    அஸ்மின் பராத்மன் நனு பாத்மகல்பே
    த்வமிதமுத்தபித பத்மயோனிஹி

    அனந்த பூம மம ரோக ராஷிம்
    நிருந்தி வாதலய வாச விஷ்ணோ

    The slokam is a prayer to the Lord Guruvayuppan. Roughly translated it means:

    Oh Lord Vishnu, enshrined in Guruvayur ! Oh Great Soul ! Oh The Lord of Eternal Glory, who thus awakened Brahma in Paadmakalpa ! May Thou remove all my afflictions.

  7. Hi, my prayers are with you !!!

    You are a TRUE righteous and honest person AND (bold and confident girl)

    I can understand
    1. Why you was offered by those 3 organisation ,if you go on giving interviews, I am sure that you will be the choice of all the the where you go for it. (How quick you have realized the suprime power of the almighty)

    2. You passed MBA, it is simple thing, if any one who put some hours on studies that is enough,(You have very well understood the subjects of all (How great you have explained the story of yours like in a punchline, By that you have saved time of ours, Now we can emagine your experience up to our level of understanding)

    3. At this age, how great attitude of yours, as you are willing to give it back, this is found very rare in people (Ready to Serve at lotus feet of SAI BABA, for month,then we can expect more and more miracles from you)

    SAI BABA ka dariya dil hai, tab dethe hain to aasman paadhkar dethe hai (whenever He gives, gives more than we expect)


    • yes well said……….shez is bold and confident!! even iam a girl of 23 and the thought of staying at shirdi made me think..

  8. Sai Baba Everywhere

    By K. N. Narayan Swamy

    "To separate the true from the false in everything, whatever its nature may be, that is the part of a wise understanding."

    – St. Thiruvalluvar

    Once in the local bazar, I found attractive calendars of Sai Baba with a caption 'APKA RAKSHAK'. I purchased 10 copies for distribution of which I retained one for keeping in the pooja room.

    Somehow Sai Baba prompted me to get this photograph framed. I was in a dilemma as it was a large one and would pinch my purse considerably. One day I took it to a photo-frame shop near our home and I was told that it would cost an amount ranging from Rs. 50/- to Rs 60/- depending upon the frame, glass etc., I chose a particular frame and settled for Rs. 45/-.

    Two or three days later I went to the frame shop to collect the photograph. The owner had gone out and his brother was in the shop doing some woodcraft. During our conversation, I offered him to give a few pieces of a wooden Almirah lying useless in our house. He was delighted at this unsolicited offer and immediately we went to our house to see this. He agreed to take it and instead of money, I suggested to him to give me a rebate on the frame as barter. He said that he would accept whatever I give him. He was quite happy when I offered him a tender.

    When he had come to our house, I told him about my Tape recorder. It was giving me frequent trouble and had deprived me of listening to Sai bhajans. I had an idea to dispose this set and buy a new one. This friend told me that he would arrange for this also as he knows a shop-keeper who buys second hand tape-recorders. Accordingly he sent a man the very next day. I could strike a deal at a reasonable price and in the same evening, brought home a brand new tape recorder.

    We strongly believe in Sai Baba's hand in every moment of our life. With deep faith and wholehearted devotion one can achieve abundant blessings of Sai Maharaj – 'I am there where there is devotion.'

    (Source Saipadananda July 1990)

  9. Beautiful experiences, especially the 1st devotee's.

    O Sai, You continue to pull one and all towards You with Your beautiful miracles. We are forever in Your debt for making our lives so beautiful with Your miracles 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  10. to the first devotee aftr reading ur story…..i felt vry bad….but must agree ur vry courageous girl…..baba please bless her with gud hlth and make her norml prsn baba… sai ram

  11. First experinces is awesome…
    May u get recovered with baba's blessing..
    Om sai ram
    Baba cured my skin problem.. He is standing with my family..
    Love u baba
    Take care of everybody..
    And call me in shirdi
    Om sai ram..
    Anantkoti bramhandanayak rajadhiraj yogiraj parbramha shri sacchidanand sainath maharaj ki jai !

  12. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    Haribhau from Mumbai suffered loss in his business. Therefore, he vowed to
    make an offering to Sri Swamiji if his wish gets fulfilled. Thereafter he made good profit
    in his business. To keep his vow he came to Akkalkot. Sri Swamiji regarded him as his
    son. Sri Swamiji showered his kind grace on Haribhau and gave him the Padukas.
    Haribhau built a temple, installed the padukas, and spread the fame of Sri Swamiji.

    *****Siddhappa Jangam*****
    Siddhankeri is a village near Akkalkot. There is a big Muth belonging to the
    Lingayat Community. A Jangam262 Guru named Siddhappa was the chief of the Muth.
    The Muth was very prosperous but Jangam Siddhappa was a pure and honest devotee.
    He came to Akkalkot with great pomposity for Sri Swamiji’s ‘Darshan’. Siddhappa was
    fully content by the ‘Darshan’ of the Divine form of Sri Swamiji. Sri Swamiji asked him
    “If I give you a bread can you digest the same? ”. Siddhappa humbly replied “Maharaj,
    whatever you give with kind grace, it will be certainly digested, not only by me but also
    by everybody”.
    At that very time a shepherd was passing by. Sri Swamiji asked for bread from
    the shepherd and gave it to Siddhappa. In fact a Jangam swami never accepts food
    from anybody, except another Jangam swami. But Siddhappa Jangam ate the bread as
    prasad given by Sri Swamiji.
    No sooner, than he ate that bread his egoism disappeared, he lost his
    consciousness, and he got merged into the universal spirit. Sri Swamiji spoke
    to him “Now go to your temple and with undivided attention, attain divinity.
    Maintaining a selfless unselfish conduct and with sweet speech, give
    happiness to everybody”. By the kind favour of Sri Swamiji Siddhappa Jangam
    got absorbed in the contemplation of Lord Brahma.


    Reading this blog helps in awakening many souls that are sleeping in ignorance and I am one of them. I started the Sai Satcharithra Saptah on 14th Aug'14 and completed on 20th Aug'14. However, on 21st Aug'14 (Thursday), I and my mother after offering Sweet Pongal to Saibaba at house, took the Sweet Pongal prepared my mother for Baba's naivedya at temple. I was not feeling well the whole day. I am allergic to dust and one day before, I was out of my house for an interview. I did not take enough precautions, due to which on Thursday, whole day, I was continuously sneezing. In the afternoon, I thought, I would take a medicine at night after having my dinner and after opening my fast. That very moment, I got a thought, saying, "DON'T TAKE, I WILL MAKE YOU WELL". For which, I thought, to be on safer side, I will buy the tablets and keep with me, if I do not get well that night, I will take that medicine, in the next day morning. Then again, one more thought crossed my mind, saying that "IF YOU DO NO TRUST ME, ONLY THEN YOU NEED TO BUY, OR ELSE WHY WOULD YOU BUY ?". Thinking that both these thought were Baba's words to me. I neither purchased the medicine nor did I took anything in the night. Now, read the wonder. As I, my mother and father were going to the temple in the evening to offer the Sweet Pongal as Naivedya to Saibaba at Saibaba's temple, I happen to passby a brown colour dog, and I felt, as though the dog is asking for the Sweet Pongal and the dog himself is Baba. For which, I said in my heart, "Even though you are Baba, you come to the temple and I would give you the Sweet Pongal after offering it to Baba's idol" (I am afraid of dogs but really don't know, how I had that conversation). In the temple, I prayed to Baba, that "I am irritated with this cold, allergy and ill health. Please make me healthy and when I step out of the temple, there should be no trace of illness and I should be perfectly alright. "After offering it to Baba at temple and giving all the prasad to the temple people saying that keep some for ourselves and all the remaining to be distributed among the devotees,. The temple people took the whole prasad, keeping some to us in our container. I and my parents came out of the temple, as soon as we came out, 2 dogs were looking at me, and we gave them the Upma that was given by the temple people as Prasad, both the dogs did not eat it. I started walking down after offering that to the dogs. The brown colour dog started following me, I said to my mom, give some prasad that is sweet. She gave the sweet prasad made of Rava, the dog ate it, but again started following, we thought, why is this dog following ? Then, suddenly a thought crossed my mothers mind and she said let us offer the Sweet Pongal prepared at home. So, I opened the container, and out of the little that we had, we gave some to the dog and it ate very slowly, as though it was relishing each morsel of Sweet Pongal and we waited there seeing on how it was eating. Once it finished eating, we started walking but the dog did not follow us. Then I remember about my conversation that I had with the brown colour dog when I was coming to the temple. See, How Baba comes and takes that was promised to him. I promised to offer but I forgot, but he did not forget me, he came to take that offering. I was so pleased with this and when I am typing, tears are flowing from my eyes and throat is getting choked. What a feeling it is ? Sai is very sweet.

  14. Now, moving onto my ill health, as soon as I came out of the temple, there was no sign of illness and I was getting the same feeling of recovering from ill health when I take medicine. That night we all went back home very happily and thinking that Baba came and had our food. It was the greatest moment, my Sai ate the food prepared by my mom. That night till 11.30 pm, we were discussing about this beautiful incident. I did not take any medicine as I was feeling better, that night I sweat a lot, maybe because of fever. This is the first time in my life that I recovered from this ill health. I am suffering from dust allergy, when I was a child of 6 months. The cold that I get is unbearable, and for which I need to get in touch with the doctor. This time, it was a wonderful experience, I experienced my Baba's miracle. Today I have recovered from this ill health and I prayed to Sai that I should be completely alright of my ill health. And I have complete faith in him, that, now I will not fall sick. He will grant me the boon of healthy life. He is great, wonderful, sweetest person on this earth. We will be short of words describing his greatness. Sai, you always be with my mother, my father, my brother and myself and show us your presence. Now, I clearly know that our bad days have gone and we will experience good things in our life. Let us experience many more miracles of Sai Baba, which I will post as and when it occurs, Millions and Millions AND Tons and Tons of Thanks to my Sai Baba

  15. Sai maa
    Why is life so gloomy. Please relieve me of my health issues my maa
    Want my lifeline to be happy and my m to b really happy
    Please ma make me mentally and physically strong
    Please let me not have this fear and panic and confusion my maa
    Want to b of great support to life line and m
    Please shower me with your blessings
    Luv u a lot
    Falling at your lotus feet

  16. Sairam, I could see from live darshan that there is some special pooja going on during shej aarthi time in shirdi, can someone help me understand what pooja it is

  17. Babaji neevu greatest of the greatest… First devotee is a lucky child of babaji… praying for your speedy recovery…. totally amazing experiences. ..just love you babaji

  18. Baba am expecting a job offer from one of the MNC company but its pending for the two months. Now searching for the job. Please bless me.

  19. Sainatha,

    please show me path to find my chain..My son got first pay check today in his life..Please bless him and be with him always…Please shower blessings to my daughter for neck problem and take care of her…My husband is trying for new job..please be with him to get new job as per his expectations..he is also sai devotee…Please help my parents and brother family..

    thanks baba for everything..

    love you baba

  20. Vaniji sure Baba is blessing you and many more blessings will come your way…may baba bless each and every soul ….Om Sai Ram !!!!

  21. I was born with the same star and I dont think my parents had any such problems but infact they always considered I was lucky for them!!!

  22. Om sai ram baba ji aapne hmesha mera saath diya hai baba ji mein apni family ke liye kuch karna chahti hu ….baba ji mera dream pura karna baba ji mein janti hu aap hmesha mera saath dooge. .baba ji koy bhi galti ho to maaf kar sena baba ji please mera saath do om sai ram sabka maliek ek

  23. Om sai ram
    dear first devotee what a courage u have…
    i m sure baba is taking care of u..and he will completly cure u…
    sai bless u

  24. Om Sai Ram…. Baba please protect my husband and children. Baba please shower your choicest blessings on my little family and give them good health, a long healthy life filled with happiness, joy, laughter, smiles, wisdom, knowledge, ability, strength, courage, faith, love, devotion, peace and prosperity. Baba please be with husband in all his challenges. The most important I ask you today and always is his and childrens good health. Please protect my family from all danger and evil Baba. Please resolve all our work problems and make it a very autonomous healthy company in a myriad of ways.We want it to be a good MNC and its possible only with your grace. Baba please help us and hold our hands, reside in our hearts as a parent , guide, mentor and Guru. Please be within us and allow us to spread goodness. Baba I surrender all challenges to you. Om Sai Rakshak sharanam deva 🙏 Om Sai Arogya kshemadaya namah 🙏 Om siddhivinayak namo namah 🙏

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