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Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hetal ji, I follow your site whenever I am depressed or whenever I have negative thoughts running in my mind. I am really thankful to you for publishing and running this Baba’s experience site, which will create the required Belief and required Patience for the devotee who depends on Sai during any point of life. I know Baba since my childhood and started doing His Pooja (Nav Guruvar Vrat) from 2009 onwards. All my wishes were coming true and had many experiences which I want to share with you all. But after doing Parayanam of Satcharitra and Sai Leelas, I recently realized Sai is my final destination to reach and other than that nothing makes me happy. I am happy that I am blessed with a Great Guru by all Gods. Now at this point of my life, I am completely dependent on Him for each and every action that I take. Though I underwent lot of problems in my life, I now only realize that all happened for my good. I want to share few of my experiences in this site to all Sai devotees and make them realize what surrendering exactly is. This below experience is about getting job. I would like to share another 4 experiences in my next post about Baba’s mercy towards me in giving my life back.

I had lot of problems in my married life and happened to file divorce case in 2013 and got mutually agreement case closure in 2014 January. In 2012 when I quit my job at Hyderabad due to all the problems that I faced after my marriage and came to Bangalore and joined a ladies PG with my younger brothers financial help. I used to do 9 weeks Sai Pooja and read Satcharitra always and believed Sai to such an extent that He only can help in making my life better than before. In a span of two months i.e. from Apr 15th to June, I attended 8 to 9 interviews and did not get through any of them. I cried and cried a lot that my married life has gone for a toss and even professional life also. Anyone can imagine how difficult it will be for a person to depend on their younger ones financially. I started Guru Charitra Parayanam and followed all the rules (like fasting) strictly by convincing my roommate and slept on the floor in my PG itself. After completion I had only one thought in my mind that Baba is my Dattatreya and He should only take care of my job and left it to Baba.

That day my neighbouring roommate came to my room and asked me to come along with her to drop CV at a consultancy which is near my PG. I searched for CV copy with me and had only one copy in my bag. I took that and placed near Baba’s Padukas and told Him “Sai this is the 10th Xerox copy of my resume with me”. Kindly see that this is the last copy of CV that I use for interview and left to that consultancy along with my friend. When we reached that office, they told that they don’t have any openings for freshers and asked my friend to leave and made me to sit in a waiting hall. After 15mins they said they have a contractual role with a very big MNC in EGL (Embassy golf Links) and conducted interview immediately and said I have cleared and asked me to go for a HR interview with that MNC after 3days. Tears were rolling out of my eyes with happiness. After 3 days when I attended the final round they confirmed me. I was selected for the position and with a very decent package which I never expected. Sai fulfilled my wish by getting me a job with my 10th copy of CV as I wished and my office is walk able from my PG. He is really Kalpavriksha for His devotees. But I know one thing that He tests us so much that He makes sure we surrender to Him completely and till we stop worrying about our difficulties and then He showers His sweetest blessings on us. Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

Miracles In My Life

Anonymous Devotee from US says: Me, my husband our little daughter we named her Sai Swetha and we are expecting a new arrival for our family. I am in my 5th month now. We need Baba’s blessings for our whole family, our daughter. She is only 4 but she is a sincere devotee of Baba. She calls Him Baba Jeji. I can’t express through words as how we love Baba. Exactly I don’t know when me and my family were blessed by Him to be our Baba’s devotees. I started first, my brother followed me, next my father. After marriage when we were in India, we used to go to Eechambakkam Temple. That way my husband was also blessed to be His devotee. We strongly believe that we can never reach Baba or even His idol or a dream without His permission. It’s Him the Guru who selects His devotees. I have experienced so many miracles. All my relatives thought me different but Baba stayed with me. He’s always with me and to teach them a lesson, Baba changed them and even they started worshipping Baba, nothing else I want. Now they too pray Him.

One day we went to Baba’s Temple and we gave Baba Golusu. I prayed that I will, so we did. That night we came home and the next day was Thursday. During Thursday I used to make Prasadam for Baba. Me and my kid was only in home, and no one else. I cried to Baba and said Him, see Baba all are criticizing me and I should now know whether You are hearing all these I am so hurt. Then I finished Pooja with the bell sound and when I bowed down to His feet I clearly heard the Golusu sound perfectly very behind me. The sound reached our Pooja room. I was so scared. I wished to turn but I can’t. I was filled with tears out of joy. Then i realized I didn’t speak anything to my relatives, Baba Himself thought them a lesson. We are in United States now. There in India all my relatives went to Shirdi, but we can’t. I think Baba didn’t call us yet. All the relatives whom I said above they too went to see Baba, how pure, how kind and how He showed mercy to them. After my delivery here we are planning to go to India at that time we will surely go to Shirdi. Baba should bless us for our travel. Likewise I have seen many times Baba’s presence in my home. A true devotee can feel Him, can feel His fragrance. Baba You know how Swetha prays You and loves You. Daily she asks for one thing since I am conceived please Baba hear her praying. I know strongly Baba will fulfil her wish. I will post the wish by May 27 because we get the results that day. Jai Sai Ram

Sai Baba Gave Me Darshan In My Dream

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am ardent Devotee of Shri Sai Baba since I was in 12th class. Please don’t disclose my name and email-id. I would like to be anonymous. I am a student pursuing I am requesting you to please post my experience this time as i promised Sai Baba, that i will definitely share my experience with all the Sai devotees on this page. I am a small devotee of Sai Baba. I had experienced many small miracles of our Lord Sai but I am going to share a recent one with all Sai devotees. On Thursday I use to go to Sai Baba temple and many a times I had seen Sai Nava Guruvar Vrat book over there so it came to my mind that I should also keep these Vrat. Even my friend told me to do Sai Vrat, by Baba’s grace I started it. I asked Baba that during my Vrat period please give me Darshan in my dream as He gave me Darshan few years ago in my dream. After this, So many times I had very beautiful Darshan of Baba. Baba’s idol was there and yellow flower leaves were showering on Him. It was amazing. Believe me it was really very beautiful. I want to thank my Lord Sai for this beautiful Darshan. Please Sai Baba, keep Your blessings on me and my family. I know, You are always there for Your children and You will fulfil all our desires. Love You a lot Sai Baba. If You believe in Baba then You just have to be patient. Miracles will happen always Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram

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  1. Baba i am 31 years old and i am not married yet…..i am tired of being strong…..i am afraid that no one will marry me as i am old girl… see my parents in pain is the worst thing any daughter can see….baba i am blank now and confused that am i doing any mistake or is it my mistake…..please answer me baba please

    • Sairam,
      Please do not worry. I am a woman and I got married at the very late age of 38. Please try to help poor women who are getting married. This can help.

    • om sai ram,
      dear sister,
      Dont worry baba is the will puller and he will do anything for his children.Dont lose faith.

      Baba please help you daughter.

    • Marriage is just a part of the life, when everything falls in place, that will happen. Surely Baba's blessings will be their.

  2. I was a devotee of baba 6 years back and i used to visit baba’s temple (Chennai) every Thursday. I got an offer from Dubai so i moved to UAE in 2008 (at the age of 24). I was totally away from my parents and family members and finally from baba too due to various reasons but baba did not leave me alone, he was with me and after 6 years I end up in a house in Dubai where baba manifestation happens every week in bajan. Manifestations like Vipoothi, chandan, idol, padukas etc. I was shocked to see those manifestations. When I went for vacation ( Kerala) I build a pooja room in my house so that my parents also gets babas love and blessings. In Dubai many devotees keep their personal books or letter under babas foot step to get his blessings and the next day or even the same day or same time baba bless those letters with vipoothi or om writhen on it or a sentence “why fear when I am here”. Even I kept my salary hike letter under babas foot step but I was disappointed coz it was not blessed but rest all letters were blessed. My eyes were filled with tears and I told baba “ you did not bless me is bcoz I am sinner and i am not worth to sit in front of you. So whenever I go there for bajan I sit at the back. After a week my mother told my wife that the colour of shiridi baba’s picture in pooja room has been changed to white may be it got fungus due to heavy rain. My brother immediately took a picture and forwarded to me. When we saw that picture our eyes were filled with tears and heart filled with joy. Baba blessed with vipoothi. I asked to bless my letter but he blessed my whole family. “Sai maharaj ki Jai”

  3. Dear ShivGuru,
    I have lost my mother to cancer. My husband underwent surgery for cancer. Kindly protect us from any more incidence of cancer. Dear Saimaa, I am helpless.

    16 September 2014 by Sai Leelas

    Myself, my wife & daughters usually visit the 'Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple' at Hysodlour, S. Kodagu in the State of Karnataka at least once and some times twice or thrice in a year.

    This mandir was founded by our Guruji, Swamy Chinappa on the 'Akshoy Tritiya' day in 1983. The mandir was built entirely on his own initiative. It is now registered as a 'Socia-religious' Charitable Institution and Guniji is the Founder trustee of the temple.

    During our last visit in April 1989, Guruji told my wife that we should not remain in Calcutta during the ensuing Durga Puja festival, as some trouble might b fall us. Last year we did not go anywhere and I suffered during the whole period. First, due to some allergy, my whole Body started itching and was covered with rash. Then fever came and continued well after the 'Ekadashi' day after Dusserah (Vijaya dashmi).

    So my wife first mooted the proposal of going to Hysodlour, during the Durga Puja festival and to attend the 'Dusserah function this year to be held on 10th October, 1989. Guruji never asked us to go there, only to remain away from Calcutta. But what better place is there than to come to Baba at Hysodlour. Unfortunately at that tone I was in great financial strait and I was not in a position to afford the visit, specially during the Durga Puja festival, as we have to purchase lot of new clothes & other articles to distribute among our relatives as is the Bengali custom. So I flatly rejected her proposal. What happened then is a surprising tiling. I got ill again and my body started itching and rashes came out as was in the previous year. Still then remained adamant as I could not do anything else. But my wife kept on the pressure. Finally in order to pacify her, I went to the Railway reservation office in Calcutta and obtained our tickets to Bangalore. But as it was the Puja rush, the reservation was not confirmed. That, I thought, will be my excuse to cancel the tickets as it would not be possible to go to such along distance without a sleeper berth. Anyway something happened which astounded me. As soon as I purchased the tickets, the rash, I was having all over my body, disappeared without a trace. No medicine was needed for the purpose. That was Baba's miracle. Still then, unfaithful as I was, I did not think we would be able to go as I could ill afford to go. I now know that Baba wished our visit. At the very last moment i.e. two days before our scheduled departure, some money which was due to me and was expected to come well after the Durga Puja arrived unexpectedly and the train reservations were also confirmed. But during all this time. Baba kept me in tenterhooks. Probably Baba was testing my faith on Him and I failed miserably.

  5. In 1984, Indira Gandhi was shot dead in October. Grieving masses suddenly went into rampage and forcibly stopped all transport on the road. All the offices, schools, establishments were forcibly and sometimes sponteneously closed down. In fact. Calcutta was completely paralysed. My youngest daughter, who was then only 12, was in school, about 8 Km. away from our house. She used to travel alone by bus, and she was not old enough to know the- alternative routes or to walk back home by herself. My wife and myself were in the house. Hearing this news, I at once started for her school by car. But my car was stopped on the road and I was ordered to return home immediately or else my car would be destroyed. So perforce I had to return. I was not feeling well at that time ; so my wife decided to walk all the 16 Km. to and back from the school. I was very much worried but could do nothing. I went into my Puja room, sat in front of Baba and prayed as I never prayed before for the safe return of my wife and daughter. Suddenly the phone rang. Now there was a boy who used to come to our house from his boyhood days and had become practically a member of our family. He used to drive a minibus. He phoned me and told me not to worry as he will be bringing back my daughter from the school. He told me that for that particular day, as the regular driver of the school bus who was his friend was absent, he was driving the bus. Now what will you call it. Nothing but Sai Baba's helping hand. He, in His infinite mercy arranged everything to tide over my tremendous worries and anxieties. At the same time another boy come to our house and I asked him to run for my wife who had already left to walk to the school. She was also met with about 2 Km. from our house. Thus. Baba brought home the point-"I am ever living to help and guide all who come to me, who surrender to me and who seek refuge in me."

    Om Sai, Sri Sai, Jai Jai Sai.

  6. baba help to marry a..,with the consent of my family and their family pls help baba pls help with in 3 months .om sai ram !!!! om sai ram!! om sai ram!!1

  7. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  8. Hi Everyone,

    I have been reading this blog for quite some time. Everybody writes their experiences and have a happy ending. Here everybody is very devoted to Sai and therefore I think you can resolve my problem/doubt.
    Currently as per horoscope I have Rahu dasa and I am currently trying to change job.but i am not getting even one interview call.Everybody is saying that you will face many issues in this period.
    I read in Sai Satcharitra that we should not believe in horoscopes and we should believe only God. I want to ask all of you, is this true? Did anyone got something which is against horoscope?
    Also, I really beg you to advise me the solution to come out of this problem. I will be very much thankful to all of you.

    • DO Lots of Naam Jaap- Any mantra you love.

      All these rahu, ketu, Shani are under control of GOD, if you please God, Shani rahu, ketu, wont dare to touch you.

      For example- If you do any Shiva Mantra like OM Namah Sihvay- Shani can never touch you- as Shani's Guru is Mahadev, himself.

      Love to ALL, Peace to ALL

    • Om sai ram,

      Have faith in Baba Baba can change your destiny..horoscope is nothing in front of our baba believe me you will have good days.

    • there is a temple called srikala hasti which is 30km from thirupathi in andhra pradesh.this temple is famous for rahu kethu poojas..lord shiva himself has manifested there…plz try to go there it will help you for sure.

  9. Wonderful experiences and 2 things to take to heart from the 1st and 3rd devotees experience

    "He tests us so much that He makes sure we surrender to Him completely and till we stop worrying about our difficulties and then He showers His sweetest blessings on us."

    "If You believe in Baba then You just have to be patient. Miracles will happen always"

    O Sai, Thank You for accepting our surrender and us as Your children and fulfilling our wishes 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  10. Does sai manifest as fragrance of flowers.? For last one month I am experiencing this flowery smell around myself. There is no perfume or any other such thing. This flowery smell just starts on its own and then it disappears on its own. Nobody else can smell it. Only me. Can anybody explain this ?

  11. om sai.Baba i know what i wish is silly and not looks possible.but what is impossible for u. u do so much mirscles.plz do this one for me.plz baba plz……….

  12. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Kashikar Swami*****
    In Kashi260 there was a learned Swami. He had studied the Shastras very deeply.
    He had some doubts about Vedas – regarding the soul and non-self and the science of
    Yoga. When he went on a pilgrimage he met a number of saints, ascetics and learned
    people but no one could clear his doubt.
    Once, while on pilgrimage, he was in Malbar261. There he got a visionary intuition
    advising him to go to Akkalkot. At the time he wasn’t even aware about the significance
    and whereabouts of a place called Akkalkot. After making due enquiries he started
    searching and finally he came reached Akkalkot. Even though he was a highly learned
    man well versed in the scriptures, but by the mere ‘Darshan’ of Sri Swami Samarth
    there was a surge of devotion in his heart. His eyes started shedding tears of joy.
    Kashikar Swami stayed in Akkalkot for a month. One day after finishing his bath
    and morning prayers he came for Sri Swamiji’s ‘Darshan’. After the ‘Darshan’ he went
    on prostrating before Sri Swamiji. He would get up and again prostrate before Sri
    Swamiji. Nearly for ten to twelve times, he prostrated before Sri Swamiji. His eyes were
    shedding tears, his body was shivering, and he would get wet with perspiration. With
    humbleness he perceived Sri Swamiji. After sometime he sat down. Then he said that because of the kind grace of Sri Swamiji all his doubts got cleared. Being fully satisfied
    he went back after few days.

  13. For so long in my life, I was so sure my life will be beautiful. Whatever issues I faced, I thought one day life will be beautiful. Last four years have been a struggled especially the last two. Unbearable pain, anxiety, heartache and stress. And Everytime what kept me going was soon it will all be better. I am a good person, and I deserve good things to happen to me. but my patience is gone, this wait is unbearable. I pray so much. And yes, for a few days I get hope. But when nothing happens and all my problems remain with new ones adding, it becomes a struggle to temain hopeful and patient and that adds to stress too. I want the sweet release of death. I cannot deal with this life anymore, and I do not want to. I have no interest in living. But I am scared to hurt my parents. But I hurt them everyday I live too. So take me away.

    • Dear devotee ,
      I can understand your pain,even i am facing a heart ache now and failure in relationship.
      One day i get angry on baba then i just went to balcony and was silently watching the trees.Suddenly i felt my inner voices speak to me as if nature was advising me saying to myself,these relations our only on earth.72 generations is our relationship. dont forget that."
      Just a small piece of words from my side to you dear.
      "Dont live for you,live for the people".
      Just think of people who are specially able and so many people who cannot even afford even minimum in their life.just live for them even you dont have anything with you.God will be pleased.
      Dont try to please people please Baba.We are very fortunate to have baba in our life.But what about others who suffer.
      Suicide is another thought i Got answer for.Just think now we have baba and we think of suicide when he is there to bless us,But now if we suicide we need to take another birth to suffer our karmas, suppose in that birth if we are not fortunate to get babas contact then how hopeless we could be.

      So dear, dont worry i am not someone who can advise you but since even i am facing issues i can understand your situation.Just think baba is the doer and you will start loving your pains

      Babas blessings and my prayers are there for you.Light is on your way.

      Om sai ram

    MY DEAR FELLOW DEVOTEES.. I wanna tel u 1 thing pls keep al ur worries under lotus feet of Baba.. He wil take all our sins nd bless us. I wil share d incident happen 2day as i promise to my Sai papa. I applied for passport today its verification u may think wat big deal? D thing we changd our house nw v rentng n new hme… But i applied n my old add, worst part is i dnt ve much id proofs nd my name is different spel n nationalize proof, as v al knw abt our indian voter id(my name nd gender wrng) but i ask my Sai pls help to apply passport as my aim to work n abroad.. He helpd n every step of verificatn(those who attend d verification can feel my tension) nw come back to live scene i got a cal he said v calng frm station i taught ok:-) they calng 4 verificatn:-) but he said ve u changd ur addres? U r nt there? V came to verify u, u r nt there ur houseowner said cme to station.. Just imagine hw my heart felt actualy i taught to tel my ho aunty if they cme pls tel me… While gng station i keep on prayng sai… I askd Baba in q&a he said donate 100rs nd giv sheera… I did nd startd.. I enterd n mean tym i cald my jiju nd said he hvng frnd n sum station taught he'l help… My jiju if he said anythng use his frnd name… While he enterd he askd u changd ur name? I said yes then he angryily said u suppose to inform na? I got shatterd just think being a girl i went alone.. Got tears i prayed sai nd said sir sorry i was out of station so cnt cme while talkng my eyes vanderng here nd there nd stopped there my sai ma was there:-) he was there to take care me:-) tat police uncle said y u standng sit nd wat u do? He spoke so nicely… He fnshd formalities nd got signd everythng fnshd n ten mins:-) he said u can go nw:-) who can do dis except our sai ma:-) he's everythng to us luv u papa:-) forget to tel while gng verfication i was changing big purse too keep my ids.. In my new purse i dnt ve sai ma photo so i take it frm old suddenly i saw my photo fallen i kept wid my purse nd went… While cmng police uncle didnt said to carry photo nd my jiju also… Its my sai who insists to carry photo orelse again i'l panic 4 photo, shld cme hme to get or photo shop to get new one… It might smal incident but 4 me dis passport is life My words r nt enough to thank u Baba.. I'l share ur luv nd miracle to every1:-) sri sachinananda sainath maharajaki jai:-):-)

  15. Thank you Baba for everything!! Please baba, there should not be any hurdles on the way. I should reach safely in India.

  16. Sai Baba Thank tou for your support Please be with me and Guide me. Sai Baba please give your blessings to is

  17. Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

  18. Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

  19. sai baba
    im feeling lonely.please keep the kid hapy. he should be happy . give him all happiness
    now organs are forming for him. please bless him
    on thursday i ll come and give sweet baba

  20. Sai baba,

    i have faith on you.i know one day you will show my chain…Please baba,you know when you want to show my chain….please take care of us in all aspects..

    love you baba

  21. I am unfortunately one of those unfaithful persons who forgot baba for miscellaneous reasons. I am currently in Bangalore in a working womens hostel. There are no problems in my life except for a guy who is continuously torturing me with the name of love. Last night he literally warned me that he shall come to our hostel and insult and humiliate me in every possible. I was terrified and all I could barely do was utter words of prayer in front of sai's photo. I know I am not a good person like before and that I don't feel baba's presence in the recent times. But, to my surprise that guy couldn't come any near to Mr. He was stopped by traffic police for drink and drive and he couldnt come to my place. In the morning, I just realized insipite of all mistakes and sooo many promises I made to him and couldnt live up to, he still loves me and is there for me whenever I call out. I feel very shameful for being such a dishonest and gratitude person. I now feel though he is protecting me, that's not for myself but for my parents and he never responds to me these days. But god, give me one last and I shall be back again like the old times. I am sorry for all that I have done. I know I broke trust of a lot of people. But, help me be good and loyal. I am tired and I really want to be a nice human being. I hope you would to this as well.

    Your most affectionate grand daughter

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