Final Year Exams Cleared By Sai’ Grace

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi i am from India, i would like to share few experiences here of Sai’s Grace and thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity, author and co-author of this blog thanks a lot. Since 3 years i am worshipping Sai without expecting anything without knowing any miracles of Sai. I started to do Pooja for Sai every Thursday for one year then where ever i go people started telling me to go to Shirdi. I felt like Sai is insisting me to go Shirdi through them. So during my final year exam study holidays i thought to go, train tickets were full. The tourist guy said while returning there will be no tickets at all, so he suggested me and my mom to go the other month. I somehow begged the guy that whatever happens, i want to visit Shirdi before my exam starts. My mom was very anxious for returning ticket as she can’t withstand the whole day of travelling without seat as she is operated women 5 to 6 operations and left shoulder joint problem but i somehow begged my mom and that tourist guy and went Shirdi. I got wonderful Darshan of Shri Sai.

When all people insisted me for going Shirdi, all these ticket problem, my mom’s health problem i thought i would go during other holidays. One day Sai came in my dream and told me “Shirdi Va Shirdi Va”(come Shirdi come Shirdi) on Thursday morning 5.45 am. I did not realise that it’s Sai who has come in dream and called, the same day at Mylapore Temple, the same Idol of Shri Sai which came in my dream. I was then overwhelmed in happiness. I really thank Sai to give me such a Darshan for a small devotee like me. Before going Shirdi, i was having a lot of problems, like relationship problem, family problem, exams tension; and Sai saved me from everything. He was my support strength to do my exams. He guided me important questions what to learn what to read everything. He resides in everybody’s heart yes it is 100% true. He is the movable and immovable world. He made me do exams well, got me out of relationship problem gave me strength not to go behind anybody. He lifted me up my self-respect then, He made me realise everything. So i was able to come of relationship problem, exam tension and family problem also slowly faded away, in home my mom brother always doubted on me like if i am doing things they don’t like, so i was not able to read and sleep during my exam study holidays, but later Baba made them realise that i had not done any wrong things and actually Sai has made me not to do those acts and made come out of everything every problem. I felt really blessed to be at our lord Shri Sai’s feet.

At Shirdi, every actions change after we touch the holy place of our Shri Sai 100% true. My life changed completely by Sai’s grace. At Shirdi, one Darshan is not enough so i wanted to have another Darshan, so i begged in pro office, somehow i went in, only half an hour was left for us to return to tourist bus. So i wished to see our Sai. I really wished to have Sai Darshan and prayed Sai that i should again see You Sai and half an hour was left for us so please help us, immediately He made us come in straight line and come out quickly so we had enough time for purchasing Sai Statue and other things. At Mylapore Temple, a day at Mylapore Temple, i touched Shri Sai feet, kissed His feet with love. I felt something is weighing on my head when i got up to see what’s it, then mala from Sai’s Idol swiped on my head. I felt like Sai is swiping my head with His hand and felt very happy. The other day chocolates from Sai’s lap fell on my hand when i touched His holy feet along with chocolates. Flowers also fell on my hand, i thought not to take and kept their itself and came back, later my mom said Sai has given you so why did you leave and come, again i begged in office room and went in to take something from Sai, so i took flowers and came, while coming out the man standing next to Sai called me and gave me cover asked me to put it out i felt like Sai did not disappoint me. I went in to get something from Sai so thus He gave me cover, still i have it safe in my file which Sai has given me, He did not disappoint me.

Sai Is A Protector, One day i accompanied my friend for her work at some place from our college, while returning i asked her to go to Sai Temple, usually we get so many share autos from that place to Sai temple but that day we did not get. I asked for more than 20 share autos to drop us at Sai temple, nobody agreed then one man agreed to, but he also left us in the middle of the road, again we got a share auto to Sai Temple and got very beautiful Darshan and food of our Shri Sai, when i came out, i understood why these many obstacles came that day, i fell on an outstretched hand in the middle of the road with slight abrasions on knee while crossing road, nothing happened to me and no heavy vehicles came across. So i thought that Sai is our protector, He wants to protect me from such acts, that’s why i did not get share auto. He is our protector, no words to express my happiness. I asked Sai to teach me how to post my miracles and happiness, so i thought that i would reply to subscribed mails and He showed me how to post and now i am sharing. Thank You Sai for Your mercy on all of us. Love You a lot. Om Sai Ram Thanking Sai for each and every minute of my life is not enough He has done so many help in every critical situation i come across. Let us all raise our voice with full devotion. Shree Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai Om Sai Ram

Baba’s Grace

Anonymous Devotee from US says: Om Sai Nathaya Namah! Om Sai Ram! Thank you very much for maintaining this wonderful blog. By reading the experiences of Sai devotees my faith in Baba increases. There are many heart touching experiences and how Baba saved me from problems. This is my third post. I am really excited to share this experience. Whatever I am today is all because of Baba. He blessed me with two kids. I am a software engineer living in US. I quit my job in 2013 and changed my company as I want to work with Client X which was not possible for me from my earlier company. The company which I joined didn’t have any projects for them, and they keep on saying one or the other thing that they will get requirements shortly. Three months passed I was not assigned to any project and I don’t have my salary.

During that time my Mom told me about Sai Divya Pooja. I did that for five weeks and with Baba’s grace I got a project with different client (not the client X) and which was very far away from my home. I joined the project, it was nice work environment and I really enjoyed working there. Only problem was the distance. I am getting health issues because of the long commute to work. During this time I read many experiences from this blog about Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat. I felt that I should also do Vrat, but again another thought how this can be possible I don’t have time to do Sai Vrat. I casually went to Baba Temple on Wednesday evening while coming from office. To my surprise I saw Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat English version books on the Table kept for other devotees. I took one book and really thrilled, felt very happy. At that point I realized that Baba wants me to do that. Then I decided to do Vrat starting from next week.

The week I started Vrat I have decided to change my company and applied for jobs again. I have seen good progress starting from Week 1, Week 2. I was interviewed and cleared that interview. Week 3 scheduled for Client X interview which was my dream. My interview was scheduled on Week 4 (Thursday). On the way to home the day before that is Wednesday I saw a very big Hoarding says “Jesus Cares About You”, which I saw only once earlier and again on that day. I was daily going on the same way but I didn’t see that daily. I felt that is the message from my Sai. Next day I had my in person interview and I cleared that too as Baba said. Even before my Nav Guruvar Vrat completes I joined in the company and working with Client X. To my utter surprise my office address has “9”s and building number ends with “9”. I can simply say it is all because of Baba, He fulfilled my dream with 6 weeks. Always keep Faith and Patience. Baba is there to help everyone. Thank You very much Baba. Please shower Your blessings on us.

Why fear When Baba Is Here

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I hail from a very small village. Whatever I am today it’s because of Baba’s blessings. I got a good job in a MNC only because of His blessings. Om Shri Shirdi Sai. Though I have lots of experiences to share I will share the one which helped me to get a good job in a MNC. This happened in my final year of engineering. I prayed Baba to help me in cracking the first campus recruitment. Our campus recruitment process consists of 3 rounds written-technical-HR. All were trying hard to crack that company as it’s the one and only good company which comes to our collage for campus recruitment every year.

That was a Wednesday and because of Baba’s blessings I cleared written exam. My tech interview was scheduled for the next day that was a Thursday. I prayed Baba in the morning and I prayed in front of Baba’s Image in my mobile when my turn came for tech interview. Because of His blessings I cleared tech as well as HR interview. After completion of my Engineering I joined that company and only because of His blessings, I cleared my training and I scored well in my training. At the beginning of my job, I faced some difficulties but I prayed in front of Him and He wiped all difficulties out from my job. I visited Shirdi in between this period twice. Whatever I prayed to Baba in Shirdi He fulfils my wishes immediately. Baba Please forgive me if I have done any mistake. Please be there with my Parents always (No one is there with them). Baba please bless my parents a happy life. I have immense faith in You, You will definitely fulfil all my wishes.

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  1. baba wenever read other devotees experiences i feel like y u r not listening to them.they just call u and u r there.baba i know u r with me.i can feel u but baba plz dont b quiet say sumthhg do something baba.its the question of my life.aap jante ho baba bachpan se lekar ab tak maine hamesha dukh hi daikhe baap ka piyar jo sabkoo milta hai wo tak nhi mila.sab ne dutkara hai or maine hamesha saha hi hai.baba aap bhagwaan ho jab apko piyar ki jarurat hai to bolo main to ek insaan hu wo bahut kamzor or bebas to mujhe jarurat kyu nhi hogi.baba pandit ne kaha hai ki meri shadi us se nhi ho sakti.baba aap hamesha positive sign dikhate is the peak time baba.plz apki bahut jarurat hai help me baba.take me with u it cant happen.kisi ki galti ki saza mujhe kyu mil rahi hai baba.sirf tumhari aas hai plz tod mat dena.isi ke sahare zinda hun.tum bhi nirash karoge to or kahan jaungi sai help me.

    • Do Sat-Charita Parayan, And Read Sai-Prerna…You Can read them online
      May Baba Listen to your prayers..
      Baba hi Sab hai…unse Bada Pandit koi nahi hai…
      Om Sai Ram..

    • Om Sai Ram. Oh! Dear all astrologers told me dt there is no love marriage in my kundali n even in arrange marriage my husband ll not b gud by character n nature. I love someone n now he is not talking 2 me but whenever I did parayan than I see gud changes but 4 some tym. So m confused if he is not in my fate dn y after parayan I get his attention. I mean I read in this blog ppl tell after doing so many parayan also they r not getting their love back . Plz Sai I can't live without him I tried a lot but m helpless. If u don't want him in my life dn y m being stick 2 him. Plz Sai I want permanent solution plz save me. M emotionally disturb. I promise I ll never trust any astrologer. Plz Sai now show me some path. Waiting 4 ur gift Sai . Love u. Jai Sai Ram

  2. Shri Baba is Always With His Children

    Once my father advised me, when I was a school boy, to go to BABA'S temple at our native place, Guntur. Slowly BABA drew me to His feet. It has become a habit for me to look at the photo of BABA, as experience has shown me that if I seek Him even by name, He gives the feeling of His presence near me.

    It happened in the month of July 1977 that I had to go to a place nearby Tirunalveli on some office work and I was new to that place. While going in the bus, I was chanting His name silently and I was sure that He would be somewhere around me. When the bus stopped at some place on the way, suddenly my eyes were happy to see the name of the Lord on the board of a hotel. The name of that hotel is SAIFUN, whatever may be the intention of that hotel owner to name his hotel so, but my Lord smiled at me through it affectionately.

    On my second trip I sincerely wished to see a photo of my Lord BABA, I was not blessed.

    In my third trip I sincerely prayed BABA that He should bless me with His appearance. In that trip a colleague of mine, who is also a devotee of Shri BABA, accompanied me- We were discussing about BABA'S Leelas on the way. As we had some time to see the town, we were wandering here and there doing some purchases. Both of us tried in many shops to see a photo of our Lord SAI. We came near a theatre showing a Hindi movie ‘Zindagee Aur Toophan’, we went inside to see the movie. But all the time I was feeling anxiety to see my BABA. Then, when we were seeing the still photographs of coming attractions my friend pointed telling me "there is our BABA". It was a coloured photograph of BABA'S statue from the movie "Ab Kya Hoga". A lady is praying to BABA in that picture. When I saw BABA, I wept with joy. I felt that HE seemed to say more


    BABA is always with His children and takes care of them in the best way.

  3. Om Sai Ram. Nice experiences. I want 2 ask a question regarding sai's vrat. V can have 1 tym salted food dt I know but can v have salted chips in even or mrng means 2 tym rock salt in a day at vrat tym? Plz guide me if anybody knows. Jai Sai Ram

    • Hi m so happy … Baba is supporting ne..he cured my skin problem… I was so frustrated…
      Thank you so much baba
      Please call me in shirdi…
      I want to put shirdi udi in my forhead..
      Om sainathay namah !!
      Om sai ram.

  4. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Jamadar of Maindargi*****
    There was a Muslim Jamadar257, who belonged to Maindargi village. He was
    assigned to guard prisoners. One evening a prisoner escaped from the jail and hid in a
    ditch. At night when prisoners were counted, it was found that one prisoner was
    missing. The old Jamadar became nervous as he would be dismissed from his job and
    would not get his pension. He was a devotee of Sri Swamiji. He vowed to Sri Swamiji
    that if the escaped prisoner gets caught and if he gets out of this situation then he
    would resign from his job and render service to Sri Swamiji.
    The prisoner who had escaped was located in the morning. The prisoner said
    that through out the night, whenever he would try to run away, an ascetic would stop
    him from doing so. The Jamadar handed over the prisoner to the concerned officer in
    charge of the tahsil. He then resigned from his job as per his vow. He left behind his
    household and came to Sri Swamiji and remained there rendering devotional service.
    One day Sri Swamiji threw his shoes on the Jamadar. The Jamadar considered this as
    Prasad and took the shoes to his village Maindargi and started worshipping those shoes.
    His wife and children felt very bad as the Jamadar in spite of being a Muslim
    worships the shoes of a Hindu saint. They threw him out of the house. The helpless
    Jamadar took shelter in an old house outside the village. His fame spread everywhere.
    For sick and miserable people, who came to him, he would give the dust collected under
    the leather shoes of Sri Swamiji as ‘Prasad’ and they would get relief from their
    ailments. People started calling him a fully accomplished person.
    Sri Swamiji started calling him Peersaheb. Then people also started calling him
    Peersaheb. As his status ascended his family too started respecting him. He built a
    temple and installed the leather shoes i.e. Padukas of Sri Swamiji. By the kind grace of
    Sri Swamiji Jamadar came to be known as Awalia.

    • Awesome. Swamiji is great. Thnx 4 sharing biography of swamiji. Its give me peace. M learning gurubhakti from these incidents. Om Sai Ram

  5. Sai maa.I know that you will give me perfect health and great happiness but give it soon my maa I know that I am not supposed to feel bad when they leave me and are there for me
    But at times I feel very left out maa
    Please make ash do well in studies and left him not feel dull in college my maa.Please bless kfp with a good job maa.we will try to help people in whatever way we can my maa
    Luv u my maa
    Falling at your lotus feet

  6. Babaji thanks for coming in Sahana's dream and blessing her..iam sure that you solved all her health problems and other problems..please always shower your blessings and keep us on your lotus feet. .please Babaji bless my mother and save her from this health problems. .we completely trust you. .
    Thank you babaji..we love you. .

  7. Very nice experiences.

    O Deva, Thank You for surrounding us with family and friends who have our best at their hearts. Thank You for fulfilling our wishes O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  8. Om Sai Ram… Baba please protect my husband and children. Baba please shower your choicest blessings on them and give them a long healthy life , filled with happiness, laughter, joy, courage, faith, devotion, wisdom, knowledge, peace, friendship and prosperity. Baba thank you for making the car available on the chosen day. You even got me to the temple and have Udi. Thank you so much. Please shower your grace and blessings on husband in his work, health and also take care of his journey in the car. Please hold his hand to complete the project at the right time and make it prosperous.Baba please help him be conscious of his health, diet and exercise. Baba please be with my children who stay far away from me and help them do well in their lives as respectable human beings and keep them in good company. I count on you for this Baba. Please hold their hands and keep them safe always. Baba help me complete all pending tasks and help me stay organised. Baba please be with me to spread love, divinity, happiness to the world. Make my living worthwhile so people remember me for a good reason. Please keep us self sufficient. Om Sai Rakshak sharanam deva 🙏 Om Sai Arogya Kshemadaya namah 🙏 Om Siddhivinayak namo namah 🙏

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