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Anonymous Devotee from India says: Thanks Hetal ji for creating this wonderful website to share the wonderful experiences of Sainath. Now i am going to share my wonderful experience with all of you. I got married 2 years back with the grace of Sai Baba and I am very happy with my married life. We are trying to have a child from the past 1 year. One of the priests also told us like there is a dosh in my jathakam and it will take time for me to conceive. We are a bit worried and left all our worries on Sai Baba. We thought of going to new house from so many months and its keep on postponing due to some or the other reason. Mean time I went to U.S on some official trip for a month. During the trip, my manager asked me whether i can extend my trip for one or 2 more weeks. Since i came alone without my husband, i told him like i cannot extend. By Baba’s grace we were able to complete our work and i came to India in exactly 4 weeks.

One day suddenly on a weekend we thought of going for a walk to a nearby road. In general, we will go to gym on weekends, but that day i felt like we should go out instead of gym. So we went on a nearby road and saw a To-let board on one apartment. We thought like simply we will go and see. We saw the house and to our surprise we both liked that apartment and rent is also within our budget. Then in the afternoon we took my parents who were in Hyderabad at that time and showed them the house. They also liked that. Then we told our current owner like we saw some other house nearby. He is very kind and he told no issues, you can move to new house whenever you want. We are so happy and surprised. We finalised the deal with the new owner and did the agreement. New owners are also very friendly with us. One fine day, we moved to the new house. All this happened in a week. We saw the new house on one Sunday. By next Monday, we moved to the new house. All happened due to Sai’s blessings. We are a bit worried about how packers & movers guys will shift our articles. We are praying to Baba all should happen smoothly. Due to Baba’s blessings, everything happened well and all our things were moved without any small damage. Movers & packers guys also they were helpful. They did not create any problem for us. Our in laws came to help us in shifting the house. We are in the process of settling in the new house.

In that month, my period was about 1 week late. But we did not expected any good news because i am very much strained due to shifting work and i was very tired also. We thought like due to that stress my period was not coming. Till 10 days also, it did not came. Since we are not expecting any good news, i did not even test in home. One of my colleagues told to take a home test for pregnancy. So one Saturday i took the home test, to my surprise it came positive. Me and my husband are very surprised and at the same time very happy. I tested continuously for two days, to cross check. It came positive the next day also. After few days, we went to doctor and she confirmed that. We don’t have any words to express. We are speechless with this miracle of Baba. Baba please be with us during my pregnancy and take care of my baby. All this happened only because of Baba. Now I am 8 weeks pregnant due to grace of Sai Baba. Baba has chosen a good house for us and planned a surprise gift for us after coming to new house. Baba please be with us always and bless me to deliver a healthy child.

Baba’s Grace Will Be There With Every Devotee

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram when i was studying in 2nd class, i pray to God by seeing Baba’s Picture. Small miracles happened with me in from small age. I was praying to all God. When i was in 10th, i prayed to Baba, that i should get good score, but i did not done hard-work for it. I got 1st class marks. Then i got good % with my hard work and by lots of love of Baba had on me. When i was in, i did not do well in 1, i thought i will get backlog in that subject, but by Baba’s grace, i got good marks in my that is 76%. I am not intelligent, i am just an average student without backlogs. I got nice % by grace of Baba.

After completion of my, my relatives told my parents to do my marriage, because my father’s health is not good, so matches were seen for me. The 1st match person i met, i really fell in love with him, their parents also approved for me. He was staying in USA, so he came to see me on July 10. He came to see me on Thursday, but 1 week before, i suffered with skin rashes. My face was looking ugly, so he said no to me. I don’t know why Baba did like that. I got depressed. I went in depression for 2 months. Proposals were coming, but no one approved. But after that, a boy who proposed me when i was studying in, he is my family’s known. Me, mom and that boy went for a tour, there he showed so much love on me. I thought in my mind that my life partner should be like this, i seen my soul mate in him. After 1 month i said yes to him, He is also big devotee of Baba. So i thought Baba have His own plan, He will do best for us. I am really very lucky by having him in my life. Unexpectedly Baba called us to Shirdi in 6 months duration. We went 2 times to Shirdi. I just left everything to Baba. My family don’t like love marriage, so i am begging to Baba to do our marriage. All Sai devotees please pray for our marriage. Baba has done everything for me. I have got good parents, good friends but i am waiting for my life partner. I have faith on Baba that He will do best. Love You Baba so much. Baba’s grace on all devotees Om Sai Ram. Please trust Baba, because Baba is our family member to us. Have faith on Him and patience. He will definitely help us. Om Sai Ram Thanks to Baba

Thank You Sai Baba

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Jai Sainath Samarth. I am mother of two children and really worried about their education. In the question and answers of Sai Baba, I asked Baba about my son’s 12 results, the answer was that he will pass, and that was a miracle, my son passed with good marks. I would like to thank Sai Baba for His blessings and let His blessing be with us forever.

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  1. Good experiences and may Baba bless all us of with our wishes.

    O Sai, bless us as we endeavour to do good and help spread love and happiness.

    Jai Sairam

  2. I am at the fag end of my life. Before I leave this mortal body I want to release my experience for the benefit of the true devotees of Sri Sai Nath, though I have kept it as a sacred secret for many long years.

    It was the end of the year 1947. I casually came to know that there was a Saint in SHIRDI. Haphazardly I made arrangements to go to Shirdi. Neither I knew the way to Shirdi, nor have I seen Baba previously. At that time, I was staying at Dehu Road, near Poona. The quarters in which I lived had two rooms. The night before starting for Shirdi I slept in one room and in the other room my father and brother slept. Unexpectedly my sleep was broken early in the morning and I was rolling in the cot in the darkness. Suddenly I saw this vision :-

    I was in front of a big 'KUTI'. It had one matted door, a thatched roof and broad varandah, with two steps in front. I was standing at the steps. All of a sudden the door was opened and from the door black person came naked and wearing a garland of human skulls and he stood holding the top comer of the door with his right hand. At his mere presence, I shook and shivered with great terror and a flick of thought crossed my mind as to who was this devil who came here to finish and eat me up when I came here for the darshan of Babaji. Simultaneously at this moment I saw Babaji coming through the door and at His very presence my mind became calm and I was happy that He had come to save me from that devil.

    Immediately I ran up the stairs, bowed before Him and asked Him, "Babaji! The worldly people say there is no God. Is there God or not?" Babaji bent forward, put His right hand palm on my head and said, "Yes." And at the same time both of them vanished.

    As scheduled, I started for Shirdi next morning and reached in time and the first thing I saw as a surprise was a clay model of Babaji which was exactly like the one whom I saw in the vision. Immediately I purchased the clay model and brought it home .and ever since that time I have preserved it carefully. It has become my real Baba in the House.

    I am still unable to make out who was this black person, naked and having a garland of human skulls. In due course of time when I read a descrip­tion of Lord Shankara in Tulsi-Ramayana, it has exactly tallied with Him. Hence I understood that He is none other than (the great Deity Bhagwan Shankara).

    Both of them were so immensely merciful towards me and I am ever and ever greatly eager for their darshan.

    So one can imagine when Lord Shankara attended in Sai Baba as a humble servant, how great should be our devotion and service to Sri Sai Baba who is none other than the great LORD ALMIGHTY SRI MAHA VISHNU.

    I hope this my vision will clear the doubts about the existence of God and about Sri Sai Nath as the incarnation of God.

  3. Wonderful experiences. Thanks for sharing. Dear Devotee 2, as said continue to have firm faith on our beloved Baba, definetely he will do the miracle. I'm Sairam.

  4. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****The Things In A Panchpatra*****
    Some women had come for Sri Swamiji’s ‘Darshan’. One woman told the other
    “Take that thing kept in the Panchpatra256”. In between their talk Sri Swamiji spoke “Did
    you get that thing kept in the panchpatra? ”. They all paid their obeisance to Sri
    Swamiji and then started laughing. Then Sri Swamiji spoke to the woman again “Go
    and take the ‘Darshan’ of that fig tree, then you will come to know”.
    The woman took the ‘Darshan’ of the fig tree, came back, and said “From the
    ‘Darshan’ of that fig tree, I learnt that this body of a human being, made up of five
    essential elements viz. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether, is itself a panchpatra. And it
    contains the inner spirited soul”. Because of the kind grace of Sri Swamiji, this
    uneducated woman understood the deep concept, whatever essence and the mystery
    about the Supreme Being, which exists in the illusory world, could be accrued by the
    association of saints.

  5. On Sairam, am a Sai devotee for the last 7 years and am from Chennai. Can some one suggest any prayer for early marriage.

  6. Sai maa
    Please be with us always holding our hand and showering us with your blessings
    Make our lives happy healthy and cheerful
    Make us good souls helping others in whatever way we can.
    Luv you my maa
    Falling at your lotus feeet

  7. With all your love and blessings i'm always happy and surrounded by very good you so much you always..

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