Why Fear When I Am Here – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Om Sai Ram. Please Do Not Disclose My Name or Email Id. I would like to thank all the team members including Hetal ji, Anil Gupta ji, and Rana Gill ji who run this website and “Sai Baba Miracles” Facebook page for spreading the name and Leelas of Baba ji throughout the world. I came under the wings of Sai Baba ji in November 2013 when I was going through some personal problems. One of my cousins had liked one of the experiences posted on the Facebook page and it showed up on my News Feed. I was going through very rough time and although I don’t recall the experience now, it gave me a ray of hope. Earlier the idea of praying to a human being seemed bizarre to me. I always thought people who proclaim themselves to be God like to be a fraud and people who prayed to them as crazy. But as it is evident by numerous devotees’ experiences that when Baba wants He pulls us toward Him and open our eyes. Before this, I had never even heard the name “Sai Baba” or anything about Him. It is only due to the hard work of all the member of team doing this noble work and all the devotees who shared their experiences that I got introduced to my Baba ji. Both sad and happy experiences of devotees have become a source of strength, lessons, and hope for me. My problems are yet to be resolved but with Baba ji’s grace maybe I will share that miracle with all of you once it happens. Please do not disclose my name or email id.

Here I want to share how Baba ji listened to my prayers and blessed my grandfather with good health. I had decided to post my experience if everything goes fine with my grandfather but due to my laziness and other things, it was getting delayed for past couple of weeks. Today, April 28th, I clicked on today’s experience but somehow the post of September 22nd, 2012 opened up. I decided to read it and after the first experience, I thought that I should finish writing my experience too and submit it. To my surprise, second experience was a post about how devotee’s grandmother health problem cleared due to Baba ji’s blessing. I understood that Baba ji telling me to finish what I had promised. I pray to Baba ji to please help me write about His Leelas and blessings in my life. My paternal grandfather is 93 years old and lives in India. Earlier he would frequent us in US every six months but due to his age now, he has stopped. In October 2013, my mother went to visit him and she found out that his hip needed surgery. Although he was resistant, she succeeded in convincing him to undergo hip replacement surgery. By Baba ji’s grace, both the surgery and recovery went well.

In February 2014, he started to get sick and although everyone tried to get him to move around, he wouldn’t go out much and would stay on his bed for long hours due to which he developed bedsore. Around the same time, there was some issue with his hip again, for which doctor prescribed some shots and later suggested surgery for the second hip as well. Then on March 14th 2014, we got a call from India that my grandfather has been admitted to ICU since he has been vomiting a lot and have severe diarrhea. It seemed to everyone that he may not survive. I was crying and prayed to Baba ji to please make him recover soon and give him healthy, long life. I decided to keep 9 weeks Thursday Sai Vrat and to do one week Sai Satcharitra Parayan. In the evening, I went to Sai Baba Temple and did a prayer for his quick recovery. I had faith in Baba ji that He would make my grandfather healthy soon. Since I was already in the middle of doing 9 week Sai Vrat, I could not start the Vrat for my grandfather till March 27th, but I started the Satcharitra Parayan on Thursday, March 20th. Nobody in my family believes in Sai Baba, so I knew they would laugh at me if I would tell them to give my grandfather some Udi. I recalled reading an experience where a father started drinking Udi on behalf of his child and it helped in his child recovery and similar incident is also mentioned in Satcharitra where by invoking Baba ji’s aid Nanasaheb Chandorkar take up some dust from the road and put it on his wife’s forehead to heal a devotee suffering from bubonic plague and from that very moment that devotee started recovering. I have a habit of putting Udi on my forehead after prayers and also drinking it with water.

From the day my grandfather got sick, I always told Baba ji that I am putting this Udi on my forehead and drinking it on behalf of my grandfather and he should be the one to get benefit of it. I also started putting Udi on my grandfather picture and placed an Udi packet on his picture. For first few days of initial admittance to the hospital, there was not much improvement in his condition and we were all very worried. However, by Baba ji’s grace, he eventually started to get better, vomiting also stopped, and they moved him form ICU to General Ward. Due to the bedsore, doctor decided to keep him at the hospital so proper care can be taken there. After I finished my Parayan on Wednesday, March 26th, I called India and I was told that he has been brought back home and is doing much better. I was very happy and thankful to Baba ji as he had accepted my prayers and my Parayan. However, his bedsore was still there and was hurting him. It can usually takes weeks to months before bedsore is completely gone but given my grandfather age and his weak immune system, we did not know how much longer it would take. Due to this, his second hip surgery was also getting delayed. But again by Baba ji’s blessing, only in few days bedsore was cleared and soon after he went through hip replacement surgery which was again successful.

Now, he is waiting to get all the stitches out and will then start physiotherapy. I pray to Baba ji to not give him much pain through this process as he is very old and lack the strength to withstand this much physical discomfort. Whatever I have asked Baba ji, He has fulfilled it even when I had lost all the hope. However, the biggest problem of my life is yet to be resolved and I request you all to please pray for me to Baba ji to resolve that issue too so I can be happy again. Meanwhile, please Baba ji bless me with Faith & Patience. Sri Satchidhanandha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. Om Sai Ram

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  1. Thanks for posting my experience. I was successfully able to finish my nav guruvar vrat. My grandfather is fine now except from the normal weakness that comes with age. I again request all devotees to please pray for my other wish to be fulfilled. I need everyone prayers and blessings.

    Om Sai Ram

    • Dear sai devotee….i m also praying to sai baba to bless me with children…this struggle has been continued for so long tym
      I wld pray for u also….may baba bless all his daughters wid motherhood…om sai ram

  2. Sai Baba accepted our Gayatri Yagna
    (Shri Sai Leela May 1984)
    Sai Baba has stated in Shri Sai Satcharitra in Chapter XXVIII to Megha “I require no door to enter. I have no form; I always live everywhere. As a wire-puller I carry on all the actions of the man who trusts Me and merges in Me.”

    In Chapter XXXIII Sai Baba has clearly stated “Oh playful Ram, come, come and bring with you sacks of Udi,” So Udi has lot of significance for Sai Baba devotees. If we get Udi by post or if some gives us udi we feel happy with the feeling that Sai Baba is there with us. Even in Chapter XXXV in the story of Balaji Patil Newaskar death anniversary a certain number of guests were invited and the dinner was prepared for them. But at dinner time it was found that, thrice the number of people invited, turned up. Mrs. Newaskar was in a fix. Then her mother-in-law comforted her and said “Don’t be afraid, it is not ours but Sai’s food; cover every vessel with cloth, putting some Udi in it and serve from the same without opening it; Sai will save us from ignominy.” Such is the power of Udi. It is a miracle powder for Sai devotees. Now let us see another story which happened in 1958.

    In Jamnagar, there is a fine Sai Temple in Gandhinagar area. The inaugural rituals and ceremonies were performed by Late Swami Sai Sharananand Maharaj of Ahmedabad on Ram Navami day of 1958. The idol is so life-like and living that many devotees have experienced that Baba spoke and smiled with them. Many spiritual activities are done under divine guidance of Baba i.e. Rudra-dhyan, Chandi path etc. On one occasion, I had proposed to perform a Gayatri Yagna on one Sunday. On Saturday night (previous day) I had gone to invite my doctor friend. This doctor friend informed me that his son, who is a Sai devotee, had gone to Bombay and he is expected to return on Sunday (very next day). Exactly when the ceremony of Yagna started my doctor friend arrived and informed us that his son had arrived that day from Shirdi and handed over 'Udi’ and prasad from Shirdi. The chief priest of the yagna, was pleased with Baba's leela of arranging to send ‘Udi’ at the hour when the Yagna started. The receipt of Udi and prasad at the exact juncture of starting Yagna is Baba's leela.

    Navinchandra D. Pandya



    Babaji please bless us all:)

    Babaji please come to our rescue as you came to the Rescue of Draupadi.. Need your blessings:)

    Love to ALL, Peace to ALL

  4. Amazing experience. Dear devotee, continue to have firm faith on Baba, definetely he will solve all your problems. Will pray for that. Om Sairam.

  5. Om Sai Ram. Can v recite hanuman chalisa or durga chalisa in periods. I know v can't do proper rituals but can v mentally recite chalisa without doing proper puja? If someone knows exactly abt this than plz reply me.

    • Jai Sai Ram. Thnx 4 answering, I agree v can't do rituals but I thought mentally v can do the chalisa. Actually m highly manglik n 40 days of hanumanji 's chalsa path may b help me.Franky speaking I only can do my guru's puja but when I lost my bf dT tym I thought may b the reason is manglik. M completely depress yesterday was my X 's b'day n he is not talking 2 me. I don't understand in 32 years of my age y god is not giving me a gud life partner. Y m getting wrong person's in my life after too much path-puja. Only Sai can help me but y he is not listening 2 me in this matter. I lost all my frnds. Sai now plz wake up from samadhi, hey shiv plz help me. Yesterday I cried the whole day coz of my X. Y Sai is not sending a loyal n gud guy 4 me. M 32 Sai plz do something. U don't love me any more na? How can u see me in pain. M stuck in my life n everybody is moving on. Plz Sai bless me now. Om Sai Ram

    • It' s all depends on ones belief. Baba does not care for such rituals and restrictions come in the way to worship HIM. Our body is just doing what we are designed and that is also Baba's creation, why HE would object the natural phenomena? Jai sai ram.

  6. Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Beautiful experience. It is hearterning to know that in this day and age people still care for their grandparents.
    Baba's Grace be always with us.

    Dear Devotee……May baba bless your family and ur grand father

  8. Dear Devotee, keep a tub of water with black salt in it to prevent bed sores..and what can be said for Udi..The Best Medicine..Sanjivani given to us by our Beloved Baba.Om Sai Ram

    agraṇīrgrāmaṇīḥ śrīmān nyāyō netā samīraṇaḥ |
    sahasramūrdhā viśvātmā sahasrākṣaḥ sahasrapāt || 24 ||
    218. Agraṇīḥ: One who leads all liberation-seekers to the highest
    219. Grāmaṇīḥ: One who has the command over Bhutagrama or the
    collectivity of all beings.
    220. Śrīmān: One more resplendent than everything.
    221. Nyāyaḥ: The consistency which runs through all ways of
    knowing and which leads one to the truth of Non-duality.
    222. Netā: One who moves this world of becoming.
    223. Samīraṇaḥ: One who in the form of breath keeps all living
    beings functioning.
    224. Sahasramūrdhā: One with a thousand, i.e. innumerable, heads.
    225. Viśvātmā: The soul of the universe.
    226. Sahasrākṣaḥ: One with a thousand or innumerable eyes.
    227. Sahasrapāt: One with a thousand, i.e. innumerable legs.

  10. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Leave This Place and March Away*****
    Madhavrao Dadasaheb Vinchurkar was a regent in the then State of Akkalkot. He
    was a great devotee of Sri Swamiji. He was affected by Leprosy, which was cured by
    the kind grace of Sri Swamiji.
    One day Vinchurkar saheb was sitting in his office. At that time, Sri Swamiji
    unexpectedly came there and said, “Now you load your chair, table and all things on a
    camel and leave this place and march away”. Vinchurkar asked politely, “Maharaj,
    where shall I go? ”. Sri Swamiji said, “Go there, where thousands of people, will salute
    you”. So saying Sri Swamiji left. After some days the relations between Vinchurkar and
    Maloji Raje estranged and Vinchurkar started looking after his own state of Vinchur.
    Thus, there was a rise in honour and dignity of Vinchurkar.

    *****The Struggle of the Year 1857*****
    In the year 1857, Indians rose in revolt against the sovereignty of British. Sri
    Swamiji had already realised the outcome of the revolt. So in Akkalkot Sri Swamiji used
    to sit with his head thrust in a cannon’s mouth. This canon was named Laxmi. In those
    days British had blown up thousands of Indians using these cannons. One day Sri
    Swamiji spoke, “Now nothing remained belonging to Hindus. They have lost their
    elephants, horses, palanquins, and everything else. Within a few days, the British
    dismissed all the states and seized their powers.

  11. BABA I need an answer. I am humble to YOU. This is a request. BABA I have been offering prayers to goddess. I have read Lalitha Sahasranaam through out the Sravan Maas. I have lit diyas in the Vaisali Devi temple asking my husband and I should not cheat each other and his cousin sisters should not come in to our life again. BABA I never cheated him and YOU know I am scared to talk to guys also. But he is did so far YOU know. Now BABA I came to know that he is talking to his cousin sister with out my knowledge and after talking he is deleting the number. I fought with him asking him why is he so much interested to talk to them after 11 years. They didn't talk to him for 11 years and now all of the sudden they are so much interested to build the relationship again. BABA if they really love him they wouldn't have stopped talking to him. He is cheating me for such people? BABA YOU know whats going on and why are YOU silent. BABA I did so many prayers but all in vain? No goddess is ready to fulfil my wish? BABA YOU and goddess understand how it will for a girl who is being cheated? Few years back he cheated on me talking to his ex-girl friend. BABA as he said I have no one and no option. BABA how much I believed in YOU and goddess. BABA how mnay pujas I do for him. I says he cant live with out me and loves me a lot. I agree he fulfils all my wishes and also takes care of my parents. I don't say he is bad. But why is he cheating. I agree he is not telling me as I fight with him. But BABA I am broken. Please help me. If YOU really love me and care me rescue me.

    • Dont Worry dear devotee.Baba will definitely bless you soon.Do sai baba nav guruvar vrat,sat-charitra paryaan,donate food in the name of baba.Also offer your pooja to sai baba of shibpur.call amit ji and tell about your problems,everything will be alright.You can google and find the following information.Continue to have firm faith and patience on baba.Soon everything will be alright,and dont forget to post your experience once everything is alright.
      om sai ram.

    • yes, i agree with above sis……offer pooja to shibapur babaji.your problem will be solved..you also said that your husband is good and fulllfils your wishes then ask him to take you to shibapur baba temple..baba will bless you for sure as baba is alive there roaming in the temple as many devotees saw him there and many family and other problems have been solved

  12. Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

  13. om sri sai ram
    please bles us
    please keep avik happy baba
    please baba.let no bad thought go near him.
    please bless me with a happy married life.

  14. BABA PLEASE HELP ME TO CLEAR THE EXAM AND GET MATCHED !!!you know what we are going through!!!please baba, being your chil,why i would get this much pain in my life baba!!all I want is satisfied peacefull life baba!!give me the strength!!please be with us baba!!

  15. Sweet experience.

    O Sai, Thank You for instilling in us good values and beliefs so that we may spread love, joy and happiness to our family and friends and whomever we meet on our path.

    Jai Sairam

  16. Thank you for always being there for me. I had wiccan spells cast before without success and successful ones, but I never felt so taken care of before. You really care of me and my problems. All problems and wishes are solved now thanks to you!! Pls tell me how I can repay you for this.he is a man that care about you and your problems pls contact him now to solve all you pain today email address?d.rrivershebalisthome@gmail.com
    Your friend forever

    Danielle, UK

  17. Aum Sai Sri sai Jaya Jaya sai.
    I am 33 years old and I got married at 2006. From then I was suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis. Its been 10 years, me and husband are suffering. I used to manage pain but now I am kind of bed ridden. I resigned my job and I can't step out without someone's support. My family suggests knee replacement but I strongly believe in My baba. We have no kids too. Now I feel like I don't have anything to live in this world. I pray Baba everday to take away my arthritis pain and bless me to start living my life. I started 9 week vrat last week and waiting for Baba's blessings to cure me and get a normal life.
    Request everyone to pray for me too.
    Thank u…. Aum sai sri sai jaya jaya sai!!

    • Dear Srisudha ji, Jai Sai Ram. I think BABA only made me read as soon as you posted. I am in US so India time is ahead of US time. Anyways, we have been learning a lot about health and how to keep healthy by improving/changing life style in what we eat, drink and stay stress free as much as possible doing meditation to release stress. The reason, why we are learning ?? My elder son 45 years of age got detected stomach/esophageal cancer exactly one year before. October 31st , 2014, the doctors reports confirmed about this. We flew to Atlanta on this very day, i.e. November 2nd 2014, to be with my son and his family. We could not believe him to have this cancer as otherwise he is so very healthy. We started getting information how cancer occurs and how to care to prevent it coming back. On youtube we found several videos and talks that explains how and why and what to do. First thing they talk about stop eating SUGAR, WHITE FLOUR that is maida, processed food. EAT green vegetables and have plant based food. Avoid products made with GMO (genetically modified organisms). You can get more information over the internet.
      Improving immune system will surely help reduce arthritis. Please do e-mail me and we can remain in touch and send you more information about many ways to improve your health just by following certain way leaving old habits of eating food and changing life style. meebakshi at gmail dot com
      I pray for your quicker relief in pain and happily enjoying life with your loved ones.
      Jai Sai RAM.

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