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Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a Sai devotee and i would like to share my experience to the Sai devotees to help them relieved of their stress and pain. I had many experiences with Sai Baba. In those many, I want to share few experiences. I would like to thank the entire team of people working on this website by helping us read and share the experiences.

Om Sai Ram These 3 magical words which bought me a lot of happiness in my world. I and my entire family believe in Shiridi Sai Baba a lot. We had a lot of experiences with Him till date and it is the time I really want to share one of my recent experiences with the devotees of Sai Baba. My main intent in writing this article is to thank my father Shiridi Sai Baba Who gave me the courage to fight back all the sins I committed and to in build the same courage and faith in the Sai devotees who are under pain and stress. I want the devotees who read my article to get relieved of their worries and tensions by uttering the 3 greatest magical words “Om Sai Ram” since, I was the same devotee who was completely in stress and pain a few days back and today I am almost relieved of my tension only and only because of my father Sai Baba. When I was under the same stress and pain, I came across this wonderful website and read few experiences of Sai Baba devotees which gave me a lot of courage. A big thanks to the all the people working on this wonderful website and thereby providing happiness to all the Sai devotees in the world.

Firstly, I request all the devotees to have complete faith & trust in Sai Baba and surrender to Him. Please utter “Om Sai Ram” and you will overcome all the sins you have committed. Such are those 3 greatest words. To start with my experience, Two years back I completed my post graduation and was waiting for a job. I had campus placements in my college but I was unable to clear even my first round. I had no other person to tell my pain and I was in distress. My loving parents had spent a lot of money on my education though, they had very less earnings and it was the time I felt I should look after them and do something great for them. My parents saved every single paisa of their hard work without having meals and spent the money saved for me and my sister’s education. And I was unable to clear none of the many campus interviews I attended. I worked very hard to get over the interviews. At that time, Lord Sai Baba came to my rescue. I prayed sincerely to Him to provide me with a suitable job so that I would look after my parents and reduce their burdens. I made a habit of writing the Sai Name and reading the Satcharitra of Sai Baba. I have a habit of picking up chits in front of Sai Baba when I am in a confused situation. I put 2 chits in front of Sai and He helped me in picking up saying that I would get a job definitely.

Almost a month was done and my placements was about to end but I did not get a job. My mind was always wavering if Baba’s words would come true or not. I thought that I would be placed in a good job if God really exists. I told my parents about the same and they supported me saying that I would definitely get a good job. And finally on December 28th 2010, with Sai Baba’s help I got my first job with the highest package than any other company has offered. I cannot exclaim how happy I was. Baba’s words have come true. I was really very happy and celebrated the 2011 New Year with my parents. I thanked Sai Baba for providing me such a good job. But the story did not end here. General human tendency is when happiness is around you and you achieve your goal, you forget everything. We forget even the person who helped us to gain the happiness. I was into my job for 2 years and got busy with the work schedules. I forgot Sai Baba and His help completely. I stopped writing the Naam Jaap and reading Sai Satcharitra.

In the mean time, my marriage was fixed and I got engaged last year. Due to the death of my fiancé’s grandfather, my marriage was postponed to this February. My husband stays in foreign and his Visa was about to expire. However, he already applied for the renewal of his Visa last year. As per our plan he was expected to get his Visa approved by our wedding this February and then an immediate travel. Unfortunately, due to our bad luck/past committed sins, his Visa was stopped since the immigration people required other documents. He had to work in India until he gets his Visa petition approved. He cannot travel as his Visa expired. My parents, my in laws and my husband along with me were completely shattered and didn’t know what to do. We do not know if the Visa will get approved or not. We were deeply in sorrow from the past 3 months. Since my husband had to work from India until he gets his Visa approved, we moved to Cochin and stayed here. The place where we rented our new home was exactly beside a big juma masjid. Daily morning it was really a nice view to see a holy place from the window of our suite room.

I used to pray to Sai Baba sitting in my room having a look of the Masjid. Every day, I started reading the Sai Satcharitra the way I did 2 years back. I cried a lot alone in my room when my husband was out for work. I cried and asked Sai Baba to provide Visa approval for my husband. I asked Him to forgive me for forgetting Him and for the sins I committed. Some inner sense of mine was telling me, “Unless Allah forgives you, I cannot do anything.” “Allah is God” “Pray to him”. I started worshipping Allah along with my father Sai Baba to forgive me for the wrong deeds I have done. From the past 3 months, I had sleepless nights. My food intake became less. All I had in my mind was “Baba, please forgive me and approve my husband’s Visa” “Allah, Please forgive me and approve my husband’s Visa”. This happened for 1 month. I prayed to God that if my husband’s Visa get approved, I would definitely not forget His help like the last time and would go in a righteous path instead of committing sins again. Whenever I read the Sai Satcharitra, something used to tell me “Please be patient. You will be relieved of your pain shortly”. I begged Him for peace and happiness.

Sai Baba heard my prayer this time too and finally on April 16th 2014, My husband’s petition got approved. I had tears in my eyes. I did not know how to thank Sai for the help He has done. I do not want to say thanks and end my relationship with Sai. Instead, I want Him to be my father in all the births and keep guiding me into the right path. I want Him to stay in my soul by following His principles and teachings. Seriously a lot of relief for us now. And now we are yet to go for our Visa stamping shortly and with Sai Baba’s help. I hope that would also go well. My heartfelt thanks to my father Shiridi Sai Baba for believing and forgiving me another time by helping my husband in getting his Visa petition approved. I would like to thank Sai for helping me write this content and sharing this experience with all the Sai devotees. “Jai Sai Ram”

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  1. very heart touching experience.. baba I know that your words never be untrue. i have faith in you one day my dream and your words will be true. i love you baba. thank you a lot for everything you did and do for us. please forgive our sins and be with us all the time.

  2. Om Sai Ram Please bless me to get confidence in my life as I am not interested in any thing these days. Please give me dharsan in my dream Baba. Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai

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    Jai Sai Ram

  4. Very nice experience.

    O Sai stay with us and give us a glimpse or a hint that You are by our side and things will be turn all right.

    Jai Sairam


    (Shri Sai Leela September 1985)

    Our life is like a ship sailing on an ocean with its ebb and flow and facing cyclones and storms on its way from birth to death. Whenever we are faced with difficulties we lose our mental balance and patience and are unable to find a solution to overcome them. Such situations are easily faced by persons who have faith in them­selves and their Sadguru. Sai Baba had emphasised beyond any doubt that He shall forever remain as a guide and protector to all His devotees who totally surrender themselves at His lotus feet. Many Sai brothers and sisters have experienced in their lives Baba's immense love for His devotees. I also experienced His love when faced with an actute problems of not getting a room at Mysore. The problem was solved by our Sadguru and I would like to share my experience with my Sai brothers and sisters.

    On 1st June 1985,I had been to Mysore to appear for MA exami­nation which was to be held from 3 June to 12 June 1985. Prior to my departure, I wrote to the university authorities to arrange for a room in the university's guest house for the duration of my stay at Mysore. I never got a confirmation to this effect till the day of my departure from Nasik. However, I left Nasik by Panchwati Express for Bombay and reached Bangalore by the evening flight. From Bangalore I was able to catch the last bus leaving at 9.30 p.m. and reached Mysore at 12.30 a.m. on 2 Jun ‘85. I then went to the University guest house at about 1 a.m. and woke up the room incharge for provision of a room. I received a negative reply from him as all rooms had already been booked or occupied. He however allowed me to occupy the ante-room for the night. By about 10 a.m, I rang up one of my friends stationed at Mysore to arrange a room in the Officer's Mess which did he but only for 4 days i.e. upto 6 June ‘85. The rooms there had also been booked from 6 June ‘85 onwards which meant that after 4 days I would again have to go on a room hunt. This had completely upset me, more so as I needed the room for preparing for the examination. I placed my problems at the lotus feet of our Sadguru to solve them.

  6. The mess where I was staying had no messing facilities and perforce I had to go to a nearby hotel for tiffin and meals. On 3 June 1985, after appearing for the first paper of the examination, I came to my room, had a quick bath and proceeded to the hotel to have a cup of tea. Enroute I was attracted by Lord Shiva's temple where the pooja was in progress. I went inside the temple and noticed that it was kept very neat and tidy and a divine atmosphere was prevailing. I was praying to the creator our Sadguru to help me in solving the room problem and in my writing the examination well. Immediately I heard the temple bell being rung by some body giving indication that my prayers were listened to by our Sadguru. I opened my eyes and thanked the person who tolled the bell. He was rather surprised to hear this compliment from me. However we both quietly finished going round the temple three times and came out. We introduced ourselves to each other. When he gave his name as Dr. P. Sai Baba, I felt as if I was meeting our Sadguru in this form.

    Dr. P. Sai Baba by birth is from Andhra. The name Sai Baba normally is not found in the Andhra state. Out of curiosity I asked him how he got his name. He said that his father was a devotee of our Sadguru and was not blessed with any progeny for 12 years of his married life. He once happened to go to Shirdi and prayed to Baba to bless him with a child. He was blessed with not one child but three male children and my friend is the eldest one. The father knowing that the first child was the Gift of our Sadguru christened him as Sai Baba. Tears rolled down my cheeks to hear this deep concern and love that our Sadguru showers on His devotees.

    Dr. P. Sai Baba and I became good friends, I narrated my problem to him regarding the non availability of room. He assured me that the some would be arranged by him in CFTRI (Central Food Techno­logical Research Institute) where he is the head of the animal depart­ment. Accordingly, by 8 June ‘85 he got me a room which solved not only the room problem but also the food problem as the canteen of this institution provided all the meals. Thus our Sadguru came and solved all my problems through Dr. P. Sai Baba.

  7. dear devotess, i have a doubt -i was doing my nav guruvar vrat with one time food(rice curry) and other time with juice, tea and sweets becoz i am working night shift esp on thursday which make me so tired without food.I know there is no hard rules which i have to follow-but still i want to conform from baba devotess which i feel like baba words either i have to change it or not..
    PLS ADVICE ME….this will be my third week of vrat may be i can correct myself if am wrong….

    • Dear Friend

      THis fast is about fast of your senses, to be in state of thankfullness for the whole day,
      You can eat whenever you want in moderation-
      Baba loves your devotion & Babaji is against keeping oneself hungry.

      Love to All, Peace to ALL

    • Dear sai devotee,
      i can understand your situation but please do not worry and you can continue your vrat as you do now.. even i do have one time meal and have fruits and milk at night.. our lord says if we stay hunger our mind will be restless and we will not be able to remember him which ultimately spoils our vrat.. he needs only our love, faith, patience and devotion.. just remembering him from the bottom of our heart is what he all wants.. how will he be happy if you hurt yourself by staying hunger on his day.. you are his child and he resides in you as the most merciful mother so please do not keep him also hungry.. leave all doubts and continue your vrat as you do now.. may saima always bless you and be with you and guide and protect you.. may all your wishes be fullfilled.. om sai ram…

    • Om Sai Ram. Here d topic is on fasting. I also want 2 ask question. I want 2 keep fast 4 my marriage with whom I love. But my love life is in prob. But I love dt boy. M confused I have 2 keep fast 4 this purpose or not? Means its right to demand wt I want from our Sai? M confused? Tomorrow is Thursday n m feeling restless. Plz guide me. I want 2 keep fast. Suggest me. Om Sai Ram

    • thankyou devotee….for ur valuable time and for thoughts….i believe these are the words from sai ma itself,which make me happy and to continue the same like i do….
      thankyou once again….sai ma is always thr with u all…..

    • Baba does not like any fasting or starving without food , he just expects true love and devotion towards him. and righteous way of life. Baba knows what is good and bad for us. Just catch hold of Baba's legs he will take care the rest nothing else is needed.

    lōkādhyakṣaḥ surādhyakṣō dharmādhyakṣaḥ kṛtākṛta: |
    caturātmā caturvyūhaścaturdaṁṣṭraścaturbhujaḥ || 15 ||
    133. Lokādhyakṣaḥ: He who witnesses the whole universe.
    134. Surākādhyakṣaḥ: One who is the overlord of the protecting
    Divinities of all regions.
    135. Dharmādhyakṣaḥ: One who directly sees the merits (Dharma)
    and demerits (Adharma) of beings by bestwing their due
    rewards on all beings.
    136. Kṛtākṛtaḥ: One who is an effect in the form of the worlds and
    also a non-effect as their cause.
    137. Caturātmā: One who for the sake of creation, sustentation and
    dissolution assumes forms.
    138. Chaturvyūhaḥ: One who adopts a fourfold manifestation.
    139. Chatur-daṁṣṭraḥ: One with four fangs in His Incarnation as
    140. Chatur-bhujaḥ: One with four arms.

  9. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****The Veeda of Goddess*****
    Vamanbua Badodekar, while on a pilgrimage, went up the Saptshringi hill in
    Nashik District to take ‘Darshan’ of Goddess Saptshringi. There, Vamanbua requested
    for the veeda from Goddess Parvati’s mouth as a form of favour or blessings. However,
    the priests of the temple started making fun of him and said “In case Sri Swami
    Maharaj of Akkalkot is the incarnation of the Divine Lord and your devotion towards Sri
    Swamiji is true, then Goddess Jagadamba241 would bless you with the veeda from her
    mouth”. Vamanbua prayed to the Goddess and lo! The veeda from her mouth fell on his
    body. Vamanbua returned to Akkalkot and prostrated before Sri Swamiji. Sri Swamiji
    said, “You went to Saptshringee and started calling my name for help. I only had to
    bless that veeda to you”. Thus Sri Swamiji protected the honour of Vamanbua by
    blessing him with the veeda from the mouth of Goddess Parvati.

    *****Waikar Brahmin*****
    A Brahmin from a holy place called Wai came to Akkalkot. After taking Sri
    Swamiji’s ‘Darshan’ he spoke saying, “a few days back a saintly man came to Wai.
    After performing religious ceremonies for feeding the Brahmins in the cause of lord
    Dattatrey, he borrowed rupees twenty-five from me and then he disappeared. Thus he
    cheated a poor man like me. Maharaj I had lent the money in your honour. Should I
    suffer like this for my good act? ”. Sri Swamiji did not say anything.
    There was a big rush to take ‘Darshan’ of Sri Swamiji. In the meanwhile, Sri
    Swamiji raised his finger and it pointed at the same Brahmin who had runaway with the
    money. Waikar caught hold of the Brahmin. A quarrel started between the two. Then
    finally the Brahmin agreed to having cheated Waikar. Nevertheless, he didn’t have the
    money to repay Waikar. Then Waikar seized few of the Brahmin’s belongings and
    returned home. Sri Swamiji did not oppose Waikar’s actions for maintaining the honour
    of his name. This way God protects the honour of his devotee.

  10. Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai

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    love u baba.pls take care of everyone baba.thank u swamy.

  12. Om Sai Jai Sai. Thank u Deva for everything. Nice experience. Saiji please bless us all always n increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day.

  13. sai you cured my depression now i am happy be with us i want your darshan near to your samadhi please make my wish to be happen i will be great ful to you

  14. i am going to siridi on sunday i feel happy make your visit secuess see there less rush i want good darshan near samadi please bless saimaa

  15. Sai maa
    Please relieve me of my uneasiness and help me to stay healthy my maa
    Please hold my hand firmly
    Bless me my maa
    Luv u too much
    Falling at your lotus feet

  16. Baba please forgive my all sins. Please remove jealousy and pride from my mind. Please provide helping nature mentality. Please be with us all the times. My life is fully dedicated to you.

  17. Baba,
    Please bless me, my husband and my kid with happy and healthy life.
    Please please forgive us for all our mistakes.
    Love you so much Sai.

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