Many Experiences With Beloved Sai – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram, Thank you hetal ji and your team for providing this service. My experience regarding presence of Sai in my life is shared here.

Sai Baba’s presence in my life: Om Sai Ram. I am devotee of Sai from my childhood. I shared many experience here. Sai shows me His presence each and every time and it is not possible to share all such experience here because it will required one dairy for listing Sai Baba’s miracle in my life. Sai Baba always shows His presence in every phase of my life. Sai is everything for me. These experiences will help all devotees to enhance their faith and patience on Sai Maa.

Sai’s presence and my IRDA exam: I was in BBA and pursuing my training at HDFC Standard life insurance for summer project in our collage. My trainer suggests me to attempt IRDA examination. However I didn’t want to make my career in insurance industry but trainer forced me for that exam. After 8 days training all trainee went to the exam hall of IRDA, where online exams were taken. When I entered in hall I saw photo of Sai and felt so happy that Sai Baba’s blessing was with me. I appeared in exam and result was declared in the system directly after few second. I was little bit tensed because it also consider negative marking. When result came I scored 45 marks out of 50 marks. Supervisor greets me congratulations. All other trainee and trainer were surprised from my result because I scored highest from all members and still no one beat it.

Getting Job: After completion of MBA I searched job. I had many conditions for job and if these conditions were fulfilled then only I want to do job. My conditions were such as, it must be near my home, i must have my own cabin and have cooperative staff. As Sai knows each and everything, before applying to other company, my friend in my society came our home and ask me for applying job with her. I told her my all condition she told me that it was his relatives company and all my conditions were fulfilled. That company’s office was located just 1 kilo meter far away from our home. We had our own cabin with all facilities and had very much cooperative staff there. However my salary criteria were not fulfilled but if I compared myself with other friends it was higher one. So I totally enjoyed job 6 months. Then after because of family reason i resign that job against company wish.

Sai and 79 number: My favourite number is nine and seven. Nine number because Sai gave nine coin as nine type of Bhakti and don’t know why seven but it is also lucky number for me. Whenever I find 79 or 97 number behind any vehicle number plate it shows me presence of Sai. One thought always came in my mind to see 79 number along with Sai Baba’s photo on same vehicle. But I never had seen such combination. One day I went to the Sai Baba’s Temple by walking and praying Baba to show me certain miracle and His presence. After Darshan of Sai I started walking and you can’t believe I saw one auto with 79 number and big Sai’s Photo behind it. Not only that in that same time one another auto with 79 number and Sai’s photo passed and overtake that auto. My joy had no bound because it is very rare to see such combination but I saw it two times in the same time. Sai shows His presence and fulfil my wish.

Sai satisfied our hunger: I completed my college from Baroda-Gujarat. My hometown is Surat. Now back to the experience. We were seven friends stayed at rental room. We were stayed on first floor. One aunty on ground floor help us lot as mother. Whenever she came to know that I believe in Sai lot, then she ask me for Sai Baba’s Darshan in Baroda and i agreed. On Thursday she called me in evening. My friends were also joined us without having their lunch after collage. She told me that distance is not that much so by walking we can reach temple easily. We agreed. I had fast on that day and not even drink water. After starting walking we came to know that distance was more than three Kilometer. We all had not that much capacity but aunty encourages us. We finally reached temple and I felt very happy to see Baba’s big Murthi in front of us. I forget all my pain. Our group stands in the queue. There was traffic because of Thursday. One priest distribute chocolate as Prasad. I bow to Sai and you can’t imagine priest gave me one big banana as Prasad starting from our group and it was finished after distributed to our group members. No one was left and everyone was very happy because we all were very hungry. I know that only one banana is not enough for hunger but at that time it was like energy driving fruit for me, which Sai knows very well. And for the satisfaction of our hunger Sai ordered someone to gave banana to priest.

My wish of almond milkshake: I had fast on Thursday and in the night I felt hungry. I thought to drink almond shake but being joint family member I felt my aunty might not like that. So, I didn’t share my thought. After some time my mom asked me to eat potato chips but I said no to her and told her to drink milk because I used to drink milk on Thursday night. Then she told me to drink almond shake and I was totally stunned because in our house no one drink it before that and I don’t know how this thought come in my mother mind. Because I didn’t share my wish of drinking almond shake but she offered me without my telling. This was Baba’s wish because He never sees His devotees hungry and always fulfil their wish without telling.

Sai Baba’s presence in village: In my village new Sai Baba’s temple was constructed. I used to go this temple every Thursday whenever I was in village. This temple is one kilometer away from my house in village. One Thursday i requested small children to come with me and they agreed. We all went to the temple and I entered to the main hall where Sai’s large Murthi is situated. As temple was in village therefore traffic was very little. I bow to Shree Sai. One priest gave chocolate as Prasad and I sat in one corner of hall where I saw Sai Baba. One girl with me gave her one chocolate to me and went to play in the ground. I was chanting Sai’s name and after some time two ladies entered in the Temple with packets of chocolate. These two ladies have their own packet of chocolate. One lady bow to Sai and put some chocolate near Sai’s Lotus Feet. I saw her and thought came in my mind that Sai should bless me by giving chocolate to me through that lady and suddenly she came and give one chocolate to me. I was very happy. Another lady was praying to Sai and after putting some chocolate near Sai’s feet she came towards me and gave me one chocolate and turn towards door. Then I don’t know what happen reaching near door she turn and came toward me again and gave another one chocolate. However she knew that I had already four chocolates. I was totally dumbstruck because Sai wants to prove His presence to me. Thank You Sai for always being with us.

Another experience in village: I want to share one another experience which experienced in village. I was helping my aunty to stick newspaper on wall of kitchen. They used to stick papers on wall because of dust problem. I was applying wheat flour mixed with water on newspaper and gave to my aunty. I saw Sai Baba’s photo in newspaper as news of Bhavnagar Temple of Sai. I saw big statue of Sai. One thought came to see one another photo of Sai in another newspaper. But I couldn’t find it and I also knew that it was not possible. Suddenly my cousin came and show me Sai’s Photo in newspaper as she knew that I believe in Sai lot, where the team of Tarak Mehta ka ulta chashma went for Sai’s Darshan. I was spellbound because Sai’s Photo in that area is very rare and Sai always fulfilled my wish to prove His presence.

Stolen Udi: Now one more experience which is unbelievable and show us presence of Sai everywhere. I was in pg room in my post graduation. One aunty in same house informed me about her Shirdi visit. I told her to bring some Udi for me. After her visit she gave me very little Udi. She told me that because of her mother bad health she was not able to stand in queue and therefore not able to bring Udi, but she demanded it from his father and he gave very little Udi to her and she gave it to me. It is really miraculous Udi because I used to apply it on my forehead before attending examination and my first rank in college is possible just because of that miraculous Udi. I put this Udi in one piece of paper, packed it and put it in my purse because it was safe in it. After completion of my study, in my home my mother told me to wash purse and I never take it seriously. So she washed purse and put all my money and Udi on furniture of bed. I was careless, however I knew that it may be possible that someone threw it in dustbin because it look like piece of paper. It was on bed’s furniture for someday. Then I put it in one dower of bed for its safety. Then one day when I searched it but I didn’t found it. I searched whole dower. I thrown out all thing from dower and searched packet of Udi, but I didn’t. I was angry on my mother and sister because it may be possible, my sister or mother thrown it in dustbin. I was very angry on myself for my carelessness. I searched two, three time in the same dower with great care but nothing was found. I felt little frustration on me. After some days I forgot the entire thing but waiting for Sai’s Udi given by someone. But it was not possible in our home. Then after some week (I forget days), I casually open dower and to my surprise I found that packet. It was in such a way that everyone can see it easily. It looks like someone put it for me. I asked my all family members but no one knows about it. This was Sai who want to teach me lesson for my careless nature and He also prove His presence to me. Thank You Sai for Your Leela.

Presence of Sai in the shop of phone: I want to purchase phone and after a long time period I saved some money and went to purchase phone. I and my brother went for purchasing it. We went to one shop and seller shows us many phones in our range but my brother was little bit confused. So he told me to visit another shop named my mobile. We went there and seller gave us description regarding different models of phones. Suddenly my brother remembered rudeness of seller regarding his experience of purchasing defective phone and not listening his complain. He told me to visit another shop. When we exit that shop I found big photo of Sai and I felt presence of Sai and want to purchase phone from that shop but my brother refused me. I was little bit upset and agreed with him. However my mind was not ready to purchase it from another shop. Then we visit Bhatia phone shop and seller gave description and my brother select Samsung galaxy s duos. I was not happy at that point of time. Seller sends us to the main counter for payment of bill. And here I was dumbstruck because there was small temple and one beautiful big statue of Sai was there in the middle and hardly one or two small photos of another God. Sai was there to show His presence. I was so happy. I paid money and went to Sai temple, put phone near Sai Lotus Feet. Thank You Sai

Bus travelling and Sai’s presence: My whole family went to village for attending marriage of my cousin. I find bus journey very tedious because I cannot sleep in bus and it require 11 to 12 hours to reach our home from village. In our village there is one Sai temple which is in the main road. So from our bus I want to see Baba’s Murthi, because it was visible to see Baba from road. But I found that temple was closed. Then after in bus I started listening song of Sai on phone. I didn’t know when I sleep. After half run bus stop one place and it was Vadodara. Still I don’t know why it stop there. Suddenly I woke up and open the window and to my surprise, there was Sai Baba’s temple exactly in front of our window, where I saw lots of Sai Baba’s photos. I was happy and told my brother wake up and saw Sai Baba. My brother told me- you are mad devotee of Sai. Yes I am mad devotee, because Sai always show His presence whenever and wherever I prayed Him. Om Sai Ram

Facebook account: I was in first year of college. We had one computer lab in collage. Every week certain day contain computer lecture and also practical. Here I came to know regarding Facebook from other students. At that time internet was not that much grown. I made my Facebook account and use it for few days of first semester. Then I didn’t had chance to visit that site or even using internet because at that time I did not had computer or laptop at our home. I didn’t remembered password of Facebook. After completion of bachelor degree I started master degree, where in the first semester again I used computer in computer lab. Here suddenly I remembered Facebook account. I tried lot to remind but all vain. I was not able to remind it because it was long time duration of more than 3.5 years. Many my friends told me if we don’t open it for some days then it will terminate automatically. One day in lab, I entered email id and was totally not aware regarding password. I prayed Sai to help me and entered password as Sainath. You can’t imagine from first trial my account was opened. I was surprised because I knew that it was not possible to use same account because I forget password totally and even not knew formalities for forgetting password. But I was saved by Sai. When Sai is here, then why we should have fear.

Sai help me in washing clothes: I want to share one another experience which is recent one. In our home some guests were came for attending marriage of our relatives and stayed at our home. In the morning as it is routing to wash clothes by me and my mother everyday by own. We use washing machine for spinning of clothes. Because of lots of clothes my mother used to wash clothes in machine but she forgotten my father’s pen in the pocket of shirt. After washing clothes in machine my mother told me to spin clothes. I opened machine and shocked because I found different parts of pen lying here and there. Pen was full of ink but it was broken and divided into many parts. Even refill was broken and its point was also broken. I was totally tensed because all clothes were of light colour. Even my father’s shirt was of cream colour. Not only that many other clothes were there which were totally light colour and also of guests. I was angry on my mother and started checking all cloths. Being joint family there were so many clothes and guest clothes were also there. I found many parts of pen and as refill was also broken so there was hundred percent chances of spreading ink on other clothes, but I was surprised after checking because each and every light colour clothes were saved and 3 to 4 clothes had a single drop of ink and you can’t imagine these clothes were of dark colour and undergarments, even no one can knew about spreading ink on that clothes because it was of black and blue colour. It was truly unbelievable. Now what was suspense behind it- in early morning after fresh up and praying Sai I was chanting Sai’s name or singing my favourite Sai song and was remembered all Sai miracles of Sai Satcharitra while working in home. Sai save my family from damaging clothes. Thank You Sai Maa for always being with us.

Sai Baba gives us two sides of coin i.e., you should know faith and patience and Sai is always with us. I truly believe in “No Sai no peace, Know Sai know peace”. I want to share my recent experience of Sai Baba. By Sai Baba’s grace I get each and everything which I want before demanding to Him. Even my friends always call me lucky girl because I get everything very easily weather it is connected to the study or other personal thing. I am 1st ranker in college and I know this is possible just because of Sai Baba’s mercy in my life. I am belonging to Gujarat. Being Guajarati and specially Kathyavadi girl my parents are very tensed regarding marriage and 24year age girl without marriage matter a lot in our cast. After a long time my parent selected one guy but I didn’t like him because of his height and colour. I said no to my parent. My parents explained lot such as look doesn’t matter only understanding is required etc. I still can’t understand how I can trust anybody only on the basis of one meet. I requested Sai to help me but Sai had some different plan for me. My parents, sister and relatives pressured me to say yes for marriage and finally I agreed with them. Before engagement his family called me for shopping and I came to know nature of all members of his family in only two days. They are totally different from us. However they all are educated but behave like illiterate. They are traditional in nature even that guy being M. Pharma student doesn’t have understanding and don’t have manner at all. I shared my thought to my parent but they told me “you should have such capability to change such traditional family” and still I agreed with them. Through talking with that guy on phone I came to know that whole family members even that person is believe in resistance to change.

One day his friends told very badly regarding Sai’s devotees. He know very well that I believe in Sai lot but he never speak single word in favour of me, which hurt me lot. and after some days I got chance for Sai Darshan at Shirdi. I feel relaxed in Shirdi and very happy to see Sai Maa in front of me. I prayed Sai to help me regarding accepting guy or show me some other path. After some days of Shirdi visit on Thursday his family called me for birthday of this guy. I bought expensive watch for him as gift from my pocket money and all my family members wish him birthday but he didn’t gave even chocolate to anyone and not getting blessing from my parent. He knew I had fast on Thursday and not even drinking water in whole day but no one care for it. At the time of family dinner at restaurant he offered Panjabi however he knows that I don’t like it. I eat little but no one even ask me problem. All such things hurts me lot. I was not able to share my parent because they were not ready to listen me. I shared all thing to my friend in office and she suggest me the right way to stop talking with that guy and he will directly understand your intension, but all vain. Then finally I told my parents that I cannot manage myself with that guy and if you force me then I will attempt suicide. They take it seriously and refuse that person however they still think that I was wrong.

Now much worst period start for me. Being member of joint family all were behaving differently. No one understands me and behave very rudely with me. Everyone was against me but only Sai is always with me. I was totally in depression and didn’t have interest in anything. I remember only Sai during that time period. But so many factors in home realize me that no one cares me. No one can be affected if i was living or not. I can’t understand why true people have to suffer lot and evils enjoy their life happily. During depression period one day all my family members were in the hall watching serial and i was also present there but only physically, mentally I was thinking different ways of suicide in my mind. Suddenly actor named Jethalal of “Tarak Mehta ka ulta chshma” talking with someone who belongs to Shirdi for order of television and he sang song of Shirdi Vale Sai Baba…. And I was dumbstruck because I read many time in Sai Satcharitra never attempt suicide and I think that was Baba who wants to remember me that chapter and I forget such thought, then after some days again I felt very sad and thought of suicide again came in my mind, I was in hall with all family members and I went to another room where my brother was listening jocks on bed, I sat near him and thinking different ways of suicide again, I was surprised to hear Sai Ram. I asked my brother why this person repeated name Sai Ram, then he replied me anchor was named as Sai Ram and I again leave thought of suicide. There were so many factors in home make me feel alone. My parents as well as all other members in home behave rudely with me and sometimes they spoke some sentences which hurts me like anything and sometimes it was above my tolerance level which make me to think regarding leave this evil world.

One day I feel alone and frustrated and I switched on laptop and started watching “Sai Bhakton Ki Sachhi Kahaniyan” [where devotee had problem of dowry system and whole society was against her and had somewhat same problem like me and she also decide to attempt suicide and in ending time Sai did miracle by becoming her mother and hold her hand in ending moment and told her because of past karma all this happens and all guys were foolish who says no to you. Have faith and patients and everything will be alright. After some time her real mom came and felt happy to see her daughter alive because she wrote suicide note and put it near pillow and her mother read it and run toward her room but before that Sai Ma save her in the form of her mother. That incident enhances her faith on Sai. One day she visit temple and one person came there and his packet of money fall down by mistake in temple but he didn’t know. His boss who was also his father scold him but that girl picked that packet and gave it to that person’s office because address was written on envelop. That boss was impressed from her honesty and decides to marry his son with that girl. This episode has great impact in my mind and I finally decided never ever think regarding suicide, even if situations are worst and not able to bear and if thoughts come then it will never converted into dare. Whenever I felt myself alone then I write “Om Sai Ram” in book or read Sai devotees experience or watch Sai live Darshan or watch Sai Bhakton Ki Sachhi Kahaniyan, which help me to enhance my faith on Sai Baba. Now I forget all the things and surrender myself to the Sai Baba’s Lotus Feet because only He can understand me and with whom I can share my feelings. I requested all devotees to watch episodes of “Sai Bhakton Ki Sachhi Kahaniyan”. These stories were real life experience of Sai devotees and help us to enhance faith and devotions towards Sai Maa. Let us all bow unto the great soul Sai Baba and pray for strength to keep ourselves away from evil thoughts and deeds and to ever remain at the service of His Lotus Feet.

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    • Chant OM NAMAH SIHVAYA or any mantra you like- ANy dosha is fixable by Prabhu Naam.

      Prabhu Naam is biggest.

      Love to ALL, Peace to ALL

    • you might have listened about SRI KALAHASTHI which is very famous and very old temple..where bhaktha kanappa used to worship shiv ling…this temple is 30km(nearly) from poojas will be held for rahu and many doshas which includes kala sarpa dosam will also be solved…we family members vists there now and then and can experience the effect of that pooja.problems regarding marriage and jobs will also be solved.i request you to go sairam

  1. Bow to Thy Holy Feet our Sainath

    (Shri Sai Leela May 1984)

    BABA said to Megha "I carry on as a wirepuller of all the activities of the men who trusts ME and merges in ME" (Sai Satcharita, cb: 2S p. 155). Yes, our SAINATH is Antharyami. HE is all pervading, Omniscient and Omnipresent. BABA said "My eye is ever on those who love ME. Whatever you do, wherever you may be, bear this in mind that I am always aware of everything you do."

    In this communication I shall narrate some of my recent experiences. I accepted the outcome of all my attempts very boldly and with a smiling face, because " I surrendered myself with body and soul at HIS lotus feet."

    I quite often, am criticized and questioned by my close associates on the question of my absolute surrender and steady devotion to BABA. This arises especially when I attempt to explain to them that each small event which occurs has something to do with HIS wishes and desire. Yes, I always examine even a small matter as BABA'S wish, irrespective of my success or failure and I feel extremely contented with this act. Let me first confess that it was BABA who has been constantly encou­raging me to apply for some academic distinctions and honour since I was summoned by HIM to Pune to my present assign­ment. Prior to my coming over to Pune I was never thinking of going for such academic competitive attainments for which one has to be in the run always in the national field related to science and technology. After working for about a year and preparing the needed foundation to succeed in an academic race, I could see that my papers did not reach concerned person although sufficient precaution was taken care of and with ade­quate margin before the dead line, in order to satisfy myself I went to SHIRDI during this Diwali and again I prayed to HIM with my desire. In a closed envelope my feelings were also narrated and placed over BABA'S tomb. I was satisfied with this ritual. When the deadline for the academic race came very near I could learn that I was out of the competition since my papers did not reach the person concerned as informed by the person to me. My wife informed me of this news from New Delhi first and it was only a few moments, I came to my cons­ciousness and replied to her that it was HIS desire and I am not at all sad about this. Since then a few months have elapsed and I could find out that the person who had denied that the papers did not reach her was interested in her own candidate and had not cared for my candidature. BABA had saved me because if I would have remained as a candidate would not have succeeded since the person is politically and bureaucratically very powerful.

    In another event in this connection I got defeated and soon after the result was out, I told my wife that probably BABA has something in HIS mind since HE only knows when the time is ripe for accomplishment. Anyhow, I was encouraged by HIM only and it was HE only who took me with HIM for this exercise.

    But these two failures have opened one more avenue. BABA has been again encouraging me to go for another larger academic race and this is having more distinction and honour in Indian academic circle. I am getting ready because it is HIS desire that I should try. I am least concerned about the failure since I fully believe that BABA takes me with HIM to give me an opportunity to experience and at the same time generates strength to gain confidence and this is much more valuable to me than that of these materialistic distinctions. So let all of us make attempt to fix our eyes on HIM so that we should never feel pleasure or pain. Let our mind get rest at YOUR lotus feet our SAINATH.

    This materialistic world does not or cannot bring happiness to us and having disgusted and frustrated we should not move. But why not explore that the eternal peace and well as solace with bliss exist only in HIS DARBAR.

  2. Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    baba pls take care of us and everyone.thanks a lot for u baba.

  3. Omsairam dear sister..very nice experiences..really iwas depressed with some problems but after reading your experience now i am feeling very relaxed..that's true..we all are little kids to saimaa.sai will take care of everything.omsairam

  4. I hope by now you might have got married to a nice guy and leading happy life. In any case I am very happy to see your firm faith in SAI. May Sai blessings be always with you. Jai SAI RAM

  5. Nice experiences.
    Thanks for sharing.
    And ya all stories of sai bhakton ki sacchi kahaniyan are great.
    Everyone should watch it.
    Whoever missed the Programme on sony can now watch it on youtube.

  6. उसका दिया हुआ हमको कुबूल हैं,
    साईं के रहते चिंता करना फिजूल है,
    आएगी मुसीबत साईं उसे टालेगा,
    साईं ने दिया हैं हमे साईं ही संभालेगा !!

    श्री साँई बाबा जी की कृपा सभी पर निरंतर बनी रहे ||

    बोलिए श्री साईं नाथ महाराज की जय

    साईं के दीवाने तो कब किसी से डरते है !!!
    कोई कुछ भी कहता है हम तो साईं से प्यार करते है….

    बोलिए श्री साईं नाथ महाराज की जय

    तुझसा पालनहार न कोई, तुझसा तारनहार न कोई
    तेरी दया का पार न कोई, मुख पे रहे जो तेरा नाम
    मेरे साईं तुझे हर पल मेरा प्रणाम..

    बोलिए श्री साईं नाथ महाराज की जय

    तेरे दरबार में जब आता हूँ
    भीड़ में ठीक से दर्शन नही कर पाता हूँ
    तेरे नाम लेने से ही मैं शांति पाता हूँ
    इसलिए तेरे नाम के दर्शन सबको कराता हूँ…

    बोलो साईं नाथ महाराज की जय

    आंसू पोंछ कर मेरे साईं ने हसाया है मुझे
    मेरी हर गलती पर भी मेरे साईं ने सीने से लगाया है मुझे
    विश्वास क्यों न हो मुझे अपने साईं पर
    मेरे साईं ने हर हाल में जीना सिखाया है मुझे…

    शुभ साईं रात्रि………बोलिए श्री साईं नाथ महाराज की जय

  7. Beautiful experiences. Long but beautiful 🙂

    O Deva, I surrender my self, ego and mind to Your feet. Take away the pain O Sadguru and let there only be love.

    Jai Sairam

  8. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Third Marriage of Sohoni*****
    Ganesh Hari Sohoni remarried after his first wife died. Unfortunately his second
    wife too passed away. He thought that if Sri Swamiji would give him permission, he
    could marry for the third time. However, Sri Swamiji did not permit him and resumed
    his smoking adding live coal to his pipe. He indicated to Sohoni that his third marriage
    would be futile.
    Later on Sohoni secured a job in the then state of Baroda. While in Baroda,
    Sohoni developed a strong desire to get married. Finally he found a nice girl and got
    married. This was his third marriage. Eight days after his wedding his wife fell down
    while climbing the staircase and broke her waist. She was given the best of medical
    treatment but in vain. She became a handicap. Sohoni had to carry her on a low stool
    on his back while moving around. The impressive wedding ceremony came to an end
    but the smoking pipe remained empty!
    There are several such occasions wherein Sri Swamiji, by his
    omnipresence and omniscience either had showered kind grace on the
    devotees or given indications of the future happenings to them.

  9. Sai maa
    Why are bad negative thoughts creeping in my mind
    Please take it away
    Please help me to be happy healthy and cheerful
    Hold my hand firmly my maa
    Luv u
    Falling at your lotus feet

  10. om sai raam,,

    very wonderful experiences dear.i had tears reading some parts of your experiences.even i am in a love dilemma whether he loves me or not but now i will write om sai ram whenever i feel alone.

  11. OH my dear Lil Sister..

    You are such a mad devotee of SAI Baba & you love chocolates a lot it seems 🙂

    Very innocent feelings & very nice experience,

    Baba will take care of everything, & how can a dear daughter of SAI think of Suicide, Sai wont be happy.

    Loads Love.

    Love to ALL, Peace to ALL

  12. om sai ram ! I am sai devotee from this feb but i had lot of experiences, but one small experience i wish to share here, when last sunday i wrote my bank exam before going to exam i am ask sai (sai answers website)about my exam but it was really my sai answer for me becoz i had a great experience on that day, the ans is "dont take long travel 3 days and if take light lamp in ur home and hav sai photo with u" when exam day i got bless from my mom nd going to leave my mom told me to light lamp and then go then i realized sai words k we need to follow sai words then in bus i am listen sai songs then written my exam but i done my exams excellently then i return to home ,it was very long from my home took 2:30 hrs time when returning to i listen sai songs in 1st bus then second bus i chase to got when suddenly 1 accident bicycle hit me then he told me to go slowly nd take another bus but nothing happen becoz its al hapen by sai blessing thts y gave instruction to remember him through journey om sai ram

  13. Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Ja

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