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When Baba’s message first came, who would have known what leelas will unfold on the way?

Initially, it looked like a figment of my over wrought imaginations, till devotees started sharing their experiences with the 11 Assurances of Sai Baba in a Photo Frame.

Saraswati Behera, said,

I feel very positive after putting the Photo Frame.

S. Anantha from Bangalore said,

I got a raise of Rs.1,000 in my salary after I have lovingly kept this Frame in the South West corner of my home. There is more harmony at home and the quarrels at home have stopped.

Rohini Engineer said,

After putting the Photo Frame I feel that Baba is at home, watching over us; and everything is moving very smoothly.

When Baba’s guidance came to make a Photo Frame of His 11 Assurances to His devotees’, I thought it was ‘easy’ to implement. Little did I know then, that in the weeks to follow Sai leelas would unfold one after the other?

When I got this guidance I looked up for the Assurances on the internet, I found variations of them floating on the net. One thing led to another, and I found the original Abhangs (devotional songs) written by Mohaniraj Pandit, Mamledar of Nasik Mohaniraj Pandit finds a place of veneration in the Namaskaraashtakara of Baba

Tula Magato Magane Hechi Dyave;

Kara Joditho Deena Atyanta Bhaave;

Bhavi Mohaniraja Haa Taari Aata;

Namaskara Sashtanga Shri Sainatha….

When I saw the translations of the same Abhangs, I found they were not easily comprehensible. I had heard from many devotees that Baba’s messages are difficult to understand. So with Baba’s permission I started to do the English translations of the Abhang, till I reached the first line of 11th Assurance of Baba, ‘Sai Mhane Tochi, Tochi Jhala Dhanya’

When I was doing the translations I realized that Baba is saying ‘Say Sai or chant Sai’. I called up an expert in Marathi, and he was emphatic that ‘Sai Mhane Tochi’ is ‘Sai Says’. I was confused and wanted to know from the expert on the subject- Baba Himself. Then with complete surrender, I put two chits in front of Baba and asked Him what He wanted on the Photo Frame and His reply was ‘Chant Sai Sai’.

As days rolled into weeks, the concept kept on evolving. A Sai Bandhu suggested putting Translations and Transliterations of the 11 Assurances of Baba so that the devotees can understand the translations, as well read the original Abhangs in their own languages. It is currently available only in English (with Marathi original Abhangs) and Kannada (both translations and transliteration in Kannada). They will soon be translated in other languages.

A friend caught hold of a very ‘connected’ devotee to see if my translations were right, and amazingly my ‘Translation’ was ‘approved’. I there and then thanked Baba for Guiding me; in spite of what the ‘learned’ people were saying was contrary to what He wanted.

Then as one thing led to another we realized that unknowingly all the five tatvas (element) – earth, water, air, sky and fire are represented in the photo frame, making it complete for any Vastu/ premise.

S Anantha, an ardent devotee from Bangalore, the first to place an order for the 11 Assurances of Sai Baba Photo Frame wrote to me and thanked me saying, “I had an urge to have the 11 Assurances of Sai Baba with their exact meaning in my language so that I can read and re-read them daily. My desire has been fulfilled, and I m very grateful for this divine presentation.” And he has given the testimonial mentioned earlier.

A Vastu expert on condition of anonymity said, “Though North is the place for Kuber and North East is Ishan stan (place for worship) keeping Baba’s picture in the South West (SW) wall or side of the premise is the best option. Even in Shirdi, Baba is sitting in SW. That is one of the reasons for health, wealth, prosperity flowing in that region. With Baba’s presence in your SW Corner, you will strengthen that area of your premise and this direction brings good health, wealth and confidence.”

The expert added, “Sai Baba had Ashta Siddhis (eight Siddhis); He had perfect control over nature, so keeping Baba’s picture in the house will clear the negative energy from the premise.”

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