Baba Has Always Been With Me In My Life

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am taking this chance to describe one among the many miracles that Baba has shaped in my life. Sri Sachidanand Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai I am a devotee of Sai Baba from my childhood. I used to go every Thursday to Baba’s Temple for His Darshan from my young days. Sai has been with me in all walks of life. Baba has brought in me a faith in doing well to people. I had several situations where I was pointed of my mistakes and weakness in character and personal life, I have very much learned from them and am trying to be a better person. There are many references in my life which time and again points to the fact that Sai is omnipresent and omnipotent.

I am a student and came to US to pursue my masters. Right from the beginning of the process for preparation to come to US He has been with me. I have always been with my family in India and never been away from my family for long time. I was always anxious about being all alone and leading an independent life, but Baba took good care of me right from the first day in abroad. I worked hard in the due course of the last 3 years, to pay my fees, bills and have a proper decent living. Due to grace of Sai never did I have any major financial problems (it is the main source of concern for students); I was able to have a decent stay over. Right after finishing my MS there was a big hurdle in getting an IT job as it is not easy to get a job after passing out. I have observed Sai Baba Nav-Vrat. Following which I immediately got a job. I have always prayed Him to give me strength, courage and knowledge to survive in the job. I was put in the project for a short time and then fired as I was not up to their expectations. I was initially disappointed as it was the first rejection that I faced in my life, but I never lost my faith. I took it as a learning step for my career. I took it as a valuable chance to learn the capabilities and limitations from my side. It then took me another month to find me a new job, but then I changed my job platform. I was very comfortable in the new job, I had very good team-mates who helped me in my work and who constantly supported me. I learned a lot in this project. This was all due to the grace of Baba.

Very soon I got another job opportunity and I moved to a different one, I have very recently started my new job and I have full confidence that it will go smooth owing to the blessings of Baba. I also had to apply for my H1 in the meanwhile. I was little anxious as there the probability of picking any application in H1 was almost 1:3. Also I had another problem which was that my current visa was very close to expiration and if my H1 doesn’t get picked this year then I will have to wait for another 1.5-2 years to go to India. But Baba with His blessings got my H1 picked in lottery and my case is under processing at the moment. I have full faith in Baba that He will help me in approving the H1 and I have stopped thinking or worrying about it. Sometimes when I feel little low and when I feel disinterested, I read Baba Charitra and see His amazing Leela’s and then I get back on track in faith and devotion. I request everyone to please keep faith in Sai Baba and leave all your apprehensions and anxieties to Him. If you have full faith in Him, He will completely take care of you. Please pray Sai Baba with full devotion for all of your wishes to come true. May peace be with all. Om Sri Sai Nathaya Namah

Baba Never Holds Anything Against His Children

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I was born in south India and used to be a very religious person from my childhood. I used to pray every day to different Gods and I used to go to Baba’s temple every Thursday. But I know He was protecting me. I come from a middle class family and I decided to go to the United States for my higher studies so I can work my way and help my family overcome the financial burdens. I have been struggling a lot for the past years and used to pray for Lord Rama, Lord Bala ji and Sai Baba. End of last year, my visa was expiring and the only option is to just go back to India with all the debt I have borrowed for my education. I have decided that I would make Baba my only Idol, Guru, God and Father. I cried in front of His picture holding His feet and all I said to Him was just be with me no matter what. Miraculously, Baba responded to my prayers and visa process went to query and I do have a little longer time before I make decision. I’m just hoping and praying that He will take care of me. Fell in Love with “The Father”. I just wake up every day and thank Him for blessing me live yet another day. I did see this page on Facebook and thought I would share my experience. It’s not always the big things in life that count. Baba is with us all the time and I know for sure He is going to help me and all of us in every situation. Just keep faith.

Wishes Fulfilled

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hello everyone. I want to share with you all how Baba fulfilled two of my recent wishes. I promised Him that I would share these experiences here if they are fulfilled. I have been married for more than 2 years now. I and my wife used to quarrel for every small thing. I always felt bad whenever we quarrel as I love my wife. A month ago, I asked Baba that I don’t want any quarrels with my wife and if there are any, we should not fight for long time. And I promised Him that I would post the experience on this site if He does that and from then we never had quarrels that went for more than 1 hour. Thank You Baba

I developed a boil like under my big toe two months ago and it’s paining a lot. I asked Sai Baba if I’m relieved from the pain by today morning, I’ll share this experience and applied Udi on that boil and also had some Udi. Miraculously, the pain subsided but not fully. I believe that I’ll be free from that boil soon. Thank You Baba. Thanks for providing us with a platform to share our experiences. Reading these experiences will make us free from some of our karma. Om Sai Samarth

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    This body of ours is just a piece of wood, made up of the file elements and remains only for the purpose of experiencing pleasure and pain, after which it will fall motionless and be reduced to ash with out fail. (Chapter 33 -ovi 12)

    You and I are also in the same position. To remind you of it, and to keep this awareness in mind, day and nigh, I give this Udi. (Chapter 33 – ovi 13)

    So says Sai Baba in Sai Satcharitra. Now we shall a miracle of Udi which helped a devotee to resume his office work in 1 hours time.

    Sai Baba the protector of us all once again came to my rescue and this time I couldn't help putting this experience on paper, may be this too is under His direction and will that I share this with all His devotees.

    It was the morning of 8th May that I got up with an unbearable pain in my back. Infact, the moment I sat up, I collapsed unable to breathe. My mother who entered the room saw my condition and panicked as I was gasping for breath and I asked her to call a doctor. I lay back staring at the ceiling and silently praying to Baba saying "how did I come to be in such a condition and that too on a day when I had a shooting for a film, what a loss it would be to the producers if I did not report for work." In my prayer I requested Baba to reduce my pain and help me report for work. As I was doing this, my doctor turned up and he was baffled by my condition, I couldn't even talk and explain to him where and why it was paining me. Between short breaths I gestured to him, he examined me and could not diagnose anything. But in order to reduce the pain he gave me an injection and asked me to take complete rest. After he left I asked my mother to give me Baba's Udi which I ate and applied some to the affected area. I also requested my brother to inform my director that I shall report for the shooting in the afternoon as I was confident that I would be better by then, as Sai was protecting me and He would cure me enough to report to work. I went into a deep sleep as the doctor's sedative started working on me. When I woke up it was 12 noon and I discovered that I was fit enough to work. Quickly I took a bath, said a prayer as is my routine and after a bath left for the shooting. Every one was happy to see me there that I could make it inspite of my being unwell but who would believe me if f told them that it was the hand of Sai that made me fit? Hardly 5 minutes after the pain started again and every body got worried as they saw that I couldn't even breathe. I motioned to them to take me to a bed room and lay me down quickly. I was put on a bed and I whispered to the director that he should not worry and that I shall be alright in an hour's time. He left me in disbelief as to how I could possibly be alright in this short span of time but then who could explain to him that I had a strong faith in Sai Baba. After about an hour or so when I got up and started walking about everyone was aghast to see me smiling and telling them to start my work.

    The Kind Hearted Saibaba

    Well, if this is not a miracle then what is. ‘Who else but SAI BABA could have brought about this' He always answers a devotee who has full faith in Him and rescues him from any trouble. After all He has promised WHY FEAR WHEN I'AM HERE.

    • Baba curedmy cancer. I am ok now only by the blessing of baba. He is my doctor, astrologer my mata and pita and my friend also

  2. Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
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    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    OM sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    love u baba.pls be with us & everyone all the time baba.thanks for everything baba.

  3. Wonderful experiences.

    O Sai, I surrender to Your lotus feet and beg that the troubles that haunt disappear and joy appear.

    Jai Sairam

  4. तुझसा पालनहार न कोई, तुझसा तारनहार न कोई
    तेरी दया का पार न कोई, मुख पे रहे जो तेरा नाम
    मेरे साईं तुझे हर पल मेरा प्रणाम..

    बोलिए श्री साईं नाथ महाराज की जय

    तेरे दरबार में जब आता हूँ
    भीड़ में ठीक से दर्शन नही कर पाता हूँ
    तेरे नाम लेने से ही मैं शांति पाता हूँ
    इसलिए तेरे नाम के दर्शन सबको कराता हूँ…

    बोलो साईं नाथ महाराज की जय

    आंसू पोंछ कर मेरे साईं ने हसाया है मुझे
    मेरी हर गलती पर भी मेरे साईं ने सीने से लगाया है मुझे
    विश्वास क्यों न हो मुझे अपने साईं पर
    मेरे साईं ने हर हाल में जीना सिखाया है मुझे…

    शुभ साईं रात्रि………बोलिए श्री साईं नाथ महाराज की जय


    suprasādaḥ prasannātmā viśvadhṛgviśvabhugvibhuḥ |
    satkartā satkṛtaḥ sādhurjahnurnārāyaṇō naraḥ || 26 ||

    236. Suprasādaḥ: One whose Prasada or mercy is uniquely
    wonderful, because He gives salvation to Sisupala and others
    who try to harm Him.
    237. Prasannātmā: One whose mind is never contaminated by Rajas
    or Tamas.
    238. Viśvadhṛg: One who holds the universe by his power.
    239. Viśvabhug: One who eats up or enjoys or protects the worlds.
    240. Vibhuḥ: One who takes various forms
    241. Satkartā: One who offers benefits.
    242. Satkṛtaḥ: One who is adored even by those who deserve
    243. Sādhuḥ: One who acts according to justice.
    244. Jahnuḥ: One who dissolves all beings in oneself at the time of
    245. Nārāyaṇaḥ: Nara means Atman. Narayana, that is, one having
    His residence in all beings.
    246. Naraḥ: He directs everything, the eternal Paramatma is called

  7. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****One Who Is Showered With Kind Grace*****
    During his incarnation period Sri Swami Samarth Maharaj had showered
    kind grace on numerous devotees and redress their illness, poverty, and crisis
    finally giving them an opportunity to make progress in life. So also Sri Swamiji
    showered his kindness on the deserving devotees and spiritually elevated

    *****Nrusimha Saraswati from Alandi*****
    In the holy place Alandi in Pune, Maharashtra, there was a saint named Nrusinha
    Saraswati. He practised yoga rigorously but was unable to go into a trance in spite of
    his best efforts. He wandered to many places in search of a Guru. Finally he came to Sri
    Swamiji. When he reached Akkalkot, Sri Swamiji was sitting in the storehouse near the
    palace. When Nrusinha Saraswati took his ‘Darshan’, Sri Swamiji showered kind grace
    on him and recited a stanza narrating the awakening of the Adnya chakra253 of
    Kundalini. Nrusinha Saraswati went into trance instantly and lost his outward
    consciousness. By the kind grace of Sri Swamiji Nrusinha Saraswati understood the
    secret of deep meditation.
    Nrusinha Saraswati had already attained siddhi254. Once when he came to
    Akkalkot, Sri Swamiji said “Oh! Still you have not given up your prostitute? ”. With
    folded hands Nrusinha Saraswati said “Maharaj, there is only one remedy to give up
    that prostitute, it is only your kind grace”. In Sri Swamiji’s hall of audience no one
    really understood this dialog between the two and all the devotees were wonderstruck
    to hear the fact that an ascetic has kept a prostitute. Later, Nrusinha Saraswati
    personally gave the necessary clarifications to the devotees that Sri Swamiji was talking
    about his siddhis (spiritual accomplishment resulting from opening of kundalini
    By the kind grace of Sri Swamiji, he gave up his siddhis, reduced his
    yogic practices, and turned his attention to devotional path. In spite of being
    an ascetic, he would get so much deeply engrossed while singing devotional
    songs that he would get unconscious while singing.
    Staying in Alandi Nrusinha Saraswati carried out religious works like building
    riverbank, chariot of saint Dnyaneshwar Maharaj, a charitable institution meant for the
    accommodation of travellers, a school for teaching the Vedas and acquired great fame.

  8. Dear devotess,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    very good news for all in our family that my SIL got twins devlivered today morning after 10yrs of marriage beocz of baba grace.thankyou very much baba I love you..baba

  9. Baba,

    Please be with us always and do what is good for me,my family and parents..Please see my daughters neck issue and help us…thanks baba

    love you baba

  10. Nice experiences. Dear devotees do continue to have firm faith on our beloved Baba he will take care of all our problems.Om Sairam.

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