Baba Fulfilled My Wish

Sai Sister Niti from Australia says: My name is Niti and i live in Australia. Today i am going to write about my experience with Baba. About how He helped me and how He fulfilled my wish. Baba has always inspired me to keep patience and to see positive in every negative situation. Baba is omnipresent. He cares for all of His devotees. His love and care is pure and He loves His devotees like a mother loves her children. Baba has always helped me. He has always answered my questions and when He doesn’t then i know that He has planned something bigger and better for me. So i am going to write about my recent experience.

I live in Australia and i was working for a reputed firm but i decided to leave the job because i wanted to attend my cousins wedding in India (he attended mine and came for 4 days from Canada). So i applied for my leave but because of business requirements i was suppose to sign another contract with Company but the conditions on the contract were not very suitable for me. New campaign was starting on the day i had to leave for India. So my Operations Manager understood my situation and gave me redundancy. I was happy with it because i knew that Baba will help in getting another job. So i attended the wedding and came back after 2weeks and now i started applying for new job. During my trip i went to Shirdi as well and i prayed Baba for helping me in getting even better job. So i attended the interview for a part time job but i was rejected even though i had the experience and skills needed for that job. I was sad but then i always requested Baba to give me a job in my own field which was Insurance and the interview i attended wasn’t for the Insurance field. I kept doing my Sai Satcharitra Path every day.

Then one day i received a call from an insurance company and they requested me to attend for an interview. I was very happy and thanked Baba for giving me a chance. So i attended the interview but i did not get any answer from them for a week. So i sent them an email asking them the reason for delays and they advised me that hiring manager is on leave. I was getting anxious to know the results and i requested Baba to give me the answer before Thursday. So the next day i received an email saying they have started the hiring process (whereas hiring manager was on leave) and on Thursday i received an email once again but it said that i am being selected for that position. My happiness knew no bounds and i thanked Baba again and again for giving me the job i always wanted, the job i wished for. I went to the temple the same day. I just want to Request all devotees to keep faith and patience. Baba cares for His children and His love is unconditional. I have so many experiences with Baba. He keeps doing miracles but we need the right eyes to see those miracles. Baba helped me once again by giving me the job in my favourite field. So please keep faith. He might not give you a thing you want but He will certainly give you a thing that you need. I want to progress even more and Baba has been helping me in every way to achieve my goals. So please remember, Baba loves all of us. Om Sai Ram

Blessed To Experience Baba’s Miracle

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I will narrate a few experiences that i had in my life. I knew Baba from my childhood. I used to go every Thursday to His temple near my house. I used to think of Him as my every relation like Mom, Dad, and Grand-father etc. I used to talk to Him. I used to think that He comes and sits on my bed and i sleep with my head on His lap.

Experience 1: When i was in Chennai, my daughter was 10 months old and she can crawl. We had three balconies in my 3rd floor apartment. Two balconies from each of the two bedrooms and one in the Kitchen. My daughter was sleeping in the bedroom with the balcony door open. There is a small round opening in the balcony to look out. The kitchen balcony door can be opened from inside but cannot be opened from outside once locked. The fire-fighters had to remove the outside lock in an earlier incident when my father in law had left a pot of water on the gas and left the house without switching it off and me and my husband were in the office at that time. My daughter was sleeping in the bedroom floor on a mat on a weekend. Nobody was in the house except me and my daughter. I went to the kitchen balcony to throw the trash in the trash can. The bedroom balcony door was also open.

Suddenly the wind blew and i was locked out in the kitchen balcony. I was not able to open the door from outside as it was shut tight. Then i shouted for help from the balcony. My neighbour came and said she will call the fire-fighters and she told she will ask someone to stand near the bedroom balcony in case my daughter gets up and crawls out. I was praying Baba very hard. In a few minutes this miracle happened. The door opened automatically and i was not able to believe anything. I just ran inside and took my daughter and then informed my neighbours. None was able to believe anything that happened. Me and my husband again locked the balcony and tried opening from outside with one of us outside, but we could not. It is Baba’s grace and blessing that saved us. I will narrate the other experiences again next week. Bow to Sri Sai. Om Jai Sai Nathaya Namah

Sai Baba Gave Me Darshan

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Om Sai Ram. I am from USA. This is my second post in this blog. Please don’t share my name and email. Thanks for sharing my first post in this blog. I was waiting to see my post in this blog but after 3 months I was able to see my post. I was so happy to see my post in the blog. I earlier shared how Baba blessed me a job. Now I am going to share few miracles i experienced. Daily before going to bed I will see Baba Live Darshan in my laptop and close the laptop without shutting down. One day after having live Darshan i closed the laptop and slept. Next morning I was still sleeping and I suddenly heard the Baba song playing from my closed laptop and when I opened, the song was playing from the live Darshan site. I was so happy to experience this miracle. I was searching for jobs when I experience this miracle and felt like as Baba is with me. Baba blessed me a job when I was doing my Sai Vrat for the first time. I came to know about Sai Vrat in this blog. After I started i got two interview calls and got both the jobs. Thank You so much Baba for blessing me a job. I am trying for US work visa from last year. Due to lottery process my application was not picked last year and applied this year. I am still waiting for my application to pick. Baba please help me to get my USA work visa this year. Ananta Koti Brahmand Nayak Raajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahma Sri Satchidhanandha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

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  1. Comfort in Despair


    Dreams are like shadows of the unconscious. Vedanta says 'When a sadhak does some work for the sake of his worldly life, the success of his work depends on the 'soubhagyavati' darshan in the dream! The great Acharya Shankara has said, "To see black teeth in a dream is to die. To see oneself in a donkey is bad but to see one-self on an elephant is auspicious.”

    In Vedic literature it has been written to abolish the bad effects of dreams by reciting this Mantra: "Oh! Dreams, you are not the living, nor the dead, you are far from both the states and you are the Amrith for the pious persons. Varunaji is your mother and Yamaraj is your father. Your name is 'Aruna', Varuna's wife is the sign of light.

    It was a period of stress and tension. In December 1994, I was diagnosed to be having a tumor in my uterus and was hospitalized for a surgery on 25th December 1994. Somehow or the other, for one reason or other, the surgery was being postponed. My husband maintained his usual tranquility and used to read our 'Sai Satcharita in the hospital itself. He used to comfort that Sai Baba, Sri Narasimha Swamiji and Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji would certainly take care of us.

    Ultimately the Surgeon declared that he would perform the operation on the night of 4th January 1995. We were getting ready and in the afternoon I just dozed off. I had a remarkable dream. I dreamt that some three persons were standing with me and my husband on a plot of land just opposite our present home. One of them was offering a letter asking him to 'come to Bombay'. My husband turned to me and asked whether he should accept it and I told him that he should take it. And then the others faded into the

    background. I heard the name 'Sai Baba' 'Sai Baba' 'Sai Baba' resounding all around me and saw Baba standing in front of me. He was dressed in white in his usual long and loose robes. He just looked at me, saying nothing. I thought he looked stern.

  2. "You have come to me, Sai Baba" I said, he remained silent. He continued watching me. "Why do you not speak to me", I cried kneeling before him and gripping his arms. The arms felt thin under the long white sleeves of his garment. But Baba was silent. Very Well", I continued, "If you will not speak, at least smile at me". And then the tips relaxed into a faint smile and the vision faded.

    I woke up to find my husband holding me tightly in his arms, for I was trembling violently.

    'What is the matter?" he enquired, his voice expressing deep concern.

    "I have had a dream" I told him. Even before I could finish, a Sai sister who had gone to Bangalore came inside the ward and told us "Sri D. V. Krishna Murthy has prayed for you and has sent these two roses and theertham'. He has prayed to Swamiji and conveys that all will be well."

    The dream vision of the persons asking my husband to come to Bombay was solved next day when he received a telegram with an offer to travel to Bombay on 16th January'95. He was away at Ahmedabad in October 1994 but could not visit Shirdi, as the air timings did not suit his official work. This came as a golden opportunity to visit Shirdi. He was indeed overjoyed.

    I underwent the surgery. By Sai Baba's and Swamiji's grace all went on well. The tumor was also not cancerous. My husband paid a visit to Shirdi on 19th January 1995 and stayed there till 21st January 1995. His Shirdi trip was totally 'ex-gratin' as a company took care of his travel arrangements and Sai Brother Madhava Rao of Bombay took him in his car to Shirdi and looked after him in the same way Sai Baba takes care of his children.

    Sai Baba, Sri Narashimha Swamiji and Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji are inseparable part of our lives, through which we receive strength and courage, not by shirking dangers and trials but by facing and conquering them.

  3. om sai ram i went to siridi by your blessings we had very good darshan at 3oclock afternoon i had very good darshan i stood near sai for 20 min securty guard allowed to take darshan nicely before going to siridi i prayed to sai please give darshan near my desire fulfilled than you sai

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    love u baba.pls take care of everything

  5. Nice experiences. Dear Hetalji, I was reading previous experiences of year 2012. I m desperate 2 know wt happened in those devotees 's life after publishing experiences. 1st experience was posted on 14 February, 2012 with I think near250- 300 comments n 1 was part 238 ,17 September, 2012 . M eager 2 know abt them. I mean now they r with there lover or alone. Plz tell us if u have any mail from them after that. Love u a lot. Thnx 4 this lovely blog. Yes I also want 2 know abt u. Plz share ur experiences with us like earlier u did. M new so I want 2 know abt ur experiences with Sai baba. Hope aap meri ye wish puri jaldi karogi. Om Sai Ram

    • Person who posted experience on Feb 1, 2012 eventually did find a job and later their family agreed to their marriage and they got married with Babaji blessing. I think just few months back his updated experience was posted. Maybe Hetalji or someone else can guide you as to when so you can read it.

      Om Sai Ram

    • The devotee's experience related to 14th February,was fulfilled by baba,and his post was recently published this year 2 months back.The other devotee's result i am not aware of it.This is not hetalji,who is replying.This is divya from blore.

    • Om Sai Ram. Thnx dear devotee. As I said m new so I don't know about thus. Thnx 4 telling me. In comments also I read he got a job n his family is ready but not girl's family. So I was asking about them. Thnx Divya. Om Sai Ram. Happy Baba's day 2 u n all Sai family.

    amṛtyuḥ sarvadṛk siṁhaḥ sandhātā sandhimān sthiraḥ |ajō
    durmarṣaṇaḥ śāstā viśrutātmā surārihā || 22 ||

    198. Amṛtyuḥ: One who is without death or its cause.
    199. Sarvadṛk: One who sees the Karmas of all Jivas through His
    inherent wisdom.
    200. Simhaḥ: One who does Himsa or destruction.
    201. Sandhātā: One who unites the Jivas with the fruits of their
    202. Sandhimān: One who is Himself the enjoyer of the fruits of
    203. Sthiraḥ: One who is always of the same nature.
    204. Ajaḥ: The root 'Aj' has got as meanings both 'go' and 'throw'. So
    the name means One who goes into the hearts of devotees or
    One who throws the evil Asuras to a distance, i.e. destroys
    205. Durmarṣaṇaḥ: One whose might the Asuras cannot bear.
    206. Śasta: One who instructs and directs all through the scriptures.
    207. Vishrutatma: One who is specially known through signifying
    terms like Truth, Knowledge, etc.
    208. Surārihā: One who destroys the enemies of Suras or Devas.

  7. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****The Sword and the Spittoon*****
    The Governor of Mumbai had come to Solapur. He was British man. He had
    ordered Maloji Raje, the King of the then Akkalkot state, to come to Solapur. Before
    going to Solapur Raje took Sri Swamiji’s ‘Darshan’ and requested for his permission. Sri
    Swamiji took the sword and the spittoon from a soldier and placed them in the hands of
    Maloji Raje. Maloji Raje went to Solapur but the English Governor did not honour him
    nor extend any hospitality. In the state of Akkalkot, possession of weapons was
    prohibited earlier. Now that prohibition was lifted. Giving the sword and the spittoon to
    Raje, Sri Swamiji had given the indication.

    *****Bring and Give Me Pomegranates*****
    A businessman from Mumbai was in a very difficult situation. He remembered Sri
    Swamiji and vowed to offer pomegranates to Sri Swamiji if his planned work gets
    fulfilled. By the kind grace of Sri Swamiji, he got success in his project and he came to
    Akkalkot with pomegranates. In a hurry he forgot the packet of pomegranates at his
    dwelling. When Sri Swamiji saw the businessman he exclaimed, “Oh, gentleman where
    are my pomegranates? Bring and give me”.
    The businessman prayed for forgiveness, went back to his dwelling, brought the
    packet and offered the same to Sri Swamiji.

  8. Sai maa
    Please tell me who the culprit is.
    Please please
    Hold my hand and pull me put of this my maa
    Shower u r blessing and make me , gunds n ash healthy and happy
    Love you a lot
    Falling at your lotus feet

  9. Very nice experiences.

    Thank You for blessing us with a wonderful set of family and friends O Sadguru. Help us do things that make them proud.

    Jai Sairam

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