Sai Baba Udi The Best Medication

Anonymous Devotee from India says: My mother is handicapped by birth. She has no fingers in one of her legs. She has always been walking without shoes or socks since her childhood days. She used to be a very confident woman and was earning very well. She underwent an open heart surgery due to some complication and she took voluntary retirement in the year 2000. She has been under medication since then and by Baba’s grace she is fine.

I delivered a baby boy 3 months back. My mom had been long complaining about the swelling in her handicapped leg and one day she found it difficult to even walk. After my mom’s sister forced her to go to the doctor, she went and heard that there has been a serious infection and it had to be operated. After the operation she went for daily dressing. When the wound was about to heal, the doctor again found another place where the infection was spread. Again she opened up the wound and cleared the infection. This was never ending and all of us got majorly worried. She developed complications in few other areas as well. Her doctor had advised her to take scan and said it could possibly affect the heard since she suspected a block in her leg nerve.

I couldn’t stand it anymore since she was very upset and she was restricted not to carry the baby and that she had been helpless. I went to Baba temple. Got His Udi and applied it on the painful area. We were very surprised to know the pain had vanished the next morning. The scan report also showed normal results. It does not end here. She developed a very bad swelling on her other leg. Doctor advised my mom to visit her heart surgeon to check if there is any problem is related to heart with a list of tests. I again asked mom to apply Baba’s Udi with utmost faith. She applied and kept praying for her recovery soon. In 2 days the Udi miracle worked. The swelling gradually reduced and her heart surgeon said everything is absolutely normal. Udi really had impact on my mom’s recovery. Utmost belief in Sai Ram helped us and we will always love Him and trust Him.

Sai Baba Grace On Us

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi everyone. I am so privileged to share my experience with you. I came to USA on H1B visa, leaving my family back in India. I am so lucky to get team mates who are more like best buddies and family in USA. One of my best buddy have many family issues. His father expired 8 months ago, but still he opted to come to US because of his financial conditions as he is the solo bread earner for the family. He started developing cough which persisted for more than 3 weeks. Primary tests did not reveal anything. Yesterday (26/04/14) he became suddenly ill. He was having blood in the cough spurt. We suddenly decided to go to emergency ward in the most specialized hospital. Doctors performed all the required tests and confirmed its advanced stages of tuberculosis and doctor have asked us to inform his family to prepare for the worst. We friends were in hospital praying Baba to stop his internal bleeding in lungs so that doctors can do the further treatment. I asked Baba to show His presence and do some miracle and save my best friend. Next morning his condition is bit stabilized and internal bleeding stopped. Thank You so much Baba. You are always there for us when ever situations are beyond our control. We wish Baba grace will continue on us and wish my friend will recover at the earliest. Om Sai Ram Jai Sai Ram

Sai Baba Saved My Life

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am devotee of Baba. This is my 1st experience sharing here, i am having retail shop of girls business. From past 6 months i was in trouble, all of a sudden my business was down. After 2 months as a customer one family came to my shop to buy something. When i was attending that customer, they gave me a Sai Baba’s Pendent and they told me to keep it in cash box. I was really shocked for a moment at that time but i was so happy and they said me that they are from Puthabrahi, and i told all my problems to them they gave some suggestion to improve the business and somehow i was happy. I felt that Baba only sent them to me. On April 1st of 2014 my problems became more, i was under great stress. I was having financial problem, nobody was there to help me. At that time i prayed Baba please save my life, within 2 days miracle happened, my financial problem solved. By heart i am very much thank full to Baba, and many times i saw Baba in my dreams that He is blessing me. If You love Baba, Sai Baba will save your life. Om Sai Ram, and thanks for this opportunity. Om Sai Ram

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  1. please do dwarakamai pooja like this you tell astrotra namalu om sree sainathayanamah dwarakamai namaha each name you add dwarakamai namah after ward you chant om sai namo namah 1/2 hour


    We have read the story of Sai Baba sending udi through Bapu Gir Buva to save Mainatai the daughter of Nana Saheb Chandorkar. Sai Baba clearly said I am there to help my devotees who trust me. This story clearly indicates that Sai Baba sends His agents at the right time to help His devotees.

    Those were the days of War between India and Pakistan probably in 1970 or so, My uncle Sri G. Krishna Murthy was working in General Superintendent's Company, Bombay. One day he fell down on a Railway Platform on Mulud Rly. Station in Bombay. Next day he found his leg swollen and was paining. He went to his family doctor for treatment. The treatment has not given him any relief. Somebody advised him to go to Kerala where Ayurvedic experts are there, who can cure him. Myself has taken him to Palghat in Kerala and approached Dr. Achuta Menon's Nursing Home for advise and treatment. After four or five days the doctor doubted that it is cancer.

    Then the Doctor in Achuta Menon's Nursing Home advised us to take the patient either to Madras or to Bombay stating that a major operation is involved in this case and that it cannot be done in the said Nursing Home. My uncle's friend Mr. Sarma was residing in Coimbatore. We telephoned him about the case and on his suggestion taken the patient to Madras. He also came to Madras to help us. At Madras we admitted our uncle in Adyar Hospital. Here 'they kept the patient in observation and the diagnosis was being done. They had also a doubt that it would be cancer alone and it might be circomo Cancer at the knee.

    One of Sal Baba's great devotees Mr. Ramanatha Rao, an employee of Indian Railways at Madras went to Shiridi and he also happened to meet Sri Sivanesan Swamy at the place. The wonderful leela of Baba acted here through these two individuals. Sri Sivanesan Swamy handing over Sai's Udhi and Theertham to Sri Ramanatha Rao and asked him to handover the same to me at Madras where I was attending on my sick 'uncle so that they can be applied to the latter. Mr. Ramanatha Rao was known to me but he did not know where I was staying at Madras so also Swamy Sivanesan. See how Baba arranged the delivery of these ambrosia to save the patient

  3. After returning to Madras Sri Rao was in search of me where? On the roads. He was expecting to see me on the roads. In four or five days when I was crossing the road in T. Nagar, Madras he also was doing the same and caught hold of my hand crying out the name of 'Sai' in his happiness of seeing me. He took me to his house and gave the Sai Prasadam and Tirtham. It is purely a miracle and blessing of Sai, if otherwise there was no chance of his meeting me.

    Next day I took the Udhi Prasad and Tirtham to hospital to apply the same to my uncle. My uncle on hearing that he had cancer had lesser hope on his survival and was in a des­perate mood. He refused for the application of Udhi and to in take thirtham. However I pursued and applied Udhi on his fore-head as well as on the knee, the affected portion and made him to drink tirtham.

    A few hours after this incident the doctor who was examining him came and informed that my uncle is not having any cancer and that it was only due to a minor injury in the knee bone which can be done well by a minor operation, he-can be taken to any general hospital for the purpose. All of us, the near and dear present were surprised at the declaration disproving the earlier statements made by several experts and thanked Baba from there itself. Immediately we have taken him to Bombay, to his place and got him admitted in Nair Hospital where the operation was successful by the grace of Almighty Baba. After a months stay in hospital he was dis­charged. He is now hale and healthy.

    "This can be compared to sending of Udhi by Sai Baba through Ramgiri Bua to save Meenatai daughter of Sri Nana Chandorkar in 'Sai Satcharitara. Sai Baba as proclaimed by Him is EVER ACTIVE from His Samadhi. He is Acting through- intuition; as in this case through Sri Sivanesan Swamy or in dreams or in person. If His grace is not there is no possibility of a meeting in between Mr. Viswanadham and Mr. Ramanatha Rao. Thanks unto His Glory.


    Madras Hotel, Shiridi.

    Source Sai Prabha September 1987

  4. Great experience devotees..:) know everything naa…
    i am just waiting… i have surrendered to you…
    i know i will get what i desire…you are here with me..with all of us…bless all… 🙂
    Om Sai Ram…
    love you Baba.. 🙂

    OM SAI RAMtha
    All such beautiful experiences again reinforcing our faith in our Baba. Today, I regret that I
    did not put the same faith in Baba when my family was facing the worst crisis that anyone could ever think of. Yes, BABA, that will be my biggest regret till the last breath of my life.

  6. Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

    marīcirdamanō haṁsaḥ suparṇō bhujagōttamaḥ |
    hiraṇyanābhaḥ sutapāḥ padmanābhaḥ prajāpati: || 21 ||

    189. Marīciḥ: The supreme power and impressiveness seen in
    persons endowed with such qualities.
    190. Damanaḥ: One who in the form of Yama inflicts punishments
    on those who tread the path of unrighteousness.
    191. Haṁsaḥ: One who removes the fear of Samsara from those
    who practise the sense of identity with Him.
    192. Suparṇaḥ: One who has two wings in the shape of Dharma and
    193. Bhujagottamaḥ: One who is the greatest among those who
    move on Bhujas or arms, that is, serpents. The great serpents
    like Ananta and Vasuki are the powers of Vishnu, so he has
    come to have this name.
    194. Hiraṇyanābhaḥ: From whose golden navel arose the lord of
    creation Brahmā.
    195. Sutapāḥ: One who performs rigorous austerities at
    Badarikashrama as Nara and Narayana.
    196. Padmanābhaḥ: One whose navel is beautifully shaped like
    197. Prajāpatiḥ: The father of all beings, who are His children.

  8. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Balappa’s Japa*****
    Balappa was a great devotee and attendant of Sri Swamiji. Once, he was
    engrossed in chanting Lord Ganesh’s name. Sri Swamiji had just woken up from his
    sleep and was sitting on the bedstead. Some devotee asked Sri Swamiji as to what is
    Balappa doing? Sri Swamiji replied, “He is weaving a sack cloth”. Hearing these words
    of Sri Swamiji, Balappa understood that this Japa250 is a waste. After giving up chanting
    Lord Ganesh’s name, Balappa started the continuous repetition of Sri Swamiji’s name.
    Next day some devotee asked Sri Swamiji as to what is Balappa doing? Sri Swamiji
    replied, “He is weaving a blanket”. Sri Swamiji had understood the nature of chanting
    performed by Balappa.

    *****On The River Bank*****
    Balaji Sadoba was a postal superintendent. He took the weekend off from work
    and came to Akkalkot for Sri Swamiji’s ‘Darshan’. After taking Darshan he had planned
    to return since he had to attend office on Monday. So he requested Sri Swamiji for
    permission to leave Akkalkot, but Sri Swamiji made Balaji sit by his side and started
    talking to him saying, “River bank on the other side”. Balaji was getting late and the
    thought of missing his train made him very nervous. This thought made him uneasy.
    Eventually, he evaded Sri Swamiji and reached the train station. He came to know that
    the train had still not arrived since River Krishna had flooded. Balaji had to pass the
    whole night on the railway station itself. Now Balaji started repenting that he could not
    understand the indication given by Sri Swamiji.

  9. Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    baba pls be with us all u baba.thank u for everything baba

  10. यूं तो जमाने ने मुझपे सितम किया है ।
    हर दम मुझको बेशुमार गम दिया है।।
    मगर फिर भी शुक्रिया है तेरा साईं।
    कि तूने हमेशा मेरा साथ दिया है ।

    बोलिए श्री साईं नाथ महाराज जी की जय
    साईं वार की हर्धिक शुभकामनाये…..

    मेरे साईं का प्रेम निराला है,
    साईं भक्तों का रखवाला है ।।

    Happy Baba's Day…!!

    करम माँगता हूँ अता माँगता हूँ
    ऐ साईं मैं तुझसे दुआ माँगता हूँ
    रहम कर जहाँ पर ऐ मेरे मालिक
    मैं सारे जहाँ का भला माँगता हूँ ..

    “ॐ साईं राम~ॐ साईं राम~ॐ साईंराम

    ये नजर-नजर की बात है कि किसे क्या तलाश है,
    लोग दोलत को बेताब है, मुझे तो सिर्फ साईं की ही प्यास है….

    बोलिए साईं नाथ महाराज की जय

  11. Wonderful experiences and my prayers go out to the friend and I am sure our sweet Lord will see him and his family through the difficult phase.

    O Sai, Thank You for bringing us closer to You. Keep us with You, forever, and let us be in Your shade O Deva. Thank You 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  12. om sri sai ram
    please protect me
    please give happiness to avik. please give him all happiness
    please bless me with a healthy baby

  13. baba i wll write my experience
    please give happiness to avik. give him onsite baba
    please baba
    let no bad habit go near him please baba

  14. Baba, After a long break I am reading this blog since I went on maternity leave. Baba in this gap I faced so many problems and tensions related to financial matters. We gave our hard earned money to my close relatives and they are ditching us by postponing, becoming serious and scolding us that we have asked for money. We have promisory note and cheques but we are afraid of approaching court since it will take more time and no guarantee of justice since they are strong fellows and ditchers. We are paying interest to personal loans, due to shortage of money. Baba Iam sincerely praying and surrendering to you, please make that lady to pay back our hard earned money, please baba nobody is helping us. By looking at the last post I got pure confidence that you will definitely solve our problem soon. Sorry for scolding you in my anger. I am confronting infront of all other devotees, that I did mistake by scolding you in my peak depression times. Iam sorry baba please forgive me and get our family out of this problem. Please get back our money to us.

    Sai Daughter

  15. Saibaba,

    Thank you so much for helping regarding yesterday's issue with my bank checks…..Please with us always with me and my family..Please blesss us with healthy,happy life…Please help and save my family..

    Love you Baba..

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