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Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a small devotee of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba from New Delhi. I have a blind faith in Him and He is the pillar of my life and my family. I am a student pursuing Graduation 1st year. I Love My Baba because He always showed His grace whenever i find myself in any type of difficulties. First of all thanks to you and your team to give us opportunity to share our experiences with each other and also spreading the fragrance of Sai to everywhere. Please keep my name and id anonymous. I like to share my unforgettable moments with you all. I have been blessed with many experiences with my Baba, but I would like to share my one experience which is very much close to my heart. Please do Corrections if needed.

From past few years my family is suffering from very critical financial issues. Due to unbearable losses my father stopped his running business, and there were no source of income left as he was the only working man in the family. That was the time when my Board Exams were going on. I was not in the condition to study. Only with the Blessings of my Baba I cleared my exams. I Left my CA-CPT coaching classes due to unaffordable fees and later on got failed in the exam. I started crying, I was praying to my Sai Baba please show me some right path for my career. After the Board results i went for a job in a “Call Centre”, which was demanded by the situation. Only I was the working girl in my family. I used to reach home at late night. There was no time left for studies. My mother used to force me daily that leave the job, this will spoil your entire career and nothing else but that was not in my control, because i had no other option to survive with our basic needs. The job was going good with my Baba’s blessings, but after few months my performance was unsatisfactory, so the Owners of the company wanted me to leave the job, and I left it according to their will but I was very much sure that Sai Baba is with me everywhere and something is still there going to improve in my career.

After a month, I was at home watching T.V. , my aunt (neighbour) came to me and offered a proposal for a job which was from his husband who was CEO in the company. I was damn happy that i got an opportunity to work in the company as a Finance Executive without any qualification and knowledge. All thanks to Baba because that uncle (CEO) was unknown to each other and then to he offered me a job in his company. One of my colleagues told me to do Sai Vrat with the Udyapan. And With the Baba’s Grace I kept 9 Sai Baba’s Vrat as I saw Baba in my Dream many times So I promised Him to do all the Nine Fast. He has made changes in me that are unexplainable. I feel more at peace with myself at His Holy Feet. There have been some tough times in life when He has constantly showered His grace and support to help us cross and come out of it unscathed. Thanks to Sai Baba.

Baba Listens To You

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a humble devotee of Sai Baba. Dear All. Thanks for maintaining this page first of all. Please do not mention my name. Every day I read this page and I get great pleasure to see so many people experiencing miracles by Baba. I have known Baba from my childhood as I used to go to sing Sai Bhajans in my neighbourhood. My mom sent me as I was interested in music. But then I used to pray Baba like any other God. After that we shifted to a house closer to school and going to Sai Bhajans also stopped. Now I am 30 year old & I was again asked to pray Baba by my Chithi (mom’s sister) as my son had to undergo a minor surgery. I didn’t take it seriously. Later I learnt about other health conditions about my son and when I spoke to her again she asked me to pray Baba only if you believe and so saying she told about Nav Guruvar Vrat. Me and my husband observed 9 Thursday Vrat for my son and we visited Baba temple nearby for evening Aarti without fail every Thursday. Later I could see so many changes in my son. Thank You Baba. Thank You for protecting my kid.

After this we moved to a different location as my husband got transferred. Again like how lazy I am, I slowly stopped praying Baba and was busy with my life. Sorry Baba. Once again I needed His help and this time for my husband’s health. I decided I will never ever stop praying Baba however busy my life gets and I vowed that I will visit Shirdi once all is well and we did it. Finally we visited Shirdi on April 1st 2014 and we enjoyed having His Darshan. In Shirdi I have to mention this experience. After Darshan we came out and I wanted to buy Baba’s photo frame but my husband said it might break as we had few more places to travel but I was adamant and i got one. The moment I decided the Photo and asked the shopkeeper to pack, my son who is naughty pulled the frame from the shopkeeper’s hand and it fell down & glass broke. My husband felt superstitious and started feeling bad. He even told he will pay for the repair but the shopkeeper refused and replaced it with another similar one. My husband was feeling really bad and even I was feeling bad but did not show to him. I just told him to go to Dwarkamai and keep the new frame on Baba’s feet and pray. He too did and we were about to leave when we saw a Baba look-alike person going and I called my husband to look at him and lo! Suddenly He turned and looked at me and I smiled at him to say I know You when he took out his palm and showed his blessing and smiled back at us. After this my husband did not worry about the broken frame. We finished our prayers and reached our lodging. Please be with us and shower Your blessings. Ananta Koti Brahmand Nayak Rajadhi Raja Yogiraj Parabrahma Sri Satchidhanandha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

My Dear Baba-My Father

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am perusing my B.tech it in a reputed engineering college. I am a small devotee of Sai. Hi my friends first of all as all people do i too thank this platform for sharing the beautiful experiences that Baba gives all. I don’t have words to express His grace. I became a great devotee of Baba for past one year, as before i don’t had faith in God because all i came up in life is only a tough time. I am doing my engineering 3rd year. Only in the half of my second year my fortunate time started as my father Baba pulled me to Him seeing my struggles. I stayed in a private hostel where a messenger from Baba told about Him and she took me to Baba’s temple for first time. I did not had any different feeling on seeing His Statue as no God have ever heard to my prayers even i am dedicated. But only one thing i prayed Him that i have to clear all my arrears-9 and the current paper.

Then i prepared very dedicatedly as i ever had it before. During my exam time i got in growing nail in my toes and i can’t prepare well during my exam. But only thing is i use to think of Baba before exam. To all my surprise result came and i cleared all my papers. This was the first fascinating experience i had to believe that God is there and it is only Satchidhanandha Sadguru Sainath Maharaja. After that i had lots of experiences, from then after i used to go Baba temple on every Thursday and He gave me a better life and satisfaction to me than before. There after i met many Sai devotees in my past one year life. But i can’t forget the Sai sister who introduced Him to me. I love her a lot and use to pray for her every time. Sai Baba is like my father that He will understand my sufferings and will help me in one way or other. The only thing to achieve His grace is we need patience and pure faith. Baba You have to save all people like You are doing to me. Because of You i am really happy that there is God in reality to save people like me. The only thing i ask is please don’t leave me Baba always be with all of us and make the world happy.

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Hetal Patil
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    Dr. Sundar Mani Dixit, M.D.
    (A case from Nepal)


    Some twelve years ago or more, when I was working as a consultant physician at the main government hospital of Nepal, the "Bir Hospital" in Kathmandu, I had been called in to see a case admitted in emergency. The young patient was a certain Mr Sikaria of Birgunj (a town in south Nepal) belonging to the Marwari Community. He was stuporose, with high fever and was placed in the intensive care unit of the hospital. After detailed examination and all relevant tests were done, we came to the conclusion that the patient had encephalitis probably due to the Japanese – B virus. In spite of the treatment, over the next few days the patient steadily deteriorated and the party, being rich, invited Dr. J.C. Patel, a renowned senior consultant of Mumbai to see the patient, with my concurrence. By the time Dr Patel flew into Kathmandu, the patient was very serious. Pulse was rapid, respiration was fast, fever was high, and the patient deeply unconscious.

    Over the course of my practice, I had seen innumerable such cases, and was immune to emotions. But somehow I felt pity for this patient's family, especially when I came to know he had small children of probably five and six years of age (I may be wrong here because I don't remember the exact details, but I do remember that there were probably two, around those ages).

    I have a small temple of Shirdi Sai Baba in my house in Kathmandu, which is now fifteen years old. That evening with the patient showing early signs of respiratory failure, and nothing more to be done medically, I returned from the hospital in a sad state of mind and went into the shrine. There I put the problems before Baba requesting him to do something for the sake of the children, who I was sure would be orphaned very soon. This direct request for intervention I never do as a rule, and if I may say so I have done so on three occasions only so far. Once for my mother and once for another patient of mine. This was only the third of such requests to date.

  2. That night I got no calls from the hospital, but nevertheless the patient's condition kept preying on my mind. I was scared too of the eventualities to phone up and find out the exact situation existing at the hospital. I got up after a restless night and as was usual at the "Bir1'. I reached hospital at exactly eight- thirty in the morning of that day and went apprehensively to the I.C.U./C.C.U. ward and gently opened the door. Poking my head inside, I asked the nurse on duty as to when my patient had died that night, for I was sure that the patient was dead. Hardly anyone comes out from an unconscious, gasping state. She asked me to come inside and take a look for myself. When I entered, I was astonished to see a nearly normal person feebly smiling and saying "Namaskar doctor saheb". This was unbelievable and what I would consider a miracle without doubt! At Lourdes (A Christian place of pilgrimage in Eu­rope) the Catholics check and then declare only those cases miraculous which have passed these very stringent tests. Well, this case of mine would have passed any such test hands down. I feeling quite elated, though nevertheless a bit embarrassed at what I was about to do I called one of the responsible male members of the family and told him of all that had happened between the previous evening and the present morning, telling him further that it was not I but God who had saved his relative and asking him and the family to make a trip to Shirdi, at their convenience, as a thanksgiving. He readily agreed to do so, but what he then told me surprised me not the least. It seems the family too had made an entreaty to Baba, promising to come to Shridi in case of the patient's complete recovery! No wonder the person I talked to had so readily agreed to my suggestion. However, for several reasons, not the least of which was the "damage" my "Scientific" reputation might undergo, if this news leaked out, I made him a promise not to tell a soul about my conversation, with him. I don't know if he kept his promise, but I believe he did, since no has ever talked about this case with me till this day. He, however, probably told the immediate family members because when the patient made a complete recovery, as a humble tribute, he sent two large beautiful brass vases for the temple—these vases are still in the temple today and bear silent witness to this strange but true incident – "The case of the miraculous cure of a terminally ill encephalitic patient".

    I am putting all this in writing knowing well that a thousand scientific reasons can be, and probably will be, given for this recovery. Some may say the diagnosis was wrong, Some may say the recovery was natural or due to the treatment given, for, after all, had not one of the topmost consultants from Mumbai also advised on the case – and so on and so forth. But for me, who had direct charge of the case, it was a miracle – or at the least something that science, at that point of time, could not explain rationally, yet nevertheless, something, that definitely did happen. Chance happening? Maybe so, but then this terminology of "chance happening" may from another perspective just as easily be called "a miracle".

    I end this topic here knowing that there could be no end to arguments and counter arguments on the authenticity of this miracle. But for Sai believes there will be no reason to doubt knowing as they do Baba's divine ways, and for non-believers and the doubters and the "Scientific", I will certainly have given them, if nothing else, the joy to reason and argue to their heart's content. Maybe after all their deliberations and debates they may still come, via a slightly torturous path, to the same conclusion that I did, who can say?

    May peace be on all.

    mahābuddhirmahāvīryō mahāśaktirmahādyutiḥ |
    anirdeśyavapuḥ śrīmānameyātmā mahādridhṛk || 19 ||

    173. Mahābuddiḥ: The wisest among the wise.
    174. Mahāvīryaḥ: The most powerful one, because Ignorance which
    is the cause of Samsara is His great power.
    175. Mahāśaktiḥ: One with great resources of strength and skill.
    176. Mahādyutiḥ: One who is intensely brilliant both within and
    177. Anirdeśya-vapuḥ: One who cannot be indicated to another as:
    'He is this', because He cannot be objectively known.
    178. Śrīmān: One endowed with greatness of every kind.
    179. Ameyātmā: The Spirit with intelligence that cannot be
    measured by any one.
    180. Mahādridhṛk: One who held up the great mountain 'Mandara'
    at the time of the churning of the Milk Ocean and also
    Govardhana in his Krishna incarnation.

  4. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Chintopant Tol’s Worry*****
    Sri Swamiji started his journey from Mohol village and reached Solapur. One day
    Sri Swamiji was sitting in a naked condition in one of temples at Solapur. When
    Chintopant Tol came to the temple for the temple deity’s ‘Darshan’ , he saw Sri Swamiji
    sitting there. Observing the divine form of Sri Swamiji a thought came to his mind,
    “May be or may not be, but he surely does appear like a saint”. Omniscient Sri Swamiji
    came to know what Tol was thinking and he spoke “Whether I am a saint or not, in
    what way are you concerned with it? Mind your own business”. Hearing these words,
    Tol was taken aback. He prostrated at the feet of Sri Swamiji, implored humbly, and
    brought him home to offer food. From then on, Sri Swamiji from time to time would
    visit Tol’s house.
    Once, Sri Swamiji had been Tol house. At that time, a doubt arose in Tol’s mind
    “Sri Swamiji takes food anywhere, anyplace. It is not fair to arrange his seat in our row.
    It is better to serve food to him in a different place”. Meanwhile Sri Swamiji spoke out
    “Doubt has arisen in your mind. So I shall not take food in your house”. So saying he
    started to leave Tol’s house. Tol regretted thinking this way. He implored humbly,
    prostrated at the lotus feet of Sri Swamiji, and prayed for forgiveness. He then offered
    a seat to Sri Swamiji in his own row with full devotion and served food.

    One evening in Solapur Sri Swamiji went to Ganapatrao Joshi’s house. Govindrao
    Tol accompanied him. After the meals, Joshi arranged a bed for Sri Swamiji to sleep on.
    Shortly, Sri Swamiji went in deep sleep and started snoring.
    Govindrao thought that Sri Swamiji in spite of being a great Yogi snores like an
    ordinary person. It is the dictum of Bhagavad-Gita that when all created living beings
    sleep during the night only the ascetic remains awake throughout. In the meanwhile Sri
    Swamiji started coughing and spoke to Tol “You goldsmith, it is not so, as you thought”.
    Joshi and Tol both realised that Sri Swamiji had not slept but was deeply
    absorbed in meditative contemplation.

  5. Dear Sai brothers and sisters. I have been fasting Thursdays. I normally don't eat anthing daytime, but have dinner. If I feel hungry daytime, I eat fruit or have coffee/tea/soft drink. But now I just stepped in my third month of pregnancy. Day before yesterday, I fasted. But by evening, I was very tired and I suffered a lot from breathing difficulty, fast heart beat, giddiness, etc. That continued until yesterday morning. Everyone said I shouldn't fast during pregnancy. I also now doubt that I can't manage fasting anymore in this condition. I have decided to postpone fasting until I deliver the baby and stop feeding. But I feel guilty and afraid at the same time. Please suggest me what shall I do. I will take your suggestions as if Baba is answering my question.

    • Dear sai devotee, saima never encouraged such strict fasting as he says we cannot remember him if our mind is restless due to hunger… and being pregnant it wil certainly not please baba if you follow such strict fasting he will be hurt and suffer more pain than you as he says he resides in all souls… give up your doubts and eat.. if you still have confusion you can first offer your food to saima and then eat that as sai prasad… may saima bless you and your baby.. om sai ram…

    • Hi congratulations. Our baba do not appreciate if any devote prays with empty stomach and it never reaches him. Please pray baba whole heartedly and stop fasting immediately

    • Dear Sai devotee plz do not fast during ur pregnancy. Baba knows ur problem and will never be happy if u continue fasting in this state. U pray from ur heart its more than enough.

  6. Day before yesterday, one miracle happened. I was listening to Mere Sai song in my phone. My husband stopped the song as he wanted to make a call. It was around 8:30 p.m. Later, at 11:30 p.m. I was still awake and wanted to listen to the song again. I took the phone. But as soon as I took it, I got tempted to play games in my phone. With a feeling of guiltiness I told Baba I will listen to song after playing game. I played candy crush for some time and then kept the phone aside to sleep forgetting about the song. As soon as I kept it aside, Mere Sai song started playing in my phone and I was dumbstruck. It first started playing from the first line but soon it changed to the line where my husband stopped the song. For a few seconds I was crying thinking about Sai's power and then played the song from the beginning and slept peacefully. See the power of Sai.

  7. Very nice experiences all.

    O Sai, bless us so all we have is good thoughts, say good words, do good deeds that will make You and our family and friends proud. Thank You for all the love O Sadguru 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  8. Respected Sundar mani Dikshit Sir! I am really overwhelmed by reading your post…Such a kind and blessed soul you are…Yes in this scientific world which is merely human creation, a much much bigger power administrating the earth….Sai baba is watching over all of us…He listens to our sincere prayers….ITS am also at the bottom of my life presently…it is as I have to get a government job to live a respectful life due to some grave conditions in my personal life……I ask all sai baba devotees plz pray for me also…Om sai Ram…
    And again Heartfelt regards Dikshit Sir

  9. Jai sai ram, my response to devotee who is fasting on Thursday and has requested advice from devotees. Sister, Baba never liked fasting and always encouraged people in partaking food. Also, do not forget Baba was the most kindest and never gave hard tests to any devotees but only gave blessings. So, do not worry and skip fasting on Thursday until your child is 1 year since you also need to nurse your new born child. Baba is great…..My humble salutations to Sainath.

    • Dear devotee, thanks for the suggestion. I agree Baba is kindness incarnate and I take your word as his. Thanks for the help and care.

  10. Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
    Shree Sachinanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

  11. Sairam, Am a 35 year old lady working in northern part of India and my parents are finding it difficult to find a groom for me. Can some one suggest any fast or prayer for this.

  12. Baba, U know everything. U know each and every moment of my life. As I promised I stopped eating Non-Veg. Weekly 2 times I will visit your temple. Daily I will look at your picture. I believe u and my true love blindly. Please have a journey of my boy friend's life and correct all his burdens which are blocking our love and marriage. I will be waiting for him as I feel it is true and sincere love. Give your blessings to him and help him to relieve from all his burdens and unite us Baba. I am praying for my life and waiting patiently. Please involve in both of our life and unite us. I pray u always… Please do some miracle and join us Baba………

  13. How kind of you Sainath really miraculous
    We can't imagine the life without you please be with us entire life teach us the right path Sainath pass Sainath bless all of us
    Sainath maharaj ki Jay

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